Wyeth - Prempro / Premarin: settlement

Wyeth - Prempro / Premarin: settlement

There are 54 comments on the PharmaGossip story from Jul 20, 2008, titled Wyeth - Prempro / Premarin: settlement. In it, PharmaGossip reports that:

Back stories here. Wyeth has agreed to settle a Nevada case in which two women claimed that its hormone-replacement drugs Prempro and Premarin caused their breast cancer.

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Charles Moses MD

Port Arthur, TX

#1 Jul 20, 2008
It is a shame and an insult to us all that we continue to feed our women "horse urine-based estrogen" by mouth when repeated compelling clinical information says that the safer product is plant-generated or more bioidentical hormones, delivered throgh the skin. Insurance companies do their best to perpetate the older hormones (premarin, prempro) by refusing to subsidize the newer (spelled more expensive) compounds, despite the evidence that it harms patients.

Oakland, CA

#2 Jul 21, 2008
Has Suzanne Somers cast a spell on you?( M.D.)?? Iam confused by your post. "spelled more expensive" what is that all about?

Redmond, WA

#3 Jul 21, 2008
It makes me sick that a judge would dismiss these cases. I was on premarin for a total of 13 years and NOT once did any doctor who saw me suggest I go off this drug. I fiund a lump in my breast, it was cancer, had a mastectomy and 6 surgeries for reconstruction. We researched my family tree, no one ever had cancer, nor did I find, later on, that I don't even carry the BRACA gene. Thank the Lord I had a hysterectomy years before. By the way....my tumor was stage 2 and estrogen positive, and I have always been thin!

Oakland, CA

#4 Jul 21, 2008
Like I have stated on this forum previously I had a biopsy on my right breast. I have dense,fibrocystic breasts,this is all way before I began taking prempro. It was not cancer, and I can understand you are angry. thirteen years is a long time. Iam currently off prempro, and I feel terrible! In the end it all comes down to freedom of choice. By the way all of the possible side effects are explained in the Patient Prescription Information.

Camden, SC

#5 Aug 25, 2008
I can not belive that that they still sell prempro I had a stroke at the age of 43 because of the drug prempro the doctors made test & found thicken of my blood caused by hrt. I'am 48 now and still under a doctors care. They have put me on blood thinners for the rest of my life because of prempo and I think they should take such a thing off the market when you are wrong you should have to pay & when you have the paper saying that was why you had a stroke no matter what a judge says it is wrong it messed up my life.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#6 Aug 25, 2008
I don't think women should take ANY estrogen supplement. Menopause is a natural part of life.

Oakland, CA

#7 Aug 25, 2008
That is so young, how tramatic for you to experience such a reaction to prempro. I will keep you in my thoughts. Take care, and stay well.

Las Vegas, NV

#8 Sep 10, 2008
As I read the comments above of some of the women who had taken Prempro, it is the the same story over and over. This drug is dangerous and will kill you. It killed my mother. My mother was in excellent health all her life. No family history of cancer. She was put on Prempro due to the her menopausal symptoms she had were quite bad. The story goes she got put on Prempro, ended up in the hospital for blood clots several times, then she discovered the breast cancer and the real battle began for her life.
I was with her through her battle with the cancer and heard several women tell the same story. As my mother lay dying in the hospital room another women got rolled in to the same room where my mother was in. I asked her what she was in the hospital for and she told me she had blood clots in her legs..and I knew at that moment it was the same story again. My mother died that week from Breast cancer. The horror of her death haunts me every day since the day she died now five years ago. I want to get her story out there and the pattern of this drug..blood clots, breast cancer, death. Please be aware what you are doing to your body if you are thinking of taking this drug or have been prescibed it.

Oakland, CA

#9 Sep 11, 2008
How long was your mother on Prempro?
It is very unfortunate that this medication is so controversial. I do know a lot of Women who have had good results taking Prempro. Menopause is a confusing and difficult time in many Women's lives, and HRT has helped many Women with menopausal symptoms that borderline on severe.(example: anxiety,depression,fatigue) Iam so sorry that your mother had such a terrible experience with HRT. Wishing all Women the very best with menopause!!
perimenopausalin OH

Xenia, OH

#10 Sep 11, 2008
I have been told I am perimenopausal and that I have "mild depression". My LDT level for cholestorol increased as well (seems to happen when the horomones go nuts for us ladies). I am fatigues, suffer from insomnia, crazy period timing, heavy, not heavy, etc... BUT, I will live with all of that. I'll avoid the possibility of the blood clots, breast cancer & death-thank you very much. My doc put me on BC pill (Loestrin FE-24) & in 4 days of use, I started having chest pains. I stopped them myself & decided I'll just live w/it. Working on increasing my exercise & nutrition to counteract some of this. I'm only 41 and feel that this is too early, but my mom said she was in full menopause from 42-43. I will explore the idea further of natural HRT with natural horomones if I can't take it anymore. Life Extensions seems to be pretty informative and I've found a lot of info in their magazines. My boyfriends mom used prempro/premarin, no history of cancer of any kind in her family & guess what? Breast Cancer diagnosis this summer. These pigs need to get their crap off the market. It's disgusting. Cancer is too big a medical "meat market" for $-hungry hounds to lust for. There will never be cure because more people benefit from cancer (surgeons/oncologists/drug co's,on&on&on)than the number of those that die and our gov't probably thinks its a great way to control the population as well. I pray that Wyeth will somehow be forced to get thier poison off the market & I do my best to spread the word. Disgusting-

