Why Suzanne Somers loves bioidentical...

Why Suzanne Somers loves bioidentical hormones

There are 93 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 26, 2009, titled Why Suzanne Somers loves bioidentical hormones. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

I recently spoke with actress Suzanne Somers about her enthusiastic use of "bioidentical" hormones to combat menopausal hot flashes and the ravages of aging.

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#91 Aug 16, 2013
Naturally, I am skeptical of everything online. http://inhousegeneric.com is legitimate. I placed my first order for the smallest amount possible. It arrived sooner than expected. I didn't pay the extra money for speedy air mail. I placed another order that was much larger and it came right on time. I will definitely use this company again for even larger orders now that I trust them. They also give you discounts every time you place an order which is cool. One thing to keep in mind is if you place a larger order, they will send half in one shipment, and then the other half after that to avoid customs scrutinizing your package. I am very happy, I no longer need to pay tons of money to see a doctor and therapist (and have them tell me a bunch of stuff I already know) in order to get my medication.

Spring, TX

#93 Sep 5, 2013
Just a few more bounced to the top and my night is done.


#94 Sep 10, 2013
have been researching for months and reading reviews for each pharmacy and finally decided to take the plunge and order from one. After coming to the conclusion http://goo.gl/kIM2WW seemed the most safest and had the best feedback I ordered my pills. Was very apprehensive at first due to cc fraud, ell and they are good i would definetely recommend and purchase againspam and being generally ripped off (have not received one spam email and no cc fraud) order process and checkout was simple.
placed my order on my debit card and was charged straight away and received confirmation email immediately. choose the speedy del trackable and was advised del would be 7-9 days and order was placed on the 08/01. was just about to email them today to chase up as now 15 days but behold package had been posted through my door. packaging seems as shown on webiste. apart from small delay on advertised shipping time i have been generally please with the pharmacy.
wont be taking the pills for another few weeks yet but all going well and they are good i would definetely recommend and purchase again from them.
#95 Sep 23, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.
Randy Bradford

Barueri, Brazil

#99 May 11, 2015
Wow, I didn't know bioidentical hormones could help someone out so much. Its great to know there are people like Suzanne Summers who are so enthusiastic about it. It seems like it would be very important to find the right practitioner for this kind of treatment. http://www.genemedics.com/hormonereplacementt...

Since: Jul 14

United States

#100 May 12, 2015
Zonker wrote:
Just another scam.
Without loads of plastic surgery, she'd look like 85, ridden hard and put away wet!
>>>from Sandhya Pruthi, M.D.
There's a lot of interest in bioidentical or so-called "natural" hormone therapy for menopause symptoms. However, there's no evidence that bioidentical hormones are safer or more effective than standard hormone replacement therapy.
Bioidentical hormones are custom-mixed formulas containing various hormones that are chemically identical to those naturally made by your body. These prescription and over-the-counter products are marketed as being tailored to a woman's individual hormone needs, typically determined through saliva hormone testing. Manufacturers claim that bioidentical hormones are safer than standard, FDA-approved hormone therapy.<<<
You dumb women who make these silly claims are nothing more than evidence of the 'placebo' effect. You so want to believe this crap, they could (and maybe are) giving you stuff that contains no hormones, yet your desire to believe helps you 'feel better'.\\
>>>The power of positive thinking is not a new subject. The Talmud, the ancient compendium of rabbinical thought, states that: "Where there is hope, there is life." And hope is positive expectation, by another name. The scientific study of the placebo effect is usually dated to the pioneering paper published in 1955 on "The Powerful Placebo" by the anesthesiologist Henry K. Beecher (1904-1976). Beecher concluded that, across the 26 studies he analyzed, an average of 32% of patients responded to placebo.
It has been shown that placebos have measurable physiological effects. They tend to speed up pulse rate, increase blood pressure, and improve reaction speeds, for example, when participants are told they have taken a stimulant. Placebos have the opposite physiological effects when participants are told they have taken a sleep-producing drug.
The placebo effect is part of the human potential to react positively to a healer. A patient's distress may be relieved by something for which there is no medical basis. A familiar example is Band-Aid put on a child. It can make the child feel better by its soothing effect, though there is no medical reason it should make the child feel better. <<<
Get over yourselves. You're being sold a bill of goods by a simple minded huckster.
Makes about as much sense as that silly 'thighmaster' whe was hawking a few years back.
You are so incorrect as to not warrant a response, however if some woman needs real help and doesn't look into this proven Bhrt, that a has been around for over 50 years, because of your misinformation. I had to respond.

