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Ask Dr. Gott

There are 551 comments on the Ukiah Daily Journal story from Sep 19, 2006, titled Ask Dr. Gott. In it, Ukiah Daily Journal reports that:

DEAR DR. GOTT: Are there any drugs other than the statin drugs that I can take for high cholesterol? I have tried Zocor and Lipitor, both of which caused great muscle pain.

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#246 Sep 29, 2007
Philip Maciel wrote:
Three weeks ago I lost my taste, everything I eat has a very salty taste, my saliva is salty. When I drink water it is as if I am drinking ocean water. Food has no taste and when I drink a soft drink it is as if I was drinking Alka-Seltser. I went to my Dr. and he is stumped. Any thoughts. I take several medications and have been for several years, nothing has changed. High blood presure, cholasteral and a water pill.
Did your salty taste eevr go away?


#247 Sep 29, 2007
did your salty taste ever go away? I've had the same problem for 5 weeks and no doctor can help me. I'm starting to get depressed.

Akron, OH

#248 Sep 30, 2007
Did anyone answer this? I also wonder what the remedy is as I also lost the article.

Covina, CA

#249 Oct 5, 2007
Dear Dr. Gott:

We read your comments every day. I have a question: What causes unusual sweats at any time of day or night? I am 67 years old, Diebetic (not over weight) and have no aniexties prior to these episodes. These episodes do not have hot flashes prior to the sweats.


Rudolf Kraus
San Dimas, CA
Ralph Lee

Vacaville, CA

#250 Oct 6, 2007
I sent a letter with two dollar bills about two or three weeks ago to get the info of the foods that I can take the place of my Zocor. I'm wondering if my letter might not have reached you(because of my putting two dollar bills instead of a check). If you haven't received it, I'll send a money order. I've been on Zocor for quite a few years and I'm suffering from muscle pain and loss of short term memory. I'M DESPERATE!!
todd Wilman


#251 Oct 7, 2007
Is there anything to prevent kidney Stones? I have had multple surgeries and Lithotrypsys and have been unsuccessful. I've taken the pills prescribed with no luck. To date i've passed 3308 stones. I had 131 removed surgically and within two weeks the kidney was full of stones as if nothing was done. I've had multple tests regarding the possible cause, no luck. It has been 6 years since i've slept in a bed due to laying flat puts me in the E.R. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


#252 Oct 10, 2007
I had a breast roemove in 1982..cancer..came back in the chest wall in 1995...Last year my Doctor put me on a rash..changed it to something else..out of the blue I got the worst pain I have ever the area of the breast removal into the arm pit and shoulder blade..had ever test you can think of. I quit work because of this horrible pain..Few months ago I went to a sports Doctor and have been doing excrises on the arm and it was working fine..until this am..Horrible pain again..Like I am buring alive..nothing to do but scream and take 2 tylenol, which seems to help..I can't take much more of this pain..I do not want to take pain pills..Please help
Regina Hill

Rock Creek, OH

#253 Oct 15, 2007
What was the item suggested for splitting and peeling fingernails? Hoof & ???
Donna M

Charlotte, NC

#254 Oct 16, 2007
My 15 yo daughter has a planters wart on her heel. She is very athletic so is constantly running, jumping etc. My Mom thought that you had mentioned using Vicks vapor rub to treat. What is the regimen? Also I have read something about duct tape? Please respond.
Mark S Matewan WV


#255 Oct 20, 2007
I just read you article about symptoms of Parkinsons. You mentioned several things that could cause these, however I would also suggest that low blood sugar can also cause the trembles commonly associated with Parkinsons...
My physician sent me to a neurologist for all the necessary tests to determine if perhaps I had the on set of Parkinsons. After all the tests came back negative, my Dr. began a series of tests to determine what was causing the tremors. Finally after being tested for diabetes, it was determined that this was one of the warning signs my body gave me to indicate low blood sugar...I have since gotten control of my blood sugar through diet and the tremors have disappeared except when I allow my blood sugar to get low.
Your comment please. Is this common with people who suffer from or is unaware of diabetes ?
Mark S Matewan WV


