Hope, AR

#128 May 29, 2010
i have had UC since i was 18, im almost 21 now. I am currently in the hospital. i am just getting over a really bad flare up. I had a colonoscopy yesterday morning and everything. Im taking prednisone and asacol, which togehter are great. Im looking for a support group for UC in tampa, FL but so far i cant find a single one. Can someone please tell me if there is one?
Amanda D

Utica, NY

#129 May 29, 2010
hey im not sure if anyone still posts on this website, but my names Amanda. I was diagnosed with Colitis! Im rather scared and do not know much about it at all actually. If you could write me back through email OR i.m me on AOL x3AmandaSmiless. ANY advice, tips, info would surely help me alot!

Denver, CO

#130 Jun 3, 2010
You dont need to add bacteria just get rid of the bad stuff you have!!!! Read ON!!!

I too have cured myself, without medication I might add. In 2001 I was diagnosed with a severe case of UC. I continued to battle it until 2008 when I found the Para website.( ) I know that some of you out there think that your case is too severe to be helped but I disagree. I had 11-14 movements a day, I was on 6 medications including intravenous, and I had been hospitalized 3 times. Despite all of that I now live a completely normal life.

The Problem:
In a nutshell there is a bacterium that lives in the mucus lining of your intestines that feeds on complex carbohydrates and sugars. Your body tries to attack these bacteria called ďMAPĒ and in doing so it is only attacking you. Essentially the bacteria are too well embedded in your intestines to be harmed.

The Cure:
Now I am not a doctor or a physician (not that they do anything but treat the symptoms) so everything is at your own risk. If you are like me you are willing to try anything. You donít have to follow my diet but the concept is the same. Cut out all sugars and complex carbohydrates, as they break down into sugar feeding these bacteria. Focus on green vegetables they help in two ways providing roughage to clean you out and mass amount of nutrients help you recover. Try to eat organic yogurt to introduce new beneficial bacteria into your intestines, essentially reducing the food source for the bad bacteria. Doing these two simple things will surely help you.

What I did:
My case was so severe that I took this to an extreme. I ate broccoli every night for dinner (steamed, raw, w/ chives, any way I could). I cut out all sugar I possibly could and I ate organic yogurt every other day. I focused on vegetables and occasionally fruit (your body does need some sugar). It took about a month and I started having normal bowel movements for the first time in 7 years.
Good Luck:
I wish you the best!!! I know how difficult life can be when you canít control the simplest of bodily functions. If this helps you in any way pass it on, or share your story with someone!!!! If pharmaceutical companies arenít going to help us we have to help each other.

Smithville, TN

#131 Jun 12, 2010
Matt wrote:
Hello everyone. I too suffer from Sever Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 20. Would anyone know of a good diet or a better way to subdue the pain i go through with each movement? Does anyone know if asacol (MESALAMINE) is a good antiinflammatory drug for this crap. Thanks.
I take asacol and it does not help much and it is very costly I am looking into herbs for the sweeling and pain
Susan M

Souderton, PA

#132 Jun 12, 2010
Asacol is good for moderate cases- I was substantially better after a month on it. But if you have a really severe case it might not be enough to get into remission.
Getting into remission is trial and error. I was in the office every month for a year as my gastro doc tweaked the treatment. He finally added Canassa suppositories and that was the end of the bleeding. I now go to see him every 6 months and am symptom free with 2 Lialda per day. Once in a while I use the Canassa for a week if things start to flare up.
Susan M

Souderton, PA

#133 Jun 13, 2010
One more suggestion: Medscape has a new article published called "Gene variants and vitamin D deficiency". It says inflammatory bowel disease is linked to low levels of vitamin D. I was tested 2 years ago by my doctor and found to be quite deficient despite taking a multivitamin. I have been on a cheap generic prescription for it ever since and my colitis has been well under control since I began taking it. And the re-occuring bouts of diverticulitis have totally stopped as well. Its worth the simple blood test to find out what your level is. Apparently a lot of people don't process this vitamin very well and need heavy duty supplementation to achieve normal blood levels of it. I get blood test every 6 months to make sure the level is just right.