Since: Jul 14

United States

#101 Jul 13, 2015
Zonker wrote:
<quoted text>
I didn't call women dumb. I called the women who believe in this snake oil 'therapy du jour' dumb. I don't care if it's Oprah or Robin McGraw. Oprah, as smart a woman as I've seen, has jumped on many 'latest and greatest' cure-alls for many things, especially weight related. From what I see, she's again pulling that wagon full of fat around with her.
Believe what you want. It wasn't that long ago that cancer patients flocked to Mexico to recieve 'Laetrile' treatments. They died anyway.
Just because it's fashionable and hip doesn't mean it works in a meaningful way. But if you think it does, it will. Mind over matter.
You'd be betteroff going to a Benny Hinn or Joel Osteenn and have them 'cure' you of your menopausal symptoms.
It's all snake oil.
My regular doctor recommended bio identicals years ago. i did not hear it from Anyone in TV. My overall general health is better and it is not a money making entity like the fda. Hinn yes snaje oil.

Since: Jul 14

Decatur, GA

#102 Jan 28, 2016
No surprise here wrote:
<quoted text>
Ohhh Kas NOWHERE did I say it was about "attitude."
I said it's about not taking drugs that might kill you later on.
It was tough to go through menopause without hormone replacement but it's what's NORMAL. I have posted a number of ways to deal with one of the biggest problems of menopause -- the hot flashes. I recommended waterbeds because of their tremendous temperature control. I have also talked about cooling scarves. Buy a BUNCH of them, put them in baggies with a little water (you don't want to over-saturate them) and keep them in the refrigerator.
Don't take hormones no matter how they were made, because you risk feeding a hormone-sensitive breast tumor. 90% of women who develop breast cancer have absolutely NO family history of breast cancer.
I NEVER EVER said it was about attitude, and i think anyone who says that depression is about attitude (and has any kind of clout with the media, such as Tom Cruise), should be forced to endure depression themselves without help and see what their attitude might be like. I absolutely DESPISE people who talk about overcoming ANYTHING by "attitude" because it demeans the person's difficulties and puts the blame on them for their situation. it's a horrible thing to do ....
and I didn't say it. I didn't mean it; I didn't imply it.
Hot flashes. If that was my only problem I would have been happy. There are over 300 symptoms associated with menopause. Male doctors just don't talk about them AND OR chalk thm up to other problems and treat women with other drugs. Some are extremely painful and debilitating. The FDA and drug companies are going to kill us if we let them.
Are you female and have you gone through menopause?

Since: Jul 14

Decatur, GA

#103 Jan 28, 2016
Gail Perry wrote:
Annie go away and stop selling things here.
Careful, folks. The people who create websites for products with made-up names like "bio-identical" are really good at faking substance. This is your life in your hands. Don't gamble with it.
"Bioidenticals" are not safe for women who have had or are at risk for hormone sensitive breast cancer. Period, end of story, go away and stop trying to sell things that can kill the women here who have had breast cancer.
This is an out and out lie. If you go to a Qualified doctor who puts you through rigorous testing, starts with creams etc., to see if You are eligible for pellets, then fine. The pellets have been used in Europe for over 50 years. ANYTHING from the FD A is going to kill you. The big pharm companies use YOU as guinea pigs testing out their products. Who uses aspertame? It was originally created for HEART medication, just to name one.
People need to do their homework. Pay attention to what awful side effects come from big box pll pushers.
If you are defending big bix pill pushers you are Probably working for one or are making billions in stocks.

Since: Jul 14

Decatur, GA

#104 Jan 28, 2016
2ndAmendment wrote:
Dying to be Young...
I haven't read this whole thread, but anyone who takes OTC supplements should watch the episode of Dying to be young on Dr. G. The episode is about a woman in Orlando who took about 40 supplements a day, including DHEA.
I just watched it last night, so it should roll around again soon.
40 supplements????????
I am on 1 pellet and 3 vitamins and have to have a blood test every three months.
That doctor is irresponsible as well.

Since: Jul 14

Decatur, GA

#105 Jan 28, 2016
Annie wrote:
If you want more information on Bioidentical hormones check out
Find a doctor. A QUALIFIED BHRT doc. In my area ALL THE FEMALE doctors go to my QUALIFIED BHRT doctor.

If you buy this stuff online, well that is just crazy.you are asking for trouble.

“The Spotted Girl News Network”

Since: Apr 09

Spotted World

#106 Jan 30, 2016
Gail Perry wrote:
Zonker, thanks for that post.
People, if you have cancer this is no time for "beliefs" -- not when it comes to choosing medical care.
What part of each person's body being ONLY their own property and their concern don't you understand? If I say that my beliefs should factor into whatever condition I have, that is my right, not your business. Discounting the right to act on one's own beliefs for themselves is no more moral than molesting kids. If you have a sickness that causes you to care what others do or to care about unrelated strangers who are not in your place to care about, I say get therapy. And many who worship the establishment would butcher their own children if a doctor or pharmaceutical rep told them to do it.

Since: Jul 16

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#107 Jul 27, 2016
Hello there. I am a new member here. Nice to be here. I live in the netherlands. I see this post and i dont know what bioidentical hormones really are, so if someone could explain it to me i would appreciate that alot. Thankyou

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