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Saint Louis, MO

#1 Feb 7, 2007
Just curious whats considered "normal" as far as swelling for a cold sore? My lip usually swells to about 3 times its normal size (on the side of the cold sore) and stays that way for about 3 days. Does anybody else experience this abnormal swelling?

Gold Coast, Australia

#2 Feb 8, 2007
just try icing it with ice, that helps a lot...puts the swelling dow2n
then when it blisters, poke it with a steralized needle,but dont let any of the white ooze shit get on any other part of ur lip, or it spreads. than just dry those parts u just popped with nail polish remover on a q-tip. they should dry, then by good. just apply neosporin for the next few days, and it should go away quickly.





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Cold Sore Freedom


#3 Feb 16, 2007
fatlip wrote:
Just curious whats considered "normal" as far as swelling for a cold sore? My lip usually swells to about 3 times its normal size (on the side of the cold sore) and stays that way for about 3 days. Does anybody else experience this abnormal swelling?
Please never pop a cold sore, that only makes them worse. Never use nail polish remover on cold sores. For swelling use a ice pack. Before applying the ice pack, put the Triple Omega 3-6-1, this contains Flax oil, Fish oil and Borage oil, on the cold sore and then apply the ice pack.

You don't want to put a ice pack directly on the cold sore, it could tear your cold sore and become very painful. Also, try the following method. It does work, I promise.

Buy Triple Omega 3-6-1, this contains Flax oil, Fish oil and Borage oil. Break one of these capsules, dab a little on your lips for cold sores, you will notice immediate relief. These three oils, give relief to the actual cold sore and promotes internal healing, while taking Lysine tablets to heal from the inside of the cold sore. Use this on chapped lips too. Save the remaining oil in a small cup, and use when needed.

Lysine, I take two 500 mg tablets at the first notice of stinging associated with the arrival of a cold sore.(Any cold sore sufferer knows that oncoming feeling of stinging associated with a cold sore). The same day, I take another 2 tablets of 500 mg Lysine and the following day, I will take another 2 tablets of 500 mg Lysine tablets.

By the third day, my cold sore is barley noticeable.

In all, I suffer very little with cold sores; I once suffered for, at times weeks. Now, the suffering of cold sores usually lasts from start to finish, two days.

And, I don’t feel like a volcano is on my lip, ready to explode. Try these, they absolutely work for me.





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Dartmouth, Canada

#4 Apr 12, 2007
fatlip wrote:
Just curious whats considered "normal" as far as swelling for a cold sore? My lip usually swells to about 3 times its normal size (on the side of the cold sore) and stays that way for about 3 days. Does anybody else experience this abnormal swelling?
yes, i do experience this degree of swelling...i am experiencing it right now, in fact, and i don't want to leave my house!!!! i don't know if it is normal...it certainly doesn't look or feel normal...





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that guy

Gibsonville, NC

#5 Jun 7, 2007
yea i just had it it lasted more than 3 days! today is the 5th but im sure it wouldve been way longer if i hadnt did what i did. my lip swoll up like 3 times its size i didnt even wanna leave the house i went to the doctor but all her game me was antibiotics and stuff to kil the infection but as far as the swelling he said to use a warm rag let it sit on the infected area for 5 min then use a ice pack on it. i used ice the 2nd day and it went down then it came back in the middle of the night. i know those blisters are annoying but the newest one that came was my relief. that huge amount of pus that makes up the swelling has to come out of that little blister.. maybe big one in your case but it mines it was small. and it was very very painful but it worked and right now im getting ready to go 2 work for the 1st time in a week beacuse i sweezed all that annoying pus out. take antibiotics to stop the infection because i belive the stuff inide is very contagious and can effect the rest of your mouth. for sumt reason it didnt spread on me so be very careful. anyway the heat will oipen you pores more and u might c a lil bit of pus on the top of the blister closest to the swelling. if u wipe it pus will come back. i dont wanna say exactly how but find a way to slowly manipulate that stuff out. at 1st it seemed like it was takin 4 ever then with a lot of warm water and patience and a lot of owww big clumps of pus and clear liquid came pouring out it was so nasty but it worked.





