Can this really cure Ulcerative Colitis?

Salt Lake City, UT

#297 Dec 2, 2010
I have been diagnosed with mild, acute colitis. My doctor proscribed 800 mg of avocol, twice a day. I am concerned about taking drugs. Does avocol really help. Help!

Salt Lake City, UT

#298 Dec 2, 2010
A typo--the drug is ASACOL.

Salt Lake City, UT

#299 Dec 2, 2010
I was diagnosed with mild acute colitis. My doctor prescribed 800mg of Asacol twice a day. I am not in favor of drugs. Has anyone else had good results with Asocal. Also, are there any side effects? Thanks.

Salt Lake City, UT

#300 Dec 2, 2010
Sorry for the duplicate. Previously, it didn't show my post.
Susan M

Manchester Township, NJ

#301 Dec 4, 2010
I was diagnosed 4 years ago and was immediately put on Asacol and went into remission pretty fast. Had absolutely no side effects. Its great stuff as far as I am concerned. I have late onset colitis which is much easier to bring into remission than the kind that hits young people. I was switched over to Lialda a year later as it is a time release variety and you don't have to take it every 8 hours around the clock. I am surprised you are only taking it twice a day. Are you seeing a gastroenterologist?
Asacol has been around for a long time and has a proven track record.

United States

#302 Dec 11, 2010
Julia wrote:
Everybody keeps telling about diarrhea. My 10 years son does not have it, but he goes just once a day and it's bloody. I am trying to keep him off drugs (Asacol gave him 103 C fever) and do not know if not having a diarrhea is good??
my son 10 diagnoised with uc in november 2009, he does not have diarrhea either; 2-3 bowel movements a day with bllod, no pain, no fever. currently on asacol 2.4 grms daily. curious as how is your son doing now? what medecations is he on currently? i dont beleive drs. really know what is going on. seen 2 specailists and 2 coloncospy. possible uc.

Auckland, New Zealand

#303 Dec 11, 2010
Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with UC in 1999, I'm now 34, married with 2 children (5yr and 3yrs). I have had periods of remission and have had 4 serious flareups during this time (hospitalization, etc). For me stress is the trigger, all my flareups have been preceded by a really stressful period. This year has been horrendous, 2 young children, building a house, working 20 hours a week outside of the home, and my husbands building company has been struggling, plus I went back to uni to study towards my Masters degree - STUPID! The master degree is again going on the backburner and the house is nearly finished - I should be able to cope with the rest!

After going off my meds 12 months ago (with a warning from my dr that I might have another flareup in 9-12 months) I am currently experiencing a flare up, I have 2 or 3 fairly normal bowel motions a day with blood and mucus, it started off with just diarrhea and then came the blood, cramps, putting me in hospital for 5 days. I am now taking azathioprine (immunosuppresant) and dipentum (anti-inflammatory, similar to asacol I believe), plus colifoam - which I think is the most effective during a flareup.

Personally I hate taking medicine, however, I HATE being sick more! So I am in favour of being on meds and being healthy. One thing that I found incredibly helpful this time around is meditation, it has calmed me down, which in turn has calmed and slowed my bowel.

I am desperately waiting for a cure!

Singapore, Singapore

#304 Dec 13, 2010
Further to my post on use of raw tumeric above, now I am using Curcumin (extract of that part in turmeric that has curative power) capsules.

Since tumeric only has a few percent (2%- 5%) curcumin, apparently it is better and more convenient to use curcumin capsules.

It is reported that even curcumin has very low bio-availability, hence it is recommended to take black pepper with curcumin to raise its absorption. Another suggestion is to mix curcumin in fat or oil before taking it.

There is a brand called Bio-curcumin that claims to have very high bio-availability. I am going to try it.

However for now, I experimented increasing absorption by using pure curcumin capsule as rectal suppository and it has greatly reduced colon inflammation and pain during bm in the morning on the very first try. For me, there is no discomfort felt using curcumin capsule as rectal suppository.

I tried it seeing that some rectal and vaginal suppositories are similarly encapsulated in gelatin capsules.

Apart from curcumin, I also took up the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) regimen and it has proved very effective in stopping rectal bleeding.

This SCD was originally created by Dr Haas and revived by the Elaine Gottschall, one probable reason being that a subsequent medical team unconnected to Dr Hass contradicted Dr Haas' SCD remedy by reporting that it was not complex carbohydrates but gluten that caused Celiac disease.

