Cure for ulcerative colitis

Cure for ulcerative colitis

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Colleen H

Hudson, WI

#1 Oct 15, 2009
I believe there is a cure available to everyone suffering from ulcerative colitis. The cure rate is 90%, at least according to one study by Dr. Wolfgang Lutz. It involves no medications, no surgeries, no risks, and no cost.
This cure is simple -- limiting the total carbohydrates consumed to 72 grams per day. I know there is not a lot of support with either the still-recommended-but-outdated food pyramid or the general consensus that the low carb diet is a tried, but failed, diet fad. And of course there is the addiction to carbs. But there is just too much research out there to ignore; research that collectively shows that reducing carbs can help with many health issues.
In the book "Life Without Bread", written by Christian Allan, Ph.D., and Wolfgang Lutz, M.D., there is one study by Dr. Lutz for patients with ulcerative colitis that I think you will find astonishing. Here is an excerpt from the book:
"Even though ulcerative colitis responds to low-carbohydrate (72 grams/day) nutrition, its course is not as rapid as that of Crohnís disease. However, very positive results have been observed using the low-carbohydrate diet for ulcerative colitis patients.
Of the first 74 patients treated until 1979 with a low-carbohydrate diet, approximately 60% were without complaints after two years. They had normal laboratory values and normal rectal mucosa. The remaining 40% took longer to stabilize. Some of these patients required up to 8 years until the bleeding stopped, iron levels normalized, and diarrhea and abdominal pain subsided.
Whoever believes they can get rid of their colitis in a few months is mistaken. But one has to see the success of the diet in relation to its alternatives; there are none we know of that can give these overall results."
What is amazing is that 90% of all the patients were without symptoms after almost 8 years. This is exciting, especially since eating healthy and reducing carbs cured my daughter. In April 2002, we discovered blood in my daughter's stools. She was only six years old, and after extensive tests she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Here are four rules we all follow, even thought Anne is the only one in the family with ulcerative colitis:
1. Limit the total carbs per day to 72 grams of carbs. While this is not always possible, this is the overall goal each day.
2. Eat more protein with each meal to reduce the craving for sugar and junk food. One rule of thumb is to divide your weight in half, then eat that much protein grams per day. For example I try to eat 25 grams of protein for each meal, or a total of 75 grams per day (see the "Potatoes, not Prozac" book). We love the whey protein shake from Trader Joes.
3. Eat more non-inflammatory foods: wild-caught salmon and tuna, spinach, broccoli, oranges, yogurts, blueberries, organic strawberries, for example.
4. Drastically reduce omega-6 foods such as soybean oil, found in Miracle Whip, and eat more omega-3 foods such omega-3 eggs and grass-fed beef, etc.
The result of all this? Anne has not had a single flare-up of her disease since October 3rd, 2003. She has not been on preventative medications for over two years.
Please don't dismiss this as luck or genetics. Anne was getting progressively worse, not better. We are still scared, since we don't eat as healthy as we would like. Anne still eats ice-cream, candy, cookies, etc. It is just in moderation to the extent possible, which is pretty difficult given all the holidays, celebrations, and basically unhealthy school lunches. But we will keep trying to eat healthy.
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Cheltenham, UK

