Hampton Bays, NY

#62 Oct 6, 2008
Antonio wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Carol I was wondering how your doing now with your new diet and remedies? If you stopped eating wheat what are your sources for bread and fiber? Please help. Thank you
Hey Antonio
Thank you for asking. I am doing much better thanks to the Lord!! I have been taking two tablets of Lilada and also Rowasa. Both are anti-inflammatories. The bleeding has stopped. I try to eat vegtables for fiber but I don't think I'm eating enough. I started to eat salads again. I couldn't when I was frequently going to the bathroom. I also stopped drinking coffee which can irritate the inflammation. I may try to eat a little portion of wheat and see what happens. I know in the past wheat seemed to irritate the problem.

It is such a painful problem and can be really debilitating. I was told that this will never go away but with the right medication it can go into remission.

Hope all this information helps. Praying for everyone to be healed. I think it is great that there is a site that we can all share what works for each one of us.


Bluffton, SC

#63 Oct 7, 2008
Hi Mandy,

Thanks for your response. I haven't had a flare up in over a year and a half. I was great in the beginning of my pregnancy, but now at 28 weeks I'm having symptoms. It's so hard to keep my food down. I have an appointment with my GI doc tomorrow, so I will definitely ask about colifoam. Thanks again.

Brisbane, Australia

#64 Oct 12, 2008
Hi all, just wanted to say that i was having alot of trouble with my proctitis havent been able to get remission for 7mnths, anyway i stared drinking "sustagen" with low fat milk and i think its really helping???? 3 times a day.

Wrexham, UK

#65 Oct 19, 2008
Does anybody know if the pill can affect proctitis?

Mount Cotton, Australia

#66 Nov 2, 2008
Hi all, just wondering if someone could please help me, ive had proctitis for 2 yrs now, at first it cleared up well with suppositories, but now nothing works. ive tried predsol supp and enemas, pentasa, colifoam. i dont want to take salazapryin which is the next step, i havent had a remission for about 7 months. constant bleeding and mucas. Can any one please help me and tell me if there is any other type of supp or enema i can use because i really dont want to take oral

Hampton Bays, NY

#67 Nov 5, 2008
Hi Mandy,

Rowasa is an enema that worked for me along with Lilado which I take orally. I would recommend giving both a try.

I pray that this info will help you.

Nutley, NJ
mandy wrote:
Hi all, just wondering if someone could please help me, ive had proctitis for 2 yrs now, at first it cleared up well with suppositories, but now nothing works. ive tried predsol supp and enemas, pentasa, colifoam. i dont want to take salazapryin which is the next step, i havent had a remission for about 7 months. constant bleeding and mucas. Can any one please help me and tell me if there is any other type of supp or enema i can use because i really dont want to take oral
Susan M

Brighton, MI

#68 Nov 8, 2008
I take 4 Lialda tablets by mouth per day and a Canasa suppository at night. Tried cutting back to once every third night at Dr's suggestion but had to go back to every night.
These 2 drugs work very well for me.

North Lakes, Australia

#69 Nov 12, 2008
thanks for your replies, i went and seen my GI doc and he wants me to use supp. Just wanted to add that i've been taking anti-depression pills, and since ive been using them all symptoms of proctitis has cleared up. i havent used any supp or enemas, NOTHING for 5 days and all is good so far. how does that work??? im starting to feel normal again...yipee!
thanks again.


#70 Nov 30, 2008
I was diagnosed with Colitis five years ago but was already familiar with the disease as my dad has/had severe colitis and had extensive surgery to remove most of his intestine at 47 after many years of ill health.

Whilst this indicates that I potentially "inherited" the disease, I believe that there are common personality and life style traits in sufferers that make them prone to "flare ups". Sufferers are more likely to be driven personality types/high achievers, who "thrive" in stressful environments and prior to diagnosis, whose diet and sleep patterns are often erratic with a tendency to either eat at varying times or consume excessive volumes of one produce (I am a reformed coffee and fruit juice junkie).

Everyone is different, but from my own experience your approach to the disease is essential to minimising its effects. When I was first diagnosed, I used to obsess about the symptoms of a flare up and whether or not these would gradually worsen like my dad's. At first, I actually took on more work wise to compensate for a physical "flaw" I had not been anticipating to find myself with at the tender age of 27.

Over time I have learnt to anticipate flare ups and symptoms and find the following works for me:

Keep alcohol and caffeine in take to a min.
Get plenty of sleep and avoid becoming sleep deprived (try where possible to go to bed the same time each day)
Exercise regularly (cardio is best. I run and find it very calming)
Eat 3 meals a day at regular times (I only used to eat one proper meal late at night and snack when I was on the go)
Listen to your body and know when to address stress. Be realistic in the expectations you place on yourself.
Avoid foods that cause your flare up to worsen e.g brocolli, wheat, pasta, coffee, alcohol.

If taking medication, take it at regular times each day with food. Don't be afraid to take time off work if that is what you need to do. Sometimes, that is the only way to kick start a recovery.

I'm lucky in that when I flare I seem to be able to get the symptoms in remission fairly quickly. I am just about to have my first baby and though I have had two flare ups in pregnancy, have had the easiest pregnancy you could wish for. I can honestly say I have appreciate life much more since I have had colitis and take my dad as my inspiration for that, as he has bounced back from his operation and is now enjoying retirement.

