Fast Colonoscopies Miss Growths

Fast Colonoscopies Miss Growths

There are 48 comments on the The Associated Press story from Dec 13, 2006, titled Fast Colonoscopies Miss Growths . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Tell your doctor to take his time during your next colonoscopy. Those who spent less than the recommended six minutes on the crucial part of the exam found four times fewer precancerous growths than those who ...

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Washington, DC

#2 Dec 14, 2006
We have apparently gone from our doctors telling us what to do to our having to tell them what to do. Doctors seem increasingly pressed for time.
carrie and jason

Minneapolis, MN

#3 Dec 20, 2006
Go to Dr. Tarun Mullick in St. Charles --he's the best -- he found a cancer that another Delnor gastroenterologist missed in my father too -- because of him my father is alive -- good intuition -- quality service -- class act -- takes his time with you -- handsome modern dressed -- make you feel relaxed -- he has an extra specialty fellowship in advanced endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP. His sedation was more comfortable per my father than the other gi from Delnor -- he is evolving with all the new technologies

Minneapolis, MN

#4 Dec 20, 2006
here's my doctor Tarun Mullick on staff at Delnor in Geneva -- I think the best in Chicago too -- great bedside manner -- extra year of specialty in advanced endoscopy and colonoscopy -- his quality exam found a missed cancer in my mom that another gastro missed in the Delnor vicinity two months prior -- takes his time to do quality work -- great staff as well -- did my colonoscopy too -- best sedation -- offers new technologies that others do not -- academics in the Western Suburbs
S Mullick

United States

#5 Dec 22, 2006
I have already written on this great story.I would like to add--PATIENTS SEARCH FOR BEST DOCTOR in your area yourself by examining their credentials.Remember that passing Board certification with 70-75% marks means that this doctor DID NOT KNOW ANSWER TO ONE QUESTION OUT OF FOUR.
18 years ago a local dermatologist mistreated my wife with wrong medications for 4 months.Finally we got appointment with Chief of Dermatology at Univ.Of Rochester--who laughed when he saw the number of medicines prescribed and he said this is a child rash that goes away by itself and we rarely see it in adults.We stopped the medicines and rash went away in two weeks.This local Dermatologist would not admit that he was wrong.
SO my advice to patients--LOOK FOR THE BEST--they all charge the same.DO NOT accept your GP/FP/Internist advice--ASK WHY NOT THIS SPECIALISTS who has better qualifications?
Most of GP/FP/Internists are part of network with specialists and so they send patients to their network friends.I see a Group internist because he is very good,but I refuse to accept his referal as I felt rushed attitude in the network opthomologist.So I sought my own Opthomologist.
SO PLEASE USE THE INTERNET and READ WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA for Specialists.CHOOSE YOUR OWN DOCTOR--Make your own choice.Remember it is your life--MISDIAGNOSES in Medicine or Surgery can lead to your death.
The doctor who started the Campaign to SAVE 100,000 lives at Johns Hopkins Hospital --lost his father to misdiagnoses of Cancer ten years ago.
S Mullick

United States

#6 Dec 22, 2006
Somehow my comments earlier got lost.I commend Marilynn Marchione on writing this article and I commend Rockford group for sharing this study.
I think that Colonoscopies with Propofol sedation is a painless experience for patients but most importantly it allows the GI to concentrate on looking for Polyps or other problems as patient is'nt screaming/moaning/showing discomfort.I had a colonoscopy 21 years ago and never went back until I heard about Propofol from my son.Last colonoscopy was a breeze except drinking those liquids night before and running to bathrooms.
I am amazed why many older doctors have not switched to Propofol use.Dr.Rex has done several studies at Indiana Univ.Hospital to show 90% prefer painless screening and that propofol use is safe.The three professional organizations ACG/AGA/ASGE has blessed the use of Propofol.40% of doctors are using Propofol,But Dr.Tarun Mullick tells me that many in his area are reluctant to use it.Dr.Tarun Mullick was exposed to Propofol at Johns Hopkins Hospital,Cleveland Clinic Hospital and Univ.Of Virginia Hospital and uses it routinely with patients consent.
Dr.Tarun Mullick tells me that he is not rushed by money pressures and he has found serious problems missed by others.He says--I took an OATH at Johns Hopkins Hospital--to do the BEST for PATIENTS.I will not toe the line of networks or group pressure that are prevalent--in the long run--patients will recognize my independence to DO THE BEST.
I commend Rockford Gastroenterology Associates for Self Correction to IMPROVE PATIENT CARE.
S Mullick