#134 Jun 16, 2010
I have UC for over 8 years, has been submit to hospital twice which regular med can't stop the bleed, I am an electronic engineer, my training give me the will of never quit on anything, so after 6 years horrific fighting with this disease, I finally figure out a way to help myself jump out of this hell, first I locked the target which causing my UC is
1. Too much meat and sweet
2. Too much stress in daily work
3. No enough exercise
Those 3 factor is the cause, but the real problem seems come from abnormal high level of unknown harmful bacteria in my gut (that is my assumption after I do a lot of investigation), so I do the following to shoot the target
a. Become a vegetarian, no meat , no seafood since I got the disease
b. cut white sugar from my diet (or minimize)
c. swim every morning for at least half an hour
d. take a lot of probiotic , about 10 Billion cells a day, eat those well know to kill harmful bacteria in the gut (such as Turmeric powder , garlic powder, Psyllium powder, coconut oil..etc)

After doing the above diet for 3 years, no more gut bleeding but still have wet and loose stool some times, it seems control the out growth of those harmful bacteria, but my body is out of balance a bit, then I go to see the Chinese Herbal med doctor and have herbal med for around 6 months, now I seems to be free from the disease, I have not been taking Salofalk (pill or enema) for over a whole year, and stop drinking herbal med for two months already, my BM is only one times a day in the morning after breakfast and in good form shape (80% of the time, because if eat too much oily will make the stool loose ), color of stool is yellow green. My gastro specialist inspect my gut with scope and declare heal one year ago without the trace of being having UC before.

I would like to help anyone who suffer from this horrible disease to get back their life, if anyone find the above info help but want to know more, you can email me at for further info.


#135 Jun 16, 2010
Just forget one point about my diet, I make my own yogurt with probiotic powder for the diet everyday, that really help.

Conroe, TX

#136 Jun 27, 2010
kim wrote:
Sounds like something else I read, "The Fungus Link" by Doug Kaufmann. Try for reviews. If you follow an antifungal program you will probably get good results. Google "Doug Kaufmann" for info. I followed an antifungal program and got remarkably better after having UC for 13 years. There is truth to this fungus thing.
Kim :)
I came across this forum whie looking up Doug Kaufmann and the Phase 1 diet. My wife and I have started the diet just for the sake of getting better. However we do have a laundry list of helath issues from allergies (everything) to fatigue to tumid lupus. I'm not sure this diet will do anything at all for our health but I'm especially focusing on the tumid lupus. Any suggestions, recommendations of what to use or who to contact? Tired of doctors because it's just another prescription (chi-ching).

Houston, TX

#137 Aug 1, 2010
Please watch Doug Kaufmann's KNOW THE CAUSE daily show. There is absolutely a lot of truth in the fungus link, something today's physicians are no longer taught about but was written about by World Health Org and other physicians in the 1950s etc. All the docs today know is virus or bacteria, completely ignoring the detrimental effects of fungus. The person in Batavia OH, who hides under Doug, Ruth, or Kyle's names must be very angry or deeply disturbed--ignore him/her. The supplements on Doug's show are trustworthy and excellent, I've used many of them and trust them; and refuse to pick just any off the health food store shelves.
Happy Day

Houston, TX

#138 Aug 1, 2010
Bruce, Dr Ohhira's Probiotics 12, NSC's Extra Strength Beta Glucan to modulate your immune system (i.e., beta glucan will either amp up or calm down your immune system according to your need). The Phase 1 diet that you've begun on, however, is of prime importance. I would go online on KNOWTHECAUSE.COM on Tuesdays at 5-6 PM central time so you can talk to Doug. The other thing is to call Frank Jordan's show HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE, which is on XM Radio 170 or you can get it online, every weekday 3-4 PM. Frank owns the NSC company and always has health professionals with him on the show to answer questions. I wish you well, and it sounds like you've begun on the right track by starting the Phase 1 diet.