Oakland, CA

#11 Sep 11, 2008
Have you ever taken prempro?
you are way too young that is why you are on birth control. Wait until you reach 48 or 49, then see how you feel. I still stand by my opinion. HRT has eased a lot of menopausal symptoms for many Women.

Oakland, CA

#12 Sep 11, 2008
When I was 41 I felt great! you are still young.

Warrenville, IL

#13 Sep 30, 2008
After two weeks on PremPro, I feel better than I have felt in nearly two years. For me, living with the risks is better than feeling achy all over, not being able to sleep, and getting hot flashes (more like electrical surges, I think) every time I move. I wasn't ready for menopause at 44. Tried the bioidenticals and could not get them balanced correctly. Now, I actually feel *alive* again. For me, it's worth the risk right now. I can exercise, sleep, control my eating, move without pain, smile, feel energetic . . .None of that was happening before. It was truly awful.

Dundee, NY

#14 Oct 24, 2008
i also have had a mastcectomy. i had my mamogram in april and in dec i stepped out of shower and found a lump went right to my dr. had a mamo and biospy. went to surgeon. operated jan 6 2000 and i have been cancer free since. i thank GOD for this. i do believe though that weyth should take the resposiblity for making a drug that has caused so many breast cancer. the senior citizens seem to be more afflicted with this as i have read. we are senior citizens . we value our lives as well as youngpeople further more no one wants to get breast cancer. if the older women are taken care of the young women will follow suit to protect themselves a life is a terrible thing to waste. thank you how would weyth feel if one of their love ones developed brest cancer from their own drug prempro.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#15 Oct 24, 2008
Well, in fairness, the older you are the more likely a woman is to get breast cancer. That said, it seems to me that its contribution to breast cancer should have been spotted sooner, given that both hormones and breast cancer have been around for some time.

I never took them. While the first poster is all upset about "horse urine," the truth is, women, that the herbals people recommend to manage breast cancer ALSO increase your risk of cancer. Menopause is a natural part of the life cycle and I don't believe it pays to mess with Mother Nature ... in any way ... when it comes to menopause.

Union City, CA

#16 Oct 24, 2008
This issue with Prempro, or all medications involving HRT seem to bring out a lot of frustration, and anger with many Women on this forum.
I never said I was against Prempro.
Women have the opportunity to research and do their homework on Prempro, or other medications that involve estrogen. there are some Women that have certain risk factors and should discuss these risk factors with their physician.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#17 Oct 24, 2008
Chanel, you are not the doctor who called it horse urine.

*I* am against HRT, but I'm not angry.

All women should discuss risk factors wth their physician.

However, they should know that family history only accounts for 10% of breast cancers. Lack of a family history is absolutely no guarantee that a person will not get breast cancer. One in eight will get breast cancer, and the odds go up with HRT.

They also go up if one is overweight, if one smokes and possibly from exposure to second hand smoke, and from drinking -- even small amounts can raise the risk.

I personally think HRT is a very bad idea. It does not mimic nature -- it fights nature.

Union City, CA

#18 Oct 24, 2008
I still stand by my opinion that HRT short-term (not ten yrs or more) has helped a lot of Women who have, or are struggling with menopausal symptoms. You choose to obstain from using estrogen. You are fortunate, in that respect.
I have been thin for so long that taking Prempro has given me muscle mass, and increased hunger.
I personally think short-term HRT
is a good idea.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#19 Oct 24, 2008
I stand by my opinion that HRT is a bad idea.

I was not "fortunate" to abstain from using estrogen. it was a conscious, careful decision, made long before the link between breast cancer and HRT was known.

But you gave me another reason to be glad I didn't take it. The last thing I needed was either more mas or a larger appetite.:) That would be true of a lot of women in or past menopause. Women tend to gain weight at that stage of life.

Union City, CA

#20 Oct 24, 2008
I meant to say abstain. I like the way I feel. HRT has eased a lot of symptoms for many Women. I will stand by my opinion, and you obviously stand by your opinion.
It is a given that we do not agree
on this subject.

What is wrong with muscle mass?
I enjoy hiking, and feeling strong.
It is a personal choice, and this
is the path I have chosen for myself. I guess I am lucky because
I have not gained any weight. Why do you think it is such a bad idea?

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