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Tenafly, NJ

#6 Jun 10, 2007
Does anyone know if it is a good idea to go swimming and to take a sauna when one has currently a (pretty bad!) cold sore outbreak? Thanks!





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Bloomington, IN

#7 Jan 18, 2008
fatlip wrote:
Just curious whats considered "normal" as far as swelling for a cold sore? My lip usually swells to about 3 times its normal size (on the side of the cold sore) and stays that way for about 3 days. Does anybody else experience this abnormal swelling?
yes......mine does that anywhere from 3-days up to a week...
its horrible...
your not alone..

Dorval, Canada

#8 Mar 28, 2008
i have one and its white my lips are all big i have no idea wat to do ahhhhhhhhhh

Mississauga, Canada

#9 Apr 14, 2008
i have a white cold sore on my lip stretching from the top to the bottom of the top lip my lip has sewelled up so much i feel like angelina Jolie :( please help me ! how do i bring the sewlling down?
Mary -

Langley, WA

#10 May 15, 2008
fatlip wrote:
Just curious whats considered "normal" as far as swelling for a cold sore? My lip usually swells to about 3 times its normal size (on the side of the cold sore) and stays that way for about 3 days. Does anybody else experience this abnormal swelling?
Got to get "Cold Sore 911" It REALLY works! Coldsore911.net It stops the pain immediately and dries it up completely. i always carry a bottle, if I catch it quick, the cold sore doesn't form at all!
Roza New York

Torun, Poland

#11 Aug 13, 2008
My upper lip swelled so much that I feel like a monster. I don't won't to go anywhere. I hate it!

Roseland, NJ

#12 Oct 8, 2008
My swelling is so bad. I don't understand why. I keep reading about ice packs, but it's not working for me. ANY other ideas out there?

Jacksonville, FL

#13 Oct 10, 2008
Ever since I was a little girl I have gotten cold sores. They are ugly and emberassing, but their really is not much you can do for them. In fact, on the day of my high school graduation my top lip broke out with a huge cold sore. I was so devastated that i stared in the mirror all morning picking at it and trying to make it appear smaller, and guess what? I made it worse.

The more you worry about your cold sore and pick at it, the worse it gets. a cold sore is a virus so although you may have very VERY strong urges through out the day to feel to see if by some miracle your lip has drastically gone down, don't. the MORE YOU PICK AT IT THE BIGGER IT GETS!!!!!!

When i feel one coming up i begin taking Lysine pills. very very cheap. they help the immune system and are specificly for the face and lips. If one does break out (which i have one now ) i take lots of lysine pills through out the day as well as vitamin C pills. I just iced it for 20 minutes but, of course, it is already back to it's full size.

I wish there were a overnight cure as many of you do as well, but there isn't. they do make perscription pills that help out alot but if your looking for miracle OTC meds and home remedies, you can give it up. I also use abreva but that doesn't dramatically speed up the healing process either.

So just leav it alone, try not to stress and don't hide out and make yourself miserable! chances are it looks worse in you eyes than anyone elses! plus, even if it's not right now, they do g away :)
Dig Dogger

Ipswich, MA

#14 Nov 15, 2008
Buy some Denavir.

Either get a prescription from your doctor or dentist, or buy it online without a prescription.

You will see a drastic reduction in swelling and the cold sore will be gone in 3-4 days. The earlier you apply the cream, the quicker it will disappear and the smaller it will be. You may be lucky and stop it from breaking out all together.

I always have a tube of this at my house. Its the best stuff available and its proven to work! No more ice packs, popping blisters and other unproven methods.

Buy some Denavir. You'll probably never need anything else!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#15 Nov 21, 2008
I have been getting cold sores since I was 17, and when I first got one i went to the doctor. He gave me a little bottle of some liquid that worked like magic! As soon as you put it on, it immediately shriveled up the blisters forming them into a little ball and then it went away. I have not been able to get this stuff from the doctor since. Does anyone else know what this stuff was?
It really worked on contact.





