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Ensenada, Mexico

#190 Nov 28, 2011
Well......All of the above. I have gained 25 pounds, and I am guilty of not working out and eating processed GF foods. Nevertheless, I don't over eat. I know my metabolism is slow, my thyroid, although it is in the low "normal" range, I have low thyroid symptoms. Boby temp of 96 most of the time in the a.m. Low 97 temp during day. and thinning eyebrows the last half has disappeared and they use to be thick and more. But because the thyroid falls just inside normal, all the other symptoms are ignored by the doctor. Thyroid problems are linked so many times to Celiacs, so I just wish the doctors would be more proactive in treating the symptoms NOT the statistics.

United States

#191 Dec 3, 2011
The weight gain tells me that I am healing. I am not completely healed yet so I may gain more weight as I become more serious about my diet. I am going to the vitamin cottage tomorrow to talk to a nutritionist about raising my metabolism. I am accustomed to eating a lot because when I was ill I ate every four hours so I would not faint because I did not absorb nutrients and calories. My body still craves the 4000 calories, or more I consumed daily when I weighed 115 lbs. Most of those calories were in Starbucks coffee form. I have to stop taking in treats to replace my gluten, exercise more, and raise my metabolism. I would strongly suggest finding herbs, foods and a life style that will raise metabolism.

West Haven, CT

#192 Dec 5, 2011
Emma wrote:
Has anyone gained weight from cd as all medical reference i have read says you lose weight. With me this has not been the case my weight fluctuates quite bad. Even though i hardly eat and take regular exercise I dont seem to be able to lose weight.I have been following a cd diet now for the past nine months. I have not lost any weight i have gained it also my symptoms dont really seemed to have improved. Its so frustrating i have had my thyroid checked and that seems to be fine. Another thing is my body seems to reject iron supplements i have had to stop taking them as i come out in massive bruises. Has anybody had similar problems.
Hi Emma, just coming across this and I know it's a few years later but I hope you see it. I am going for testing soon, new GI Dr is pretty sure I have CD(also anemic, hypothyroid, etc). I have always been on the anemic side, even as a kid, but can't take iron pills either. This past year I started taking something called Floradix (it is a drinkable form of iron with Vit B's) on the suggestion of my naturopath and it is finally helping. First thing in over 30 years to help my ferritin levels with no GI distress.

Bromsgrove, UK

#193 Jan 6, 2012
Oh god I thought I would come on here and find the answers, I have been diagnosed since Feb 2012 and since going gluten free I have gained 3 stone in weight.I am so depressed I have never in my life been this heavy, so I started slimming world with lots of healthy food ect. Oh no every week while others were celebrating there losses I got on the scales I was heavier. So fed up at one point I thought about giving up the GF diet. When will this end !!!!!!

United States

#194 Jan 6, 2012
As everyone else has commented, I too a former skinny size 6 (at 6 ft tall) started to gain weight before dx of celiac. At a rate of 5 pounds per week, I was 50 lbs heavier when I finally got dx of celiac. That was in Nov 2008. This is my theory, with my limited medical knowledge (in grad school to become a nurse practitioner). The body sees any form of insult, whether it be gluten or artificial sweetners, flavors, preservatives...as toxic waste. People who normally can handle MSG, wierd additives can usually handle gluten and are not celiac. The small intestine is where this auto immune disease attacks and after years of fighting itself over gluten it cannot take any more insults and will either purge (waste out) or store...first, toxins go through the liver to be detoxified and then if the liver gets overloaded (you eat gluten, breathe in flour, use shampoo that has wheat germ in it, eat a piece of store bought lettuce because they use modified food starch to preserve it) the liver starts dumping toxins into our fat cells. Where does excess sugar go if the liver can't store it for cellular use? Fat cells. Where does excess calories go when the liver can't turn it into energy for our body to use? It turns it into fat and stores it. Ever notice how when you wpork out at a slow pace past 20 minutes you feel ill? The fat cells become active in dumping into our bloodstream what we need for energy and what is in that fat? Toxic waste. So this is what you all need to do and it isn't easy. Work out three times a day in the beginning only up to 20 minutes doing weight lifting for part, cardio, and stretching floor type exercizes. Then really sit down and look thru your cupboards and throw away anything containing modified food starch (made from wheat) MSG, and other preservative foods. Shop once a week for fresh vegetables and eat them raw. Limit cooked food, eat raw nuts, dried and fresh fruit (no corn syrup) teas, etc... Stock up on lara bars they are great frozen and throw em in your car. Greek yogurt is also great. Stay away from prepackaged foods as much as possiblle and look for hidden ways of contamination. If my family cooks a regular pizza in our oven in the house I will gain weight. Anyway, if any of you would like to email me directly for info on my research please feel free. I am in school and busy but promise to reply as soon as I can... In the meantime buy some beautiful new clothes and enjoy your health because the weight is not everything!

