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#82 May 1, 2011
I just want it to disappear!

Chambersburg, PA

#83 May 4, 2011
I used to get cold sores so often, but then I started using Burt's Bees Chapstick everyday. Now, I get maybe one a year. When I do, it's bad!!! I try campho-phynique and abreva but they don't do too much for me. I used to melt ice on them but that doesn't work either. My lips are very sensitive, and I just got sun poison. My lips were so so sunburned they exploded with cold sores. Now, my lips look like Dolly Parton. They are sore, big, and I have finals. I keep hiding, but I can't forever. Ice doesn't seem to work. Will holding a warm wash cloth or tea bag work for pain and swelling?
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#84 May 14, 2011
Hi, Maybe it won't make you feel any better, but I also have a large cold sore above my upper lip. I tried applying a hot tea bag after reading some online advice, and now the sore has spread onto my lip itself and my lip has become something skin to a beak. Yes, it's embarrassing and awkward and painful, but I've tried ice in the past and it did nothing to reduce swelling. Maybe it's just that some of us are not fortunate enough to be able to reduce our sores and we just have to let them be. Just drink a lot of water, relax, try not to think about it. That's what I'm gonna try. At least know you are the only freaky lookin person in the world at this moment, and that in a week or two no one will remember that you had a cold sore.
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#85 May 20, 2011
i have a cold sore. it does not hurt or sting but my lip is completely swollen ....i've been using pharmaderm on it but it seems not to be working helping i need to get this down now


#86 Jun 1, 2011
i've only had 2 cold sores ever. this is my second. my lip has blown up 3 times the normal size. very pissed off. got it monday and now its friday. still swollen. big scab on it but doesnt hurt at all. got a doctors appointment 2morrow morning tipping he ll give me antibiotics.
the worst thing is i was a bit sick early last week and pushed my body pretty hard . thought i was just about right and then BANG my upper lip just balooned. so much for confidence when your lip is bloody ugly.
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#87 Jun 4, 2011
i'm 15 and i have a huge cold sore on my bottom left side of my lip . it's so swollen ! but only on half of my lip ? i've tried ice && heat & abreva buht the sore itself is drying out but the swelling is only getting worse ! i don't know what to do :( i'm desperate because my boyfriend really wants to see me but i am NOT going to see him looking all gross & contagiouss . these comments have helped , thanks !

Aurora, CO

#88 Jun 4, 2011
I had a horrible cold sore on my lip. Don't break your heads. This is going to sound too simple to be true but try CARMEX!! Carmex dried my cold sore and helped with the swelling. My cold sore was gone in 2 days . It's super hard to believe right? Try it!! You have nothing to lose, put a generous amount of the gel Carmex on your cold sore like if it was any other type of ointment. It works for me and my whole family. It could work for you too.
Cold Sore Remedies

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#89 Jun 29, 2011
Has anyone tried any natural remedies. I have read in an article at www.coldsoreremedieshq.com that using Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera can help. Any advice would be appreciated.

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#90 Jul 6, 2011
myname wrote:
Does anyone know if it is a good idea to go swimming and to take a sauna when one has currently a (pretty bad!) cold sore outbreak? Thanks!
Yes that is completely fine. It even dries out your cold sore and makes it heal a bit faster!

Niagara Falls, NY

#91 Jul 19, 2011
For everyone out there reading this, this is probably very rare but I had a rash on my mouth on sunday went to the clinic and he said it was a cold sore, prescribed me antivirals. I'd never had a cold sore before but after reading up it's clearly very contagious. By monday night my lip was 4x the normal size, blistered weeping itching and excruciatingly painful. Tuesday I went back and turns out I had an allergic reaction to mango skin! Mango is related to poison ivy and the oil on the plant that causes irritation is also found in and on the skin of a mango. I personally am already hyper sensitive to poison ivy and bug bites (couple ER trips as a child) so the mango I ate on friday caused the reaction.

Moral of the story: if you end up on antivirals and it's not working, go back in RIGHT AWAY! You may be having and allergic reaction to something you've put on near or in your mouth/face.

Silver Spring, MD

#92 Jul 31, 2011
I get cold sores a couple times a year. I'm 15, I dont really remember the first time I had one but they have gotten worse as the years go by. Here is what you SHOULD DO:
If you feel on coming put abreva on as fast as you can or denavir which is perscription.
Take the Valtrax pill which is also perscription(dont use denavir and valtrax one or the other)
Start taking 1000 to 2000 mg oof L-lysine pills which you can get at cvs as well as 500to 1000 mg of vitamin c pills.
drink 8 glasses of waterr a day get plenty of sleep and use a good chapstick on the rest of you lip and on the sore once it scaps.
ICE ICE ICE and occasional warm comprress for sweelling.
take 2 advils every 4 to 6 hours to reduce swelling as well.
once the coldsore and swelling is gone replace toothbrush and toothpaste. sounds like the most but do it if you want that shit off yourr lip.
also if you touch your lip WASH YOUR HANDS
I have poopped a blister with a pin and I dont think it helps if anything it makes it worse but you gotta do what you gottaa do
bleach never worked same as nail polish remover

