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angela Lapsley


#1 Feb 6, 2006
I have been diagnosed with proctitis, given asacol, which I am taking along with steroids which at present I have refused, I am trying to releive or cure the problem with alo vera, etc, my symptoms are also different to the norm, I would like to chat to others who have this condition please
angela Lapsley


#2 Feb 6, 2006
if you have proctitis please email me
Edwina Clark


#3 Feb 25, 2006
angela Lapsley wrote:
if you have proctitis please email me
Dear Angela

I have had this condition for a couple of years and am in the midst of a 'flare up' which is taking its time to settle down. Most of last year was symptom free.

Sutton, UK

#5 Dec 27, 2006
You can email me at
angela Lapsley wrote:
I have been diagnosed with proctitis, given asacol, which I am taking along with steroids which at present I have refused, I am trying to releive or cure the problem with alo vera, etc, my symptoms are also different to the norm, I would like to chat to others who have this condition please


#6 Jan 30, 2007
Tim wrote:
You can email me at
<quoted text>
Hi Tim i was diagnosed with proctitis early last year, and prescibed the same drugs as you, which work but the steriods weakened my immune system even more and even with a better diet stopping smoking and regular exercise i find i am prone to feeling crap at least a couple of days each week. The gluten free diet will relieve the mucus. As the rectum turns wheat into mucus. Let me know if you have found anything to relive the sytoms


#7 Jan 30, 2007

I was diagnosed with proctitis early last year. Since then i find if i work-out i feel ill the next day. I have been feeling rough for at least a couple of days each week, does anyone else have this problem?

Whangarei, New Zealand

#8 Sep 2, 2007
Was told l had proctitis about 2 years ago,it is still hanging around,am on, when a big flare up accurs 8 penetasa a day,then knock it back to about 4 a day,am trying yogurt pills 2 a day and they seem to help,mine is,am sure caused by stress,l too feel lousy,say 5 days a week the other 2 fine,is asacol the same as pentasa???

Since: Sep 07

Darlington, UK

#9 Sep 5, 2007
i have suffered with proctitis for the past 3 years and my life is a living hell.
at the moment i am symptom free with the help of asacol and azathioprine.
i have an ongoing problem of anxiety because of this and i hate going out anywhere where i know there wont be any toilet facilities.
i had an " accident" last year when taking my daughter to school, which was embarrasing and very upsetting for me.
i now have to make sure i go to the toilet before i leave the house and i get really anxious about taking the children to school so much that i tremble , get sweaty and this just makes it worse.
its a vicious cycle and i'm miserable.
i dont want to take pills for this anxiety.
is there any one out there that has had this problem with their condition and how did you overcome it.

Singapore, Singapore

#10 Sep 29, 2007
I was diagnosed with proctitis last yr december after going for a colonoscopy. Before that, I've been suffering for the past 3-4 yrs, with various diagnosis by doctors that it was piles, IBD. Currently on medication, Salazopyrin.
Like karen18020, I've had an "accident" recently and felt so embarrassed and humiliated. I also ensure that I visit washroom before I go to work in the morning, especially I have to take public transport which takes about 40mins to an hour. None of my colleagues or friends knows about my condition & I doubt they will understand too. My bf knows but he doesn't really understand the illness in depth. I really envy those who can participate in all outdoor activities without worrying of "accident". I feel miserable at times because no one to share my woes with, plus the symptoms makes me feel uncomfortable but I try to remind myself to buck up and look on the positive sides.


#11 Oct 17, 2007
I was diagnosed with ulcerative protitis 15years ago. Every now and then I have flare ups but for the most part I live a normal life. I used to take asacol until I found out that one side affect is renal failure(kidney failure) so now when I flare up I take a rowasa suppository. Someimes I wonder why I had to have this disease, but some people have worse things going on.

Melbourne, Australia

#12 Nov 6, 2007
PS: My email is
if anyone would like to talk or ask anything.
Warm Regards,

Melbourne, Australia

#13 Nov 6, 2007
Sorry posted in wrong section

Londonderry, UK

#14 Jan 9, 2008
Hi all-had proctitis for about 4 years. having a really bad flare-up at the moment (flatulence, mucus) Im starting steroids (suppos. form) tomorrow and was wondering if anyone here had taken them? what to expect? success rate?

Jackson Heights, NY

#15 Jan 10, 2008
Hey Gaz,

I have taken the suppos as well and they only worked for a week or so for me. Prednisone only works for my stubborn colon. I think i might try crazy glue..

United States

#16 Jan 21, 2008
I have just started (one week) of taking probiotics. Here is the product link:

No, I don't work for them. This brand/type was suggested to me by a store clerk. I have been trying to read up on probiotics because it seems to make sense to me.

I am in the midst of a bad proctitis flare up. My GI doctor put me on Canasa suppositories (the chemical is mesalamine) about 2 months ago. He also put me on Lialda about 1 month ago, also mesalamine, but in tablet form for my ulcerative colitis. Turns out I am in the 1% who is allergic to this chemical and the tablet amplified my symptoms by about a factor of 3, if you can imagine that. Just the worst cramps ever, brought me to tears a few times. I stopped the tablets after 3 days. My GI said to stop (no kidding!) the tablets and continue the suppositories.

