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Monroeville, PA

#22 Feb 23, 2008
I just stumbled upon this site, I am so glad that I did. I have had ulcerative protitus for 32 years. I developed it after giving birth to my first son. For years I was not bother with it, and I did not use any medication. I have been on Canasa for several years. Currently I am having a flare up, not a bad one but still a flare up. I have never had pain with mind, mainly just mucus. I also have a lot of flatulence with I understand can be a side effect from the Canasa. I have never watched my diet but after reading postings on this site I believe I should be paying closer attention to it.

Derry, UK

#23 Mar 13, 2008
Hey-Just wondering if anyone here has tried immodium as a means of calming flatulence caused by up? Results?


Morwell, Australia

#24 Mar 27, 2008
I have been fighting with this condition for two years and have had all the treatments, pentasa, colazide, salizopyrem, the list goes on, I have stuck so many things up my bum that I have modesty is now forgotten, I am very fortunate that I am not as bad as some of you guys but I have some definate ideas on this problem, I do not have processed wheat products and try to have spelt flour breads and pastas, I have cut back on unsoluble fibre,I have just started slippery elm 3 times daily and two bananas daily and have seen some positive results, I can actually pass wind and not follow thru,I still have a bad bleed in the morning but do not seem to have to go 6 times in a row,no alchohol is another recomendation as well but as stress is a major trigger for me a couple of wines at night is a hard habit to break
lets hope they find a cure coz thisis a literal pain in the ******
Bruce Lee

Deer Park, NY

#25 Apr 8, 2008
I have UP bleed for 3 months. Try all kind of drugs. Nothing work.
Dr. said it takes time. Is this normal.

United States

#26 Apr 27, 2008
I was diagnosed with proctitis a little over a year ago and have been taking asacol daily. I don't know anyone else who has this and although my family and friends are supportive I want to talk to people who know what I am going through. I have a mild case and asacol helps, but have figured out that I need to keep a food diary because everything I eat hurts my stomach. My main concern now is health insurance. I have struggled to get health insurance because I don't get benefits through my job. It's hard to find coverage. Any suggestions??
Bruce Lee

Deer Park, NY

#27 Apr 29, 2008
How long you been bleeding?
Proctitis is in your rectum. It should not affect
your stomach.
As far as insurance is concern, why not
try to get low end job from
a big company like the Gap or Super Market.

Dunkirk, NY

#28 May 12, 2008
I have been diagnosed with proctitis and colitis last year. I used antibiotics which helped, howerver, the docs told me I could not stay on them. All the other meds seem truly hideous with major side effects. Its like they treat one disease, but then the another thing occus. I can't see how they can't find something that is not as toxic or harmful as steroids or the "New " one a day pill. Remember gangs, you are putting more chemicals in your already strained body by using more chemicals. What a trip. I am seeking the holistic route myself, I don't know what will happen. Keep you posted.
Bruce Lee

Deer Park, NY

#29 May 13, 2008
Dancer 26,
I agree with you 100%.
However, the problem is - if you take the medication, you die.
if you don't, you die too.
It's a catch 22 situation.
What to do ?????

Pittsburgh, PA

#30 May 14, 2008
angela Lapsley wrote:
if you have proctitis please email me
I,too, have proctitis. i am currently using Canasa suppositories.They seem to be helping at the present time. I was taking Lialda, 2 pills once a day. They gave me horrible pain and bloating which I found worse than the proctitis itself. I refuse to be on any steriods!!!! Ask your physician about Canasa. Good luck. You can email me at

Balma, France

#31 May 19, 2008
angela Lapsley wrote:
if you have proctitis please email me
Hi there,
One of my friend is suffering from proctitis - has been diagnosed a few weeks back. She is asking me if I could send her some Aloe Vera (I am a distributor of Forever Living Product) as she would like to take it rectally but I am very unsure that would help.
You seem to have started a treatment with Aloe Vera and if you do not mind I would have your feed back. My e-mail address is and i live in France at the mo.
Thanks very much for your time and looking forward to hear from you .
Kind regards,
+ 33 681 483 586

Rosedale, NY

#32 May 31, 2008
I've been suffering with proctitis for many years. They told me by now it would have went up my whole colon but it still is just limited to the rectum. I'm more constipated and take rowasa every three to five days. When things are going well every five days for maintenance. I have to stay away from all dairy. Still, waiting for the miracle cure!!!!
Prairie Kat

Allen, TX

#33 Jun 1, 2008
I was diagnosed w/Colitis on May 10, 2008 - and after my Colonoscopy on May 23, 2008 was told that it was Proctitis - From my understanding - abdominal pain was not one of the symptoms of Proctitis, however, ever since my Colonoscopy - I have had horrible pains & cramping along with diarrhea (it has been green 90% of this time, is this common). I have been put on Asacol 3 pills twice daily. Are the pains & cramps common with this disease? I have felt horrible!! ANY Help would be appreciated!!