Washington, PA

#93 Aug 9, 2011
I was so stressed out last week and never got enough sleep I felt a ulcer in the inside of my top lip then I tiny dot on the outside of my top lip I knew it was down hill from there.I went to walgreens abd used a one day treatment (waste of 12 bucks) after I used that I iced for a little then went to bad the next morning a wake up to a huge swollen lip!!!!!! It looked like someone punched in the face I have had this happened to me before but the swelling never lasted this long I've been getting cold sores for about three years they are the devil!! I can honestly say there is no cure but there are ways of healing I'm going to the doctors in the morning to get on medication I am sick of hiding out or covering my mouth when around other people or worrying when big events are coming up that a cold sore will appear why us? Why do we have to suffer??

Sugar Land, TX

#94 Aug 15, 2011
I'm glad I have found this site. I have been getting these stupid things since before I can remember and I always get the really bad ones. I have one right now and I look like Donald duck with this swollen lip lol. I have honestly laughed at some of these comments because I understand and have been there probably a million times over my lifetime and I'm only 25. Denavir is the best thing that has ever worked for me but Advil and ice have no affect on me. Good luck everyone just remember some people pay to have huge lips like us Haha!

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#96 Sep 3, 2011
I used TCP anti-infection liquid, I put some on my coldsore with a q-tip and it seemed to dry it up quickly. What was a huge, white blister last night is now just a scab on my lip.

Dallas, TX

#97 Oct 22, 2011
I have a cold sore and I haven't left my bed .Ice hurts tea bags Are a lil relief aloe works a lillte. I want to never get these again it seems like some of the ideas I tried just made it worst wtf. Fml

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#98 Oct 22, 2011
Cold Sore Remedies wrote:
Has anyone tried any natural remedies. I have read in an article at www.coldsoreremedieshq.com that using Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera can help. Any advice would be appreciated.

Aloe works well idk a out tea oil buy vitamin e oil made mine worst

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#99 Oct 22, 2011
I just recently stared getting cold sore frequently in the last two months I've had two. I notice thy they come right before menstrual.the two worst feelings in the world. It's day 3 and it's scabbed up I do t even recognize my own face. Havent left my bed . I finally landed my dream job and start in two days ahhhhhhhhhh what the hell am I going to do face still bumpy and nasty and I can't afford not to show up. Plz someone help me with a quick solution. Make up isn't gonna fix this one :(

New York, NY

#100 Nov 5, 2011
Hey, for the first time in my 22 years i got a cold soar smh! My boyfriend was sick and coughed in my face by accident and the next day i developed this THING on my lip i am so emabarresd i feel as though its ALL EYES ON ME and NOT for a good reason i have to go out tonight is there anything that i can use to ATLEAST stop the swelling? And or to make it just go away period within hours? PLEASE HELP
I feel it coming

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#101 Nov 14, 2011
If you want the best way to reduce the amount of time it takes to get rid of a cold sore. First their are different types and people have diffrent reactions to diffrent treatments one home remedy I use is if I feel one coming I put peroxide and clean the infected area also if you have any strong cold sore medicine like abreva or one you approve of apply that and let it stay on the cold sore for about 3-4 hours maybe a whole eight . If it still comes up I get a steril need and insert it in diffrent spots on the water like cold sore bump take a cutip and clean it so the liquid doesn't get on any other part of the lip then I get a pill with antibiotic inside and apply, this will start to reduce the swelling of the lip. I do both the cleaning w/peroxide and abreva then antibiotics steps over and over until my cold sore goes away in about 4-5 days and my cold sore are REALLY BAD and my lips swell 3x the actuall size. My homeaid remedy has always worked for me. I hope the same for you. ALSO TRY TO KEEP UP ON BRUSHING YOUR TEETH REGULARLY DAY AND NIGHT. FYI I'VE ONLY EXPERIENCE COLD SORES IF I HAVE NOT BEEN ON MY REGULAR BRUSHING PATTERNS MORNING EVENING AND NIGHTS. ALSO REMEMBER TO THROW OUT THE OLD TOOTH BRUSH AFTER BRUSHING WHILE YOU HAD YOU COLD SORE TO PREVENT REINFECTION AFTER YOUR COLD SORE ARE GONE. GOOD LUCK FIGHTING FUTURE COLD SORES

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#102 Nov 17, 2011
i have a huge cold sore on my bottom lip. I've iced it and it came to its big self overnight. I've missed 2 days of school cause I'm so embarrassed. I've used rubbing alcohol. doesn't work. i take a prescription called Alyclovir (sp?) and it doesn't work at all. I've tried popping it and abreva and it doesn't work. i am about to cry because of the escrutaiting pain. my main problem is just the swelling. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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