Restor multifocal lens

Hillsboro, OH

#107 Apr 30, 2012
dfanderson wrote:
<quoted text>
I like you was told I was a perfect canidate for the restor lens and paid 1800 dollars for my one lens. I hated wearing glasses and thought this was worth the extra money. It was a disaster. The doctor said it was very rare but my brain would not accept the lens. I was seeing double with circles around everything.I had to have a second surgery on my eye to get the lens removed. I still have pain in my eye and need to get a prescription for glasses.I seen a lot of other people having problems with this lens in the office.
I also have this problem, but was told there was nothing they could do and a monofocal lens would have the same result...does that lens work? I think I actually paid quite a bit more, and am now wondering after reading others post if I paid for two lenses when I only needed one.
Kenneth Bennett

Utica, MS

#108 Jun 1, 2012
I had the restor lens replacement several months ago, and it was a big mistake. I work with computers and the vision range of the lens is up close and far away not computer range. The doctor never mentioned that, although I told him that was my job. Now I need glasses to look at the computer, take thm off to write and look far off. I now have severe dry eye, which the doctor said was not due to the lens replacement, strange it started just after the surgery. Night vision is also bad, the light look like big blurry balls, making it difficult to drive. My advice,is to wait until you are almost blind before making restor your choice.

Allen, TX

#109 Jun 7, 2012
winsel wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm considering Restor for my surgery soon. Please let me know your experience/reccomendation.
See a second and third doctor. Four weeks on one, three on the other. Still can not see. My freedom was taken. Can not work. Can not see to drive. In the rain is very scary.
Would I do it again, NO WAY!!!!!

Saint Paul, MN

#110 Jun 15, 2012
polemonium wrote:
If you are interested in a netural assessment of a largish survey of customer satisfaction with monofocal vs multifocal implants, take a look at this article:
The statements regarding satisfaction with night vision are a bit startling, because they go against the prevailing opinion, in spite of the optics involved.
Wish I could view that article, but you need an in vitatin code to get to the website.
questions in Plano Tx

Garland, TX

#111 Jun 25, 2012
I am a diabetic and am have been having vision problems and getting worst the last 5 years, close, mid and distance and am checking into lens replacement. Are there any Diabetics out there that have had any of this surgery and are willing to talk

Idaho Falls, ID

#113 Aug 5, 2012
Now back in USA and had lazer surgery last Wed.
08/0/2012. Dr. did the lazer because of scar
tissue (adhisions) around both Restor lens. I am
seeing better but must use eye drops constantly.
Also Restasis a.m. and p.m. He thinks the halos
will improve overtime. Have been ill and not gone
out at night yet. Not really expecting much improve-
ment but hopeful.

Los Angeles, CA

#114 Sep 4, 2012
I had my right eye done 2-15-12. It is perfect. He did the left eye March 1. It has never been right. It looks like something is interferring with the periferal vision and I can't see with it very well. The doctor said I am seeing the side of the lens. I will ask him today what he did wrong. Also, the night glare of headlights with large spiraled lights shining back at me is most annoying. The doctor said the brain has to kick in. Yeah right. I am 74. Do I see better than before? Definitely.

Baton Rouge, LA

#115 Sep 9, 2012
Lee wrote:
Just had cataract surgery on one eye last week. Next surgery in a few weeks. Am thrilled with distance vision, but so far I'm worried about being able to see to put on makeup, do hair, etc. I know the midvision is supposed to improve. Is there anyone who has had the Restor implanted and can comment?
I had restore lens put in one year ago and perscription for reading glasses is exactly same as I had before surgery. A huge waste of money for trial and ERROR . I was also made near side and was offered LASIK surgery to restore my distance .

Baton Rouge, LA

#116 Sep 9, 2012
Carole wrote:
I had my right eye done 2-15-12. It is perfect. He did the left eye March 1. It has never been right. It looks like something is interferring with the periferal vision and I can't see with it very well. The doctor said I am seeing the side of the lens. I will ask him today what he did wrong. Also, the night glare of headlights with large spiraled lights shining back at me is most annoying. The doctor said the brain has to kick in. Yeah right. I am 74. Do I see better than before? Definitely.
AMEN. The worst halos day and night. I was worried about night driving so I did not do other eye.