San Jose, CA

#139 Sep 2, 2010
That's funny. I am experiencing the same thing! The pills & medications are so expensive & have so many side effects! I just started eating the Activa's only been like 2 weeks & have noticed a HUGE difference. When I cut out caffiene & fried foods....its completely subsided! Its nice to hear its not in my imagination.
Tanna Pontoon Beach Il wrote:
Hi, I read this forum several years ago when I was suffering ulcerative colitis at its worst. It was so bad that my life was turned upside down. I was not able to take my daughter to school without having to stop for the rest room, I was unable to go shopping without having to go to a restroom maybe several times in a short time. The list goes on and on as you all know.
Then last year I had the worst episode, I was dehydrated and I landed in the hospital. I have visited many specialists, I have tried all types of diets, and been on asacol, suppositories, prednisone, and even anti depression medication to cure this horrible disease.
Last year after the hospital episode in October 2006 I was put on 12 asacol a day, I continued that but my husband insisted that I started eating several Activia Dannon Yogurt everyday. Well to please him I started to do that. To my surprise the symptoms lessened and I started feeling a lot better. By January 19, 2007 I had weaned myself off the medication and continued the Activia Yogurt daily. I eat one first thing in the morning before breakfast. I have been great and have not had any symptoms of the disease, no bleeding, no diarrhea, no frequent bowel movement, etc. I am quite sure that the Activia has helped me because my lifestyle is still the same, and nothing else has changed. Please try this yogurt and try it for a period of maybe three months daily, maybe it is our miracle cure food. If you need anymore info on my story please feel free to email me at

Sterling, VA

#140 Sep 4, 2010
hey, I have UC and I'm 17. Is there any recent information about any new treatments? What about Australia, are they curing patients? Please any information would be very helpful.


Lexington, KY

#141 Sep 14, 2010
If you have a colitis attack after being prescribed Zocor for your cholesterol please know that this may very well be the culprit. I had never had colitis, nor did I have a family history of such. After being started on Zocor I noticed deep leg pains at night, almost too deep for a mere muscle spasm. Further I would be awakened with severe abdominal cramping. I was hospitalized with a severe case of ischemic colitis. After much testing and investigating my doctor found that Zocor had been known to cause this and told me to stop it immediately. Since stopping the Zocor I have hd no leg cramping or abdominal cramping awakening me. I have had no further symptoms of colitis whatsoever. It is my opinion that the Zocor was causing veinal spasms which shut off the blood supply to my colon causing a severe ischemic colitis attack. It is my opinion that if you have had no colitis prior to taking Zocor that it my very well be the culprit. An Ischemic colitis attack can be deadly. I hope this information can hopefully save a life.

Tampa, FL

#142 Oct 4, 2010
Has anyone else had this experience? I did the SCD and ate no grains, no sugars, just meat, raw milk, vegs, very little fruit. Still had bleeding for months.

I read something about hydrogen sulfide in the colon with UC patients, and eating a low sulfur diet being helpful. Went off all dairy, eggs, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, garlic, meats. Still doing gluten-free and no processed sugar, but eating corn, rice, beans, vegs, fruits.

In less than a day the bleeding stopped. Completely. Normal BMs.

Now I am reading where a vegan diet can be a "cure". Has anyone else had this experience?

Hercules, CA

#143 Oct 20, 2010
Kyle you are a stupid idiot who is too lazy to even try a diet. Suffer dumbass

QUOTE who="kim"]" by Doug Kaufmann. Try for reviews. If you follow an antifungal program you will probably get good results. Google "Doug Kaufmann" for info. I followed an antifungal program and got remarkably better after having UC for 13 years. There is truth to this fungus thing.

