Weight gain!!!!! and inability to los...

Weight gain!!!!! and inability to lose weight.

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Chorley, UK

#1 Apr 1, 2007
Has anyone gained weight from cd as all medical reference i have read says you lose weight. With me this has not been the case my weight fluctuates quite bad. Even though i hardly eat and take regular exercise I dont seem to be able to lose weight.I have been following a cd diet now for the past nine months. I have not lost any weight i have gained it also my symptoms dont really seemed to have improved. Its so frustrating i have had my thyroid checked and that seems to be fine. Another thing is my body seems to reject iron supplements i have had to stop taking them as i come out in massive bruises. Has anybody had similar problems.

Lavender Bay, Australia

#2 Apr 21, 2007
I have had cd for five years now and before diagnosise i was extemely thin and ill. After being diagnosed and eating the correct diet, i have sucessfully gained about 15KG and dispize my current body image. Im not one of these people that say that they only eat a carrot stick than turn around and have 5 cheeseburgers, i really do eat so healthy and i attend the gym 5 times per week. I cycle morning and night and weight train but to no avail. So Emma, i know how you feel and after visiting doctors they tell me that they cannot help me and that i should be doing more exercise and eating better.How much better can you get than a cd menu??? I am at a lose with all of this, anyone with suggestions please HELP!!!
tracey lappin

Bristol, UK

#3 Oct 2, 2007
i have cd and i find i am gaining weight even though i follow a gluten free, very clean diet and train 4 times a week.anyone got any info on weight gain in cd?

Traverse City, MI

#4 Oct 5, 2007
I was diagnoses 5 yrs ago also and have gained 70 pounds. My GI doc warned me that I will gain wt but I didn't know to what extent. I have to admit that it was nice to finally like and tolerate breads and pastas,,soooo I have not been trying to diet. I am however scheduled now for a gastric banding at the end of this month because at the rate I'm going I will be 300 pounds soon.

United States

#5 Oct 24, 2007
I'm new to the cd umbrella. While I'm just starting to gain my weight back, I have heard from other cd sufferers that weight gain is part of the healing. I am a nutrition coach (not a RDA) and based on my own findings, in order to feel satisfied, my diet must consist of a balance of protein, carbs and fat. If I only eat fruits and veggies all, I'm starving. I try to make sure I eat 6 times a day and 3 of those times need to consist of protein, carbs and fat. This is very difficult and will take time. We, the cd sufferers really are eating healthier than most but we need to control the amount we take in and have a balance. One day at a time :)

Cincinnati, OH

#6 Nov 5, 2007
I'm right there with you. I was recently diagnosed with CD and I have been struggling with my weight ever since I began a gluten-free diet. Before being diagnosed I had no problems with weight, and could, in fact, eat quite a bit and remain thin. My doctor assured me that gaining 5-10 lbs. would be natural and was part of the process of my small intestines healing. But, three months later I am 20 lbs. heavier than when diagnosed. I exercise and maintain a very busy schedule but can not seem to keep the weight down. I've resolved to cut sugar/chocolate/processed gluten-free products from my diet completely. Is this really necessary? Does anyone have a better way? I feel like I can't eat ANYTHING anymore.


#7 Nov 12, 2007
I feel the same way! I have been gluten-free for over a year and feel as though I gained 30 pounds and have hit a plateau where I cannot get any off. No matter how much I restrict my calories. I eat healthy, work out on a regular basis, but still with no results. I am very frusterated because my other friends with cd are stick skinny without trying!
I am looking for a satisfying answer...and if I find one, I will let you all know.

Buffalo, NY

#8 Nov 12, 2007
I am experiencing the SAME thing! I have been the same weight since high school until diagnosed 3 months ago with Celiac disease. I have gained 15 pounds since then, and none of my pants fit anymore!

I eat quite healthy -- I am also a vegetarian, so I am very aware of a balanced diet. I exercise 3 times a week (I have two children under the age of 4, so they also keep me very active and on the go).

I have NEVER experienced a problem with weight gain, so this is very frustrating! I never thought getting rid of carbs would cause weight gain.


#9 Nov 14, 2007
I am really trying to find a proper, successful, resonable diet. I have found this book on amazon.com

Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Reduced Calorie Cookbook by Connie Sarros

I should be getting it soon, and I will let you know if I find it helpful.


#10 Nov 14, 2007
has anyone found a professional to address these awful weight gains? my daughter has gained 60 lbs in 8 months...

New York, NY

#11 Nov 21, 2007
I was diagnosed 2 years ago. However the weight gain didn't start until this summer. I've gained 18 pounds in 4 months. It's extremely depressing. I have the same issues with eating as well. I'm always hungry, counting my calories, working out 4 days a week, and I've just had to go buy new jeans... again. My problem is a bit more difficult aside from the weight gain because anything I eat causes me to bloat to about three times my normal waistline. The bloating lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to 6 hours. The longest was 2 days. Does anyone else have this problem with bloating? I'm getting desperate and depressed over all of this.