Phoenix, AZ

#117 Oct 5, 2012
bob782 wrote:
I've had ReStor lenses in both eyes for nearly a year and they are a huge mistake.I'm seriously considering having them removed.Anyone considering these lenses needs to carefully locate blogs and other online postings about them that spell out many problems that come with the lenses.
I've had them for more than 2 years, and still gradually adjusting. What you do MOST adjusts first, but there will always be light-spectrum issues and pinpoint light against dark issues. Get sun-spectrum light bulbs, and just ignore circles around pinpoint sources. I suffered with computer-screen distance blur, but now there's no problem. CLUE: you should have "large" pupils to be a candidate.
Linda - Atlanta GA

Gainesville, GA

#119 Oct 14, 2012
I have astigmatism in both eyes as well as cataracts. I'm trying to decide which lens to have implanted. First I was told Toric lenses were the way to go for someone with astigmatism & cataracts. Now in the past six months, the doctor said Restor lenses can be used for patients with astigmatism. All your comments are scaring me about Restor lenses. I don't know how my brain would accommodate those night halos around lights; there is no guarantee. My doctor would use the new LensX technology for the surgery (a machine makes the cuts to remove the cataracts instead of a human). In all it will cost me $6,000 which I would gladly pay if I had great results and didn't have to wear glasses any more. With the Toric lens, I would need reading glasses which really sounds like a pain. I am really undecided at this point and my cataracts are slowly growing. I am 69 yrs. old.

Beaufort, SC

#120 Oct 20, 2012
I had REstor lenses put in two years ago. They have been a disaster! Most opthamologists worth their salt won't do them. However, mine was interested in the additional monies he would make by suggesting them, discussing their benefits, but carefully avoiding the negatives. I understand that Alcon, the company that produces them, had a class action suit brought against them for inadequate advertising, avoiding the negatives completely. I have checked with other opthamologists to see if they can be renoved. Yes, but at a substantial expense and concerns about losing vision.

Fort Myers, FL

#121 Oct 21, 2012
I have the restor lenses on both eyes and wish I had investigated them more. I cannot read in bed at night now without very strong light. People remark about the light reflecting off my lenses giving my eyes a weird glint. Anyone else have this problem?

Truckee, CA

#122 Oct 30, 2012
Before the restor lense I could not see the alarm clock on the other side of the bed without glasses.
I've had the Restor in both eyes since 2005. At first a challenging adjustment to the vision but after a few weeks/months the brain learns to mesh the muliple 'pictures' and I am now 20/20 in both eyes. I find driving at night easy (especially compared to driving with cataracts!). In low light I have trouble with minute details, a small flash light in my pocket works well or just move to a lite area. My biggest challenge to date is that when using a variable power scope in my hunting rifle I cannot 'zoom' in without loosing my site picture (its not my scope, believe me, I checked). Seems to be something to do with the light gathering inside a scope and the concentric lenses in my eye...but that is the only downfall I've found since having them installed in '05.

Truckee, CA

#123 Oct 30, 2012

I too have recieved some comments about light reflecting from my eyes. If that bothers the folks you are hanging around, it may be time for some new friends. Yes, I need more light to read with than I did back in the old days when I wore glasses to do EVERYTHING, big deal. I can read the alarm clock on the other side of the bed now, I can see well into the distance in any light and read the time on my watch! I can drive without glasses, I can do nearly any activity without glasses now. This is SO MUCH BETTER than the alternatives of going slowly blind!

New York, NY

#124 Oct 30, 2012
i am 63 years old male, with type 2 diabetis. Was sick of wearing glasses, and went for restore multifocal in both eyes in may 2012. I am very very happy with the results. I have 20/20 and 20/15 vision. This was the best investment I ever made.

Redmond, OR

#125 Nov 11, 2012
dr recommended Restor lens. We have incredible dark starry nights where I live. Anyone have comments on whether the stars are affected by night glare with Restor? Don't want to give that up

Crested Butte, CO

#126 Nov 12, 2012
Many different experiences! I would say getting a Restor lens may be like going to Vegas. I'm just having to use reading glasses. I am 48 and have always had 20/20 but a cataract was blinding my right eye. Well I decided to get a restor lens a week ago so I can see my food, and read my phone, etc, without reading glasses. I thought with the multi focal it would focus on near mid and far things but it doesn't. Guess I should have done a little more research. It does bring things into focus about 12" away from my eye and the rest is a little blurry. blurry but still 20/30 which a lot of people would be happy with. Me? I guess I have been spoiled. Halos at night? yes, when i close my good eye! Ghost images? No. I'm just thankful I did this in one eye and not both. It seems to work pretty well as long as you have one good eye left. Hopefully it will improve with time as the doc says it will. I'll update my post in a month.

Crested Butte, CO

#127 Nov 12, 2012

I can still see most of the stars with my restor eye. They aren't bright enough to cause halos. You might miss a shooting star or two but I think you'll be alright!
beachbaby Pittsburgh PA

Fenton, MI

#128 Nov 16, 2012
Just had lensx cataract surgery lt eye Thurs with restor lens implant. My friend got cataract surgery the knife way. She could see immediately with no pain. Her husband just got his done the same way and he could see immediately. I had a good bit of pain the first two day. Also that stupid suction cup from the lensx, holding my eyeball in place, bruised a circle the whole way around my eyeball. I still cannot see that well and cannot read at all. Before the surgery I could read anything without my glasses on. Now I cannot even see words. Does anyone know if it takes longer for restor lens to adjust vs monofocal lens. Or are we guinea pigs for these restor lenses. How long have they been around. Has anyone sued their doctor and/or the lens company. I sure hope my sight comes.

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