United States

#195 Jan 6, 2012
My email is [email protected]

Dunlop, Australia

#196 Jan 9, 2012
I am thirteen and was diagnosed with coeliac disease at birth. i have also had trouble with my weight. My GP told me mainly to make sure to drink plenty of water, stay on the gluten-free diet and also to make sure to do plenty of regular exercise. I am now the average weight and am happy.
also it might help to get you blood sugar checked.
hope this helped :)

South Casco, ME

#197 Jan 27, 2012
I just want to thank everyone. I was diagnosed about 5 months ago, until about 1 month ago I was still losing on average 1/2 to 1 pound a week, all of a sudden I'm gaining 1 pound a week, I know I had lost a ton of weight, but gaining a pound a week is going to totally send me over the edge. I'm not a big eater and a very healthy eater so this is very frustrating. I know that all the GF breads and treats are very high in calories so I keep my carbs to a minimum, so I really couldn't understand what was going on, but after reading all of your posts, I guess it's all part of the disease, a part which my doctor forgot to mention to me

Rockford, IL

#198 Mar 8, 2012
wow glad i found this site , I to have gained wieght have had cd for 3 years and have gained a total of fifty five pounds i am also been on predisone which is a steriod for 3 years as well for other auto immune diseases ,i can not lose a pound i jazzersise five days a week and i have walked 35 miles in a week to find i didnt lose a pound and i ate healthy fruits vegtables ,fish anyway ate very healthy not one pound last two weeks gained ten more pounds what is going on . iam going to mayo clinic in april i will be seeing a dietician for this issue so i will repost what i found out when i return and hopefully i will have some anwsers.

Dunstable, UK

#199 Mar 15, 2012
I thought I am going mad. Can't fit in any of my jeans. I have been diagnosed id October and since then I have gained 7kg ( not sure how much ponds is that- but it is equivalent to 7 bags of sugar). Previous to my diagnosis I have sufered last 20 years with burping, stomack bloating and being sick 4 out of 7 days a week ( in the evening I would visit the toilet and empty my stomac with undigested food - horible).
Since going gluten free I have not been sick at all, and as a result I have gained weight. I do excersise 4 times a week and eat really healthy.
What to do?
Fred Bauer

Brookville, IN

#200 Mar 17, 2012
I thought the book: Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It (Vintage) by Gary Taubes (Paperback - Dec 27, 2011) was very interesting. He argues that cutting calories and exercise are not effective for weight loss but cutting carbohydrates is. I'm thinking about trying the low carb diet now.

Arvin, CA

#201 Apr 18, 2012
been diagnosed since november of 2011, dr's have no clue of weight gain, trying juicing, for dinner only, no alcohol, and if that doesnt work, going santa barbara, i've been working out & eating well for 18 years, cheat on weekends occasionally, cant deal with this weight gain, desperate, anyone familiar?
Margaret Bowers


#202 May 15, 2012
Been on gluten free diet for 2 years have put on 2 stone and hate it used to do a lot of jogging to keep weight down but it doesnt work any more, really dont eat a lot why does this happen,saw doctor recently and he was happy i had gained weight im not happy at all.
Lisa Johnson

