eye flash/flicker after cataract oper...

Catonsville, MD

#42 Jul 29, 2012
Paul wrote:
I had cataract surgery on 7/19/12 and expected to see more clearly then I can / could everyone here be able to see clear and sharp by 4 days and I also have the flickering in upper right part of eye / not always but sonetimes / anyone had the same results / I had the toric lend inplanted/ thanks Paul
I could see clearly by day 4 when the far sighted eye (right) was done but the near sighted eye (left) took about 2 weeks to see as sharply as i do now. I was scared at first and regretted not going with farsighted for both but today i'm thankful i did

Canton, GA

#44 Aug 3, 2012
I had cataract surgery 3 weeks ago and in that entire time I had what I first called "flicker" but my description got more accurate with time and I realized it was a "twitching" that was much more visceral than just an optical flicker. After much complaining my doctor and I performed some experiments. I tried drops that constrict the pupil, these drops IMMEDIATELY made things sigificantly worse. Then we tried dilating drops. The problem WENT AWAY. Turns out I have "ciliary muscle spasms" caused by irritation from the anesthesia shot. It can be fixed with the proper drops... WHAT A RELIEF!

Overland Park, KS

#45 Aug 4, 2012
I had cataract surgery Wednesday 8/1 on my right eye. Just basic lens. Can't believe what it was like after, a nightmare to me. Scared me to death, really. First after 3 hrs removed the patch on my eye. I seen double for awhile, then started the white streaks like bright lights coming down. Everything I looked at had them, quite large. My eye had the dark arch and flickering in the corner. Oh my gosh what was all this. That night kept a patch over that eye couldn't stand what I was seeing. The next day in the bathroom mirror I had a long white diagonal streak. All the light coming in the windows were shooting large white streaks or rays. When I was walking it was like I was in the twilight zone. Out side at night the glares where 10 times worse they they were before the surgery. Couldn't watch tv at night because there were white streaks. Kept my patch over that eye so I could. My doctor said the front of my eye was swollen and that the white streaks in front of my eye would go away by the end of the week. Well today is Saturday and finally I haven't seen any white streaks today. Thrilled, the bathroom diagonal white streak is gone. Hope tonight all the glares are gone. The flickering is much better only had some this morning. My eye feels like it finally belongs. After 4 days of what I call Hell, is finally coming to an end. I think I can live with it. Wanted others to know if they have all of this that there is hope it can get better. Can't really today decide if I want the other one done, which is scheduled for 8/22. This have been so scary, do I want to take the chance with the other one. Happy camper today. (By the way you can tell I'm not a writer).

Saint Augustine, FL

#46 Aug 12, 2012
I, too, am suffering from flickering under low and high light conditions. I had my surgery in April on both eyes, one week apart. I also have a black arch shadow around the edges of my line of sight in both eyes. My surgeon said he has no answers for me, so I went to Mayo Clinic and they said it has something to do with the implanted lenses not functioning as my old lenses did and that they are "seeing" more than my old lenses and therefore cause flickering. It drives me crazy and I am on a mission to retrain my brain to ignore it. My other thought was to email Alcon (the manufacturer of my lenses) and ask them if they have ever heard of this of this condition. Has anyone out there contacted the manufacturer of their lenses? How many of you have Alcon implants?

Overland Park, KS

#47 Aug 24, 2012
Update: On 8/22 I decided to have my left eye surgery, since I was having no more trouble with the right eye, seeing much better than before. No problems with the left eye at all. Both eyes are doing great today. Thrilled with the way I can see light again. No longer seeing yellow lights, they are white. When white replaced my yellow, my tan I thought I had, disappeared too, LOL. Life is great again!

Seguin, TX

#49 Aug 27, 2012
I had a cataract surgery on my left eye 2 years ago. It was not successful. I can't use the eye any longer. The doctors said I had some kind of a toxic reaction to the surgery. I have lived with using just my right eye since then. However, the right (or supposedly good) eye started to have a failing vision, also due to cataract. I was left with not much choice but to risk another surgery. Finally, the right eye had a cataract removed 3 weeks ago. Just yesterday, I saw a sudden shower of floaters which improved the next day. I saw the doctor first thing in the morning today. After examining me, he said that the source of the floaters is not from the retina but I should observe it very closely; that I should treat it as an emergency if I see more floaters all of a sudden and if I see flashes of light. There were no more floaters than what I have at this time but the flashes of light came on. It alarmed me so much that when I called the doctor, he wants to see me again first thing in the morning. I sure hope this is not as serious as what happened to the other eye. I will be completely blind otherwise and the thought terrifies me. I am hanging on to my faith in my God, as I lay my worries and sickness in His hands. For those of you having the issues such as mine, you are in my prayers. May we all be healed in Jesus' name.

Van Nuys, CA

#50 Sep 13, 2012
I had cataract surgery on July 23 (left eye) and Aug. 6 (right eye). The implants are Alcon Toric and were set for distance. From the beginning I noticed flckering in the outer corners of my eyes. I didn't expect this. I had never heard anything about this prior to my surgery and yet it seems to be common based on everyone's comments here.
My doctor said the flickering is caused by seeing the outer edge of the implant but that the flickering would go away with time as the new lens settles. It has gotten better although in certain bright light I still see a little flicker out of my left eye. Aside from this, my vision is clear and I'm at 20/25. The goal was 20/20 and I'm not sure whether my eyes will continue to improve but I am so relieved to finally have good vision. I'm 55 and can now enjoy with confidence my favorite activities again (tennis, swimming, skiing).

