Side Affects AFTER CHEMO


#21 Jul 13, 2007
Hi. I had Zoladex to put my ovaries to sleep while having chemo as a protective measure. My cancer was non hormonal so Zoladex was purely being used as a trial to protect my ovaries. The idea is that the chemo attacks rapidly dividing cells, ie. cancer but also your ovaries. If they are suppressed/asleep, hopefully the chemo will not be so agressive on the ovaries. There is a big NHS trial on this at the moment for women premenopausal and no evidence of this working for women of my age - 40 - yet. As you are 33 and Zoladex is an ovary suppressant, I feel positive for you! Unless I am completely wrong, if your doc allows you at some stage to go off medication, I think you have a chance of getting your periods back and potentially having another child. If docs will allow your hormones to surge with a pregnancy. As I am 40 and single :/, it's not looking good but I am praying :) Hot flashes still with me.


#22 Jul 14, 2007
My situation is different becasue my cancer was not hormonal. So at 40 having finished chemo and radio, if my periods come back I can try to have my 1st child. I was wondering if anyone near my age, has gone through these treatments and had their periods come back.

I had Zoladex to repress my ovaries to try to protect them from being attacked by the chemo -this is an experimental approach but worth a try. I finished chemo at the end of April 07 and am hoping my periods come back.

Re. your treatments, I would think at 33 (young) and the fact that you have been taking Zoladex, you are in good shape to be fertile again - I hope. Then of course, it's a matter of whether your doc will advise you to go through a hormonal pregnancy. I HAVE read about women doing this - I am POSITIVE I have read about women having pregnancies after treatments even if having had a hormonal cancer!


#23 Jul 14, 2007
Sorry I just posted two fairly identical entries! I thought my first had not registered.:)

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#24 Jul 14, 2007
Thanks for your comments Robbin. It does worry me that my cancer was hormone receptive, so i guess this is something i would need to discuss with the oncologist. There are lots of miracle stories about women who conceive after breast cancer.
I wish you well and hope you get what you want.

Decatur, GA

#25 Jul 21, 2007
In December of last year my grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was having to go have radiation treatments twice a week to treat his cancer. His neck, ears, and head was burnt. It seemed that radiation was causing more problems then helping. That is when my mom heard about a supplement in the Healthy Living Magazine called Curcumin that was suppose to help fight cancer, and reduce radiation burns. She found it at . After using this supplement the radiation burns from the therapy have gone away and my grandfather has got to feeling much better.


#26 Aug 8, 2007
Yippee! I started my period today! Finished chemo end of March, radio end of May and had not had a period since Nov 06. I was having Zoladex shots to put my ovaries to sleep during chemo hoping to not go into early menopause. I think it may have worked! I will be 41 on sunday, 12 August 2007! I have tried to find an example of anyone out there that has had their periods come back after chemo for BC and could not. So if anyone wants to know that this is possible, here is encouragement for you.

Anderson, IN

#27 Aug 14, 2007
i've had two in two years. both began on my deceased mothers birthday. weird huh. maybe just stress i'm 45


#28 Aug 14, 2007
Have you been through Chemo?

And if so, was there a break between Chemo and your periods starting again? Do your periods appear normal when they come? Cramps and everything?

Anderson, IN

#29 Aug 15, 2007
been thru chemo. periods stopped after first treatment. last treatment was june 2005. very very light periods nothing compared to before chemo. like i said only have had 2 periods since chemo and no cramps.

Buffalo, NY

#30 Aug 15, 2007
Will be 5 years this Feb. i did get my period back off and on even tho they said i shouldn't have. When I don't get my period I have all the hotflashes etc. like menapause. Haven't had it now since November. Am now 43 still have joint pain, chemo head etc. throw in I'm Bipolar and yuck. BUT I was lucky I had a great surgeon and radiologist my oncologist had no bed side manor but I switched after chemo. I wish you ladies luck. I was lucky and hadmy kids already. God Bless


#31 Aug 21, 2007
Thank you to all that have provided your personal info for me and others. I will wait and see if my period comes agin in a month, only time will tell. We have been poisoned BUT for a good cause. :)

