Can this really cure Ulcerative Colitis?

Overland Park, KS

#89 Jun 8, 2008
Julia wrote:
Everybody keeps telling about diarrhea. My 10 years son does not have it, but he goes just once a day and it's bloody. I am trying to keep him off drugs (Asacol gave him 103 C fever) and do not know if not having a diarrhea is good??
Ask your doctor about lialda. It's kind of like advil for the intestine. Maybe 1 pill a day would do. It's kind of expensive, but it has a coating that protects it all the way to the intestine to make it effective. You might also give him 1/2 an immodium pill a day, or 1 pill every 2 or 3 days, they have small pills in the blister pack. I hope he can swallow pills. The Lialda is 1.2gm, but it's one of the easiest pills to swallow because of it's coating. Good luck. I will pray for the little guy.

United States

#90 Jun 12, 2008
Go to On the opening page,in upper right small Curezone Google search window,type vitamin E enema.Posting issue 64 will give you the procedure information.
The basic diet has worked for many people.However,there can be diet differences in food tolerances between some people.Let your colon be your guide.Don't let your taste preferences for certain foods be your guide.The diet is the cornerstone of the procedure.Any wrong food or liquid will irritate the colon and delay healing.As stated in the procedure,the insoluble fiber of vegetables should be eaten at every meal.If you you do the procedure correctly,there should be a positive result within a week and then steady improvement to a CURE.
Once you get a basic diet that works for a time you can add one new food and wait for your colon's judgment.The length of time before the CURE will depend on the condition of your colon and how well you keep to the basic procedure.Please keep me informed.Additional information on the opening page at Curezone Support Forms(TOP). Find form "vitamin E enema" #114.On the page you will also find the posting Issue 64 BSA by sheldon 5 years.


Maple Ridge, Canada

#91 Jun 17, 2008
Natasha wrote:
Hi there,
I have had UC for the past 5 years - it was all under control until recently when I stopped responding to prednisolone - I am going to be put on azathioprine (imuran) does anyone have experience with this? and also has anyone been able to come off it after a while and stay in remission after?
I have been on imuran for 6months. I am now off of prednisone and in remission. I have had no colitis symptoms for 4 months after suffering for 3 years. I also take 800 mg of asacol 3 times a day. I really believe imuran is the answer for me.

Spokane, WA

#92 Jun 20, 2008
Dont know about the Aloeelite, but you may want to look into a digestive food made by Ganeden Called digestive advantage, chrones and colius. Has worked wonders on my UC. ntakes over a week to show improvement, but well worth the wait. inexpensive too, can order at Albertsons or wallgreens for 15$ for month supply. The digestive advantage made about 80% reduction of symptoms. Highly recommend it
Jerry wrote:
My cousin said that after 3 months on this stuff... that her symptoms have completely gone. Has anyone else had this experience? I'd love to know. Thanks.
UC Fighter

San Ramon, CA

#94 Jul 10, 2008
Deb Shoemaker wrote:
Hello: I was glad to find this forum. My son was recently diagnosed with UC. He is 15 yrs old and I am hoping we can find something to either cure this or improve his quality of life. He's on Imurek and Ursofalk and I've been making him eat more yogurt for the healthy bacterias. I've ordered some probotic pills for him now because he's literally sick of eating yogurt every day. Any advice on trying to increase the healthy bacteria? Also, anyone been able to manage this while living in Japan? We are suppose to transfer there in summer 2008 but I am worried.
Deb S
Stationed in Germany
Hello there,

I just stumbled upon this fourm as well!!..Am a 41 y.o male and i got my UC 9 years ago, I never had bad only at the begining, yet am always on the lookout for a cure and, since you're form Germany I would like to ask you about phosphatidylcholine treatments in Germany !! check this link out it is a very impressive resluts!! My brother is an M.D he told me about it, he saw the article in highly respected respected magazine, doesn't publish and B.S. even my G.I was impressied by the article when i showed to him.

