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Baltimore, MD

#23 Nov 16, 2011
I started on a combination of Zetia and Crestor about 2003 because my total cholesteral was near 300 mg/dL. The 2 brought my level down and everything was OK until about 3 yrs ago. My Dr told me to stop the Crestor and I felt a lot better within a couple of weeks. My cholesterol levels have remained on the top side of high but acceptable. Now, within the past month I have started to feel bad again and can't attribute my fatigue and muscle aching to anything other than the Zetia. I stopped it about a week ago and feel some better. I did a blood draw yesterday. My Dr said not to panic, that there are newer medications with fewer potential side effects. I don't think I'll take either Crestor of Zetia again. I just don't like feeling lifeless.

Ruston, LA

#25 Apr 16, 2012
I have been having joint pain and stiffness, like arthritis, which is what I thought I had developed, since May 2011. I started taking 10 mg of Zetia daily some time before May 2011 after having side effects with Crestor. At the time I did not believe that Zetia was the cause of my joint pain because joint pain was not listed as a side effect of Zetia when I read the Zetia side effects at that time. Maybe I just did not go to the right web site. The joint pain in my left wrist continued to get worse, radiating into my left hand and left elbow, and in December 2011 my doctor, who had perscribed the Zetia, had tests run to try to determine the cause of my joint and pains. His tentative diagnosis was arthritis, which is what I already thought I had developed. I was also tested for carpal tunnel syndrome, and was told that I had a similar condition that was caused by some kind of repetitive damage to the nerves of my left write, hand, and elbow. I did not believe that diagnosis because I do not do any repetitive moition with my left arm, wrist, or hand. The pain continued to get worse, and began to spread to my right wirst, shoulders, and other joints. I had started taking several 1000 mg of flush free niacin daily in February which reduced the pain, but my worsening joint pain made no sense to me. About 4 days ago I decided to stop taking Zetia just in case it might be responsible for my joint pain. Already, after only 4 days, my joint pain and stiffness is much less. After searching the internet again this morning I found numerous sites where severe joint pain was stated as a Zetia side effect. How I missed this before I do not know. In any case, I will not take any more Zetia. I doubt I will ever take any other cholesterol pill after my experiences with Crestor and Zetia. I do not understand why my doctor did not take me off Zetia immediately when I came to him with severe joint pain.

Pensacola, FL

#26 Jan 10, 2013
Pepper wrote:
my husband was put on zetia three years ago. he is not the kind to complain, so i had to notice what was going on. he is having memory problems, itching, sweating, and shoulder pain. can we just stop it ourselves. thank you
Nancy I have exactly the same symptoms as you after being on Zetia for a few months. I have been hurting in my joints so my pain specialist injected my back but my thighs and calves are so painful I can hardly walk. I try putting pillows between my legs at night with no relief. As of tonight I am stopping this medication and hope this pain goes away. I have tried Lipitor, Crestor and now Zetia and they all cause problems but Zetia is the worst. I hope they come up with a solution for us because the risk increases with age.


#28 Mar 6, 2013
My 79 year old mother that is a dialysis patient has been on Zetia for a couple of years now and started experiencing pain in her legs to the point where she lost the strength in them and I took her to the emergency (Southwestern Medical Center/St. Paul in Dallas Texas)to see if they could find the cause after being there for about 6 hours they didn't do anything but prescribe her pain medicine. I am stopping Zetia today after I read this.
Terrie in Arizona

Sierra Vista, AZ

#29 Mar 12, 2013
Patients who are hypothyroid (take Synthroid or its generic versions) should not take Zetia. The manufacturer makes this very clear in it's literature for both drs and patients. But a young dr prescribed this to me and claimed it had no side effects. Two drs with whom I spoke said first: my good cholesterol is so high I shouldn't take any cholesterol medicine to begin with. Second: Zetia has been a disappointment and isn't very effective even with those who can tolerate it. And third, hypothyroid patients shouldn't use it under any circumstances. But it was prescribed to me although my hypthryoidism has been well documents in my medical record for years. I have the full range of listed side effects and I stopped taking it two weeks ago. I wonder how long the side effects will last. I have sleeping issues and muscle fatigue and mild pain in my legs as well as gastrointestional issues to boot! Are there any hypothyroid folks out there who can tell me how long it took them to get over the side effects?

Fort Collins, CO

#31 Apr 29, 2013
I couldn't take statins because of muscle spasms so my dr put me on Zetia. My spasms have gotten worse and all my joints all hurt. Hurts to get up and down. Can't sleep at night because of back pan. Just did a 9 Healthfair and got my blood results back. Not happy. My blood platelets have dropped real low. I found that, that is one of the severe reactions to the drug. I am really tired all the time, starting to have headaches more frequently and nausous and the diarrhea every other day. Numbness in my toes and legs. I quit taking it yesterday so im still having the same symptoms.

Since: Jan 12

Location hidden

#32 Aug 6, 2013
Tried two different statins, each made me sick with fever/chills/aching within 48 hours. My cholesterol has been running 220-226 with triglycerides on the rise at 350. Doc started me on zetia,
I took it for a few months, cholesterol dropped amazingly to 154 and triglycerides to 200. I was thrilled.....

