Can I realistically lower my LDL with...

Can I realistically lower my LDL without drugs?

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Athens, OH

#1 Feb 12, 2008
I am 32 and recently found out that I have high cholesterol. I had total count of 280 and an LDL of 210. This came as a shock since I am in relatively good shape, not over weight and eat reasonably. As a result, the doctor prescribed Zocor and I have been taking it now for 6 months. The medicine is definately working, but after researching the side effects of the statin drugs I am seriously worried of their long term effects. Does anybody know if it is possible to reduce LDL from 210 to a lower number without the help of drugs? In other words has anyone else had success with diet/exercise resulting in a 100+ point ldl reduction? If so, any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

“Learning All about Cholesterol”

Since: Feb 08

Many places

#2 Feb 28, 2008
I known of a lot of people who have lowered their cholesterol by natural ways without medication.

I'd search the web to find natural ways to do it. Niacin, cinnamon, not smoking, daily exercise eating diets with lots of fresh vegetables and small portions of meat - no fatty fast foods and lay off the sugary soft drinks - that should do it.

Hang in there!
Best of luck...

Makati, Philippines

#3 Feb 28, 2008
Hi, Im also a person who are not totally believe in medication, 2 weeks ago my doctor prescribed me a drugs for lowering bad cholesterol level in my blood, FENOFIBRATE (LOFIBRA) is the generic name of the drug. What I do first is to research in the internet about possible side effects of this different kind of cholesterol drugs, and I found out that many possible side effects of these drugs. That's why I choose to try natural ways, like exercise, diet, and other possible ways to make my cholesterol level back to normal. I hope we will succeed! fr. erick (philippines)

Redmond, WA

#4 May 28, 2008
Psyllium husk--just lots of fiber. Use Super shots and cholestoff for the plant stanols. Stay away from any food that had a mother. It's high in fats you can't afford to take on. Lots of fruits and vegies. Watch the labels on packaging for any partially hydrogenized oils. Bad stuff! I lowered my total by 100 points with diet and exercise. By the way, exercise is what you need to increase your HDL. A good HDL will give you a better ratio. The ratio is what you need to be looking at. Total divided by HDL. Stay away from cheese. You will need to be dedicated to this! Good luck!

Medfield, MA

#5 May 29, 2008
How bad is low-fat cottage cheese for your LDL?

I eat a 1/4 cup before bed each night....

In 3 months I've lowered my LDL from 163 to 148

Since: Jun 08


#6 Jun 18, 2008
hello everyone,
I know that good oils like a 3-6-9 combo or fish oil supplement from your health food store, is great for lowering cholesterol. Also lecithin, a product made from soy, will bind to fats and help to push them out of your body.

Good luck with your diet and exercise regimes!

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Howell, NJ

#7 Jul 15, 2008

Watertown, CT

#8 Aug 6, 2008
Hello everyone! I just wanted to share on this topic. I also do not believe in medications unless absolutely necessary.

I recently found a company that just launched in Aug. They can run a test on your DNA and customize dietary suppltments based on your genes. I was very shocked when I got my test results back and found out that me genes that are responsible for the good and bad cholesterol carrier was deficient. My actually genes are genetically flawed.

On top of that, my genes that are responsible for getting rid of Toxins in my body were also flawed.
There are 12 areas of your genes (called SNP's) that they can test for deficiencies. Out of 12 I only had 4 areas that were functioning at optimum levels.

I was able to get this test done by signing as an Independent Affiliate ... they will be rolling out a website in the next week or so for just consumers.

I went to the GeneWiZe Life Sciences Event down in Orlando FL this past weekend ..... WOW ... was I blown away ... the 8 Scientist are truly remarkable and they have been working on this project for 12 years.

I received my customized, freshly formulated supplements about over a week ago ... and I am already starting to FEEL better.

No more one size fits all for me.... my supplements are made fresh every month for me based on by specific DNA needs.

you can get more information at

If anyone would like to talk to me more about my test results, please feel free to contact me.
Doctor Rotcod

Wellington, New Zealand

#9 Aug 16, 2008
Hi Folks!

Let's review what happens to the food you eat, how it is oxidized (metabolized), and how it is that high cholesterol represents nothing more than incompletely oxidized carbohydrates:

The main type of food your cells use to make energy is CARBOHYDRATES (grains, fruit and vegetables) which is all converted in the liver into a simple sugar called GLUCOSE. Glucose is broken down or oxidized in sequential reactions, each of which generates HYDROGEN atoms which are the energy-source of your cells to make ATP. ATP is the "gas" that comes from glucose that every cell in your body uses to release energy to perform whatever function that cell has to perform. Heart and muscle cells use ATP to contract, pancreas cells use ATP to make enzymes and the cells that line your intestines use ATP to absorb nutrients.

To oxidize hydrogen from the carbs you eat, you need HEAPS of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5 in your diet (but mostly B3 in the form of nicotinic acid...which is what is in red yeast rice, garlic and bran which all lower cholesterol). All of these vitamins are water soluble and extremely sensitive to heating, freezing, cooking, milling, pH-adjustment and microwaving.

With insufficient amounts of these vitamins, glucose is INCOMPLETELY OXIDIZED into various substances other than hydrogen such as: CHOLESTEROL, triglycerides, fat and metabolic acids such as ketone bodies and lactic acid.

Don't believe me? Go through my series of instructional videos on YouTube and all the science will be clearly explained, step by step. Don't be's free!

