eye flash/flicker after cataract oper...

Ocala, FL

#22 Mar 3, 2012
It sounds like you are having the same thing I had. It's pretty normal. Hopefully yours will go away a lot sooner than mine did. It's been a year and I still have a slight flicker out of the corner of one eye when there is a bright light on. I think my case is unusual. Best of luck with yours!

Bronx, NY

#23 Mar 4, 2012
As you can see on my post, I have now had this flickering for the past 3 months. I went for a second opinion, and the doctor could not do anything about it. It is very disturbing. I thought I was alone with this, but having read this site and others, I see that I am not. I wish the doctors informed patients before they have surgery of this possible outcome. Perhaps, many of us would have waited longer to have surgery. I wish you good luck.


#24 Mar 21, 2012
Hi just to update on my situation ,its not good news Im afraid its over 6 months now since I had an m plus lens fitted in my left eye ,the fluttering/flickering to the side is still there and drives me mad Im sure its making me tired ,its worse when trying to read something or looking at something close up ,worse when its bright sunlight ,just looking at this computer makes it worse ,one surgeon described it as a symptom as if a fan is going round near the side of your face ,Im also now getting the ring of light appearing in low light conditions when there is a lamp or wall light near by and also from street lights in dim lit roads ,I have had a second opinion and it seems there is nothing they can do except offer a removal and replace with a monofocal but they say I may have the same problem and would lose the focality of the mutifocul lens ,its not a great decision to have to make ,I will never be sure that they will tell you this since they do not want to spend time removing and replacing due to the finance and the risks ,I have read that if these problems are still there after 6 months then it will never go away ,worse thing is my right eye needs doing as well so what do I have put in that ,Im still hoping for it to go away but think its unlikely now ,is there any solution I wonder ,I have tried geting help from surgeons in this field even the manufacturer but no one is interested ,they dont tell you about these possible side effects before you have the op which I think is a unacceptable ,hope the prob sorts it self out for all you other lens implant people ,let me know if you find a solution


#25 Apr 16, 2012
I had a cataract op on my right eye in January, and then had a 'clean extraction' to my left eye to even me up. Since then I have had what can only be described as my own personal strobe light in my head. I can't focus on anything up close as my eyes flash and flicker like mad, the sunlight drives me mad, fluorescent lights are a nightmare too.
I've seen the 3 top people at Moorfields and they haven't a clue, apparently, I'm a mystery case?! Thank heavens I've found you lot here, lol! I'm not on my own which means, we're all mystery cases or hypochondriacs? One doctor told me to push for a lense change, another said that won't make any difference, and dispite them claiming they've never heard of it, they assure me, "it'll go away". Well, 3 months, and 7 consultants down the line it's still no better. The surgery was exemplary, my retina is intact, yet they still have no idea.
From exploring the web I've discovered that apparently this type of symptom is most present in blue eyed people, and some gave it a name of Dysphotopsia.
I've been wearing sunglasses ALL DAY even indors, and that seemed to help for a bit, but makes no difference now. I was given some drops to try, they make the pupil smaller, so not so much light gets in, but they made no difference either.
I'm at my wits end, I feel like sticking myself in the eye, anything just relieve the symptoms for a bit. My only rest is when I close my eyes.
A note to Chris: I had the monofocal lense fitted, and I've the same symptoms as you. One doctor suggested it is the materials that he lenses are made of.
If I have any luck I'll let you know on here.

Huntsville, Canada

#26 Apr 20, 2012
Right eye was done over 5 weeks ago. Other than I very slight and sporadic scratchy feeling, all went well. The itch is now gone.

Had the left eye done 5 days ago. No pain, no itch. But I have flickering at the left, outside edge which is usually not noticeable unless I'm reading or working at my computer. Also, I can "see" a slight shadow at the extreme, left edge. It's bit like what you would expect if you had a droopy eyelid that was getting in the way.

The opthomologist's clerk said that the flickering would likely go way. I have my post-op checkup 5 days from now. We'll see what the Opthamologist says.

BTW, my Opthamologist highly recommended that I not opt for the very expensive ($900 per eye) lenses. So I went with the $110 Wavefronts. He said that there are too many post-operation problems with the expensive ones.


