'Mammograms hurt' column draws ire --...

'Mammograms hurt' column draws ire -- OrlandoSentinel.com

There are 198 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Aug 1, 2007, titled 'Mammograms hurt' column draws ire -- OrlandoSentinel.com. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Recently, I wrote that the number of women ages 50 to 64 who were having annual mammograms was declining at a surprising rate.

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Elkton, MD

#22 Aug 1, 2007
Let me tell you that pain is nothing in comparison to having stage 3 breast cancer as my mother does. She looks back now and is reminded of the the "painful mammograms" she recieved too late due to the fact she was hurt on many occasions. She would give anything to have those "painful mammograms" back again. So make sure you put up with a little pain and get yours yearly!!! Cancer is NO JOKE!

Alexandria, VA

#23 Aug 1, 2007
A mammogram takes a few minutes. Cancer can take the rest of your life. LIVE with a Mammogram.

United States

#24 Aug 1, 2007
Having just learned that one of my heroes, ABC's Robin Roberts, has breast cancer, you can bet I'll be having a mammogram; painful or not, really soon!

Elkton, MD

#25 Aug 1, 2007
Oh did I mention that she too stopped having them because they hurt and now years later she has cancer. Breast Cancer is horrible trust me I know 1st hand. I too was affraid but I TOOK the PAIN and will continue to do so.

Lakeland, FL

#26 Aug 1, 2007
No one is saying don't have them; just that there needs to be a better test developed.

United States

#27 Aug 1, 2007
Janice wrote:
Very well put, sandwichgen!
TY, Janice.

Now I'm wondering....how many of the women posting here, who are 50 or older, have had a colonoscopy?

Hendersonville, TN

#30 Aug 1, 2007
I totally agree that if men had to undergo a procedure similar to a mammogram the technology would immediately improve. I would add that the same can be said for the use of specula during a pelvic exam. I'll never forget the time when my doctor received a phone call during my pelvic exam -- he left the room with the speculum fully dilated and inserted in my vagina!(Good thing the building didn't catch on fire) while I was up in the stirrups. Men have no respect for women and there is no way anyone will convince me otherwise. Especially male physicians!!

Palm Bay, FL

#31 Aug 1, 2007
Okay ladies, I'm going to add my two cents. Mammograms CAN save lives. My first baseline at 37 saved mine. Uncomfortable, a bit but next to childbirth, honey, it's a walk in the park. Are they perfect? Not always but you know what, I'll take those odds rather than having invasive chest wall cancer. MRI's are the new twist but guess what? Most insurance companies will not cover an MRI for a breast screening. So I guess, like in everything else, it comes down to personal choice. Arm yourself with information and then decide for yourselves whether or not to withstand a minute of pinching or months of radiation (or worse). Food for thought, ladies.
Enough already


#32 Aug 1, 2007
Janice wrote:
Enough Already, It's not about casting blame; it's telling it like it is. Yes, women have made lots of progress, but we have a long way to go. I stand behind my earlier comment; men would never tolerate something like this, and an alternative would already have found!
Then, quite simply, you are a bigot.
Enough already


#33 Aug 1, 2007
"SandwichGen" wrote - "To "Enough already": discussing an apparent difference is NOT the same as blaming anyone. Urging change is NOT blaming men."

Sorry, you need to re-read some of the comments. There is an indictment of men in some of the posts for not caring enough to come up with a less painful or uncomfortable exam. It is absolutely blame, and the oldest and lamest excuse in the book. "Men run everything and therefore we suffer." Horsehockey! Get off your duffs and make a change! I have no problem with discussing the issue - it is an important one and sharing our experiences is vital. But putting blame on half the population because of their gender is asinine and childish. Go make a difference, go lobby research facilities and women's health organizations. Just don't use the convenient excuse of blaming men. That's fair too easy.