Belleville, NJ

#12 Dec 11, 2007
I like what you have to say. I have been recently dx as well. Prior to my learning of celiac, I have gained a substantial amount of weight, was incrediby bloated, unable to eat,( and was still gaining). I have been following a gluten free diet now for about 3 weeks, and I have been feeling much better I have to admit. However, I have so many concerns. I want to lose weight so badly.... but am uncertain how to go about this. I read what you wrote, and yes, I think following small meals can help. I do see a trainer once a week, and try to exercise on my own as well.
Do you have any ideas for some of the meals in the morning and maybe after breakfast? I do find that a lot of the GF food is higher in calories and I find this to be another thing to combat.
any suggestions?? thanks.:)

Portsmouth, VA

#13 Dec 26, 2007
I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 7 months ago. Since that time I have gained 30 pounds. I've been really trying to take it off for about a month now with no results. I am working out 7 days a week and haven't skipped a day in a month (including Christmas Day). My dr. referred me to a nutritionist who tried to convince me that I wasn't eating enough. She gave me a diet plan of 1200 to 1500 calories per day. Since starting that a week ago, I have gained another 2 pounds. I am completely frustrated as well. I'm going to check out that book that another person mentioned above.

United States

#14 Dec 26, 2007
I too, have gained 25 pounds in a year since diagnosis. Because your intestines are healing, not only are they now absorbing the iron, they are absorbing everything else! One of the reasons that I know I am dealing with is "entitlement". If I see something labeled gluten free, I'm allowed to it - and I do! So unfortunately I am now eating potato chips where I used to eat pretzels...trying to eat more veggies and exercise...does anyone have words of encouragement?

Pooler, GA

#15 Dec 28, 2007
I am in the process of undergoing diagnosis for CD but am positive that I at least have a gluten intolerance. Everyone is correct that your body is finally absorbing all nutrients which is pleasing to your body. Just think, you've been malnourished for YEARS! You're feeding your body and it wants more "good stuff." My suggestion is this (as it has worked for me in the last few months) workout as regularly as possible. Cardio and weight training are a must. As women, we don't weight train as much as we should (we would rather go for a walk). However, lifting weights is one of the best exercises you can do for your body. By adding muscle mass, your body will burn more calories on a daily basis. Push yourself with the weights - the more weight you lift, the better results in adding muscle. Also, I try to eat protein several times throughout the day. In the morning I usually eat one egg and one egg white and chicken sausages (found in the natural food section of the grocery store). That protein boost gets me going in the day and provides energy for a long time. The dietitian is right - you have to make sure you're eating enough calories during the day. If you're eating less than your body needs, your metabolism slows down because it feels your body is being starved. There are calculators online ( mypyramid.gov ) that help you determine the number of calories you need each day for your age, weight, and body type. Make sure you're eating that amount each day but not in all processed foods (that are admittadly yummy!). From what I've read and talked about with people, your body will need a couple of years to heal. Give it time. I've found if I'm working out and toning my body, I feel better about myself despite the weight on the scale. Realize that you are healthier now than before you were diagnosed with CD and be proud that you're doing great things for your body and its health. Just keep following a healthy diet and exercise as much as you possibly can!

Saddle Brook, NJ

#16 Jan 2, 2008
I have been experiencing the same issues and I'm quite depressed about it. Before I was diagnosed, I dropped quite a bit of weight. I'm 6ft tall and at the time I dropped between a size 2 and a size 4 (I was usually a 6). Today, 1 1/2 years later, I'm a size 10, 2 sizes bigger than I EVER was in my ENTIRE life!!! I feel disgusted with myself. I was so used to eating whatever I wanted before the diagnosis...I was always the "skinny bitch" as my friends "lovingly" called me. Now I have friends asking me if I want to diet with them. It's quite a tough pill to swallow to say the least. I am making it my business to work out (which I did before my CD diagnosis as well) and I guess I have to learn how to follow a stricter diet, although I really don't know how, as I never had to before learning about my CD. Has anyone visited with nutritionists regarding weight gain from CD? Any good advice?

Albany, NY

#17 Jan 9, 2008
I was diagnosed about 7 months ago and have found that since being on a gluten-free diet I have recently started gaining weight (that I wasn't ready for and my doctor never let me in on). I can understand it due to the fact my body was sick for so long that it's finally healthy it's reacting to absorbing nutrients where as before it wasn't able to. When ever you change something in your body your body reacts, maybe not in the way we'd like but it reacts to every change. I ate healthy before (at least for a non celiac) and exercised. I am still healthy now but it's being absorbed different. I figure I have to keep a closer eye on what I eat and keep it balanced and also exercise, no matter how discouraged and tired I am. It may take a while for my body to plateau or normalize so until then I'm just going to stay as healthy as possible. Things will turn around just as they did with feeling better, it just takes time and careful eating.

Romulus, MI

#18 Jan 22, 2008
Broken record?? Wow...same story for me, too!! Active, post CD diagnosis by 9 months...100% GF diet.

Gotta tell ya, gaining 20 lbs in 18 months is pretty discouraging.


Since: Jan 08


#19 Jan 29, 2008
Did you have your tyroids and blood sugar checked?

Albany, NY

#20 Feb 6, 2008
yes,I have had so much blood work done and they can't figure it out. You know what the doctor's always say, portion control and exercise...

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