Dunkirk, NY

#34 Jun 2, 2008
Dear Prarie Kat,
I am so sorry you feel terrible. I do as well. It truly is a life altering disease. Hey guys and gals out there. I have found,(which I am going to try) Self Healing Colitis and Crohns. This is the title of a book ( I know there are many out there,but this is authored by a PhD,not that the intitials mean anything but he had suffered terribly from the disease himself).It is a life changing diet, which eliminates all dairy, meat, and even fish, and complements with vegetables and fruits. And nuts when your on the healing phase if you can tolerate. I am reading this book a second time, and it seems to make a hell of a lot of sense. I do not know if it can replace the meds(the author was on many meds for years on got worse, or not better) and started using the nutritional methods. He also advocates plenty of rest, which of course in today's world seems impossible. If anyone would like more info, please feel free to write. For all the sufferers out there who are experiencing this illness, take heart and keep fighting. Dancer

Lawndale, CA

#35 Jun 3, 2008
Hello, I have had ulcerative proctitis for 20 years, off and on.
Until 2 weeks ago, I was sypmtom free for 5 years. I feel badly even posting because it seems that many of you have it much worse.
I have had the worst flare-up ever starting 2 weeks ago, and I'm more worried now because is seems to be much more severe.
I seem to be reacting differently to the Canasa this time, and have decided to try natural remedies.
I read about a man who had really good success with Chinese fruit that is canned and in heavy syrup. He ate one of these each day: Longan, Jackfruit, Lychee, Rambuten, and Kaong.
He also drank the syrup of each can daily.
Says his symptoms lessened on one week, and were completely gone within one month.
Hasn't come back since.
Have any of you tried these fruits?

Prairie Kat

Allen, TX

#36 Jun 3, 2008
Hi Randy and Others!

I have found a Great Forum with a Wealth of Information for all the UC sufferers.

One gentlemen suggested - when you have a flare up - to eat one can of spinach daily until all is well!!

So, Randy, you might try that as well!!

Hope you get to feeling better.


Elmhurst, NY

#37 Jun 29, 2008
Does anyone know if you can take Rowasa during pregnancy?

Saint Albans, UK

#38 Jul 1, 2008
Katie wrote:
I've only had UP for 4 months, but I've done a lot of research on more natural treatments. I'm on probiotics (Ganaden) and Canasa, but I just had another flare-up after having a couple cocktails (bad idea - I guess alcohol is a no-no and caffiene seems to aggravate it, too). I've been reading about Ayurveda and how to eat for healthy digestion. It seemed to be working but then I got menstrual cramps (sorry to bring it up, guys) and they started a whole new flare-up. The Alleve I took to make the cramps go away made the flare-up even worse. I can't win!
Has anyone had success with dietary changes? And if so, will I have to live by that diet FOREVER???
Please help a newbie out. ;-)
Hi Katie
I have had proctitis for 3yrs now, the only thing that seems to make a big difference is taking asacol at the end of every night, the body can absorb with out much disruption. Any foods with hydrogenated fats bring on symtoms. I have managed to avoid steriods which i hate by taking asacol 4 times a day for the bringing of a flare up. Take aways are definately off the menu :(
so try and avoid lots of white bread, cakes, biscuits etc.. A major thing I found out by accident when changed diet was citris brings it on in a massive way. So oranges, apples, etc this makes such a big difference i even had to cut out soomthies.I hope this helps, loads of veg and fish,,chicken are great my body seems to love.
Be Lucky TASH

Saint Albans, UK

#39 Jul 1, 2008
Brandee07 wrote:
Does anyone know if you can take Rowasa during pregnancy?
i research when trying for a baby low does of asacol have proven to be the same risks as a pregancy without any medicine and better. Because it proved better to keep proctits under control with meds rather then be pregnant and flare up as the healthy you are the healthy the baby will be xx

Saint Albans, UK

#40 Jul 1, 2008
Bruce Lee wrote:
I have UP bleed for 3 months. Try all kind of drugs. Nothing work.
Dr. said it takes time. Is this normal.
its not noral to keep bleeding try predosine it stop me bleeding everytime and try changing your diet its major factor

Kalamazoo, MI

#41 Jul 3, 2008
I have been also diagnosed with Proctitis and was prescribed canasa and suppositories right after my colonoscopy. I tried that for awhile and decided that it wasn't for me. Why treat the symptoms, why not find the cause and treat that? Throuhg a long process I have come to realize that the problem was the way I ate, handled stress, etc. I was out of balance and very sick. I am managing the problem through diet and excercise totally. I know how frustrating this can be, it has been a great wake up call to get my life back to where it needs to be before something worse happens to me. Best wihes for all!

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