Sudbury, MA

#143 Jan 26, 2011
I have been using Canasa every day for 4 years.(I also take Asacol.) Canasa works well for me and I have been using a specially designed suppository applicator that prevents the suction effect and build up of gas. I never have leakage and I can administer without lying on the bathroom floor. I take my supp and return to my daily routine. It's great! The applicators are one time use, so I just throw it away. Much easier.

Manchester Township, NJ

#144 Jan 27, 2011
I was told to insert the Canassa at bedtime.
I put a clear sandwich baggie over my hand, grasp the suppository, apply some KY jelly to the Canassa and insert it.
Works great and is inexpensive.


#145 May 4, 2011
I have had proctitis for abouit four yrs I've had it really bad for the last year I'm on jobseekers allowance at the moment but I struggle to make the appointments is there some other benefit I could be on tht I dnt have to sign on

Rockingham, NC

#146 May 4, 2011
I'm sorry I'm not fimiliar with that. I'm so sorry you are going through this. It took a while before I got results. I do hope you are able to find some other type of benefits so that you can get better soon.

Winter Garden, FL

#147 Jun 25, 2011
Help has arrived for proctitis patients. Checck out the clinical trials.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#148 Jul 3, 2011
I was diagnosed with proctitus 6 months ago- but I've been living with symptoms off and on for 10 years. My mother and sister have crohns's disease- so I suppose growing up I thought bleeding and bloating was normal. I would get fissures every month after my period and my doctor just kept telling me to drink more water and eat more fibre. Thanks.

Finally I went to another doctor who told me this wasn't normal and I needed a specialist to check i tout- low and behold, proctitus!

I was put on Salofalk- and I started losing my hair and would fall asleep at school and work. Definitely could not drive or function- so I started looking at natural remedies.

I have found that the SCD diet has helped immensely. here is the website:

This diet is strict but science based: no grains, no starches, no sugars (except honey). Believe me- you will feel a difference!

The only set back is cheating- and you will- only because eating out is almost impossible. If you are on vacation, good luck. I love cooking so at home is fine- but add two jobs and a house reno and this month has been painful!

Does anyone have some tried and tested fissure remedies? I seem to have two weeks of pain free life and then poof! there was sugar in that? and two weeks of pain- I dread going to the bathroom each day- it hurts so much! I have been using cocnut oil which helps but I would love to try something else to compare!

Hershey, PA

#149 Jul 4, 2011
Claudio wrote:
Hey all. I was diagnosed with proctitis about 2 months ago. my antibiotics arent working. but i do ask all for one favor. please pray for me and my hopes to heal or at least get better.
thanks and i will pray for all you too.
i couldnt have said what you were saying any better. i also was diagnosed about 2-3 months ago and my antibiotics are also not working. I promise to pray for you as long as you do me a favor and pray for me. Goodluck and may God bless you.

Hershey, PA

#150 Jul 4, 2011
Coldax wrote:
Well the probiotics have helped tremendously, in conjunction with ceasing the Canasa suppositories.
I feel like its going into remission. I can finally sleep through the night. I realize that most of you have it worse then me, so who am I to complain right? I have newfound respect for those of you who have been suffering for years.
I think that going forward I am going to try any natural cure or remedy first, and trust my instincts. I will continue to see the doctors, but I will not put 100% faith in what they say. I will use the information they provide me to help me make the correct decisions on how I will treat and deal with this condition.
I have found that raw nuts (which I love), is a food I should avoid, and well as oatmeal, which sucks because I enjoy that for breakfast. Dairy doesn't seem to bother me...I eat yogurt Yoplait makes one with probiotics in it) and cheese. I don't drink milk unless it is in cereal.
I am going to start making notes of what foods I eat during the day so that I can track the ones that may give me discomfort.
im attempting to do the same but im very young and still in college so diets can be difficult at the moment. let me know what you have found out so i can see if any of the foods work for me too. thanx goodluck

Hershey, PA

#151 Jul 4, 2011
Anna wrote:
I was diagnosed with proctitis a little over a year ago and have been taking asacol daily. I don't know anyone else who has this and although my family and friends are supportive I want to talk to people who know what I am going through. I have a mild case and asacol helps, but have figured out that I need to keep a food diary because everything I eat hurts my stomach. My main concern now is health insurance. I have struggled to get health insurance because I don't get benefits through my job. It's hard to find coverage. Any suggestions??
sorry i dont know anything about health insurance but everything i eat also hurts my stomach now, let me know if you find a diet that works plz.

Hershey, PA

#152 Jul 4, 2011
Steve wrote:
I have been also diagnosed with Proctitis and was prescribed canasa and suppositories right after my colonoscopy. I tried that for awhile and decided that it wasn't for me. Why treat the symptoms, why not find the cause and treat that? Throuhg a long process I have come to realize that the problem was the way I ate, handled stress, etc. I was out of balance and very sick. I am managing the problem through diet and excercise totally. I know how frustrating this can be, it has been a great wake up call to get my life back to where it needs to be before something worse happens to me. Best wihes for all!
what kind of diet are you currently doing?

Rockingham, NC

#153 Jul 5, 2011
Hi Jaz, I was diagnosed with Proctitis in December 2010 although I believe I had it a lot sooner than that. It was hard to accept at first, because no one in my family has it to my knowledge. First thing I did was read everything on the internet about this disease. I use Asacol & Rowasa enemas. The enemas are great, because it stops the bleeding in no time. It takes some time to get use to using them, but treating both ends helps me get symptom free. I feel like my normal self again. I havenít changed my diet. The only thing that I did was increase my fiber, because the GI recommended it. Some people swear by the SCD diet. I havenít tried it.