So, since B1, B2, B3, B5 and zinc, magnesium, manganese and chromium are all required nutrients to completely oxidize carbohydrates, I recommend Brewer's yeast as a supplement rather than just nicotinic acid alone (such as Niaspan). And no one with a basic understanding of how the energy mechanism of the cell works (electron transport chain) would ever prescribe or take a statin drug...these block CoQ10 and are biochemical POISONS -- unbelievable that they are on the market. Blocking CoQ10 is equivalent, at the cellular level, to cutting out your lungs on the macro-organ level (see my video...again, all explained in simple logic).

If you go through the eight short pages at , you'll find four simple supplements to take that will help to completely oxidize the food you eat...and when that happens, anyone's cholesterol should return to normal.

It's not rocket science...despite that the drug companies try to keep doctors and patients alike in the dark.


DoctoR RotcoD
Richard Scott


#10 Sep 12, 2008
You can lower your cholesterol by making changes to your diet. A few basic things like using margarine instead of butter, avoiding too much red meat helps. It also helps to reduce the total amount of fat in your diet.

Another drug-free way is to try products like Benecol. These contain natural Plant Sterols that can reduce cholesterol by up to 15%.

Read more from this article
Richard Scott


#11 Sep 12, 2008
You can lower your cholesterol by making changes to your diet. A few basic things like using margarine instead of butter, avoiding too much red meat helps. It also helps to reduce the total amount of fat in your diet.

Another drug-free way is to try products like Benecol. These contain natural Plant Sterols that can reduce cholesterol by up to 15%.

Read more from this article

Gilbert, AZ

#12 Oct 3, 2008
Your body produces all the cholesterol it needs, so any cholesterol consumed through dietary sources is excess. You can reduce the amount of excess LDL cholesterol by avoiding fatty meats and foods with high saturated fats.

The other side of the coin is to try to raise your hdl levels through exercise, consuming foods and food products containing sterols such as benecol, Promis Active Supershots, etc., replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats by using olive/canola oil. Foods like nuts (pistachios, almonds, etc.), avocados, and veggies help to lower ldl and raise hdl.

Good luck

Kailua, HI

#14 Feb 23, 2010
I lowered mine from 287 to 196, via diet and exercise. Giving up cheese (unless it was fat free) and eating oatmeal were critical. It took only 4 months for that change. No drugs.

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Murwillumbah NSW Australia

#15 Mar 4, 2010
Theo wrote:
I lowered mine from 287 to 196, via diet and exercise. Giving up cheese (unless it was fat free) and eating oatmeal were critical. It took only 4 months for that change. No drugs.
Great news Theo - this is precisely the right combination to lower cholesterol naturally: change your intake of fats, exercise, increase fibre. I'm not surprised you got such great results in such a short period of time. Congratulations!

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Mar 8, 2010
Let me recommend a natural substance to you to help cholesterol and arthritis. Antarctic Krill Oil. I purchased it from . Best prices, excellent quality. I have some arthritis in my right index finger I have had problems with for years. After a week on Krill Oil, it's gone. It supposedly reduces bad cholesterol by 36% and increases good by 43% vs. about 4% with fish oil. Give it a try. It certainly won't put you in a wheel chair the way Zetia was moving me toward.

If you have concerns about Zetia, see my posting in that forum on my experiences and what it took to get rid of the pain. Go natural is all I'll say...

Beltsville, MD

#18 Mar 24, 2010
I am using cholesterclear it's a dietary supplement and it lowered my cholesterol from 239 to 208 and raised my hdl to 80. Google it/

Boston, MA

#19 Aug 4, 2010
It is always best to lower cholesterol by natural means. You have to be committed to a lifestyle change of diet and exercise. There is a good article at that may help you.

United States

#20 Aug 7, 2010
Hey!! I am at the Shaklee convention and they just recently released a FDA Cholesterol Reduction Complex. More than 80 studies have shown that plant sterols and stanols can help lower your cholesterol NATURALLY!! Shaklee Cholesterol Reduction Complex contails these plant sterols and stanols which help to lower LDL cholesterol and may help reduce the risk of heart disease. At 2000 milligrams, the complex delivers 100% of plant sterols and stanols recommended by the National Institutes of Health's TLC program, a program designed to help lower LDL. You can contact me at for more information!! Would love to help you!

Jefferson City, MO

#21 Aug 15, 2010
im taking fenofibrate for high cholestoral and triclicerides can i take fish oil and garlic pills instead

Key Largo, FL

#23 Dec 15, 2010
I am so baffled; I have a good diet, exercise and still am having trouble lowering my LDL. This month, Dec., my chol was 234 (HDL 86, LDL 138, trig 48) and that is after taking fish oil for about 2 mths. In Oct. my chol was 233 (HDL 80, LDL 136) after 2 months of trying Niacin. In Aug. my chol was 223 (HDL 68, LDL 141). So, the Niacin did bring the LDL down a little after 2 months, then doc thought that wasn't enough effect so switched to fish oil and went up a bit (but still lower than Aug). Sooooo, I'm confused... should I go back to Niacin, not worry about the LDL since the HDL is so high and diet and exercise is good? I almost never eat red meat, very rarely any poultry and if so, turkey and enjoy fish like salmon and cod. I eat lots of fruits and veggies. I am baffled as to what to do about lowering my LDLs further.

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