Fuquay Varina, NC

#71 Dec 9, 2008
I have Proctitis but am flare free for past 2 years. My 10 year old son was diagnosed in September. Canasa works for him but if we stop it, it comes back within a month. I only take it if I flare. Is anyone out there on a daily dosage regardless if you are flaring?

Fuquay Varina, NC

#72 Dec 9, 2008
Also, I am overwhelmed with trying to plan dietary changes. Has anyone had problems with apples or bananas? Those are two "healthy" things he will actually eat.
Susan M

Brighton, MI

#73 Dec 14, 2008
I was on canassa for 6 months daily and then was told to gradually scale back to every third day. Had pain and cramping after a month on every third day. Am now on it daily for the foreseable future. I have found that insoluble fiber- like bran- gives me pain and diarrhea but soluble fiber like bananas and applesauce and cooked vegetables is ok. Small frequent meals and chewing food really well helps.Gulping food and eating on the run is a habit I have to break.

Harrow, UK

#74 Jan 1, 2009
Hi all, I've had mild proctitis for 12 years now and am now 34. When I say mild, still bleed some days and have many unplanned toilet stops. The pain is too much and I can't keep it in anymore. This is a real drag when I'm out running or cycling which I enjoy.
Currently I am in the middle of a mild flare up (mucous, pain and slight bleeding) which I'm managing with a combination of Asacol and Colifoam (Cortisone).
The main factor that makes it worse is alcohol of any kind and gluten in bread or pasta, so am avoiding all of these for the month of January and see if I can heal.
I've tried predfoam (twice a day) in the past with success but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Morwell, Australia

#75 Jan 4, 2009
Hi all hope you had a good chrissie and new year. I have been symptom free for about a month now and using 1 predsol supp every second night coz I'm too scared not to.I wonder if it was the chiropractic care I had earlier this year, he did say it may take a while to work.At the chiros suggestion I have stopped making the disease important in my life and I stopped letting it rule my life, as hard as that sounds. I can now go for a walk without fear of soiling myself as I was too scared to before. I also try to exersize 45 mins a day at the gym per his advice, the treatment I had was called neurolink, but if you try it , make sure the chiro is well trained in it.good luck to all and hears to a cure in the new year.
Kate H


#76 Jan 27, 2009
I was diagnosed with Proctitis 18 months ago. I used to have flare ups & Mesalazine foam & Pentasa 4 tabs a day would make it go. But I've had this flare up for 3 months none stop. I went to hospital last week & was told to use Predfoam at night and Mesalazine in the morning as well as the Pentasa. This has not worked at all. So I've decided to go on a wheat and dairy free diet (I also have astmah). Today I had a much better day. A lot less blood and didn't have to dash to the loo 100's of times. It's early days yet but I have had my first 2 nights of un-interrupted sleep in years too!
Ann UK

Folkestone, UK

#77 Feb 13, 2009
I was diagnosed with Proctitis in June 2008 following the birth of my 2nd child. I was put on a course of prednisolone suppositories for four weeks and Pentasa for four weeks which seemed to work well. I returned to my consulant in September 2008 who said that the inflamation was not too bad so i stayed off the medication until december. I am now having a horrible flare up not much blood but am having alot of pain after a BM which lasts for hours. Am now on Asacol (2 per day )since Tuesday but not helping the pain so far. Does anyone feel sore in addition to the blood ?

Littleton, CO

#78 Feb 18, 2009
Hey katie..

I know what you mean about the "cramps" and having it flare up. Ive never talked about my issue with anyone, as it is extreeeeemly embarassing for me. My situation is off and on for years now. Since i was about 17 in highschool. I remember eating lots of oatmeal, because i was a competative swimmer- one day started having problems, and have had 2 colonoscopys and one sygmoidoscopy which determinded the proctitis. I had taken the suppositories for a week- but they sucked because they were extreeemly gross. Eventually it went away, and now its back again.

I never new that wheat and nuts could make things worse- but its interesting to know that someone can identify with the me on this :) kind of a relief, as .. its been an embarassing thing to have to go through from years now.

maybe now that i know about changes in diet- and other things from this site- i can actually get somewhere, preventative wise. lol

Thank you =]

Woodside, NY

#79 Mar 15, 2009
Does anyone know the best meds to take whether it's OTC or prescription that won't effect our stomach. Excedrin Migraine killed my stomach! Also, I'll be traveling to China soon for a couple of weeks and don't think I can bring Rowasa (which I take every 5 days for maintenance...sometimes more depending) with me on the plane. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Susan M

Brighton, MI

#80 Mar 16, 2009
I use Canassa which is a small suppository which would be easier to travel with. You could carry them in your pocketbook to avoid them being exposed to temperature changes. Ask your doctor about that. NSAIDS are bad for anyone with a bad gut. They irritate the digestive system and can make colitis worse. I was told to stick to Tylenol. Tylenol doesnt work as well I admit but there is a prescriptions strength version of it you could ask for.

Vancouver, Canada

#81 Mar 19, 2009
I used to have proctitis for a few years - pain in lower left abdomen and some blood traces. Salofalk enemas were helpfull. About year and a half ago I did a candida cleanse and proctitis is gone. I take no medication, I start eating bread and drink beer - no more simptomps. May be it is not the case for everybody but later I found information on internet relating candida and proctitis.

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