I love the show Parenthood! It's inspiring and touches on real life events. When I
I watched the show it was so real to me I had a very hard time watching it, I cried like I was hearing it for the 1st time again. Nothing can prepare you to hear those words "you have ductal carcinoma" I really hope the producers will do their homework on this subject. It's not the same for every women, I was diagnosed with stage 3C ductal invasive .3 lumps 2 in one breast and .1 in the other double mastectomy spread to my lymph nodes one year later to my uterus. Having a supportive family and husband is what gave me hope to move forward, my beautiful long beautiful hair all fell out, I lost both breasts, and my uterus everything that I thought defined me as a woman was incredibly difficult. It was a defining moment for me to look at myself naked in the mirror', with no hair and no breasts, I sobbed took a moment to mourne then put on my big girl panties and fought for my life. Instead of saying "why me" I said ."why Nott me.?" it's been 3 years since my diagnosis I'm still in the fight of my life and I'm not cancer free but I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. 2 things I know for a fact is we are all born and we all die, it's what we do with our lives between birth and death that define who we are, not a car not a home or a job,it's about getting out of our own world and doing what we can for others, even if it's just a smile,.
Weeks after my diagnosis I was walking through the mall and thinking I wonder. How many of Hesse women are walking around with cancer and don't even know it. I blogged every second of my journey, it's real it's raw and it's my journey.....my moto is no regrets live learn and teach others