United States

#7 Dec 22, 2006
I forgot to write that Dr.Tarun Mullick is not in Corning,NY but Practices at Delnor Community Hospital and Rush Copley Hospital and Provena Mercy Hospital.He is the only one in this area with one year Advanced Training in ERCP/EUS according to ASGE guidelines that require certification by Endoscopy Director monitoring closely the results of ERCP/EUS procedures done by the Fellow.That basically says that their Diagnostic and surgical skills are above the required levels set by ASGE and others.
S Mullick

United States

#8 Jan 17, 2007
There is a reat news on Cancer-the death rate has gone down,according to the Cancer Society.Colon Cancer showed the biggest drop.The Associated Press article cited a source that stated that the early detection and removal of Polyps was key to lowering the Cancer death rate.
Dr.Tarun Mullick at DELNOR HOSPITAL has saved a few lives from Polyps that were missed by others.This study by Rockford Group has once again highlighted the need to see a Gastroenterologist who is not in a rush.Dr.Tarun Mullick at Delnor Hospital charges the same fees,but cares for his patients to do a thorough job.That is why training programs at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Cleveland Clinic Hospital give them top rankings in Gastroenterology.These training programs are very selective and instill tough quality mindset in their fellows.
COLON or Colorectal screening does save lives.Please go to a well known Gastroenterologist in your area.
S Mullick

United States

#10 Jan 19, 2007
I have posted reply to Tap Duncan
1)He is MD from Johns Hopkins,Trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital,Cleveland Clinic--all top rated by US NEWS & WORLD report.Getting into these programs is EXTREMELY TOUGH.
2)He did extra year of Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy,ERCP,EUS training--selection to this program--one seat from 200 applicants.There were 20 programs when He applied.So 20 were selected that year.
What is so special--in this program you do RISKY ERCP--under tight supervision for diagnostic/surgical skills that must meet very high quality outcome in 250 procedures.Then only you get a certificate.There are only 15 in Chicago with this extra year training-although many do ERCP without this rigorous training.
3)Dr.Mullick received Governor's award for Cancer Detection Biomarker research from Amer.College of Gastroenterology.
4)He and two other GI's at Delnor developed a new Clinical procedure--was given award from ACG
5)Because of his fame--two magazines--GastroEndoNews and Primary Care quarterly appointed him to their Editorial Board out of 16 chosen nationally.
6)DELNOR HOSPITAL gave him HUMANITARIAN AWARD in Dec.2004 for Saving Live in an AirPlane flight.
7)As far as leaving the partners--One partner style of management was equality,but the other style was not conducive to his preference for Team management.In first year he made lot of money for partners,but realized that he can not function when he has NO SAY in partnership.He is in good relation with seniorGI who is like father to him-HE RESPECTS his style and consults regularly.
8)Dr.Mullick introduced Propofol sedative for Painless Colonoscopy at Delnor in 2003--that is what he used at Johns Hopkins,Cleveland Clinic,U.Virgina Hospital.90% of patients wanted it.Three professional organizations(ACG/AGA/ASGE) approved it after a lengthy study.Other doctors were unaware of the this literature.In 2005,20% of GI's were trained to use propofol in their practice--now it is close to 40%.This does require a few weeks training.
9)Three top doctors from Johns Hopkins,Cleveland Clinic(now Emory Univ.Chief) and Univ.Of virginia sent letters endorsing the use of Propofol and saying that Dr.Mullick is rated among top in GI field.
Now every one is thinking of using propofol--it adds to cost--but if patients want painless Colonoscopy--then this is the way to go.
10)Tarun Mullick was the youngest EAGLE SCOUT in AMERICA--saved lives--Medal given by an astronaut-Photo was publised in news papers.
11)Dr.MULLICK is demanding--wants BEST CARE FOR HIS PATIENTS--he wants everyone to consider his patients as important.He learnt it from OATH at Johns Hopkins -Patient trusts you to Take Care of THEM-It is your duty to do that.
12)My one question to Dr.Mullick--How many lives did you save this month?His friends are making 3 to 4 times more in Business world--but HE CHOSE MEDICINE to save lives-THAT WAS HIS CALLING FROM GOD.
HE DOES NOT TOLERATE ERRORS when it comes to his patients and book keeping.He lost thousands due to faulty book keeping,but Losing a patients life is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO HIM.
In Medicine when you bring changes-- some people are not cooperative.But you have to dobe #1.
DELNOR HOSPITAL got top ranking in Gastroenterology for first time in 2006.
A national rating agency informed him last year that they did a survey of his patients--HE WAS rated #1 Gastroenterologist out of 329 Gastroenterologists in Chicago and surrounding areas.He kept quiet about it--due to Jealousy issues.But I am letting you know what is the truth.
S Mullick

