stopping the bleeding from ulcerative...

stopping the bleeding from ulcerative colitis

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Amy Quintana

Van Nuys, CA

#1 Nov 20, 2010
Hi I'm 19 years old. I was diagnosed with hep c on February 2010. Which at the same time began having diarrhea. No blood yet, just diarrhea. I began my treatment for hep c 9wks ago. And 6wks ago I began feeling my diarrhea much worse. I was seeing bright red blood,&blood clots. Went to the Dr &he thought, hemorrhoids. 2wks later I went to the ER &they also said hemorrhoids. A week later my Doc did a colonoscopy where I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was on Lialda for 2wks but didn't see much difference. I am now on Apriso and I thought it was working but I went to the hospital because I was feeling weak and they made me get a blood transfusion and stay 2nights bcuz my hemoglobin was at 7. Do any of u know how long it takes for Lialda to work or Apriso? I was offered steroids but said no bcuz I'm scared. If you know of any natural remedies to stop the bleeding please let me know. I used to weight 118lbs and now weight 102. Please help me!!!!!!! I feel helpless!!!
Susan M

Manchester Township, NJ

#2 Nov 21, 2010
Liadla works fairly quickly if its going to- in a week or so. I have been on it for 3 years. It is for mild to mdoerate cases. It sounds like you have a more severe case and needs something stronger to get you into a remission. You don't necessarily have to take the steroids all the time- just for flareups. Getting this under control as fast as possible is important. You should do what they say so the bleeding and pain can be reduced. You might benefit from using suppositories or a foam enema to deliver medication to the far end of the colon. I use them sometimes as needed. The Lialda doesnt reach all the way to the rectum and a large number of people who have colitis in the signmoid colon also have it in the rectum.So they need to use other means to deliver the meds to that part.

Since: Aug 10

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#3 Feb 17, 2011
Sorry to hear you're going through this...I've watched my own cousin suffer through the same situation and ended up in the hospital multiple times. I've heard stories of prescriptions working initially but gradually losing it's effectiveness, even causing symptoms to worsen since the start of taking them - that's pretty much what happened to my cousin.

Have you considered alternative medicine? My cousin was desperate for anything that worked and found this product called AloeElite. Check it out - hopefully you'll find what you're looking for there:

Collegeville, PA

#4 Jun 14, 2011
I was on liadla but I change to sulfasalazine it also helps with the joint pain if you can take the side effects..

Phoenix, AZ

#5 Aug 29, 2011
I've had UC for about 12 years, and am on Remicade. There is promising research on the use of turmeric (a spice common in Indian food) that helps lower the inflammatory response. Google these studies, such as:

. If your stomach doesn't get too upset, your goal might be 3,000 to 4,000 mg/day of the curcumin extract (the active ingredient). Look online for the best deals, or your health food store, and you want the extract, not the root.

Good luck!

Commerce City, CO

#6 Nov 14, 2011
I almost died 2005-7 trying everything the MDs gave me and went to a chiropractor who saved my life. I stopped eating dairy, wheat, sugar and corn. And took all of the supplements he recommended which started with fish oil, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and enzymes I took with meals. The diarhea had taken over and after I started this regimen it slowed and reversed and today I'm back to my healthy weight. It took diligence to get off the industrialized foods I thought were normal. I only eat grass fed meats, fish twice a week, gentle vegetables, and 1/2 c apple was the most sugar I could tolerate. I drank lots of water. Nuts, seeds, berries. Basically a paleo diet. Its these years later and I still eat this way and feel better, look better, have more energy and better cognitive and emotional balance than I ever did even before I got sick. The difficulty is the addictive quality of the diet I was raised with which I always thought was healthy. It makes me so mad at industrialized food that its easier to avoid its profitmaking. I buy organic and my cause is to support organic produce and grass fed meat and grow my own herbs and veggies as I am learning how. Good luck to you all. Its worth the trouble and I love cooking now. And my boyfriend and I shop and cook fresh every day with lots of spices.

