'Mammograms hurt' column draws ire --...

'Mammograms hurt' column draws ire -- OrlandoSentinel.com

There are 198 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Aug 1, 2007, titled 'Mammograms hurt' column draws ire -- OrlandoSentinel.com. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

Recently, I wrote that the number of women ages 50 to 64 who were having annual mammograms was declining at a surprising rate.

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San Diego, CA

#44 Aug 2, 2007
I don't get mammograms. I am not convinced they are necessary. There's only tests for a very few parts of our body, a body that can get cancer in a zillion places, so why check just the few? sometimes I feel we're just supporting medicine when we do these routine tests.

I eat like a health nut, exercise and all things in moderation, a lot of my foods are raw, and I meditate and pray.

San Diego, CA

#45 Aug 2, 2007
Just turned fifty and never have had a coloscopy, and I ain't running to the doc to have one anytime soon.

If and when I have cancer I will be using alternative medicine. There will not be any chemo or radiation for my body. If I am to die of cancer, I will die of cancer, not of cancer and the treatments that fail more often than they cure.


#46 Aug 14, 2007
Well my 1st one was slightly uncomfortable and then they called me back in to get another one to spot check. Oh my goodness!! I thought I was going to die! My breasts are swollen and bruised now. IF nothing was wrong then, it is now! It's called PAIN! I don't know why they had to have the 2nd one. They said there was no lumps or masses. I guess I'll find out in a couple days.

United States

#47 Aug 15, 2007
Tina, I'm sorry you get to have a second round. Something similar has happened with me a couple of times...my tissue is dense and so the radiologists were unable to see clear views...and so I had to have extra shots taken. No fun, but not horrible. Try cool compresses the first day or two after the mammogram, and then a nice warm bath. I also take some ibuprofen to help with the swelling. Good luck to you!
Tina wrote:
Well my 1st one was slightly uncomfortable and then they called me back in to get another one to spot check. Oh my goodness!! I thought I was going to die! My breasts are swollen and bruised now. IF nothing was wrong then, it is now! It's called PAIN! I don't know why they had to have the 2nd one. They said there was no lumps or masses. I guess I'll find out in a couple days.

United States

#49 Aug 18, 2007
Interesting "for-um," or is it called, "agin'em" ?
One person writes of her thoughts and feelings, and the other,(maybe a nurse, nurse practitioner, or maybe a doctor-hopeful, or whatever), lectures her with her pseudo-psychology. Whatever, whomever, cancer is cancer. Just hope that someday it is no longer a threat.


#50 Aug 20, 2007

Dartmouth, Canada

#52 Aug 25, 2007
I had yearly mammo's and breast exams every 6 months by a surgeon and I ended op with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer.I lost faith in mammograms but what do you do? You should try a mammo on a cancerous breast.That hurts!One of the worst experiences I had was the core biopsy. They do that while you're in the mammogram machine and it takes close to an hour,while the blood is running down from your boob.
Lorrie Shantz

Kelowna, Canada

#53 Sep 4, 2007
SandwichGen wrote:
<quoted text>
TY, Janice.
Now I'm wondering....how many of the women posting here, who are 50 or older, have had a colonoscopy?
I am now 67 yrs. old...I've had 2 colonoscopy. I don't know what you really want to know, but it is a procedure that is done while you are sleeping..so no fear...just make sure you tell the guy putting you to sleep, that it will be long enough to last the 15 min. or so that it takes to do this. It's the day before that is not too pleasant..but if you have the right stuff to clean you out it only takes a little while..but if you have to take that great big bottle of lemom something, that's nasty, and takes longer for it to work...otherwise not a bad thing..Lorrie

Kennett Square, PA

#55 Sep 5, 2007
Does it hurt - yes - but its needed, You know men have to get prostate cancer screenings. There are some options for younger worn like breast self exams - http://www.thenewsroom.com/details/301011/All... - not as good, by far, but better than nothing

Somerset, NJ

#56 Sep 6, 2007
Maria wrote:
I almost didn't get my mammogram this year due to the extreme pain as well as the bruising I end up with after the procedure. Each breast ends up with a bruise the size of a quarter. I thought they had a new test now that is more accurate and less painful.
There is an alternative - Thermography
your boy