Conroe, TX

#203 Sep 3, 2012
Emma wrote:
Has anyone gained weight from cd as all medical reference i have read says you lose weight. With me this has not been the case my weight fluctuates quite bad. Even though i hardly eat and take regular exercise I dont seem to be able to lose weight.I have been following a cd diet now for the past nine months. I have not lost any weight i have gained it also my symptoms dont really seemed to have improved. Its so frustrating i have had my thyroid checked and that seems to be fine. Another thing is my body seems to reject iron supplements i have had to stop taking them as i come out in massive bruises. Has anybody had similar problems.
I had the same problem until I rechecked the 'Forbidden Foods' on celiac.com . There are a slew of 'food additives' that are derived from wheat such as Tocopherol which is a form of vitamin E. I scoured everything in my home once again to find this is the actual vitamin E which I had been taking, was in the Fish oil that I was taking, and is found in all sorts of toiletries such as shampoo, conditioners, lipsticks, mascara, lotions,,,, you name it. Apparently those who are severe celiacs are the ones who are sensitive. Without eliminating these from your life you will continue to gain the belly weight and feel off, just not quite right. There is also a connection to celiac disease and an interruption with teeth enamel in utero...see any spots on your teeth? and the interruption of the function of the 'Sphinctor of Oddi' which is a valve that regulates the flow of bile. If the flow is interrupted it can cause trouble with your gall bladder and pancreas. Not something you want to mess around with. My mother had her gall bladder removed at age 35 and then her pancreas removed at age 45- the medical world knew nothing about celiac disease 40 yrs ago! She passed away the next day. Need I say more? this celiac disease is serious and we all need to get a grip on it!!

Coal City, IL

#204 Sep 13, 2012
i to have cd ive gained fifty pounds in the last couple years i have gone to a dietician at mayo clinic . i tracked the foods i ate and recorded them before going . to my surprise my daily calorie intake was 600 to 800 caleries a day she told me i was starving my body a person who sits and does nothing all day needs at least 1200 caleries, so she said my body does nothing but store ,i didnt relize my calorie intake until writing and tracking my foods beiing celiac I just ate alot of salads and fruits and vegtables hhealthy foods dont feel like cooking gluten free foods for myself. i have always exersised four days a week also. she told me to go on a 1400 calerie diet which i track it on loseit.com great site. it took a while for my body to adjust to 1400 caleries since april 2012 this month i am finally losing wieght nine pounds and counting. i think im finally going to lose the weight . so my advice is to count your calories see what you have been consuming you to may be starving your body just wanted to let you all know my story hope it helps good luck to all.

Brooklyn, NY

#208 Jun 8, 2013
I have been cd for the past 7 years. Never in my life did I have a weight problem until suddenly. I've gained 25lbs. My doctors tell me bc I have not been exercising , this is partially true bc I have 2 herniated discs and in much pain. But I have all the signs of a thyroid problem such as polyps (6) on my thyroid, high sugar (recently) and something called rynealalds disease,where my fingers turn blue and my toes also due to stress or cold weather. I think that when it comes to your thyroid they need to change the blood test . Not everyone should be based in the same category with the TH whatever levels. I felt my best befor I found out that I had CD.

Alameda, CA

#209 Jun 10, 2013

Brooklyn, NY

#210 Jul 7, 2013
Me again, still trying to lose weight. My back has been bothering me alot, not eating tooo much due to the heat in NYC. Wish I could create a magic diet for celiac patients. If anyone out there knows that wonderful diet please inform the rest of us. Although celiac for 7 years I still feel; depressed and bad about my appearence. Others compliment, and say how much better you look. I guess everyone see's their selves differently and we are more harsh on ourselves then anyone else. Happy fourth! to all.

Avondale, PA

#211 Jul 17, 2013
I also have a bad problem with bloating. For me a lot of it was diary. Try cutting that out.
Amanda wrote:
I was diagnosed 2 years ago. However the weight gain didn't start until this summer. I've gained 18 pounds in 4 months. It's extremely depressing. I have the same issues with eating as well. I'm always hungry, counting my calories, working out 4 days a week, and I've just had to go buy new jeans... again. My problem is a bit more difficult aside from the weight gain because anything I eat causes me to bloat to about three times my normal waistline. The bloating lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to 6 hours. The longest was 2 days. Does anyone else have this problem with bloating? I'm getting desperate and depressed over all of this.

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