#2 Oct 16, 2009
Anyone tried this?.........sounds interesting


#3 Feb 7, 2010
Morgan wrote:
Anyone tried this?.........sounds interesting
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 40 years ago when I was 15. I had some rough periods where I had 3 feet of bowel removed and was on steroids and Imuran for a year. For the last 25 years my disease has been in remission. When I have a colonoscopy, the doctors say it is almost gone, just a few sores at one end. I have managed this disease with *Tylenol 1 with codeine, 2 tablets in the morning when it was most active for one week and then none for a week. This controlled any diarrhea. I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and my doctor said this is common when you already have Crohn's. I accidently waived my prescription drug coverage in my health plan. When aske if I wanted to take the extended health plan policy,I said "no", under the misconception that is was for extra things like massages, etc. When I realized my mistake(I have been insured with this company for 18 years through work, but recently had a layoff and reinstatement within a 2 month period), I contacted them and filled out the required forms for a "change request". 2 weeks later i received a letter telling me I have been declined because I have Crohn's and Colitis. The sad part is, I'm never sick. I get diarrhea, but just in the morning and i never miss work. I don't experience any pain. I take tow *Pentasa a day for my Colitis as prescribed by my Doctor. I am physically active, I coach badminton, I use the treadmill, I walk every day, I make natural soap and lotions and sell them in farmers markets, on top of my teaching job. I can out run my 11 year-old-son!I grow an organic garden of 3 acres every year and maintain a healthy (no pork or beef or fast food, lots of fresh veg. and fruit) diet.I don't smoke or drink or use any parabens or laurels in my toiletries. I don't eat processed foods. My health care providers said that my health does not meet their standards! I explained that I waived the coverage in error, but to now avail. They have given me a chance to appeal, but I only get one chance and I don't want to make matters worse. I have asked my doctor for a note, but i don't know what to say to convince this committee that I'm probably more healthy than any of them. Any ideas?

United States

#4 Feb 27, 2010
I think there is a lot of this that makes total sense to me. I had Colitis for 10 years and finally feel I cured myself using a diet similar to this. I try to make my meals no more than 1/3 carbs at any sitting. I basically follow an anti-fungal diet as I think it was a yeast imbalance in my system and yeast feed on sugar. If you eat too many carbs at one meal, your blood sugar rises and I imagine the yeast feed on the blood at that point. So I think its about controlling blood sugar levels. I wrote a book about the research I did and the diet I followed that got me back to good rapidly. It's called The 10 Day Colitis Cure and you can read about it online at Smashwords.

Santa MarŪa Del Oro, Mexico

#5 Mar 13, 2010
I had loose motions 6-7 times per day with blood, along with pain in abdomen. The stools were watery, semisolid and sticky in nature. There was no control over the stools and I had to rush to toilet. Post the stools there was an unsatisfactory feeling with tremendous weakness.

Check Out this website, products there might help:

Denver, CO

#6 Jun 3, 2010
I too have cured myself, without medication I might add. In 2001 I was diagnosed with a severe case of UC. I continued to battle it until 2008 when I found the Para website.( ) I know that some of you out there think that your case is too severe to be helped but I disagree. I had 11-14 movements a day, I was on 6 medications including intravenous, and I had been hospitalized 3 times. Despite all of that I now live a completely normal life.
The Problem:
In a nutshell there is a bacterium that lives in the mucus lining of your intestines that feeds on complex carbohydrates and sugars. Your body tries to attack these bacteria called ďMAPĒ and in doing so it is only attacking you. Essentially the bacteria are too well embedded in your intestines to be harmed.
The Cure:
Now I am not a doctor or a physician (not that they do anything but treat the symptoms) so everything is at your own risk. If you are like me you are willing to try anything. You donít have to follow my diet but the concept is the same. Cut out all sugars and complex carbohydrates, as they break down into sugar feeding these bacteria. Focus on green vegetables they help in two ways providing roughage to clean you out and mass amount of nutrients help you recover. Try to eat organic yogurt to introduce new beneficial bacteria into your intestines, essentially reducing the food source for the bad bacteria. Doing these two simple things will surely help you.
What I did:
My case was so severe that I took this to an extreme. I ate broccoli every night for dinner (steamed, raw, w/ chives, any way I could). I cut out all sugar I possibly could and I ate organic yogurt every other day. I focused on vegetables and occasionally fruit (your body does need some sugar). It took about a month and I started having normal bowel movements for the first time in 7 years.
Good Luck:
I wish you the best!!! I know how difficult life can be when you canít control the simplest of bodily functions. If this helps you in any way pass it on, or share your story with someone!!!! If pharmaceutical companies arenít going to help us we have to help each other.

San Diego, CA

#8 Sep 20, 2010
Do you happen to have an email?, I would love to hear more about your progress and treatment, and maybe a posting of your typical diet for a week.
That would help me in the right direction.
I really appreciate it,
-Diagnosed Severe UC 2009
-4-6 BMs per day (blood/mucus)
-3x Lialda a day
-2x probiotics a day

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#9 Feb 23, 2011
I know it's possible to rid of many ulcerative colitis symptoms without any surgery needed. My cousin was diagnosed with UC about a year ago and her condition went from misery and pain to leading a normal life in just a couple of months after taking AloeElite. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, all-natural relief for Ulcerative Colitis.