#27 May 13, 2012
Hi fellow eye flicker sufferers just an update on my left eye ,its now nearly 8 months since my eye cateract op and the implant of the m plus lens multi focal and the flickering is still there and driving me mad the only time its not an issue is in dim lighting ,its worse when reading ,it seems that many people get this problem and this was never mentioned to me before the operation the possible problems like the halos around lights I was aware of and was prepared for that but the flickering /black arc is something they seem to not want to tell you about ,has anyone had this problem dissapear after 8 months as I have to make a decision on explanting the lens ,thanks for any help

Edison, NJ

#28 May 14, 2012
Hi,I am so happy to hear that I'm not alone. The flashing in my left eye is driving me crazy. The surgery was January 29, 2011. I've been back to the surgeon 3 times. I also went to a specialist for eye problems. The answer is .......... There is no answer. How frustrating. This flashing starts as soon as I get up in the morning. The only time I don't notice it ,is when I'm watching television with the overhead light off. Any type of lighting makes it worse,especially stores. The sun is no help either. By the end of the day this makes you feel crazy. No one understands me and my problem. If anyone finds out the answer,please reply. thanks

Bronx, NY

#29 May 14, 2012
It is now 5 1/2 months since my surgery and the flickering has not gone away. I am going back to the surgeon in a few weeks to determine if I will have a lens exchange surgery. I don't really see any other answer for this problem at this point. The doctor wanted to give it at least 6 months to see if I would get used to it which has not happened.

Pomona, CA

#30 May 31, 2012
chris wrote:
Hi fellow eye flicker sufferers just an update on my left eye ,its now nearly 8 months since my eye cateract op and the implant of the m plus lens multi focal and the flickering is still there and driving me mad the only time its not an issue is in dim lighting ,its worse when reading ,it seems that many people get this problem and this was never mentioned to me before the operation the possible problems like the halos around lights I was aware of and was prepared for that but the flickering /black arc is something they seem to not want to tell you about ,has anyone had this problem dissapear after 8 months as I have to make a decision on explanting the lens ,thanks for any help
Hi Chris, If you look back in the posts at Yoram Waltuch's second post, you will see that the flickering stopped for him after almost one year.

Ocala, FL

#31 Jun 1, 2012
After more than a year, I still have a slight flicker from the corner of my right eye only when I am reading with a lamp on. It has gotten a lot better but at this point I feel it's here to stay, but I can live with it. My other problem that no one else seems to have are the floaters that are so much worse since the surgery. The surgery to fix this is not recommended. They are not the blacks spots, but little pools of fluid floating everywhere! Does anyone else have this?

United States

#32 Jun 3, 2012
Hello everyone, sorry to have say I also have this terrible problem, flickering, darkish arc, and squiggly jelly feeling (when I try to focus without glasses).

My cataract surgery on my right eye took place on May 3, 2012; I immediately noticed that the right side of the visual field was blurrier than any other part. The first night my eye was flashing almost non-stop int he dark and I thought I might be having a retinal detachment. It took two days for the dilation to disappear. I called the doc's office the next day and they said the flickering would go away when the dilation disappeared. No way.

So here I am, still putting in the interminable drops and flickering away one month out. I have a distance Toric lens to help with the severe astigmatism, but I will still need glasses for both reading and distance, as I have some residual astigmatism. I also have a very non-functional left eye (20/400, not correctable), so this damage (and I call it damage) to my right eye is nearly unbearable.

The lens feels heavy in my eye, and it also feels like a foreign body, if you get my drift. At my last visit (2 weeks ago), the doc said everything looked great (to him!). He says my brain will get used to this (I don't think so), and that some people just fixate on it too much!

I am really hoping this flickering, etc., is not going to stay with me forever! I am encouraged by a few stories I've read here, and elsewhere on the Internet, that it goes away, even it takes a year; if I had that hope, I would feel better about it.

