Bactine will make you cry tears of joy
Si from UK

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#22 May 9, 2012
Jessie wrote:
ooops! sorry! it's rubbing alcohol.
I drink rubbing alcohol - mmmm tasty ;)

Waterloo, IA

#23 May 30, 2012
I came across something called h-balm. anyone tried it. there's one for controling and preventing cold sores. there's also one for the actual sore. I almost ordered it for my daughter but wasn't sure it was even real. for now she'll be happy to try the bactine trick. Check out h-balm and let me know what ya think.

Naples, FL

#24 Jul 28, 2012
Steve wrote:
I only tried this out of desperation (my local pharmacy was out of Abreva), but I am amazed. Why doesn't everyone know about this? Abreva has been effective at lessening the severity of my outbreaks, but Bactine seemed to completely stop the development of the sore immediately upon application.
I JUST SAW THIS POST. am running to the store for bactine right now. will let you know!
Big Dog

Saint Cloud, FL

#25 Jul 30, 2012
Wow, cant believe it actually worked. I read this after the cold sore came, but it dried it out instantly and it is on its way out already. Next time I feel that tingle ill try Bactine again and see how it works from the beginning. Thanks!!!!

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#26 Aug 28, 2012
Jessie wrote:
I have suffered from cold sores since i was a child. I usually get them every 3 months, like clockwork. Since i started taking 1000mg Lysine 3x daily and a B-Complex vitamin, they've become less recurrent. When I feel an outbreak coming on, I up the dosage to about every 3 hours.
I recently puchased Viroxyn. It was pretty pricey (about $40 for 3 small ampules). It was a miracle!!! You apply it at the first sign, 1 time and it stops those nasty bastards dead in it's tracks! The sore healed in about 2 days!
Imagine my surprise when I discovered the active ingredient was Benzalkonium .13%! Basically, it was Bactine!
Here's what you do:
1: mix 1 tsp Bactine & 1 tsp 90% alcohol
2: dip a couple of Q-tips in
3: massage gently, but firmly into the sore
4: relax!!! stress isn't gonna help you any!
i did this about 4x a day and the sore went from a red bump to a tiny scab within hours. Totally healed in 2.5 days! And in total it cost me about $6 instead of $40!
I'm sorry this post is so long, but I know what it's like to suffer from this embarassing ailment and felt I should share this discovery. Please try it. I hope you all have the same results I have. Good luck!
I just use Dermavir from
I've used it for a year now and i've never had any issues with it. I prefer natural remedies over harsh chemicals so it may not be for you.

East Orange, NJ

#27 Aug 31, 2012
forget the abreva there is something new which I have used its called LAB57 you can buy it on amazon..for both types of break outs

New York, NY

#28 Dec 28, 2012
I was super doubtful about this too...doesnt seem like a simple 6 dollar antiseptic would do much to my sore. I've used abreva before (didnt work, waste of money) and valtrex which worked but made me feel like total crap all day and is expensive and prescription. Ive had cold sores since i was 9 and they are sooo ugly and embarrassing to have.

Bought the bactine, sprayed it on a qtip and held it to my sore for a few seconds about 5-6 times a day. When I had the time I rubbed it in a little bit like the Viroxyn instructions say.

When I started, I had a red spot and one little blister forming but once I got the bactine on it, it stopped forming! My skin got red and warm and i could FEEL the cold sore virus trying to get through the skin, like literally fighting to get out.

I took 3000 mg of lysine every day, iced it at night for 20 minutes and used the bactine as many times a day as I could. Used different qtips cause i didnt want to risk spreading it around. A little rub action, not enough to break the skin but enough to make it red and tingle.

after a few days, the cold sore NEVER appeared. I had some dry flaky skin in the area (i get them above my lips, right under my nostrils) because of the antiseptic drying my skin. I also didnt moisturze there and used no lotion hoping to dry it out faster. it WORKED i couldnt beleive it there wasnt even a scar or anything.

NEver going back to any other product! go out and buy a bottle right now people you will never have to worry about a cold sore again!

i should note that I caught mine early on cause i was recovering from a cold and knew it was coming...dont know how well itd work on a full blown sore though but my results were just amazing on even a burgegoning sore with one or two little blisters and lots of redness.

Seabrook, TX

#29 Dec 29, 2012
Wish I would have heard about this sooner(would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of embarrassment.