Oviedo, FL

#34 Aug 1, 2007
Radiologists can say whatever they want. They have a financial interest in this. Mammograms are excruciating. After mine this year (second one), I had pain for four weeks. That cannot be normal and is probably damaging. Fortunately (or not), because of my risk level, I also get MRI's, which see more than a mammogram anyway. My technicians for both the mammogram and the MRI (at two different places) told me that mammograms hardly pick up anything. The online literature is comparable. With the excruciating pain and minimal benefit, compared with what the MRI sees, why would I ever bother with a mammogram?

Redmond, WA

#35 Aug 1, 2007
I've had a mammogram and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I guess it is for some, though.


#36 Aug 1, 2007
Granted it does feel like having your boobs slammed in a car door. But if you ever have a scare of them finding something like I did (thank goodness it was benign), you just grin and bare it.

Ocala, FL

#37 Aug 2, 2007
Maria wrote:
I almost didn't get my mammogram this year due to the extreme pain as well as the bruising I end up with after the procedure. Each breast ends up with a bruise the size of a quarter. I thought they had a new test now that is more accurate and less painful.
I kept putting mine off, finally the Doctors woould not refill a medicine for me until I had it. A year later and 6 Operations later I have had a mastectomy and plastic surgery to replace one of my breast. Painful or not everyone needs to get this done. Don't mess with your life it will impact your whole family.

Lakeland, FL

#38 Aug 2, 2007
Enough already, have you considered anger management counseling?
Enough already

United States

#39 Aug 2, 2007
Janice wrote:
Enough already, have you considered anger management counseling?
Oh that's a brilliant deduction. I gues I'm not allowed to disagree with you. I see no anger in my comments - frustration, perhaps, due to people using and outdated excuse - bash men and blame them for our problems, but that has nothing to do with anger. I suggest you stry a little more before you attempt to psychoanalize people, especially from afar and anonomously.
Celia McCulty

Denver, CO

#40 Aug 2, 2007
I've had mammograms for years, had a breast biopsy and Thank God it was benign. I guess I don't understand why men are being blamed for any part of this. We don't even know if a man or woman invented this machine, do we? I agree with the women who have said, we have millions of women out there in the medical field who could take care of this problem as well as a man. Until a better method is invented I think we all should be thankful we have the "boobs" there to be squeezed and just do it. I'm sure there are men out there who have been through just as much pain, but of course we won't let them claim it. It has been that way as long as I can remember and I'm sure it will never change.

Lakeland, FL

#41 Aug 2, 2007
Enough Already, you are allowed to disagree with me, but not to call me names. It does show a latent problem with anger; adults don't normally behave in such a manner, especially in response to a comment in a forum setting. Please learn to control yourself, and I will take you seriously then.

Eddyville, KY

#42 Aug 2, 2007
Jeez Janice, get over yourself already and get over the man-bashing while you're at it.

I'm getting my boobs smashed again in a couple of weeks.
Enough already

United States

#43 Aug 2, 2007
Janice wrote:
Enough Already, you are allowed to disagree with me, but not to call me names. It does show a latent problem with anger; adults don't normally behave in such a manner, especially in response to a comment in a forum setting. Please learn to control yourself, and I will take you seriously then.
Again, I have to disagree. I did not call you a name. This is not a schoolyard and I have no need to call someone a name.

What I did was respond to your claim that because men are in control, THEY would have solved this issue if it applied to them. Given your apparent prejudice towards males, I called you a bigot - not a name, but rather description based on your comments and the word's definition.

I believe adults DO behave in such a manner - it's called rational thinking. Your attempt to control the content of this forum seems to be more of an issue than my disagreeing with your take on the matter.

And again, I am supporting a positive change and move forward. I believe in the power of women to control their destiny. We have shared our experiences in this matter, which I think is quite helpful, and now I encourage all of us to find a solution. Your solution, at least so far, seems to be to blame others. I prefer a more optimistic and proactive course of action. Why not join in the cause rather that persisting in your petty squabble to be queen bee?

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