Can this really cure Ulcerative Colitis?

Gunnison, CO

#234 Jan 25, 2010
I have had colitis for a few years now. I was put on Asacol which did not seem to help much. I have friend in holistic nutrition. He recommened starting each day with a fresh fruit smoothie with a scoop of whey protein and a tbsp of flax oil. It takes a few weeks to see the the effects but has worked great for me. The flax oil and whey combine and form a healing enzyme. I usually put in a fresh squeezed orange, a banana and some frozen berries of any kind.
Gary Bailey

Surbiton, UK

#235 Jan 29, 2010
Natasha wrote:
Hi there,
I have had UC for the past 5 years - it was all under control until recently when I stopped responding to prednisolone - I am going to be put on azathioprine (imuran) does anyone have experience with this? and also has anyone been able to come off it after a while and stay in remission after?
Hi Tash, ive had UC for 3 years now and have been on azathioprine for nearly a year and the doctors convinced me this was the one for wrong they were. Im in the process of coming of my long list of medication and going for the Aloite.


#236 Jan 30, 2010
i have the uc now for about 8 years, im living in holland , there is only one way to do it right, that is,,,take your medicine and this,
dont eat...
or any flower products
meat(exept chicken)
soya or soya products
any sort of biscuits
milk or any milk products
any sort of cheese

you do this and you wil see for you self
you ca only eat fish,fruit,vegtabels


#237 Jan 30, 2010
oh, i wanted to say, if you ara using azatioprine
(imuran),or prednison(prednisolon)try to talk to your docter to bild it of.

Toronto, Canada

#238 Feb 8, 2010
Hi Tinga,
Just wondering how your treatment was. I would appreciate if you let me know.

tinga wrote:
the centre for digestive diseases in australia treats IBD witha special probiotic and bacterial treatment from the colons of healthy people (wierd i know). It is a one of a kind which is why im flying there in Jan to have it in Sydney. I spoke to the gastroenterologists today about what it involves etc. and they have had an excellent success rate and it is not dangerous.
the website:
the contact details:
Level 1, 229 Great North Road
Five Dock NSW 2046
Telephone: 61 2 9713 4011
Fax: 61 2 9712 1675
Email: [email protected]
you just need a referral from a GP or a specialist. the initial consultation is $190 but $170 is covered by Medicare I imagine it is fully covered if you have a govt health care card but I don't actually know.
they also said they get quite a few people from the U.S


#240 Feb 13, 2010
Hey Guys----I've had some good years and some bad years. I've been on azulfidine entabs, asacol, prednisone, cortenama's,narcotic' (darvocet) for pain, acuptucture, enzyme and chinese herb treatment and it has come back with a vengance--I also have been a gluten free diet. Now I'm on probiotic's and amoxicellen (for root canal). My doctor wanted me on Remicade and I declined. I also have a very bad case of sleep apnea/insominia which I've been taking Ambien CR in the last week with CPAP machine ( which I dislike). anyone out there getting it from both direction.. Also taking reflux meds which can also cause Diaherra... Think my doctors want me dead.Also in recovery for 6 years, however feeling extremely challenged with it
You Can Guess

Gurgaon, India

#241 Feb 17, 2010
Specfic Carbohydrate Diet, Boswellia Supplement, Bael Fruit Supplement, Tumeric Poweder, Fish oil, and Olive Leaf Extract .......that will do the trick .....and yeah buy "Breaking the vicious cycle", "Listen to your Gut" and check out ....Best of Luck All of You .....and Wish you all a healthy life free from IBD

United States

#242 Feb 27, 2010
What worked for me was the diet I wrote about in The 10 Day Colitis Cure book. You can read 15% of it online at Smashwords. Or get it at Create Space or Amazon.

Hightstown, NJ

#243 Mar 1, 2010
Julia wrote:
Did anybody tried SCD diet, as it described in "Breaking the Visious Cycle"?
Yes, I am on the SCD and it works like a charm. Complete remission, medication free. Just one little goof tho, and poof, a flareup.

Barstow, CA

#244 Mar 2, 2010
My Mother has had problems with colitis but were able to find all natural products, at , which worked well.

Desert Hot Springs, CA

#245 Mar 2, 2010
try ! theres loads of helpful information and kits you can buy that naturally restore your bowel and immune system with no chemicals or side effects.

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#246 Mar 4, 2010
I know many people who have sufered from colitis for many years. After reading many of these posts I urge you to go to the following website: . It has been created by my homeopath who specializes in chronic diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Giardia and Ulcerative Colitis. She has found that by using homeopathy and herbs together there has been rapid healing - without the harsh side effects of many of the drug counterparts that are being offered.
I go to Paula, my homeopath, for my high blood pressure, but I have also used her products which are both affordable and extremely effective. I guess I am so passionate about this natural way of healing because I know it works!!!

Uruapan, Mexico

#247 Mar 4, 2010
I was diagnose with UC long time ago... I tried everything posible under the sun till I found It is true, it works. Now finally after years and years of struggle and loosing many girlfriends because of my problems I am back on track thanks to Paula and her products.
It is worthed take a look at her website and maybe even call her you won't regreat it.