I also wanted to put my seal of approval on the blistex moisturizing lip balm spf15. Went from a cold sore every 2-4 months, since i started using it this is my first cold sore in 8 months

Reno, NV

#30 Jan 2, 2013
Thank you so much for this post! I just got my first ever cold sore yesterday (sucks that it happened on New Year's, kind of a crappy way to start the year). I was a little panicked and unsure of what to do. I stumbled upon this post, and immediately went to buy some Bactine. Holy cow, it is working. I have been applying it about every two hours and taking l-lysine. Already I can see a difference. The cold sore is still there, but it has already decreased noticeably in size and appears to be healing. I was ready to spend whatever I had to yesterday to make this thing go away fast. Your post saved me a ton of money, and helped me find quick relief. Thank you so much

Hollywood, FL

#32 Mar 20, 2013
did the french study (varivax).. only worked 4mons... one touch $20.... Worked great... just found out Bactine is the same .. 30yrs of crap.... i want this nasty thing gone.. it might be what were looking for, waiting for the cure. good luck all

New Hyde Park, NY

#33 Mar 21, 2013
This stuff works so very well. Its best to use at the first sign of tingling so you wont get too much puss. You can get a small needle and poke a small hole and remove the puss without scaring. I notice it starts to puss up and heal within the first day of using this Bactine. On many occasions it wont even puss up at all if you use it at the fist sign of tingling. Not bad for a few bucks you can get rid of a cold sore in 1 day.

Hollywood, FL

#34 Mar 26, 2013
to find the french study...go to... efficacy of anti(hsv3) vaccine in hsv1 and hsv2.. has worked for some people... new stuff .. NB-001 is market ready... sitavir/oravig is fda approved.. other new treatment on the way. Bactines been used for coldsores since 1964, no one tells you..... hope this info helps someone......

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#35 May 19, 2013
I got a cold sore on my lip. Just put Bactine ointment on it. Will report results.

Portland, OR

#36 Jun 27, 2013
I have these nasty cold sores my entire 55 years of life! We always have used Abreva but that stuff is expensive and only marginally works for me. Tried Bactine this past week. It was two days ago and my cold sore is drying up and almost gone, instead of the usual two week cycle. I HIGHLY recommend this remedy!

Houston, TX

#37 Jul 23, 2013
I've been having these sores just below my nose amd chin for MONTHS now. Everything i've tried doesnt work, would bactine get rid of these sores?

Kailua, HI

#38 Jul 30, 2013
i tried using bactine and it did take the blisters away, but i think i overdid it. i didn't realize bactine will burn the skin and can cause serious damage to the skin. i applied it every 20 minutes for 4-5 hours because i wanted to obliterate it. it burned my lip so bad that now i'm dealing with a huge scab just from the chemical burn. i realized this stuff is no joke after i put it on a small pimple and it burned all the surrounding skin too just from one application. lesson learned this stuff does kill cold sores but it also kills your skin as well.
be careful and don't overdo it!
Hbalm user

Whitesboro, NY

#39 Dec 1, 2013
Hbalm does work..i have used it many times.but be careful with it..they have a hbalm daily you rub a drop of oil in soles of feet then put socks works good...then there is the extra streangth for actual sores or blisters..its very strong scented and drys it up fast...thens theres the extra extra streangth ..that is really strong ,better deluite it with like a little lemon oil or olive oil...and i have used deal is,for me it does all work...and it depends in the person.if u have sensitive skin ,be careful that stuff is strong..the hbalm extra extra will burn your skin..dry it up..u only need drops of this stuff on a qtip an apply directly to tingle area or sore..after u can use a little burts bee lemon balm cream or even aloe vera plant to heal the dry skin..i have to admit i was skeptical ..but i do use the stuff and almost every time if i feel a tingle and i use the extra right away no blister or sore comes..but if i do get one the hbalm does heal it much faster then normal...i also do combine taking b-12 and zinc almost daily after i valtrax when i feel the tingle start, 1,000mg first few days ...Anyways for the most part hbalm works very good never used bactine on blister or sores but on cuts and it drys it up fast...hope it helps..keep smiling ,i believe im thankful that its not worse..some people suffer alot more than others and my heart goes out to them..god bless
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#41 Dec 17, 2013
H balm does not work neither does lemon balm unfortunatly Ive been smelling like furniture polish all In vain

New York, NY

#42 Dec 28, 2013
what can i say...this stuff has saved me from walking around ashamed with a face full of sores since 2009 when i first discovered bactine for sores. miracle stuff. the medical companies are probably bugging out over this now that people found out that they can buy the same crap expensive crap for less than 10 bucks a bottle. i used to pay like 30 dollars for these two little vials...its like they must have known but decided to milkus for everything. makes you wonder what else theyre hiding from us lol. maybe pepto bismol gets rid of pimples or neosporin cures cancer. WHO THE HELL KNOWS

Auckland, New Zealand

#43 Mar 6, 2014
I've tried almost everything from L-Lysine, Indole-3-Carbinol, Butylated-Hydroxytoleune... Nothing seemed to work!

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