Newport, MI

#32 Aug 21, 2007
Wow where did you get all this information???
gdpawel wrote:
Neuropathy is a problem that sometimes occurs with chemotherapy treatment. It's not all that rare, especially frequent in patients older than 65 years of age. It is damage to the nerves. It can occur from some chemotherapy drugs used in conventional cancer treatment.
There are three major groups of nerves in the human body, the peripheral nerves that carry information to and from the limbs, the nerves that supply the bowels and other internal organs, and the nerves of the head which connect to the ears, eyes, taste buds, etc. Nerves in any or all of these major groups can be affected by certain chemotherapy drugs.
Nerves are vulnerable to many kinds of damage. They can be damaged by certain cancers. This may be caused by the cancer cells producing a particular kind of biological agent that interferes with the function of the nerves. Sometimes, they can be damaged by drugs used in chemotherapy treatment. The chemotherapy drugs that most likely cause nerve damage are the vinca alkaloids(vincristine, vindesine and vinblastine), platinum drugs(cisplatinum, carboplatinum) and the taxanes(taxol, taxotere). These drugs have the potential of interfering with nerve function.
You may notice symptoms in different areas of your body depending on which groups of nerves are affected. Symptoms in the hands and feet happen when peripheral nerve damage happens and are not rare with vinca alkaloids. The first sign of nerve damage is usually a feeling of tingling and numbness like what you experience when your foot goes to sleep after you've been sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable position. If the problem progresses further, it often produces weakness of the muscles, resulting in loss of strength at the wrist or the ankle. You will notice difficulty in doing up buttons and picking up coins. You may notice that you will tend to trip while walking up stairs or dragging your feet and tend to have a wide-based gait. In severe cases, the weakness may be so severe that you will need a wheelchair.
When the nerves in the bowel are affected, constipation is the earliest sign. In a few people, the abdomen becomes bloated with a distended bowel that is basically paralyzed. Some of the nerves in the head can also be affected. Platinum drugs can affect the auditory nerve and cause loss of hearing and tinnitus(ringing in the ears). Vision can very occasionally be affected.
A lot depends on how quickly your cancer treatment can be stopped. Sometimes the need for treatment is more urgent then the residual nerve damage. Sometimes, the balance between benefit from the drug and the side effect of nerve damage is more finely balanced.
Once treatment has been stopped, recovery is usually slow. It may take months to get even partial improvement and often there will be some residual impairment, either a motor weakness or a sensory numbness or both. Recovery is slower in the feet and legs than in the hands and arms.
There is no specific treatment that enhances nerve recovery. There are no drugs that will directly stimulate nerve regeneration or recovery. If you have severe and prolonged pain, then the pain may require narcotics often combined with antidepressants. In some cases, certain types of anticonvulsants would be helpful. Treatment options are subjects that you should discuss with your doctor, so you have accurate expectations of potential benefits and side effects.
Chemotherapy drugs that can cause neuropathy. NCI lists these as most likely to do so:
Cisplatinum (Platinol)
Carboplatin (Paraplatin)
Vincristine (Oncovin)
Vinblastine (Velban)
Etoposide/VP-16 (VePesid)
Cytarabine (Cytosar, Ara-C)
Hexamethylmelamine (Hexalen)
Paclitaxel (Taxol) and Docetaxel (Taxotere)
Other medications reported to contribute to neuropathy include oxaliplatin (Eloxatin), gemcitibine (Gemzar) and thalidomide (Thalomid).

Newport, MI

#33 Aug 21, 2007
LOW immunity, recent ear infection, swimmers ear -hadn't had for MANY years, tooth infection after prepping for crown, ringing ears, eyesight diminished alot, smell senses seem less,reading glasses 1.25 to now 2.50.
Neuropathy symptoms, feet, hands, neck
Neck/C-spine issues, shoulder upper back trapezius muscles to base of skull.
C-Spine issues 5 spurs, heading towards stenosis,Foramina c-5,c-6,headaches on off
Fibromyalgia suggested from muscle/tendon pain/ weakness, connective tissue disorder suggested.
Joint pain in wrists, ankles.
Now left inner knee, right calf, tops on feet.
Shoulder limited range of motion.
Memory....short term loss, can't remember what I did the day before ALOT. need a daily calendar to keep track of all appts, scheduling or I'll forget.
Tired alot, require more sleep.