Melbourne, Australia

#248 Mar 20, 2010
Hi all,

I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease 3 years ago (symptoms have been predominantly bloating, pain and constipation). I have been to hell and back over the past few years, trying to come to cope with this discomfort on a daily basis. I have tried so many different medications (both natural and conventional) and I've meditated, been hypnotised, tried every elimination diet that's ever been published, with no avail. In a week's time (Mon 29th March), I'm booked into to have the Human Probiotic Infusion therapy with Dr Borody in Sydney (there therapy will take about 4 days). The research that has been done here looks promising. I would like to share by experience with everybody. I would like to believe that this is the be continued!

Union, NJ

#249 Mar 24, 2010
Wow Candice I'm amazed at your outlook given how bad it got for you.
I want everyone here to know my story as well, if anything at the very least I would like to offer some hope. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for many years. When I was 19 my anxiety hit a horrendous peak that spurred on a bout of chronic ulcerative colitis. I couldn't keep any food in for a week, I laid in bed and didn't go anywhere as I couldn't even hold it in or tell when it was coming. I was constantly emptying myself, I had nothing left. I lost ten pounds in that one week. I was admitted to the hospital, treated for dehydration, and soon went for a colonoscopy. Results showed moderate to severe chronic UC throughout my entire colon. I went on one of the meds, 3 pills 3 times a day.
I also went to a psychologist and psychiatrist and began taking anxiety medication.
The anxiety medication combined with my wonderful psychologist have practically saved my life. Several months later I went off the colitis medication,(consult your doctor first before doing so), and now, 3 years later, I have NOT had ANY flare-up of my colitis. Absolutely no sign of it!
The doctors all said that the anxiety didn't cause the colitis, but it possibly just worsened it. My anxiety was very severe, so was the colitis when I had it. I am still seeing the same psychologist, and she helps me more than I could ever express in a forum!
To be honest, it took me years to finally try the anti-anxiety medication because I have always had a fear of meds, I do believe the pharmaceutical companies in this country have too much power and too little honest human compassion and interest. But once I finally tried the anxiety meds, coupled with the therapy (which I had been going to long before I took the meds also) really tremendously helped, and I wished I had done it sooner. I completely believe in living naturally, I try to eat organic, I eat whole wheat everything and brown rice, I don't eat anything with high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients, and I stay away from fast food. I didn't even take the pain meds I was prescribed after surgery (unrelated to colitis or anxiety).
But I've realized that sometimes you're problems reach beyond a certain point of no return: that you could keep suffering and struggling and drowning and living miserably, or you could allow yourself that boost back to normal that certain drugs offer.
Obviously my case is very unique, and I don't want to mislead or give fals hope to anyone. But just know that it has been overcome by someone at least. I'm sure not all of you have a severe anxiety disorder as I did, so obviously this might not be the path for you. But if you do have anxiety, make sure you're treating it because it could possibly aggravate your symptoms more. Good luck to you all, much love, hope and healing your way!

Springdale, AR

#250 Apr 1, 2010
Natalie, Please let us know.. I can not take this disease anymore.
I used to be a healthy guy. I still enjoy my life but I have so many limitations now...

Clio, MI

#251 Apr 4, 2010
Take Raw Cabbage juice. it will reduce the trips
Ulcerative Colitis

Hillsborough, NJ

#252 Apr 15, 2010
My father had Ulcerative Colitis since 1977. A few years ago, someone told him about Nature's Sunshine products ( ). My father bought different medicines from them, and he was surprised on how much better he was feeling, after he took them. He just had a Colonoscopy a few weeks ago. When the doctor discussed the results with my father, he told my father that there were no signs of Ulcerative Colitis. It's like it just disappeared. I would highly recommend Nature's Sunshine products to others, that have Ulcerative Colitis.
Tuana Birol


#253 Apr 21, 2010
I am 42 years old. I have a son of 10 years and I live in İstanbul, Turkey. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 8 years ago. It was very depressing psychologically to have this disease but also I felt my physical state was deteriorating. I had several relapses and none of the medication worked for me. Also the fact that I was vegetarian made things more difficult. I was tired and looking very unhealthy and I kept losing weight.By sheer coincidence-in 2007- I started doing a business as a distributor of food supplements. One of the products-especially- really intrigued me because it contained a natural ingredient called fucoidan, derived from seaweed. I have been researching and advising people to take this product ever since. Studies show that one of the effects of fucoidan is to cover the walls of the intestines, thus covering the scar tissue which causes the bleedings. Fucoidan is a miraculous substance. I strongly advise it. I have not had a relapse since many years and I feel healthy.If I can be of help with information and/or with obtaining the fucoidan, please get back to me at [email protected]
Wishing all the best and health,
Tuana Birol
Tuana Birol


#254 Apr 21, 2010
Hi, have you ever heard of fucoidan? It is derived from seaweed and is doing wonders in many areas of health. As for ulcerative colitis, fucoidan is believed to heal the scar tissue of the intestines and to make the flora of the intestines healthy again.

I have ulcerative colitis and I am vegetarian and I have not had a relapse since many years.

I use the gel form of fucoidan (from Agel) which is very effective.

In fact, this is how I came to learn of fucoidan, when I became involved in the business initially. The business apparently saved my life-it came to me at the right time- and I am much healthier!

If you would like more information, you can always contact me at [email protected]

Warm wishes,

Tuana Birol

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