Morristown, NJ

#10 Jun 28, 2011
jyang wrote:
I know it's possible to rid of many ulcerative colitis symptoms without any surgery needed. My cousin was diagnosed with UC about a year ago and her condition went from misery and pain to leading a normal life in just a couple of months after taking AloeElite. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, all-natural relief for Ulcerative Colitis.
I have moderate Ulcerative Colitis for about 8 years now and I just ordered the AloeElite product and feeling alot better already.
This stuff really works and has made a difference in my life.
No more bloody stools and mucus and I only have normal stools.
Thanks for the recommendation.


Saudi Arabia

#11 Jun 30, 2011
Friends - Take Courage!

Fecal bacterio-therapy cures UC and is available in Australia!

Its called HPI (Human Probiotic Infusion). I was treated in 2010 for Ulcerative-Colitis at the Center for Digestive Diseases in "Five Dock" - 15 minutes outside Sydney ( ).

They're one of few clinics actively taking UC/HPI cases. They pioneered it!

They use their own bank of carefully screened donors - so don't worry if you can't find someone.

While achieving almost 100% permanent cures for C. Diff - don't worry that their website states only 50% cures for UC. Their magazine "Inside Story" claims far higher UC cures - even for the worst cases.

I had full blown pan-colitis, on 250mg/day Imuran, 3500 mg/day Salofalk & the odd pred enema. The standard 10-day infusion plan completely solved my UC & halted ALL meds. Full Stop.

Even if your's doesn't clear (it probably will) you'll need FAR fewer meds than before.

Here's the deal:

1: You start with 10 days oral Vanco to clear any bad bacteria & a small 10 mg/day oral Pred to stop any mucosal inflammation that may interfere with new bacteria implantation.

Their Vanco pill dissolves in the large intestine - reducing side effects. It doesn't "destroy the old set of bacteria".

2: Day ll halts these meds (Yay - no moon face!). You get one mandatory colon-oscopy with the 1st enema given while your under. They don't do nasal delivery anymore!

You then get 1 HPI enema per day for 9 more days. It's nothing - over in 30 seconds - you lie on your side for 45 minutes & go home.

These guys are pro's & put you at ease. You're in & out with no fuss - and you'll wonder what you were so worried about!

You also stop Salofalk / Asacol now - its anti-microbial properties interferes with the new bacteria.

3: Don't do enemas before the next day's infusion to "make room" for the implant - it interferes with the new bacteria! Even if your bowel is full - it just ain't necessary - the implant doesn't occupy much space so trust me!

You're discharged from the clinic & do follow up from your home country. Just email CDD with any questions.

4: I tapered off Imuran by month 10 and said goodbye to my UC. Stay on a high fiber diet during this time (including salad greens daily)- to feed the new bacteria - but DON'T OVERDO the raw spinach. It mimics diarrhea and you'll think the treatment is failing. It isn't.

Watch the fiber cereals. Your not on Asacol anymore - and if your colon is scarred - it won't be as efficient anymore in removing water from the contents (its main job). Eat cereals & greens to feed the bacteria - but not so much that you flush the colon.

5: Expect some ups & downs in your bowl movements until month 5 - when things start to settle. By month 10 - if you're going to be cured - that's when you get your life back for good.

6: Clinic fees are $6500 (USD). Sydney has zero hotels - so rent a house in the suburbs for the 4 weeks thru .au. They've plenty of weekly rentals. They'll even drive you from the airport to your rental.

This will set you back another $4500 - the place ain't cheap. Taxi's abound.

Don't sweat the long plane ride - you need to get out anyway. Plan a 2 day stopover somewhere to rest.

7: The clinic doesn't want tons of desperate people emailing them. You must CALL for a scheduled phone interview & fax a 1 or 2 page medical history SIGNED BY YOUR DOCTOR. They take international patients & VISA cards.