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vickey jones

United States

#16 Jan 4, 2009
cold sores are so painful yes I had to burst mind because it was so big and ugly but that wasn't a good idea just keep the ice pack on it and take the lysine I truly think that helps

Albuquerque, NM

#17 Feb 2, 2009
I have been getting cold sores since I was probably 5. My first one in kindergarden... I picked and picked at it, til it burst, bleeding for a half hour, in class...

I now figured out something to dry it out dramatically.

What I do, is use TEA TREE OIL!! My father told me about it. I take tea tree oil, put it on a q-tip, and apply it to my lip. It drys it out alot!! And helps cut down healing time. You dont need a prescription. Just go to walgreens and pick a bottle. It's pretty cheap, and you get a medium size bottle, that last years basically. I have had my bottle going on five or more years now... And it's still over half way full!

I use that until it dries up, while using abreva and taking lysine.

I currently have one very large and puffy on my upper lip, and am dying without my tea tree oil. Sending my fiance out to get me a bottle after he gets off work actually.

ALSO!! My mom takes lysine on a daily basis with her vitamines, and she actually hasn't had an outbreak in probably 3 years! I'm going to start this same thing.

Good luck, and I feel for all you, just as myself!

United States

#18 Feb 6, 2009
Okay, so I have my first cold sore at the moment.
It started out pretty small, only i seemed to be the one noticing the thing on my upper lip.
It popped up on Monday,then by Friday,today, it was pretty big, red, and just gross looking.
It was really sore. I tried to pop it but only a little bit of clear stuff comes out. The skin is pretty rough where the scab(blister, whatever) is.
It just sucks and I am so embarrassed to be around people and go to school with it. It just feels like thats what everyone is looking at when they talk to you!
I have tried nail polish remover, nothing. Rubbing alcohal, nothing. Aloe, nothing.
I'm only 14 and i'm not gonna go get in my car(Which i don't have) and go to walgreens to get stuff for this.
And I refuse to go to the doctor and get a perscription for this on my lip.
But i found that the only thing that makes my swelling go down is to put really hot water on a washcloth, then just hold it on the sore. Its much less painful then all of the other remedies, and its free.
If anyone has any home remedies besides the ones i mentiond please share!
For all of you who say there are no home remedies that work-i bet your just to scared to try them!
Dig Dogger

Ipswich, MA

#19 Feb 8, 2009

I'm sorry to hear that you have a cold sore. But as a 32 year old who's been getting these things since I was 10, I've tried MANY home remedies. Some have helped the swelling and some have helped the pain. I've popped them, applied different types of oils...ect. But as I stated before, Denavir is the best remedy out there. I dont know why you would be scared or embarrassed to go to your doctor. If you have denavir at your house, and you apply it at the instant you feel the tingling, your cold sore will either never break out or it will be minimized by a huge amount. The swelling and pain will be minimal and the entire duration will probably be 3-4 days max without the scabbing.
Now, you can mess around with all the home remedies that may or may not help, or you can get something that is proven to work. Its funny to me when I hear people dont want a prescription. People are desperate to minimize the duration of cold sores, but they wont try what really works.
If you really dont want to go to your doctor, you can order Denavir online without a prescription for $35.

But do what ever makes you feel good. If you'd rather mess around with home remedies only to have a week or two pass before your cold sore goes away....go for it. For me, I feel good when after 3 days, theres no signs of a cold sore.

Washington, DC

#21 Apr 15, 2009
Valtrex is by far the best. I picked up the herpes virus when i was 2 in daycare. i used to use zovirax but as i got older i became allergic to all cold sore ointments and would develop impetigo on top of having a massive cold sore. Valtrex shortens the lifespan of a cold sore and last time i had a cold sore and took valtrex it went away in 3 days. if you catch it early it clears cold sores away very quickly. but even if you catch it in the middle it will dry up and go away in 3-5 days.

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