Doctor put me on Cymbalta for depression/chronic pain aid, switched from Effexor XR, because alot of personal family tramas with 3 recent deaths, marriage up and downdepessive symptoms.
Sleep disorder, Menapause dropped in w/ chemo, moods, then recetly given Elavil for sleep due to sleep disorders and night joint,neck pain, also helps with pain in your extremities, seems to be working well with sleep, except Im real tired when I get up and takes a bit to get oriented but morning foot/leg pain has diminished. Before I had alot of morning pain.
Fibromyalgia to me seems to be kind of general and no there known cause -symptoms sound similar to Rheumatoid.

Dartmouth, Canada

#34 Aug 26, 2007
I had stage 3 BC and am suffering from effects of chemo and radiation. I am on tomoxifen and have the achy joints,I also think I have sjogrens. I finished my treatment 8 months ago but cannot kick the fatigue.I work full time as a community nurse and find it hard to get through the week. It's good to hear i'm not alone, God bless you all.

Red Bank, NJ

#35 Aug 29, 2007
I was treated for Hodgkins over 2 years ago{thank
G'D} I was given chemo and steroids for 6 months.
I gained 40 pounds!!!!!! The doctor said "it will come off". Well the last visit I asked the doctor again about the weight, this time she told me "Lori, this is the new you"
I'm very grateful I'm healthy now, but this weight is soooo in the way!!!! I finally joined Curves last week hoping that it will work!!
If anyone went through or going through this please let me know.


Male, Maldives

#36 Sep 4, 2007
My father in law was diagnosed with NSCLC a week ago,a nd he started chemo yesterday, he is coughing out a lot of mucous and bllod and having chest pains. is this normal? does this go away after treatment
Breast Cancer Survivor

Brisbane, CA

#37 Sep 8, 2007
DENISE wrote:
You don't hear much about what happens to our bodies AFTER Chemo. If anyone knows anything about this let me know. I had problems with Arimidex, causing "Neuropathy type symptoms". All the joint pain I got from using Arimidex, never left.
Also I now have "Connective Tissue disease" an autoimmune disorder. Which causes pain in most/all my joints and fatigue.
Also, I was "dropped into menopause"...
I'm 45, its been just over a year since I finished Chemo(4 double AC's) 26 weeks and Radition, 30 treatments.
I'm having a hard time dealing with this disease twice, no-less menopause, fatigue and joint problems, and I'm still trying to get the weight off after all the steroids. Thought it would be a chemo diet....thought I'de lose 20 I gained about 30! And I'm tired and achy...Anyone else?
After my treatment, I felt and still feel like an 80 year old woman. I am now 56, but I was 51 when going through treatments. I'm so stiff and it is hard to walk. Chemo gave me headaches, which I have almost daily, sinus problems, back problems (blew 2 disc from the Taxotere, which then caused sciatica and coccydynia). For those going through chemo or getting ready to go through chemo, here is a site with some tips:

Though I feel a lot better than I did, initially, I still do not feel well after treatment ended,4 years. That being said...I would still do chemo again. It saved my life. I had a really bad pathology, with a poor prognosis...and I have not had a recurrence, than God.


#38 Sep 11, 2007
Wow, thanks for all the updates. I don't now how much I have gained in total because I can't bare to look at the scales! But I do know I gained a total of 14lbs from beginning to end of chemo. And I think I've put on a lot more since then, so I have as of monday started eating less. The trick is...I did take steroids but I also have been eating anything and everything I wanted including healthy foods. Doctors encouraged me to gain weight. My step mother says it's kind of like being pregnant when you eat to get enough nutrition. So here I am thankful that I have come through chemo and all with a few side effects and hoping I can gently grow out of the aches and pains. And starting to try to shift this weight now, think it's back to exorcise and going a bit hungry between meal - the old fashioned way of losing but ensuring we get our vitamins!!! Big hug to all!!

Philadelphia, PA

#39 Sep 12, 2007
I am one of the few males that developed ductal carcinoma of the breast(at age 64). I had chemo then a mastectomy and node removal since i node was involved followed by more chemo and then 25 sessions of radiation. I have been on Tamoxifen 20mg for almost 2 years. One of my biggest complaints is fatigue,irratable, and joint pain.
All these studies on BC are women which is understadable considering the percentage of occurrence.
Does anyone know any males or studies related to men with BC.


Orem, UT

#40 Sep 14, 2007
NOT SAME TOPIC, BUT---any of you with 2nd+ round of breast cancer --- How did you find out it was back? Did you have physical symptoms or did the doctor discover it was back? If you felt symptoms (pain/discomfort/etc) what were they? What tests were done? If the doctor discovered it was back, how?

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