But then the pains started. Shoulder joints pop and hurt down backsides of my arms to the elbows, calves started aching with tendons feeling very sore and tight, diarrhea each morning until I'm (literally) drained, and the coup de grace was my low back pain got so bad I could hardly walk due to a stabbing pain in my low back with every step. I took 200 mg of Ubiquinol COQ10, still got these symptoms.
Doc stopped the Zetia today, I'm so happy and hoping to feel better soon. If Zetia is what it takes to stay alive, just let me dieĀ— quality of life is important when we get old.
Pam- West Virgina

Oak Hill, WV

#33 Aug 12, 2013
I have been taking Zetia and have been having severe pain in my hips for several months. I quit taking it a week ago. Will this pain go away? I do get blood work every 3 months and so far everything as been ok. After reading all these posts I'm going to go this Thursday to get blood work and praying I have no problems with my kidneys or liver. It's just so upsetting that doctors put you on these statins and know how dangerous they are. I've also been nauseated all week and I'm sure it's from the pain. I sure pay I don have Rhabdomyolysis. Had not heard of this until I started looking up about the statins. Sure glad I found this site.
Leg Pain - Rhabdomyolysis wrote:
If you experience joint pain, pain in the calves of your legs or other muscle pain you are developing Rhabdomyolysis - toxic poisoning to your muscle tissue due to the intake of Statins. It is very dangerous in the latter stages and fatal due to Kidney failure, release of excess potassium from the muscle into the bloodstream which can cause a fatal heart rhythm and excess bleeding due to changes in the blood's ability to form a clot.
I took one Zocor and the next day I could not walk. Two years later, I let an alternate doctor talk me into taking Zetia. After two weeks I am now unable to walk due to the muscles in my calves being damages. A visit to the ER convinced me. They told me not to take Statins. Some of us are just plain allergic to it and cannot tolerate the smallest amount in our bodies.
If you have that kind of pain after being prescribed Statin and the doctor does not give you a blood test to see if you have Ryabdomyolysis you should change doctors or go to the ER where they will give you the blood test. And, stop taking the Statin - this can't hurt you but Ryadomyolysis can be fatal.
Don't risk your life because a doctor says Statin is not harmful to you. Without the blood test, he hasn't the faintest idea if it is harmful to you or maybe he does.
Remember that pharmaceuticals and doctors have have lowered the cholesterol standard by 30 points so that they can prescribe more Statins and make more money than they already do. Heaven knows they make enough money already.
In closing, be careful with Statins and make sure your symptoms are not due to Statin intake.
Pam- West Virgina

Oak Hill, WV

#34 Aug 12, 2013
Well, I am almost certain the pain in my hips is from the Zetia and I will be getting blood work this Thursday. Is there a test they do to show if your muscles are damaged? Praying my kidneys and liver are ok but the pain pills will not even ease the pain. It's not in my calves, just in my hips.

Poolesville, MD

#35 Sep 4, 2013
Started with Vytorin and quit after a couple months due to severe lower leg cramps and skin rash on ankles. A year or so later started Zetia with no side initial affects. However, after six or more years, I have been experiencing side affects.

Overall muscle atrophy, tightness in leg calves with internal muscle spasms. Loss of body strength feeling like 77 at 57 years old in the last two to three years. Increasing foot pain when doing minor physical activity. Neck and shoulder pain and left hip pain or lower back. Not able to exercise like I used to running three miles four times a week.

Stopped taking Zetia three months ago by self decision. I am a new person with muscle strength, and the muscle pain and soreness is at an all time low level. No foot pain, no tightness in calves, minor neck pain. Running three miles four times a week with other exercises.

Also, three plus years ago diagnosed with hypothyroidism, very low vitamin D3 level and low testosterone. I had read that low cholesterol effects the production of hormones and D3 in the body. The Zetia is very effective in lowering cholesterol, which may have brought on these mentioned issues. We need cholesterol to function.

It is my belief that the Zetia is very bad for the human body and can cause a whole host of problems that make you feel older than you are. Within one month off of the Zetia, I noticed improvements, so I feel I do not have permanent damage to my muscles. I will manage my cholesterol by myself and not use a pill as a crutch, taking responsibility for myself.


Memphis, TN

#36 Nov 12, 2013
I have been on zetia for two weeks and I keep thinking that I am coming down with the flu, in spite of my flu shot! I ache all over, especially in my back, both low and between my shoulders. The worst problem is my hips! I woke up this morning unable to stand on my right hip, the one I had been sleeping on. I already have lots of arthritis, so I thought that it was the weather or something. I am on a very low dose of prednisone, and even so I am really suffering. Do you think that it could be the Zetia? I am almost certain of it.

Greensburg, PA

#37 Apr 14, 2014
I have been taking Zetia for one month. I am now having right upper abdominal pain like gall bladder colic. I had my gall bladder removed over 2 years ago. I did have post cholecystectomy pain for over a year but it went away. After being on Zetia it has returned!! Also back pain has worsened a lot.Wondering if any of you all have had similar experience. I cannot take stations so trying Zetia.
Pam West Virginia

Oak Hill, WV

#38 Apr 14, 2014
I did go off the Zetia and can not believe how much better I feel. No pain in my hips, calves or legs. I'm walking 3 miles a day which I was not able to do before. My cholesterol is 141. I am taking 2 Omega fish oil pills a day which the heart doctor told me to do when I had my stress test. He said it would help the cholesterol and it has. I feel 100 percent better and hopefully will never take any statins again. I know now that was causing all of my aches and pains.

Chennai, India

#39 Sep 26, 2014
Zetia is used to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. Ezetimibe is its generic name. It is also sold under another brand name, Ezetrol, in the market. It is manufactured by Schering- Plough Corporation after it was approved by the FDA on October 25, 2002.

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