I'm scared I might have male breast c...

Winchester, MA

#838 Jul 8, 2013
Hey guys, I am a 13 year old kid. I am perfectly healthty and athletic. I have two lumps under both nipples. I have been reasearching a lot on this topic, and I have discovered that 90% of lumps are no problem. I bet some of you guys are worried about "Male Breast Cancer", I was also very, very worried until I noticed that tons of guys going though puberty get the same thing. So if.anyone has more advise for me please respond, but for now don't worry too much unless it changes or fluid discharges from your nipple. Thank you and have a good day!
Not really worried

Toronto, Canada

#839 Jul 8, 2013
Now I've been reading all of these comments and I'm 14 turning 15 in a couple days and I do recall seeing a pea size red dot under my right nipple before and I think I thought it was a pimple or something so I might of picked at it (this was a couple of months ago) now maybe two days ago I realized that I have 2 large red spots under my nipple, I thought something might of just bit me at the park but it started to get puffy so I did some research and got to this site, when I squeeze my nipple I do feel some sort of liquid my left nipple is fine and no red spots but I do recall a couple months ago feeling some sort of liquid coming out of my nipple. I have been itching the right nipple on the first day and I think I made it worse but I'm going to the doctors tomorrow, and if appereance has anything to do with it I'm kind of chubby 5'9-5'10 ish 155 pounds. Someone please respond, if no one does ill update you all tomorrow, lol.

Lawrenceville, GA

#840 Jul 8, 2013
Hi ive have had a lump on my left nipple since I was 13 now im 19 and I still have it i went to 4 different doctors and they said its normal that its just tore up tissue and it may go away or she said if I dont want it that a plastic surgeon may help but they told me not to worry its nothing bad

Hickory, NC

#841 Jul 20, 2013
I have the lump under my left nipple and it's been growing for about a week now. I have had this problem before but usually it stays the same size and goes away in a matter of days. This one hurts more than any before

Wellington, New Zealand

#842 Jul 31, 2013
Yeah it's not bad when you are going through puberty it's normal.

Haverhill, UK

#843 Aug 1, 2013
I am 13 years old and I have a small lump in my right niple when I touch it it hurts. can that mean ive got breast cancer im scared and im to embarrassed to go to the doctors is there any other way to find out if its breast cancer plz help im scared

Shrewsbury, UK

#844 Aug 18, 2013
matt wrote:
hey im a 16 yr old boy and i have a disk shaped lump under my right nipple, i have had this for a week and i am seriously worrying but i dont know what to do?
Dude, im 14(m) and i have the same problem, dont worry though i think we just have a bit of tissue fat. go check it out though and tell me what they say :D

Bellbrook, OH

#845 Aug 29, 2013
Alex wrote:
Well about 3 years ago something was telling me to pinch my left nipple. It was almost like an itch but it didn't itch, it just needed to be pinched as weird as that sounds. When I pinched it I found that I had a pea-sized lump under my nipple, it didn't really hurt when I pinched it. I freaked out and told my mom and she kept saying " Oh Alex, stop dwelling on it, it's not cancer it's probably just a fat clot." or something like that. Since those 3 years I haven't checked to see if its still there, I'm too scared to. I got a physical like last month but I didn't tell the doctor about it because I was scared. I looked up the symptoms for male breast cancer and the lump thing is the only symptom I have except it's not as big as the lumps in the pictures they show. Every now and then I get the urge to pinch my nipple but it's only when I think about it. Instead, I just rub it, as a matter of fact, I've been rubbing while typing this. Any-who, does anyone think I have breast cancer and is male breast cancer just as deadly?
i have the same exact thing and im 14 its not breast cancer ...its not even heard of boys getting breast cancer.. Its just a symptom of growing up

Palm Harbor, FL

#847 Sep 19, 2013
I am 13 and my right nipple hearts when I push on it a little but it doesint heart that bad but I'm kinda woryed does engine have a answer

Palm Harbor, FL

#848 Sep 19, 2013
I have no lump or liquid coming out but can someone plz respond

Cary, IL

#849 Oct 8, 2013
Yeah im 13 and its under my left nipple. It hurts when I squeze it. These r annoying

Brandon, Canada

#851 Nov 4, 2013
Guys, you should tell your parents but listen to what I'm going to do. So I haven't been in for a psyicle for a while now so i will just say that I should get my physicle done soon becuase it's bean awhile. When I'm there I will mention it to my doctor. So if your embarrassed jut try to make a bit of an excuse to see him, but other wise just tell your parents, it will sound a lot more mature and smart of you to come to them first. Anyways, would you rather worry about it or just know what it is?

Ellesmere Port, UK

#852 Nov 11, 2013
Hi guys I'm a 15 year old male and on both breasts I have 2 fatty lumps under both of my nipples also on my left nipple I have one fatty lump on the larger one also I have a nother rubbery lump that is going one of my ribs it isn't to large these lumps do not hurt at all
I am going to the doctors in about a week what is this

Midrand, South Africa

#853 Nov 16, 2013
I have the same thing I'm both and I'm twelve! But it's no worry! Nothing's wrong it's just puberty! My friend is jealous cause he doesn't have them so he isn't going through puberty😜

Kingsport, TN

#854 Nov 18, 2013
i feel a round lump on the top of my nipple and im REALLY scared! im 15 years old. is it breast cancer. or what? or is it just because there growing?! msg me back. and im 2 scared/embaressed to tell my mom. or could it be that im pregant? and holy sh!t if i have breast cancer or am pregnant im gonna scream! someone help me!

Sydney, Australia

#855 Dec 10, 2013
So what did it turn out to be

Since: Sep 13

Bangalore, India

#856 Dec 11, 2013
Breast cancer in men can cause symptoms like painless lump or swelling, puckering or dimpling of the skin, retraction of the nipple, scaling or visible redness of the skin of the breast or nipple or a discharge from the nipple.
Xyz don

Ashburn, VA

#857 Dec 15, 2013
If u find puckering, reddish colour changes it may b cancer!.and if u find some sorts of pain inner in ur whole body consult a doc! Because it indicates that ur lymph nodes are affected
Led Jason

Baliuag, Philippines

#859 Dec 21, 2013
I have same problem i discovered a lump under my left and right nipple i am 14 right now so please tell me anyone it signs or symptoms of breast cancer i shame to tell to my parents to said it

Hillsborough, NC

#860 Jan 6, 2014
Im a guy 14 thank you so much for this I have the same thing except it hurts a little bit if you press down on it (I noticed this during wrestling practice one day) I have been so scared to say anything because I thought it could by male breast cancer but now I feel a lot better knowing lots of people have it during puberty

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