I'm scared I might have male breast c...

I'm scared I might have male breast cancer =(!(I'm 15)

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United States

#1 Oct 13, 2006
Well about 3 years ago something was telling me to pinch my left nipple. It was almost like an itch but it didn't itch, it just needed to be pinched as weird as that sounds. When I pinched it I found that I had a pea-sized lump under my nipple, it didn't really hurt when I pinched it. I freaked out and told my mom and she kept saying " Oh Alex, stop dwelling on it, it's not cancer it's probably just a fat clot." or something like that. Since those 3 years I haven't checked to see if its still there, I'm too scared to. I got a physical like last month but I didn't tell the doctor about it because I was scared. I looked up the symptoms for male breast cancer and the lump thing is the only symptom I have except it's not as big as the lumps in the pictures they show. Every now and then I get the urge to pinch my nipple but it's only when I think about it. Instead, I just rub it, as a matter of fact, I've been rubbing while typing this. Any-who, does anyone think I have breast cancer and is male breast cancer just as deadly?

New Delhi, India

#2 Nov 18, 2006
hey Alex.I live in India and am 23(m) now and i first detected something like yours when was about ur age. its a shame though that i haven gone to a doctor to talk about it yet.but i have friend who is a doctor and i talked to her about it a couple of yrs back and she told there was nothing to worry.. but now after some research on the internet am scared about it again, i have no pain or fluids coming out when i squeeze the nubiles(like the symptoms for some bad news) but i have this disk kinda tissues on both sides of my chest so am planning to get it examined this weekend.I know how difficult its but I seriously wish u do the same.go see the doc.

Clearwater, FL

#3 Nov 28, 2006
I have the same problem and i just found out a few days ago and iv'e done some research on the computer and I found something called gynecomastia which is normal when going through puberty.(60% of male 14 year olds have gynecomastia). Just incase it is serious you should go see your doctor. there are more things that are more embarrising then this.you want to know if your safe so go to the doctor and check it out.

Good Luck:Alex

Libertyville, IL

#4 Dec 14, 2006
i just noticed i had pea like lumbs under my skin of my nipples and when i squize a little clear liquad comes out do i have breast cancer





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Mukwonago, WI

#5 Jan 20, 2007
im a 14 year old male and i have a big lump under my left nipple. ive been working out and my left breast doesnt lose fat but my right brest does.??? does anybody have an answer or info on how to lose the fat in my left brest

Coventry, UK

#6 Jan 28, 2007
hey im a 16 yr old boy and i have a disk shaped lump under my right nipple, i have had this for a week and i am seriously worrying but i dont know what to do?

Fremont, CA

#7 Jan 31, 2007
Hey I have a lump under my pec also and I am visiting a doctor 2morow. I will let you guys know the results on what he says. I only have this lump under my right pec and its painless but its very annoying to take off my shirt and know that i have it. I am 19 by the way and i had it for 2months I believe.

Seattle, WA

#8 Feb 3, 2007
I also have a pea sized lump under my left nipple, and i am 15. I don't think it is much to worry about, i heard somewhere that it isn't much to worry about if your young.


#9 Feb 6, 2007
When I was about 15 I found a lump on my left pec. I asked a few people but they told me to not worry about it. When I was around 27 I had an abnormal bone scan and was sent to see an Oncologist. I asked him about the lump and he said not to worry about it so I really haven't. It's strange that we all have the same problem. I thought that I was alone.


#10 Feb 7, 2007
i found a lump under my left nipple about 2 weeks ago. i am 14 and scared that it might be male breast cancer. i am scared to speak toanyone about it incae this is cancer. it is about 1 cm and round. please let me know if you have any news thank you.

Fremont, CA

#11 Feb 7, 2007
ok so the doctor told me it was nothin to worry about at my age of 19. I'm just wondering how long will it be there for...im hoping it wont be there for life.

Manning, SC

#13 Feb 14, 2007
I am 15 and have the same nipple thing under my left one. I asked my dad and he said he had the same thing when he was my age. When he told his mom she freeked and took him to the doctor. The doctor told him that it was a normal thing that some males go through when the are going through puberty. Even if it hurts when you touch it thats ok, dont freek out unless the lump isnt on your left or right nipple.

Gillingham, UK

#14 Feb 18, 2007
hey, im 15 and i have recently found a small lump under my right nipple, i am really scared 2 tell my family because my nan recently passed away with cancer. what do i do?

Rovaniemi, Finland

#15 Feb 19, 2007
I'm 17 and I recently discovered a coin shaped lump under my left nipple approx. half of an inch wide.

Male breast cancer is quite rare here in Finland (about 10 cases/year/5,5 million inhabitants) so I assume it's pretty rare globally as well. dont worry dawgs
The Dr

Twickenham, UK

#16 Feb 21, 2007
dont worry lads its all gd, keep an eye on things, moniter the problems, if they get worse/bigger then go see the doctor, and dont worry about anything. We can cure nearly anything now

San Francisco, CA

#17 Feb 22, 2007
http://images.google.com/imgres... (sorry for the big url but this is what my doctor told me this condition is called. If you are drinkin alcohol, marijuana, or some kind of drugs you may have side effects towards it. Just a heads up.)

San Francisco, CA

#18 Feb 22, 2007
oh yea and make sure to scroll down to Gynecomastia.. that is what it is called.

East Kilbride, UK

#19 Feb 22, 2007
im 16 year old male and i got the same kind of thing. i have a lump under my left nipple about 1.5cm wide and it makes my nipple poke out. i have another lump under my right nipple but its smaller. i noitced the left lump around two years ago. both the lumps have grown but i dnt think they are growing anymore. i dont think its serious because ive had it for so long. im scared of seeing a doctor but i want to know if it will ever go away. its really embrassing if you go swimming or somthing like that.

Kochi, India

#20 Feb 23, 2007
pain on pressing under the areola ,disc shaped lump under the arola ,i think are indicative of "gynecomastia",iam 21 ihave swelling under my right nipple ,the areola returns to normal dimensions on applying cold water or on emotional changes ,ihave pain only on pressing the areolaand disc shaped lump

Ashfield, UK

#21 Feb 24, 2007
i am 13yrs old and have found a small lump in y right nipple and i dont know what to do is it cancer or what?? please help!

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