United States

#11 Jan 19, 2007
I wrote detailed documented reply to these false statements .
Dr.Mullick did not like being a junior partner with no voice in management-so he separated with legal documents.The senior/older GI is extremely nice--he was trained at Johns Hopkins--that brought Dr.Mullick to Delnor Hospital.

Dr.Mullick demands the best care for his patients.His patients have entrusted him their faith.He is tough on QUALITY.
Give you an example--he lost lot of money to bad book keeping--but that did not bother him as much as NOT GIVING proper attention to his patient.
DELNOR HOSPITAL WAS rated among top in Gastroenterology in 2006 for the first time.Dr.Mullick is rated#1 out of 329 GI's in Chicago area.He was the youngest Eagle Scout in America.Delnor Hospital gave him Humanitarian Award in Dec.2004 for saving a life in AirPlane flight.He is one out 15 GI's in Chicago with Certified Advanced Therapeutic training in Endoscopy,ERCP,EUS.IT one of the toughest program to get into.
j m v s s a

Minneapolis, MN

#12 Jan 24, 2007
We are nurses at Delnor Hospital. We personally believe Dr. Mullick is an excellent gastroenterologist. His technical skill is the best around. His credentials support this technical skill. While he may have left a group, he specifically did so to focus better on his quality of work so he could commit to Delnor Hospital with top notch quality GI. It is true that he has picked up many cancers and done great things for patients that otherwise would have to be done at academic centers only. He found a cancer in one of our aunts that was missed by another gastroenterologist just two months prior. He is the editor of that GI journal. We have read his column. While some may oppose him because of prior political relationships with other competitive groups, there is no doubt about his quality of gastroenterology, his highest level of technical skill, his advanced therapeutic training, and his honesty. He has brought many new technologies to the hospital and the patient community. He does his procedures with propofol and that is great for patient care and comfort. He also sees so many second opinion cases and makes the diagnosis where others have made mistakes. One of us saw another gastroenterologist on staff and then came to him for a second opinion and he figured it out. We are better now because of Dr. Mullick. He is loyal to Delnor and the Fox Valley. He has a number of referral cases too from other hospitals so that they can make use of the therapeutic skills without having to go to an academic center. He has a passion to make Delnor the best in the west like we do. And while he may run late (and sometimes that throws us off a bit), we guarantee his quality of care is always at the highest and he gives to every patient whatever time they need to be helped. He will do the same for you when you need it. I have seen him spend an hour talking with a family on more than one occasion to give them a better understanding and answer all their questions. Since he is the only gastroenterologist on Delnor focused only on Delnor Hospital he is not stretched for having to run to multiple hospitals. If we call him at night, then he is the fastest to respond and will come in to see the patient if needed. We appreciate it and so do patients who can then find him easily. Some of us have had procedures done by him already. He is the best and really listens and cares genuinely. He is more than just the qualifications, he is a nice guy. We trust him, you should too.
some nurses and techs

Minneapolis, MN

#13 Jan 24, 2007
We agree Dr. Mullick is our favorite GI. He has done a colonoscopy on three of us. We agree that he is got soft hands, takes time with us, and gave us a quality that we wanted. He helped a few of us out when another gastroenterologist did not and now we appreciate him even more. His new techniques we like. He did a new ph test on one of us that showed we had reflux (GERD) when another doctor just told us it was in our heads. He does not just do procedures and leave you dry like others. He continues to follow up with you as long as you need it. Yes sometimes he is late, but it is worth the wait in our books. He has become the most popular GI in the area and he is a handsome and polite gentleman. His office staff is the best as well. He will get you in for a quick appointment too if needed. He is committed to quality and really cares. All his credentials are accurate. We know and read his column in the top national journals regularly. We like him because he is nice to us when we need him to take care of a patient issue. Go to him, he is great!