Tallahassee, FL

#57 Sep 6, 2007
huge boobs rule


#58 Sep 17, 2007
Ihad a mammogram 2 weeks ago and breasts hurt to the point where I am realy getting worried tht they are now going to develop cancer from being smashed flat in the mammogram vice. This was my second mammogram ever, and it was incredibly painful. I even asked her if it is pushing too hard on the breast and the tech. said no, so , like a dummy I just accepted it. I should have known better, because the first mammogram Ihad was painless BECAUSE the vice didnt smash my breasts into flat pancakes. This time they were so smashed flat that I had to peel them off the flat platform . I am still in incredible pain, If I ever recover Iwill never leave it up to the tech. I am a nurse myself, yet I still just let this happen. It's human error, there is not aset degree of smahsing that is required. It should be a flataspossible without blatantly torturing someone and potentially injuring a person. As far as MRI's: you can bet that all the wealthy women in this country are not having mammograms, but MRI's instead
loretta aka dog

United States

#59 Nov 24, 2007
very painful,women with dense breasts should insist for an mri
I get them but

Orlando, FL

#60 Nov 24, 2007
NatM wrote:
What a bunch of sissies!! In all honesty, having my period every month is much more uncomfortable than having a mammogram, which is only once a year. I personally know three woman who have had breast cancer and had to go through chemo and surgery. The woman who finally recently passed away had to go through chemotherapy twice, and had both breasts removed, yet the cancer ended up spreading throughout her body. All three of these women never had an annual mammogram.
My mother had a mammogram TWO MONTHS before she discovered her WALNUT-SIZED tumor herself. It was on the bottom of her breast, so it didn't show up. The double mastectomy and chemo saved her life from the very aggressive form of cancer she had.

Please women, continue to get mammograms (as I just did last week-- I was sore until the next day!) but THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to DO YOUR OWN MONTHLY SELF EXAMS! MOST BREAST CANCER is discovered by the women themselves, NOT BY A MAMMOGRAM!


Rutland, VT

#61 Nov 27, 2007
I have had 4 mammos' since June. Yes, they are very uncomfortable for me. But....that first one they did find a lump. Then they did an MRI and a CAT scan as they can be more accurate in my case. I ended up having a core needle biopsy then a partial mastectomy with needle localization which was none too pleasant. What I am not looking forward to, is my next mammo because I am still having discomfort from the surgeries.
I would much rather deal with a bit of discomfort and save my life, then have cancer kill me.
The radiologist did ask if I was ok while she was preforming the mammo. If it was too tight, she did ease up just a bit. My breasts are dense. I think it also depends on who you have for a radiologist and the mood they are in.

Riverview, FL

#62 Dec 19, 2007
I had my first mammogram 5 years ago It was pancake hell I thought a blood vessel would pop or something. I have hesitated since. I have actually made 2 appointments and always cancel them the day before. I made one for February 2008 we will see if I keep it. It seems like old world torture in this day and age.

Prince George, Canada

#64 Jan 19, 2008
I had a mammogram today and I said I'll never have one again. The pain was excruciating and I cried. I have had at least 15 before this and while I didn't enjoy then ,I could certainly tolerate the discomfort. My mother died from breast cancer so I know the importance of regular screening but I NEVER want to go through that again.The technician said I was abnormally sensitive.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#65 Jan 19, 2008
Janice wrote:
Enough Already, It's not about casting blame; it's telling it like it is. Yes, women have made lots of progress, but we have a long way to go. I stand behind my earlier comment; men would never tolerate something like this, and an alternative would already have found!
Have you had a prostate exam lately? From a male doctor with really big fingers? Or a female doc with long fingernails?

Deland, FL

#66 Jan 20, 2008
Believe me...the DISCOMFORT from a mammogram is minimal compared to the pain of breast cancer.

I am a Double D cup and have cystic disease. I will GLADLY let someone squish my breast for less than 10 minutes in order to get a clean bill of health.

Those of you who will "never have one again", please attend a Susan Komen "For the Cure" event. Speak to women who have had breast cancer or are currently in treatment ( and still capable of running a 5K event). Better yet, speak with a family member who is running because their mother, sister or wife DIED from breast cancer. You might have a different view.........

Roseland, NJ

#67 Jan 21, 2008
Mammagrams are horrible! My theory is that the pain is directly related to your skin & tissue - loose vs firm. It is certainly not related to your breast size. You cannot pinch my cheeks and my breasts are still very firm at 41. I think if my skin was looser it would be less painful. Last year my chest hurt for 4 days and I could not roll over on my stomach while sleeping. I feel that mammagram technicians should all be required to have one themselves before they can practice their sadistic ritual on me.
I know women who have died and lived with breast cancer. If my mammagram today hurts like last year, this will be the last one for me.

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