Mexico, Mexico

#144 Nov 3, 2010
Hi. I was diagnosed with UC at the age of 19. I managed to live a normal life for about a year before my recent relapse, I am 23 years old. It gave me relief to see that other people understand what Im going throe and that it is not only a physical fight, but it is also a mental one. For some reason this time is very different then 4 years ago. I feel that this time I have much more to loose, I finally started college (had to put it on hold because of UC) and I loved it, I was finally building my life, and suddenly it all seems like its crumbling down, all that I worked hard on does not matter anymore. I hate feeling this way, Im not like this, Im always full of life and happiness, always wanting to love and give. I always experienced highs on life, which is the most wonderful thing to feel. I seem to have lost that part of me with this relapse and I hate it! well... maybe not lost but that part of me is very weak. I have been very observant and reflection-ate about life ever since I developed this decease. I learned that you must let life flow and stop wanting to control it all the time (this is my problem). I have also learned with other experiences (not as challenging in the same way as UC) that when you learn and grow from your mistakes, they present themselves again to you, when you least expect them, and it is then when you must prove that you have truly grown. I believe that this is what is happening to me now. I just needed to share my thoughts with people that know exactly what Im going throe, sure my family is supportive in every way and I am eternally thankful, but there is just that something that they cant grasp.
I also wanted to share some valuable information hopefully for most of you, one of the things that helped me the most 4 years ago was Acupuncture. I know many people do not believe in this and I respect everyones point of view, but I have tried this and it worked for me. For starters the first thing that my Acupuncturist said to me when I met him was:"don't worry you will be cured" the words sounded like angels in my heart, so much better then what my regular physician said: "you have 2 choices, you either take medication your entire life or we can remove your intestine". I could not live with these options neither of those sounded like a way of life for me. Thats when I found my alternative medicine man. One thing you should know is that this takes time, you cannot go only for a month, if you have chronic UC as I did you will have to do this for a year at least. With the proper diet of course..this is probably the most important factor, this is partly why I had a relapse.
Good luck to all and thank you for reading.

Boca Raton, FL

#147 Jan 5, 2011
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Tried all the traditional medical methods, meds, enemas, suppositories, steroids, you name it - without any help at all... but then I did tons of research and found an alternative program that helped me. I hope it can help you. You can see it at: . Let me know what you think.
Jack Kelly

Ashgrove, Australia

#148 Feb 12, 2011
David wrote:
This is pathetic, all these young people that are supposed to be healthy with these dreaded intestinal disorders. I think we all need to start standing up and fighting for our rights and make the government accountable for their steady supply of polluted food that wasn't made to be eaten by most people.
Refined foods should be illegal, it's a friggin joke. I hate the US government and Canada's is no better. Europe is the closest thing to paradise in this world, we should take a look in the mirror and change our ways of thinking.
I hate most doctors, they are scum just like lawyers and used car salesmen. lol
Anyways I have not provided any beneficial advise to any with UC but I have this "BLOODY" disease too and it sucks. 25 yrs old and already diseased.
What a joke, if any of you useless politicians read this I hope you can sleep at night knowing your leading the future generations into a plethora of DISEASE!
Oh wait you're probably snoring/relaxed because you have plenty of Oil/energy stocks.
I think this is so true. I'm from Australia. I'm 19 years old and I've had Ulcerative Colitis since I was 14, it sucks soooo much. What you're saying about standing up and making our governments accountable is so true. There is so much research going into heart, lung, brain disease research etc. Well what I want to know is; where the hell is ours?

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#149 Feb 23, 2011
It's sad to know no one is really looking out for Ulcerative Colitis sufferers. There are so many yet the prescription medicine out there is a joke. My cousin was diagnosed with UC almost a year ago and made many trips to the hospital. The drugs the doctors gave her made her symptoms worse. Luckily, we found AloeElite for her and it relieved many of her UC symptoms. She maintains a normal life now and doesn't have to modify her diet too much. I urge Ulcerative Colitis sufferers to check it out, there's nothing to lose...their homepage is:

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