You can get phosphatidylcholine only in soft jel capsules with 250-1000mg, off the shelf from any health food store but the trick, to get great results, is getting them in a capsules that only desolve on the colon, so my doctor recommended a compounded pharmacy and i've found one to fix it for me with a $140 ouch, one month supply !! just wondering if finding these stuff are easier in Germany/Europe? someone told in Cananda is easier !!! or anyone could comment on that would be great? please.

thanks a million and Best to you all.


Newnan, GA

#95 Jul 29, 2008
Medication has been the best for me. I'm in my 30's. My doctor prescribed prednisone for the initial six weeks when I was diagnosed and asacol which I still take after two years. He also suggested trying soy vs. dairy milk. There are foods to avoid, and foods that will help. Maybe try some yoguart and/or probiotics (in yoguart form). I've had very little problems since the diagnosis. Stay hydrated if you are experiencing symptoms.

Newnan, GA

#96 Jul 29, 2008
I'm not an expert but I've been told to stay clear of colon cleansing remedies at herbal stores. It is for people with "normal" colons.

Fort Washington, PA

#97 Jul 29, 2008
Hi... Need some advice. I am taking prednisone and 6MP for UC. Feel like crap. Thinking of switching to natural medicine?? Will their be side effects from the both drugs?

Fort Washington, PA

#98 Jul 29, 2008
Are there natural medications involved?
Julian wrote:
Hi guys,
I lived with severe cases of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease through my teens and into my early twenties. I was going to the bathroom 20-30 times a day and was anemic for a time. However, I happened upon the Book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall when I was about 20 or so.
Before finding the book, my Gastroenterologist and my mum and I worked together to find every possible avenue of new treatment. I went through a lot of pain and frustration, taking Asacol, Prednisone, Remicade, Naturopathic remedies etc. Nothing really worked for more than a couple weeks at a time. After two weeks of following the book and the SCD, I noticed a ton of improvements: significantly reduced abdominal pain, less bleeding, regular stools etc. I am now 26 and have been without any symptoms for over four years. I no longer follow SCD and over the years have reintroduced all of the foods (and junk food and beer) I love with no problems whatsoever.
I was once on the brink of a blood transfusion and colon surgery. Now, I'm completely healthy and UC and Crohn's is nothing but a distant memory and a source of strength and inspiration.
I urge anyone who's suffering from UC or Crohn's to please get this book and give it a go. It's probably not for everyone as it can get tough at times. However, If you've been battling UC or Crohn's, it'd be foolish not to give it a real try.
I pass on my experience to anyone who's willing to listen and put in the energy to help themselves.
I only wish I'd known of this book from the beginning! I would've saved me years of rearranging my life around UC.
If any of you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me and I'll do what I can: [email protected]
Take care and please, please, go get the book and stick with it.
- Julian

Houston, TX

#99 Aug 1, 2008
I've been suffering with colitis for 14 yrs now (I was 21 yrs old)...well was told at first that it was ulcerative proctitis, but it's progressed now. I've taken just about every medication out there...asacol, flagyl, prednisone, canasa suppositories, hydrocortisone enemas. They each seemed to work for a period of time, but once it flaired up again, the meds wouldn't work anymore. I have finally gotten fed up with all the medication that my body seems to build a resistance to. At the beginning of the year I finally decided to try a whole health doctor that a friend of mine can never say enough wonderful things about. So I called to make an appt...he didn't have openings for new patients until JULY!!! I figured it was worth the wait. I've been on the supplements he recommended for almost a month now (started them on July 8th) and my colitis has gone into remission! I have not felt this great in a very long time. I used to wake up at least 3 times in the middle of the night and then had to go a few times in the morning. Now I sleep soundly through the night and go maybe 3-4 times a day. I know this may seem like a lot of times to some of you, but it's made a world of difference in my daily routine!

Franklin, TN

#100 Aug 1, 2008
My son was diagnosed at the beginning of May, he is 17. We have now been on the SCD for 17 days and all his cramping and bloody stools have disappeared. Still not fully formed yet, but he is feeling 100% better.