But Dr Haas had treated 600 case of celiac disease with his SCD ... with complete recovery, no relapses, no deaths, no crisis, no pulmonary involvement and no stunting of growth" - from the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall.

I am inclined to believe, according to the same book, that various bowel diseases like Celiac, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis/Proctitis are largely caused by the same culprit, that is the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestines creating fermentation, inflammation, gas, pain, diarrhea so forth.

The way to fight these bacteria is to starve them out by cutting out complex carbohydrates.

Las Vegas, NV

#305 Dec 13, 2010
had uc for 40 yrs. with little flar ups. try folic acid at any walmarts vitimin section. consult your md and watch your diet.
Adam from Poland

Wroclaw, Poland

#309 Dec 17, 2010
Please help! i seek medicne for UC. My brother has reemision. I wrote about honey or correct diet or special juice?
please it is possible to recuperate of this disease?
my adress
if enyone have i idea please write to me on box.
best regards

Cheshire, CT

#310 Dec 29, 2010
I was the smae way when I was young untill I was 20, then I became really stressed out and I continued to have these terrible bowl movements and then when I became anemic thts when I had to go to the hospital because of the severity, if I had done something sooner I wonder If I could have prevened or lessend the severity of my UC, please get ur son chked out.
Julia wrote:
Everybody keeps telling about diarrhea. My 10 years son does not have it, but he goes just once a day and it's bloody. I am trying to keep him off drugs (Asacol gave him 103 C fever) and do not know if not having a diarrhea is good??

Houston, TX

#311 Jan 1, 2011
Dave wrote:
I've had colitis for 10 years, CHRONIC for 3 years, affected my job, social life you name it! I've been on high dose steroids that blew me up like a balloon!
There's only one thing that keeps me in control, keeps me in remission, SMOKING!! every time I give up within a month it's back, start smoking again and it's gone within a week!
I couldn't give a toss what all the anti smoking lobby say, what people think when i light up. I'd rather die 10 years earlier and have a relatively normal life than go through the struggle of severe UC.
That's me!
I smoked for 10 years and stopped. Within 18 months I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For 11 years I had horrible flares. This caused problems with my employment and my marriage. I have taken fistfulls of pills daily such as Asacol and Prednisone. After reading that smoking helps U.C., two months ago I started smoking again. I am 99% symptom free! Normal bowel movements and no blood. I would rather smoke than bleed internally.

Montgomery, AL

#313 Jan 8, 2011
I was first diagnosed with uc in 2000 at the age of 47. My doctor said that it was unusual for someone of my age to have the first symptoms at that age. I started on the standard medications and symptoms cleared up for a month or two but kept recurring, each time lasting longer and more difficult to get under control. I had stopped smoking in 1999 and always wondered if there was some connection between that and the first onset of uc the following tear. In fall of 2007 after 6 or 7 months of active symptoms that wasn't being helped with heavy doses of prednisone i started smoking again to see if it would help. Within a month my symptoms cleared up. I stopped taking all the meds i had been using for 7 years and had no symptoms until may of 2010 when i decided i had to stop smoking. Within 2 weeks my uc symptoms returned. I tried asacol for 2 months with some improvement but did not clear up. I started wearing a low dose (7 mg) nicotine patch about 16 hours a day and within 2 weeks i was symptom free, and have been since. I have taken no other meds. I would not recommend smoking to anyone but wanted to relate my own experience with the nicotine patch, as it may help someone else.
dave hart

Allambie Heights, Australia

#316 Jan 8, 2011
Tuana Birol wrote:
Hi, have you ever heard of fucoidan? It is derived from seaweed and is doing wonders in many areas of health. As for ulcerative colitis, fucoidan is believed to heal the scar tissue of the intestines and to make the flora of the intestines healthy again.
I have ulcerative colitis and I am vegetarian and I have not had a relapse since many years.
I use the gel form of fucoidan (from Agel) which is very effective.
In fact, this is how I came to learn of fucoidan, when I became involved in the business initially. The business apparently saved my life-it came to me at the right time- and I am much healthier!
If you would like more information, you can always contact me at
Warm wishes,
Tuana Birol
I would like to try this to see if this actually works. This disease I have had for the past 19months and want to see a permanent remission, if not a cure. Is this possible?