Woodridge, IL

#15 Apr 11, 2007

Worcester, MA

#18 Sep 8, 2007
I think this a great forum. However, I would be very wary of what you read on the internet about any doctor's abilities, including a gastroenterologist, on the internet. You do not know who is writing these comments. Also propofol sedation is not always safe and is often unnecessary.
Agree With Knowledgeable

Schaumburg, IL

#19 Dec 1, 2007
Watch out for doctors who manipulate the internet for advertising their business in the guise of caring.

Cleveland, OH

#20 Dec 18, 2007
These comments above are written in the same hurried, pressured style as can be found on Dr. Mullick's website. It is vewry clear that he also wrote the wikipedia entry on capsule endoscopy which he claims he invented, but somehow does not offer it in his practice. How many patients do you know that put all these dashes into their comments and are as focused on a Dr's oath at John's Hopkins. Beware of doctors that manipulate their own feedback.
Concerned Physician

Cleveland, OH

#21 Dec 18, 2007
As a physician myself, I urge all readers to be wary of what is written on this site. The 'patients' seem to give testimonials in the same writing style found on Dr. Mullick's own website. Many of the comments in this forum are written by someone who shares his last name raising suspicion on their objectivity.
Please beware of physicians who manipulate the internet to boost revenue. I believe that this can give patients bad impressions of doctors in general. I do see medicine as a calling and I urge you all to raise a skeptical eye towards many comments posted above.
Gastroenterologi st Happy

United States

#22 Dec 28, 2007
I am a gastroenterologist in Chicago. I had my colonoscopy done by Dr. Mullick who is excellent because he cares. I like his style. He is thorough. I had a colonoscopy previously done a few years prior where some other GI missed some polyps that he found and took out. I highly recommend him. He takes his time and does a good job. Interestingly, I drove 40 minutes to see him. He does a great job, though once in a while is a little late. It was worth it though. Go to a GI specialist that cares. He definitely looked carefully and I thank him. If you all knew how relieved I was with his thoroughness, you would go to him. As far as internet goes, he is excellent. I've practiced for 18 years and I chose him. Trust me I have a lot of choice. I believe he already does what this study suggests. After all, he found something someone else missed.
Laura from Geneva

Wayne, IL

#23 Jul 30, 2008
I am a patient of Dr.Mullicks he is treating me for Crohn's. Just as many others have said he is truly a great doctor, he never makes me feel like I'm just a "patient" of his he truly cares, answers all of mine and my husbands questions. When I was in the hospital a few months ago, he checked on me daily and explained everything that was being done to help me feel better. Since I have been a patient of his I have sent many friends and family members to him and they all say the same thing about him that you dont feel that you just met him he treats you like you have known him for years..And his staff is the greatest they are all so caring they ask me how Im feeling everytime I call and they always tell me to let them know if the medication isnt working to call them and Dr.Mullick will get me something that will...They all are a great team..I would highly recommend Dr.Mullick and his staff for any GI needs...
Ron Overholser

Hillsborough, NJ

#24 Sep 4, 2008
This Tarun Mullick character is not that good. His bedside manner is crap. My father had severe congestive heart failure in Dec. 2006, and he over over over over over emphasized at his bedside just how severe the condition was, and there was little hope. This guy is like the character on the TV show "House".
happy doctor and daughter

Lisle, IL

#25 Sep 14, 2008
I am a female family practice physician in the western suburbs of chicago. I had my colonoscopy done by Dr. Mullick who treated me well. He has excellent bedside manner. And frankly, I would rather have someone like him who is upfront, forthright and treats me like a family member. He is jovial and really sets a good tone. While I had to wait a little to see him, I did not mind since he took the time to explain well to me everything I wanted to know. I have seen him work with many patients and they trust him. I even had my daughter see him. She likes him as well and drives 50 miles to see him. He uncovered celiac disease in her, which another GI specialist missed, calling it just IBS. Again, I too have choice. I believe he does what the study suggests. More so, he truly has made a huge difference with my daughter. Thank you for your wonderful bedside approach. I remember most he how he made me and my daughter comfortable with the colonoscopy and endoscopy on the day of the test.

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