Commerce City, CO

#7 Nov 14, 2011
also I found and shopped my local most organic grocer, and search websites for gluten etc free recipes. And I avoid pharmaceuticals for this. I love my MDs for some things but this one was up to me and my diet and supplement choices. And my chiropractor is really young, nutritionally trained, does muscle testing, acupuncture, etc. He was the 5th one I tried and his regimen worked.

Boston, MA

#8 Apr 2, 2012
Lynn, this is a great post - thanks for sharing.

Couple quick questions:

- can you talk about some of the supplements and vitamins and minerals you take? Specifically – brand/dosage.
- I am hoping your stopping dairy doesn’t include eggs… does it? Also, is all cheese out?
- can you walk through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and most importantly (to me) snacks with an example or two of each?

I follow the SCD diet which sounds like it’s on par with what you’ve listed here (although cheese/eggs allowed for SCD). I have had great results in my 3 months on the diet – 1 or 2 regular stools a day depending on how much I eat, but blood can be an issue from time-to-time. I am looking at supplements to take – currently on multi and B vitamin, probiotics (VLS-3), and iron for my prior anemia.

Anyways, I am on my way back to a healthy weight I hope as I’ve gained 10 pounds in 3 months after being down 30 pounds since March 2011. Also, since starting the diet all my blood counts/levels have returned to normal and my anemia is no longer an issue.

Thanks again for your time, Lynn.

Houston, TX

#10 Dec 21, 2012
I have had Proctitis for around 25 years. I dont take multivitamin tablets because they cause me constipation. I must avoid constipation. I take metamucil to avoid constipation. I eat fruits and veggies. I take yogurt and a little milk in the morning with cereal, and my body tolerates them well. Everyone's body is different. You have to find what suits you and which food causes your symptoms to worsen.

I take garlic every night. I also take fish oil and almonds. These work well for me. Instead of sugar I take honey. Last year with these things, my Proctitis went away for three months but then I got a new job. moved to a new city and started eating Chinese and other fast food and my symptoms returned.

Food is very critical. Meds are OK but do not depend on meds alone. Visit your doctor but dont think he is God.
Docs in the US are trained to prescribe meds and perform surgery. This is where their power comes from. They are also businessmen and need repeat customers. If they started advising you on home remedies, you would get better fast and they would not make the money they make. They have to make more money to buy more properties in more places like Manhatten.

West Hollywood, CA

#11 Mar 16, 2013
I first developed UC in 1986. I went through all of the standard treatments and none of them worked. I only became more ill on the prednisone & Hydrocortisone enemas & asufizine. I eventually found the book Sugar Blues & The Yeast Connection. I removed wheat & gluten from my diet and was in total remission until 2010. I ate in a Mexican place and was told that I was eating corn but ate flour. Usually eating flour tortillas by accident is the only time that I slip up and have problems.
There is a drug called Mutaflor that has helped immensely. The FDA just stopped it from being sold to the US- despite it's efficacy. Most likely
because they make more in profits on the expensive Lialda.
I just started VSL 3. Both Mutaflor & VSL 3 are food grade probiotics. The other thing that helps is
RAW milk from grass fed cows- the good bacteria
that is lost in Pasteurization helps to populate the gut with beneficial bacteria so the pathogenic bacteria doesn't take over.
I am having another bout now of UC and very ill. I am unable to get Mutaflor. Good luck & change your diet. Most GI's that I have seen are arrogant and disbelieve the truth that I was in remission for so long by managing my diet.
Call me red

Harrison, OH

#12 Apr 17, 2013
karen wrote:
I was on liadla but I change to sulfasalazine it also helps with the joint pain if you can take the side effects..
I take Liada also but suffer from major joint pain on flare ups! Its to the point that it affects my hip joints so bad that sometimes I can not walk ! Ugh I thought it was just me going thru this efffect

Harrisburg, PA

#13 May 6, 2013

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