Hamburg, NY

#52 Sep 16, 2012
Hi. I had both my eyes done a year ago for cataracts. I had no issues at all, UNTIL I saw the doctor a few days ago for a checkup. He said everything was fine after they put all these drops in. Today I am having flashing like pieces of aluminum foil roaming around the corner of my left eye. Also I feel like a piece of fuzz is moving all around the eye. I am not sure if I should call the doctor, or to wait it out. Any suggestions?

Van Nuys, CA

#53 Sep 16, 2012
Nance - it doesn't hurt to call your doctor and report your experience. In the meantime, you could google the name of the eye drops to find out about common side effects. Maybe you're having a reaction to the drops? Good luck - hope the discomfort goes away soon.
The general

Olten, Switzerland

#54 Sep 25, 2012
I had the flickering after my right eye surgery in June, but it was gone in about two weeks. I had the right eye done two weeks ago, and there's still some minor flickering, but I'm sure it will go away.

Astwood, UK

#55 Sep 27, 2012
Had the second eye [cataract removal] done yesterday morning now 24 hours later, my left eye is flickering if it is no better tomorrow will ring the hospital eye department, I didnt have this on the other eye 4 months ago

Seattle, WA

#57 Sep 29, 2012
KHeath wrote:
I had cataract surgery a year ago; left eye first, followed by right. Almost instantly I experienced a strobe-like flashing in my left eye, that appears to come from the outer corner. My opthamologist can find no reason for it. My IOLs are the same make and model. Am 72 years of age and still working full time. The flashing drives me crazy from time to time. In reading the comments, it appears that no one has come up with an answer. There has got to be one somewhere?
I had my right eye done about seven months ago. I too, get this strobing effect. Mentioned it to my retina specialist. He was not sure what it was. At, first I noticed it when I would get up in the morning. Today, I was outside spray painting a piece and my eye starting strobing worse than before and continued until I sat down. It subsided. It is almost as though the strobing is similar to that of a 60 cycle fluorescent light which I do have in my house but this was occuring outside as well. I am currently being treated with Nevenac drops by the retina doctor for a small gap between the layers in my eye that appeared about 6 months after the cataract surgery. Before that surgery, I had surgery to repair a detached retina. It is quite baffling as to what this is. Sometimes I am bothered by seeing an curved dark edge in the periphery of the eye but every time I have had my eye checked, the retina doctor (who has a high success rate) says that the retina looks fine except for the problem being treated which is relatively minor.
The retina doctor did ask my if I had the lens lasered after the cataract surgery. Apparently you can have this done to kind of seal the lens into place. The cataract doctor (another top doctor) never mentioned that to me but I may need to check with him.
Best wishes.

Seattle, WA

#58 Sep 29, 2012
By the way, forgot to mention the lickering does not seem to be comng from y periphery.

Seattle, WA

#59 Sep 29, 2012
Sorry, need to slow down. The flickerin does not seem to be coming from my periphery

Hurst, TX

#60 Oct 6, 2012
ShirleyAnn wrote:
I had both cataracts removed in the last 4 months, the last eye done 2 months ago. I have the floaters, particular in the right eye and also flashing lights similar to meteors falling, mainly happens at night. Had my checkup a week ago, everything seems healed, the optometriest does not know what is causing this. If this keeps up, I will insist on a referral to someone else.
The floaters will never go away .

Chelmsford, MA

#62 Oct 15, 2012
I had the cataract removed in my left eye last week, and I too have the flickering in the left corner of my eye. I also notice bright streaks coming from the street lights and other bright lights. I hope these go away with time. My vision is wonderful, and if I have to put up with these disturbances, so be it. I am amazed at my new vision.
Judy Weatherhead

Almonte, Canada

#63 Oct 17, 2012
chris wrote:
hi all ,i had my left eye done 9 weeks ago with a multi focul lens the flickering is constant all day and unable to deal with ,my surgeon has said i can have it removed and replaced with a monofocul ,but needs to be done within 3 months of the op ,so how is that giving it chance to adapt ,im left with a difficult decision as he has said the new lens may have the same problem ,i am interested to learn of anyone who has had this flickering on a constant basis and if it did get better say after 6 months period ,thanks for your comments on here
Hi: I had my first eye done a year ago and had flickering and it disappeared in a month or 2. Have just had 2nd eye done and am experiencing same thing plus flashing white light on occasion. Hoping that will disappear after time.
Judy Weatherhead

Almonte, Canada

#64 Oct 17, 2012
Hi: I had first eye done a year ago and had flickering which does disappear after a month or two. Had 2nd eye done 2 weeks ago and am also experiencing flickering and "arcing" at outer corner of eye. Also getting white flashes - mostly in the evening - like a meteor in the outer corner of my eye. Will see dr. tomorrow to see what's going on.

Richmond, IN

#65 Oct 25, 2012
It is 8 months since I had both eyes done with multi focal lenses

The light is still driving me crazy and have flickering== daylight and fluorescent lights are terrible and they tear and I guess there is nothing I can do about it--heard if I have them replaced with regular lenses no guarantee the same thing wont happen

At night or in a dark room I am fine

I guess it is something I have to live with

Lake Mary, FL

#66 Nov 4, 2012
Had cataract surgery Oct 3, 2012 left eye, vision good first day then got worse, pressure increased had to go on drop to reduce pressure. Had right eye done Oct. 17th 2012 right eye. Vision perfect next day then worse. Experiencing flashing when in bright light. Had customized IOLs for low light and better night driving for distance. Paid extra for these. Can't read up close need reading glasses and can't read street signs until I'm almost under them. Dr. says recheck in a month and we will see whats going on very non committal waiting for eyes to settle after stopping drops. I'm very concerned but he is not alarmed so I am hopeful.

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