Itís another forum that I found online where people constantly chat back & forward it is Ulcerative Colitis. You will learn a lot and get so much support. People just like us are just waiting to answer any questions you may have. I love it and they have helped me out a lot.

Rockingham, NC

#154 Jul 5, 2011
Sorry I read it wrong. I mean Anna.
Russell M

Ruston, LA

#155 Jul 13, 2011
To get proctitis under control, you need to get magnesium citrate or oxide or any other form and take no less than 500mg/day, next add 3 B100 b-complex, 1grm of niacin or niacinamide, folate, and walk at least 20 minutes/day at 4mph......I use 1grm of niacin so I have to walk otherwise I'll get diabetes from the niacin, and I also drink about 4 cups of decaf coffee daily which is high in magnesium so YOU NEED TO INCREASE FOODS CONTAINING MAGNESIUM so google to find them.
Why does the above work if you give it 3 months? simple: proctitis is a result of some problem with the nerves in the rectum which was probably due to explosive diahrea, stress, NOt sleeping well, etc., all these things DECREASE your body's magnesium and b-vitamins which are needed to keep your nerves healhy, and the constant diahrea probably damaged a nerve or two in your rectal area........Increase these supplements and you'll be 100% better in 3 months than you are today.


#156 Jul 28, 2011
Karen, i have had ul. proctitis for the last 15 yrs sometimes very badly, lots of blood and mucus but now i am managing it. there are ways to manage it. I have seen some of the best doctors and honestly can say it is manageable and your life doesn't need to be a living hell, i promise. Firstly you will want to consider Rafasal. They quickly pop up the rear as such, put them in at night. if you bleed like i do, you use them everyday until the bleeding stops for 2 months. then once every 2 days. i really only like natural stuff and drink lots of peppermint tea, but it helps a lot and no side effects and are considered very safe as they are not pills and like putting cream on a spot!(BTW i used to take asacol for 7 yrs and refused to continue after i started noticing hair loss!)on top of this my diet is totally different. you need to cut right back in dairy, and go and see a nutritionist who will help you plan a suitable diet. I know smoking is very bad for you but it kinda helps a lot too. no doctor will tell you to smoke but every doctor will agree it helps but they dont know why! i smoke 1 or 2 a day just to keep it all under control. good luck, its worth making the effort to watch what you eat and i promise you will feel good again. p.s your accident brings back too many bad memories for me, i totally understand!!
karen18020 wrote:
i have suffered with proctitis for the past 3 years and my life is a living hell.
at the moment i am symptom free with the help of asacol and azathioprine.
i have an ongoing problem of anxiety because of this and i hate going out anywhere where i know there wont be any toilet facilities.
i had an " accident" last year when taking my daughter to school, which was embarrasing and very upsetting for me.
i now have to make sure i go to the toilet before i leave the house and i get really anxious about taking the children to school so much that i tremble , get sweaty and this just makes it worse.
its a vicious cycle and i'm miserable.
i dont want to take pills for this anxiety.
is there any one out there that has had this problem with their condition and how did you overcome it.

Hull, UK

#157 Aug 10, 2011
hi. Following a colonscopy and severe symptoms, I have been diagnosed with having proctitis. I have been prescribed Asacol foam enema (I am in the UK). Can anyone help and suggest how long I have to try and keep the foam enema in - I am going to apply it at night (before my partner gets into bed!!)ul comments. many thanks for all helpf

Rockingham, NC

#158 Aug 10, 2011
Hi Kingston Upon, I was diagnosed with proctitis Dec. 2010. The GI doc prescibe Rowasa enemas. It was hard at first for me hold it in, because after you insert all the medicine you feel the urge to go. So don't be alarm if you have the need to go right after you use the enema. Ideally it's good if you can retain it for the whole night. It's good if you maintain it a couple of hours. Another site that is wonderful is healingwell ulcerative colitis. I learned a lot from people just like us.

Sudbury, MA

#159 Aug 10, 2011
Hi Vin, If you were diagnosed with Proctitis, have you considered suppositories instead? Foam and enema are typically used to treat Distal Colitis (left side) and suppositories are used to treat Proctitis. The brand name in the UK is: Pentasa and has the same active ingredient as your enemas. Suppositories administered with an InsertEase applicator place the medicine at the furthest point of the disease and past the "trigger zone" where you will feel the need to expel the medication. Using the special applicator takes less than 5 seconds and you can resume daily activities immediately. I sometimes take my supp in the mornings. Night or day, doesn't really matter anymore, I just take the supp, go about my day or hop into bed. Let me know if you want to know where to get the applicators. They are FDA cleared and sold in US but I'll let you know if you want. Be well.

Frisco, TX

#160 Aug 17, 2011
Hello, I am just wondering if it is normal that my Proctitis symptoms get worse during my menstrual cycle.

Rockingham, NC

#162 Aug 17, 2011
My symptoms always seem to get worse during my menstrual cyle.

Frisco, TX

#163 Aug 18, 2011
Thanks for responding CeeJay. It's good to know that I am not alone. It's very frustrating & i havent been able to stop the bleeding for years now. It may stop for a few days but comes back. I am afraid thats it might turn into something worse. My doctor says my case is mild, but i dont find that reassuring when im loosing blood. Yes it might not be as much as it looks but it must add up. I stopped eating dairy produtcs, I even thought I had siliac disease which my tests came out negative. However I heard from a co-worker that you can be wheat intolerant & not have siliac. This is frustrating but I am determined to find a solution.

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