Ludlow, UK

#33 Jun 17, 2012
I had my right eye cataract done 18 months ago (private insurance cost was 3,000), From day one I have had flashing lights and constant weeping. I went back to the consultant who did the op three times, got three different eye-drops and another bill each time for 170. Couldn't afford to keep going back so went to eye-hospital A&E. They said they couldn't find anything wtong and I'll "just have to live with it".
I have also seen an optician since then who also says everything looks okay. I am supposed to have my left eye cataract done but I have been put off because of the constant blurry vision die to my right eye weeping, niggling pain as if something in my eye, plus flashing right-side halo. It is topping me from working (on computer) watching TV etc.
Surely there is SOMETHING that can be done to
cure it afyet 18 months. Any advice welcome



Austin, TX

#34 Jun 18, 2012
It's astonishing to me that everyone has the flickering after cataract surgery (myself included) but NOT ONE doctor acknowledges it. My surgery was only two weeks ago so I'm hoping the flashing goes away. Disappointing lack of medical explanation from the medical profession.

Glen Cove, NY

#35 Jun 27, 2012
Hi . I too have had cataract surgery on both eyes a year ago. I have experienced flashing lights on and off for this period of time never totally going away. I was checked by a retina specialist ( 6 months ago) who told me I had a horseshoe shaped tear in my right eye ( I guess retina) and a hole in my left, which he repaired with a laser. Sealing the perimeter of each hole. I never lost vision as a symptom of the tear, but only experienced the flashing lights as an indication of a problem.The flashing seems to be worse which is totally unnerving as I'm afraid I am getting another tear. Just went to see the retina specialist last thursday and he said there were no new tears and it all looked the same; however living with these flashing lights ( especially in fluorescent lighting is getting me abit crazy not knowing if I'm getting another tear) Tomorrow I'm going down to Johns Hopkins Eye Center to get a fresh view point of my problem. When I discussed this with the surgeon that did the operation,and asked if he had heard these symptoms before , he lead me to believe he had only seen one other case other than mine. Reading the comments on this website made me feel so much better in knowing that other people were experiencing the same situation and I was not alone.One person's comments said it did eventually go away and this is what I am praying for. I will update my comments when I return from the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins. To All My Flashing Friends God Bless...

London, UK

#36 Jul 14, 2012
hi everyone thanks for your messages ,its getting on for a year now since i had the m plus lens fitted in my left eye ,still no end to the flickering im afraid ,still hoping and praying it will go away ,but am now fearing it will not , i note Yoram waltutch said his went away after nearly a year ,so i am still hoping ,I have to decide whether to have it removed has anyone had one removed and been ok with a monofocul lens ??

South Holland, IL

#37 Jul 19, 2012
I've talked to doctors about flickering/shimmering as I just had it done 4 wks ago and have it in lt eye. Not having rt eye done till this gets better. They don't sound too sure about cause, could be bad lens, maybe it's position too far from iris. One suggestion is a new lens, but second procedure has risks associated with it and no guarantee on results. I'd like to think it will go away in time,that my brain would adjust and not notice it, but see alot of people on this who it didn't go away for. Seeing 2 more specilists in next month and see what they say.

Riverton, NJ

#38 Jul 19, 2012
These posts are great!! I just had cataract surgery today in my right eye and have the flickering in the right corner that people in this post have experienced. I have a followup with Doctor tomorrow and will see what he has to say. I was not given any advice that this would happen. It is early so hope it will go away as it has with some of you.

Cockeysville, MD

#39 Jul 23, 2012
I had cataract surgery on 7/19/12 and expected to see more clearly then I can / could everyone here be able to see clear and sharp by 4 days and I also have the flickering in upper right part of eye / not always but sonetimes / anyone had the same results / I had the toric lend inplanted/ thanks Paul

Heraklion, Greece

#40 Jul 28, 2012
Hello. I have operated my left eye 4 days ago. doctor used a toric lens. My vision is perfect. With a contact lens on my right eye until i fix my glasses i see perfect and clear. The only problem is that annoying flickering. It happends mostly in stores and indoor places with technical lighting. At the sunlight or at night watching tv no problem. When i go to the bathroom with cool white light it cames up. my concern is how its going to be in my office. The felling is the the lens is floating into my eye and ii wait to be stabilized again. It lasts for moments but its really bad feeling. Hope it will go away.

Catonsville, MD

#41 Jul 29, 2012
i had cataract surgery on both eyes, monovision, right is perfect but i see flashes on the left one at the bottom portion. My Dr, said it will go away, it's been 3 months now, it's less annoying but it's still there. My eyesight is wonderful so i can't even complain, i'm 26 years old.

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