Dig Dogger

Newburyport, MA

#1 Nov 15, 2008
Its great to have the all natural remedies as back ups, but do yourself a favor and get a prescription of Denavir. Ask your doctor or dentist to write you a prescription, you'll be glad you did. If you dont have health insurance, the cost will be higher, but after a quick search, I've seen it online (without prescription) for $40 or 3 tubes for $99!! Thats not a bad price and it might end up being the best money you ever spent. If you apply the cream during the "tingle" period, the cold sore is greatly minimized and often heals within 3 days. There have been times when I've caught it early enough and the cold sore is stopped before it breaks out. And other times it is completely gone within 3-4 days. And the other great thing is that it greatly minimizes the size of the cold sore. I would often get very large, painful cold sores. Not anymore, I would take a guess at saying that this stuff minimizes the size of cold sores and lip swelling by at least 70% or more if applied early enough and it cuts the "painful" duration down to 2 days and healed within 3-4 days with no scabbing left over. There will still be a small red spot for a day or two, but you wont get the big scab that stays on your mouth for a week. I am so glad that I found this stuff. I used to only use over the counter sh*t, which hardly helped at all.

If the cold sore does break out, I still take a day or 2 off of work because I'm embarrassed. But is much better than taking 1-2 weeks off like I did in the past.

Obviously, everyone's body reacts differently to different medications, so this stuff might work better or worse for you, but its definitely worth buying to test it out. Put an end to the 1-3 week cold sore bullsh*t!!!

Denavir or Zovirax are almost comparable.....I think the Denavir is a little better, but they both work very well.

Wethersfield, CT

#2 Dec 30, 2008
I'll second that.
I'm going to try Lysine on a regular basis also.
Dig Dogger

Newburyport, MA

#3 Feb 8, 2009
Well, I just got attacked again. I woke up Saturday morning with tingling on the upper and lower left side of my mouth. I instantly applied some Denavir, all day Saturday, all day today and although theres still some pain, I think that I will be going to work tomorrow. This could have been the worst cold sore I've ever had. I have tiny outbreaks on half of my mouth. But the Denavir completely squashed the swelling and kept this from getting out of control. I think that by tomorrow morning (11 hours), I'll be cleared up enough to go to work. I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to pass this off as chapped lips. I'm very embarrased when I get cold sores and I tend to stay home until its all cleared up, so by saying that I'll be going to work tomorrow means that the traces of a cold sore must be minimal.

As I said before, do yourself a favor and have your doctor or dentist prescribe this for you. You'll be happy that you listened to me....

Oak Forest, IL

#5 Aug 25, 2010
This does work I had a outbreak all around my mouth this cleared it up soon I have a date comeing up nd I got one today I'm applying it nd it looks like it's going away yay

Baton Rouge, LA

#6 Nov 1, 2011
my 10 year old has started getting cold sores on a reg basis and i'm wondering if this is safe. her dr did prescribe but i'm not sure if i should use it on such a young person.

Midway, GA

#7 Jun 11, 2012
i really hope yor right. i have a terible cold sore on my mouth and upperlip and i have some stuff i have planned for TNIGHT i just got the Denavir and really hope it starts working in time
Louis Alperstein

Forest Hills, NY

#8 Dec 28, 2012
I too find Denavir to be a fantastic treatment for my cold sores. I recently did some reading on Abreva, for which you don't need a prescription. About 1 1/2 days after the outbreak of my most recent coldsore (for which I had started Denavir) I picked up a tube of Abreva ($20 at CVS) and started using it along with the Denavir (as an experiment). Abreva is supposed to stop the virus from entering the cell and I wandered if you could use Abreva and Denavir together. It was the worst thing I could have done. Within hours (despite the fact that I was using both drugs together) my cold sore got dramatically worse. That area of my lip became swollen and fluid filled blisters appeared as in the "olden days" without any treatment for cold sores.. I immediately stopped the Abreva, washed it completely off my lip and went dack to using Denavir alone. As expected the Denavir worked beautifully. What caused that response is a complete mystery to me. Whether Abreva would Have worked well alone I just don't know.Obviously one cannot use them together.
Tony O

Flossmoor, IL

#9 Jan 29, 2013
I've used Denavir for a number of years, but yesterday morning I started to feel the tingle so I immediately started the treatment, trying to catch it early. I don't know what's happening here. First off, I get coldsores on both sides of my upper lip, but never at the same time, until yesterday. As I was treating my left side, I noticed the skin of my lip on the right side was becoming incredibly smooth (which for me is always a sign of an umcoming sore, even if there's no tingle). So I applied the cream to that side as well, and I've repeated this every two hours. I woke up today and these look like they're going to be the worst cold sores I've ever had. They're huge (about 50% larger than typical), painful and red, though they haven't started to blister, yet). I've applied more denavir but I'm concerned that it's not working at all this time. I have no idea what to do. I researched some home remedies like vanilla extract and tree oil, but I'm still skeptical that these would work better than the highly praised Denavir. I'm just in a corner now, unsure of what to do. I'm going to keep applying the Denavir, though.

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#10 Mar 12, 2013
Denavir or Zovirax helped me a bit but the best results I have gotten byu far were from www.viradux-coldsore.com

Give lots of things a try, you never know when you will find the right magic bullet.

p.s. it only costs $15 so it's way less then the the stuff you are trying.
Good luck

Chicago, IL

#11 Mar 23, 2013
Yep daughter wedding in a week & cold sore just poped,went to dentist & had it lasered & denavir script.will post outcome

Toledo, OH

#12 Apr 23, 2013
Did it work? I'm trying to decide if i want to spend the $230 on it
Good luck wrote:
Yep daughter wedding in a week & cold sore just poped,went to dentist & had it lasered & denavir script.will post outcome

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