I am seeing a new doc, an inflammatory bowel disease specialist. He says I should stop the suppositories as well. If I don't go into remission in a bout 10 days, he is going to have me try topical steroids, a 'wash' or enema type application, which is much milder then ingested steroids.

I have also tried turmeric, the spice, and that really helped with the cramps. Read about it, it has many healing properties. Take it in tablet form otherwise your teeth will be stained.

I am trying to use the process of elimination (no pun intended) to determine which foods aggravate my condition the most, and which creates the most gas.

I was diagnosed with proctitis about 7 years ago, and then it went into remission until April 2007 for about 1 month, then it came on strong since October 2007. Just hellish...can't go places...have to plan where I am going and where the toilet is...bring extra clothes, wipes, etc.

I eat very healthy, meaning as much natural and unprocessed foods as possible. No red meat. No smoking. Some have suggested bulk fiber laxative products, with psyllium (sp) husks. I may try that ina few weeks. Some suggest Aloe as well, but that is a natural laxative. Also fish oil I was told by my regular doctor. I am willing to entertain all ideas at this point.

Lincoln, UK

#17 Feb 4, 2008
Iwas diagnosed with UC almost 10 years ago and later told after 2 sigmoidoscopies that I had proctitis, which I am sure you will be aware means currently that the colitis symptoms are limited to the rectum / lower portion of the sigmoid colon. I have had two major flare ups for which I have been hospitalised. The 2nd 2 years ago was very serious as got an infection in my blood as well as the symptoms (every 20minutes trying to wmpty my bowel) I couldn't go out at all, frequent accidents etc. I have been on over the years of mytreatment, suppositories (Mesalazine, Sulphasalazine, steriod foams, Prednisolone oral tablets, Azathioprin colazide. Sometimes I am reasonbly all right with little or no symptoms, but cannot get off the steriods and they have side effects of their own (mood swings, bad skin). I have tried cutting out certain foods, tried alovera, tried chinese remedies. When I have symptoms the pain, bloating, discomfort and embarrasment when I have to go to the toilet at work (Loads of wind)/ Sometimes having to dash down the office, not knowing if I will get therein time. Last year I had a repeat sigmoidoscopy and now have polyps to add to the list of woes.

I beleive that stress is a trigger factor for me and try to not get stressed over things if possible. One of my problems of having colitis is living in the UK and having the health service to cope with. I have had 4 consultants in the last 18months. each wanting to start at the beginning and try out all the easy treatments and tell me to not take the steroids, within 5 to 10 days I can guarantee the symptoms will flare up and go into a full attack. I was promised by the consultant who I had seen since the outset that we would try "Infliximab" (Has anyoe tried this - Let me know) and if that failed then he would refer me for surgery. I am now 50 and would prefer to get it over and done with as it has now had 10 years of my life when i could have been doing many more outdoor activities. Isuppose like all of you I feel off at leaqst some of the week and get loadsof wind at night and have to get up. I find the tablets etc make me tired and stome getting a decent nights sleep. If anyone has tried anything new let me know

Lincoln, UK

#18 Feb 4, 2008
Lets hope the researchers find something soon to end the misery.

Franklin Lakes, NJ

#19 Feb 6, 2008
Well the probiotics have helped tremendously, in conjunction with ceasing the Canasa suppositories.

I feel like its going into remission. I can finally sleep through the night. I realize that most of you have it worse then me, so who am I to complain right? I have newfound respect for those of you who have been suffering for years.

I think that going forward I am going to try any natural cure or remedy first, and trust my instincts. I will continue to see the doctors, but I will not put 100% faith in what they say. I will use the information they provide me to help me make the correct decisions on how I will treat and deal with this condition.

I have found that raw nuts (which I love), is a food I should avoid, and well as oatmeal, which sucks because I enjoy that for breakfast. Dairy doesn't seem to bother me...I eat yogurt Yoplait makes one with probiotics in it) and cheese. I don't drink milk unless it is in cereal.

I am going to start making notes of what foods I eat during the day so that I can track the ones that may give me discomfort.

United States

#20 Feb 13, 2008
I've only had UP for 4 months, but I've done a lot of research on more natural treatments. I'm on probiotics (Ganaden) and Canasa, but I just had another flare-up after having a couple cocktails (bad idea - I guess alcohol is a no-no and caffiene seems to aggravate it, too). I've been reading about Ayurveda and how to eat for healthy digestion. It seemed to be working but then I got menstrual cramps (sorry to bring it up, guys) and they started a whole new flare-up. The Alleve I took to make the cramps go away made the flare-up even worse. I can't win!

Has anyone had success with dietary changes? And if so, will I have to live by that diet FOREVER???

Please help a newbie out. ;-)

Franklin Lakes, NJ

#21 Feb 15, 2008
Katie - read the data sheet that came with Canasa carefully. There are some OTC pain relievers not to be taken with Canasa (brand name for mesalomine). Alleve may be one of them.

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