8: They'll usually accept your case if your reasonably healthy. Don't worry if your UC is active - but HPI works better if your not inflamed or bleeding.

Tough cases get 10 MORE infusions - 1 a week. You'll get a home infusion kit relying on a family donor.

So get off your duff & get to Sydney. It's lovely there! See the opera house - get some cultcha - and some great dinner! Rejoin the living.

Take out a small loan for it & call it a long-overdue vacation. It is.

I'll slip another shrimp on the barbie for ya.


Birmingham, MI

#12 Jun 30, 2011

As of now my son is cured by Ayurvedic Medicine, my son has Colitis form last 6 years, his Doctors thinks he is in remenation,
I asked Dr. why my son never been in remenation before ayurvedic medicine? they donot have son feel good now a day. no pain,no more 8-10 tablets (every day) no more rush to bathroom..
I am as well my son is happy..any comments you can reach me at gmail.
Rahul choudhary

United States

#13 Oct 12, 2011
My growth has been stopped with ulcerative colitis and I am not taking medicine also please please help me contact me at [email protected] I am on facebook also please help i am losing myself day by day.


#14 Oct 30, 2011
Can you please let us know which ayervedic medicine did he take ?? cos i also want to try ayurveda...
Bark1653 wrote:
As of now my son is cured by Ayurvedic Medicine, my son has Colitis form last 6 years, his Doctors thinks he is in remenation,
I asked Dr. why my son never been in remenation before ayurvedic medicine? they donot have son feel good now a day. no pain,no more 8-10 tablets (every day) no more rush to bathroom..
I am as well my son is happy..any comments you can reach me at gmail.

Austin, TX

#15 Nov 2, 2011
C-Diff cure works for U.C.(maybe limited Crohn's, too?)
Check out the HPI process:

HPI Home Infusion.doc on google ...#

The protocol says to do the process for 5-10 days. My son did it AT HOME for his 28-yr old wife 10 times over 11 days. The G.I. doc referred them to the process although he said he couldn't do it because of U.S. regulations. He did, however, give them the tests & prescribed the necessary meds before the process. As of last year, the doc had 7 patients do this at home & ALL were successful. You can also search for Dr. Borody of Sydney, Australia if you think this is wacked. Be committed to the process & give it everything you have to make it work for you. My daughter-in-law has been off all meds & symptom free since Sept 2010. She eats anything she wants without fear. It changed her (& her family's) life, it can change yours, too. Good luck!

New York, NY

#17 Oct 9, 2012
Hi! I found this program called the fix your belly blues - it was written by shira turkl-rubin and it's awesome. I bought it for me and my mom since we both have colitis. Shira focuses on yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, cleansing and diet. I am new to yoga and have found her specific poses to be very simple, even for me. I never worked on the mind/body connection but I am starting to see a big change in how I feel. I am learning how to calm my belly down and when I practice the breathing exercises, I notice a big difference in how many bowel movements I have per day and what they look like (sorry if that's tim). It's been a month since we started, although it's only a 21 day program but we have continued practicing the yoga exercises after the program was finished. I've found this program to be really thorough since Shira has colitis herself and it seems like she's done a lot of research. I highly recommend it! Here's the link to her website:
Somanath Dev

Montgomery, IL

#19 Nov 23, 2012
Would you please write me the Ayurvedic doctor's name for the Ulcerative Colitis?

What is the name of the medicines that you took?


Somanath dev

Please write me at [email protected]

Paignton, UK

#20 Nov 30, 2012
Try bael capsules with aluvera capsules and triphala capsules. Some are also available in powder form.

Paignton, UK

#21 Nov 30, 2012
Good luck

Portland, OR

#22 Dec 16, 2012
Fecal Transplant Cured my UC.



global list of mds that treat with FT
the home protocol- i did it at home
success stories
Sophie Windsor

Toronto, Canada

#23 Mar 13, 2013
Ulcerative Colitis was ruining my life until I tried Sky Curtisís fecal transplant treatment plan. Her guidebook was clear and it was so easy and safe to do. I did it myself with my mother as a donor and now I am completely better. I feel great and eat anything! I bought the guidebook off her website httP;//

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