Dave -
dave hart

Allambie Heights, Australia

#317 Jan 8, 2011
hi there

I have been trying this homoepahtic medicine called kali-bichromatum 30, a treatment for ulcerative colitis from Mumbai, India and it is very slowly working. After consuming 4 of these tiny granuloses three times a day for the past 3 mnths, it is slowly working. For the first 8-9 weeks there is little improvement, maily sporadic, here and there. However, if you stick with it at , the symptoms will eventually subside as I have been diagnosed with this since June, 2009. I was on prednisone, salazopyrin and mesalazine (salafalk) and they don't work. My research has taken me to websites like which I may try later this year if things dont work, but recently there are stories published in various clinical trials here in Australia and in the USA on helmith therapy. It involves worms, hookworms and after ingesting these worms, they are then regurgitated and then swallowed back down your throat into your stomach and they eventually reside in your colon. They then lay their larvae and these worms then eat away at your ulcers. There are reportedly very little side effects except for initial protein and iron deficiency, however, according to the clinical trials, it alleviates many of the issues that we are constantly facing each day. Do some reading into this as i am. However, the costs are outlandish as they have private research laboratories charging around $13,000 US (BIOCURE-its in Germany, Thailand and even in Mexico?) to have a band-aid put on your forearm infested with hookworms. These hookworms then burrow there way into your skin, causing some skin allergies and once circulated through your bloodstream, find there way to the target area. Then they carefully go about their business. It makes for interesting reading, maybe we should go back to having worms in our system, as our autoimmune disease here attacks our bodies, for our society has well and truly adapted to a disease free world.

hope this helps....


Auckland, New Zealand

#318 Jan 8, 2011
I have been on Azathioprine and Pentasa since mid 2008.They are generally working well for me but occasionaly I have to have a small dose of Prednisone to stop overactive colon. I had no side effects with the drugs except mouth ulcers which I think are part of the Colitis anyway. Whatever you do, do not stop taking Prednisone without your doctor's consent. I got down to 5mg tabs then left them in another town. My doctor was on holiday so I just decided it would be ok to just stop them. What a mistake. I had to go back on 20 mg tabs for nearly a year. Prednisone works wonders but messes up your Adrenal system. I pray for God's healing of all Colitis. God Bless you.
Natasha wrote:
Hi there,
I have had UC for the past 5 years - it was all under control until recently when I stopped responding to prednisolone - I am going to be put on azathioprine (imuran) does anyone have experience with this? and also has anyone been able to come off it after a while and stay in remission after?

Auckland, New Zealand

#319 Jan 8, 2011
This response was meant for Natasha. Somehow it got posted before hers.
Jakey Patwari

San Jose, CA

#320 Feb 1, 2011
We are conducting a new clinical research study for moderate to severe UC patients. Compound is not a biologic or immunologic agent. For more information, please visit CCFA website or

Kansas City, MO

#321 Feb 3, 2011
I have suffered ulcerative colitis for about 5 years or so now. I used ASACOL which helped but almost completely destroyed my kidneys. Only have about 50% of my kidney functions thanks to ASACOL. I then off and on was using steroids to control it which it would for a few months then right back to the norm again. I just could not take it anymore so I decided to look for something else to do that might help. I read an article one day about juicing and thought there is no way this will work. Well, almost a year later and I have not had 1 issue since I started. I bought a reasonably priced juicer about $150 and started juicing apples, carrots, spinach, grapes, pears, ginger root, any kind of berries(blue, straw etc.) I have never felt better and I am not the kind of person to push this on anyone but it is worth a shot for a reasonable price. Maybe it works for some and not for others and I am a lucky one and I still cannot believe it works and the juice doesn't taste that bad either. I started doing it 3 or 4 days a weeks and now I only do it once or twice.
It really has done wonders for me amazingly and no more medication. I just hope things stay this way in the future and I plan to upgrade to a better juicer in the near future. Just figured I would share that.

Since: Aug 10

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#322 Feb 23, 2011
YES! AloeElite is a miracle! My cousin was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis almost a year ago and the prescription meds she was on make her condition worse. If it wasn't for AloeElite, we would still be making emergency trips to the hospital and she would still live in misery. I'm a lifelong supporter of AloeElite after seeing it work for her. Please support them, they are great!!

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