#256 Oct 20, 2007
After reading your article in regards to Parkinsons, I have found that when my body has low blood sugar, associated with diabetes, my muscles also have tremors, much like those associated with Parkinsons...
After my Dr. found this problem and have been through the full compliment of tests by a neurologist. Your thoughts. Have of does the body react in such a manner or would it be entirely up to how the body reacts to diabetes ?
Janet Shifflett

Staunton, VA

#257 Oct 23, 2007
I have been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, and was on Imuran for well over a year. My toes began having severe non-healing painful lesions from minor injuries, accompanied by lethargy. This was ongoing for over 9 months. I had nerve studies, MRA, arteriograms, etc. The dermatologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, and cardiologists could not help.
Finally, my PA contacted the drug company who said, "Yeah, Imuaran will do that."
I stopped the Imuran immediately; started feeling better and the toes healed!
I thought your readers might need to know..NONE of the MANY doctors I saw were aware!!


#258 Oct 25, 2007
I just read about a lady who was taking " lisinopril", and she developed bronchial problems.
does anyone know of that article?.i am taking lisinopril and they just upped my dose to 40mgs. daily and being asthmatic to begin with, need to show this to my dr. as its getting worse.
Duane Graveline MD MPH

Ocala, FL

#259 Oct 29, 2007
Dr. Gott I can not help but notice that many of your questions from readers have to do with statin drugs and their side effects. I have been studying this subject now for seven years since my own amnesia reactions to Lipitor. Look over my website at with its forum and information based on case reports from over 5,000 statin victims and let me know how I can best help you with your statin queries. Duane

United States

#260 Oct 30, 2007
Awhile back there was an article about non-Parkinson's tremors. The gentleman started taking something that greatly reduced his shaking hands but I can't remember what it was. Does anyone know? HELP!
Amber Hall


#261 Nov 4, 2007
Need help understanding what I have.Term used by specialist Lupus clogulation having to do with my blood in clotting.What happens now.I have no insurance and have been told it puts me in a high risk if I plan on getting pregant .Also was the cause of my 2 miscarriages .But I was not told what I need to do ,what signs to look for.What do you know about this .You are very smart I read you every day and you answers are easy to under stand.Please help I am only 26 yrs old.
Joe Siegert


#262 Nov 5, 2007
Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing a very nasty salty taste in my mouth that I cannot get rid of. I have read hundreds of blogs and have tested most of the "cures". I am not dehydrated, I did not have a CVA or TIA's, I am 33 years old, Very healthy, no medications, no allergies, no headaches, no migranes, havent taken anything over the counter PRN at all. Water has the salty taste, everything I orally intake. I do not have low iron, or sinus problems. No cancers no heart problems. I did have one problem a few years ago Guillan Barre, but have had no reaccurences whatsoever. This has made me lose weight due to the fact that EVERYTHING i eat tastes terrible. We can go to the moon, but not Diagnos the underlying problem of salty taste in the mouth? Please help. I can not do this any longer.

Amarillo, TX

#263 Nov 11, 2007
My husband had shoulder surgery several years ago & had no movement in his thumb, same reason given. It took a year for him to get the movement back, but it DID come back. Don't worry about it and don't consult an attorney.
sally jane wrote:
My husband had major surgery in Sept. He has had numb pinkies since -doctor attributes to way his arms were positioned on operating table. Any treatment he can do to help hasten recovering feeling in hands,?(Had prostate removed)
Thank you!

Amarillo, TX

#264 Nov 11, 2007
Actually, you can die from drinking too much water.
Michael McDowell wrote:
You should drink 8 to 10, 8 oz glasses a day.
Most people don't drink that much water per day.
Water is also good for you.
I never heard of drinking too much water.
<quoted text>

Liberty Lake, WA

#265 Nov 12, 2007
Mary Elizabeth wrote:
I read where Dr Gott recommened Certo & Grape juice for joint arthritis..but do not recall in what amount these should be taken If anyone knows please e-mail me [email protected] Thank you.
I can't recall if it's a teaspoon or tablespoon.I did in between. I did definatly feel less pain from arthritis in my back. However, got to thinking about other ingredients in pectin liquid.
Turns out it has sodium benzoate. Many google articles about it being cancer causing. I'm looking at other ways to get pectin in food form and or organic pectin products.

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