What you put into your body DOES make a difference and it's really not that hard to follow (or understand). He has kept a complete journal since day 1 of every cramp, food and BM... and I even made a graph ! LOL. He's very happy not to have to be running to the bathroom every 15 minutes and cramping so bad he couldn't sleep. Try it for 5 days at least, what have you got to lose? Email if you need support. [email protected]

Philadelphia, PA

#101 Aug 2, 2008
I had a bad intestinal infection that led to some sort of lower colon inflammation (D Fragilis). Someone here wrote before about Manuka Honey. It works really well. Calms your system down and solidifies stools. I use UMF 16 to 20 depending on what I can find.

Cream Ridge, NJ

#102 Aug 11, 2008
I have been doing research on natural remedies for digestive diseases. I have a friend who is suffering. I will be purchasing the SEROVERA product and I am praying the it is the answer to our prayers. Here is a website that review's several aloevera derived products. I hope this helps all those who are sufferers of digestive diseases.


#103 Aug 16, 2008
I had to stop taking Asacol because it caused severe constipation and stomach cramps after about the 31st day. Also, I did not like the way I felt taking this drug. I am a former smoker (quit 2 years ago). After researching nicotine and colitis I decided to go on the nicotine patch. I chose Nicoderm CQ Step 2 (10 cigarettes or less patch)which is 14mg of nicotine per day. I am in my 23rd day and all symptoms of colitis are gone. I have 1 (maybe 2) bowel movements per day. No diareha now. Nicotine puts a mucous layer over the intestine which prevents the symptoms. Since I was a former smoker, I don't have any adverse reaction to the patch. This, of course, might not work for those who have never smoked.


#104 Aug 16, 2008
Re: nicotine patch--I forgot to add that the relief was almost from the first day. I said this may not work for non-smokers because some of the side effects of the patch are dizziness or lightheadedness, skin redness or rash, and rapid heart beat. You can also experience bizarre dreams at first. I didn't experience any of the side effects except weird dreams the first week, probably because my body had experienced nicotine before.

Fort Washington, PA

#105 Aug 17, 2008
Hi Pam,
I am with you. Please email me if you have any good solutions!


#106 Aug 21, 2008
I was diagnosed UC in 1996. I am off the medications and I have to go anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day to the toilet. I have discovered that these things help me: turmeric in powder and blueberries. A good thing about them is that they are cheap.
one (full) teaspoon of TURMERIC IN POWDER: Drink in the morning on an empty stomach mixed in a glass of water. You can also try it in the evening before going to sleep.
BLUEBERRIES (you can sweeten them with honey) will most certainly "open" you up, but after they are out of you, you will feel a lot better and probably won't have to go to the toilet anymore another 6 hours at least.
The reason: look at your tongue after you have eaten them. It's all dark purply. So will you colon be. And this heals and protects them.
Joe N


#107 Aug 25, 2008
Natasha wrote:
Hi there,
I have had UC for the past 5 years - it was all under control until recently when I stopped responding to prednisolone - I am going to be put on azathioprine (imuran) does anyone have experience with this? and also has anyone been able to come off it after a while and stay in remission after?
After 20 years of UC semi-controlled with sulfa drugs, then Asacol with periods of prednisone, My doctor put me on Mercaptopurine (which Imuran turns into in the body). After 3 months, I was UC-symptom free. There is a price to pay -- for me extreme exhaustion, and of course, a much-depressed immune system. However, I do recommend it as a last option before surgery.
Big guy


#108 Sep 6, 2008
I've had UC for 32 yrs. I'm now 52 and the doctor has me taking Asacol and Remicade. So far these work, but they are only a crutch. UC is one horrible disease, and it ruined my life.
Pray you never get it.

Houston, TX

#109 Sep 9, 2008
So, has anyone on this forum tried human probiotic infusion (fecal bacteriotherapy) for UC? I am willing to try this, but I need a doctor who is willing to administer it. Does anyone know of any person whose tried it? Does anyone have any doctors I could contact in the USA for this treatment. Thanks in advance.

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