topamax & weight loss

San Diego, CA

#527 Jun 23, 2013
Hippie Mommy wrote:
Hi, I started Topamax about 3 weeks ago for migraines. I am at 50 mg 2 times a day. Last week though I just started dropping weight like crazy though. I have gone from 214 lbs to 207 lbs in one week. Which is good, but seems just a little to good. I have other side effects. I don't ever want to eat (I love to eat, or I USED to) and I am a little more spacy than usual. That weight loss just seems a bit drastic and unhealthy. I obviously can stand to lose 70 lbs but 7 lbs a week is super fast, like a dream come true fast. Will it slow down or continue at this pace? I will just drink plenty of water and eat my fruits and vegetables. I look forward to hearing from you.
Cherub in Ohio
This gives me hope glad hope you lost all your weight!!

San Diego, CA

#528 Jun 23, 2013
new to topomax wrote:
I have been on 25 mg every night for 10 days now for migraines. I have experienced no weight loss and am always hungry. I am 5'1 145 lbs and could really benefit from some weight loss. I am experiencing acid reflux every time I take it however I ate some oat meal tonight before taking it and that really seems to have helped prevent the acid so far tonight. I am also fatigued and experiencing the brain fog which I am hoping will subside in due time. I am increasing my dosage to 50 mg a night in a few days and am hoping that the only additional side effects I experience are the weight loss. I plan on increasing my water intake immediately after reading all of the posts.
This is exactly what I'm experiencing, I know this post is late but did you ever lose any weight after increasing your dose ?

Sterling, MA

#529 Jun 24, 2013
Bruce W wrote:
I have been taking 100mg topiramate for migraines (not weight loss)since July 2012, and am just strating to wean off it under doctor's orders. In mid Nov 2012, I had pain between shoulders, felt like lead in my shoes, and burning in my arms whenever was just a little active. Doctors thought I was having heart trouble - blood work and heart tests all negative. Now in January I am short of breath and even weaker. Just stumbled on info that Topiramate can cause muscle weakness. Question - what is the prognosis for recovery? If good, how long will it take?
I had the same symptoms..turned out to be COPD asthma/emphysema, they checked my heart first too. The COPD caused all the symptoms you described. Wasn't medicine related

Bethlehem, PA

#530 Jun 25, 2013
Do you feel confused, or like you can't even do simple Math?? I keep reading that people are having memory issues etc. I haven't started it yet n kinda scared, my dr gave it to me for weight loss
talkitout wrote:
I started 25mg per day 1 week ago and I've lost 8 lbs already. I agree with the post above that this may not be "healthy" weight loss, but bieng overweight isn't healthy either. If this gets me to a healthy weight, then so be it. So far so good!!

Phoenix, AZ

#531 Jun 27, 2013
Why are you still taking the medicine.
Holley wrote:
Hi, I have been on Topamax for 3 yrs. I am 26 yrs old college student. It has been the roughest drug I have ever been on. However at the same time I have lost over 100lbs. on this med. I used to be 220 standing @ 5'0. I now weigh 95; my ideal weight for my hieht. that is what keeps me taking the medication that and I need it for a mood stabilizer as well. Now the bad side of Topamax actually get pretty intense. I developed a skin condition I think that is referred to as Rehniods. Where in mild wheather your hands and feet lose blood circulation,turn white and go numb...then get very painfull.and I now may have permenant nerve damage. Other side effects include severe hairloss, memory loss and brain fog, cognitive incapalitites as well. My over all oppinion of this drug is that it's not worth the easy weightloss, while sacrificing your mind, pain, and hair. It's a horrible comprimise. [email protected]

Johannesburg, South Africa

#532 Jun 28, 2013
Jeanine wrote:
Do you feel confused, or like you can't even do simple Math?? I keep reading that people are having memory issues etc. I haven't started it yet n kinda scared, my dr gave it to me for weight loss <quoted text>
I feel confused... and foggy... DEFFO have memory issues! Are you on it only for weight loss? Coz there's other stuff that you can use that you can lose weight on without these crappy side effects!

Wolverhampton, UK

#533 Jun 28, 2013
I have lost 22 pound on the tabs but gained it after a four months

Wolverhampton, UK

#534 Jun 28, 2013
When i started the tabs i loat 22 pounds but soon doubled the weight on agine. I think the tablets are a wast of time. I am still suffring with bad migrans.God i need helppppp

Rocky Hill, CT

#535 Jul 1, 2013
kari wrote:
i have the same feelings about the soda very flat and taste warm even when i know its ice cold, just not hungry, i have lost 3 lbs in 4 days i am very excited to seew where the weight loss goes f0r me, <quoted text>
OMG I thought I was going crazy yesterday. I've been taking generic Topamax for 5 days 25 mg 2x per day and noticed tha my favotite thing in the world (coke) tasted horrible. I wondered if the refridgerator was working correctly and it had a horrible after taste. On the upside I've dropped 5 lbs since starting.

Rocky Hill, CT

#536 Jul 1, 2013
Forgot to add that the Topamax is for Migraines that have been getting worse over the last few months. The Topamax will take the place of propranolol and amitriptyline that I've been taking for close to 10 years. I also take zoloft for deprission.
margo -

Haymarket, VA

#537 Jul 14, 2013
Ronnie wrote:
I was perscribed Topamax last Monday and have yet to take it because I am scared of all the side effects. Are any of them permanent? Or do they subside after the first couple of days....weeks? I was given 1 25mg at bedtime.
I started Topamax 6 days ago for severe migraines. I had been on Depakote for years and it was doing nothing. The first three days I was on 25mg and on day four increased to 50mg taken at bedtime. I have had no loss of appetite but have lost a couple of pounds. I have not had a severe Migraine, one day I have had head pressure and balance problem but I will stick with it for at least a month to see if it gives me relief.

Modesto, CA

#538 Jul 15, 2013
I just started topamaxx 25mg last night for migraines and pain and no sleep and to my surprise I slept very well last night all night. It's been a few years since I had a decent nights sleep.

Olathe, KS

#539 Jul 19, 2013
My Dr is putting me on topo ax and is having me take it with another drug. He says to take them together and if I begin to get headaches and or rapid heartbeat, to stop taking them and call him.
So reading all these post about taking top a Max for migraines confuses me.
He also said not to lose more than 1 pound a week. Yet the girls at my pharmacy are taking top a Max for 6 months and both lost 50lbs each.
I wonder why he's putting me on 2 meds to take "together?" Although he did say its a new combo drug..I get it tomorrow am and will let u know what "the other drug is "
I'm hoping to lose 60lbs, I'm disabled and put on well over 100lbs from taking Corticos Steroid injections in my back.

Charlotte, NC

#540 Jul 26, 2013
I have gained 46 pounds in 8 months I'm miserable it hurts my legs a lot me stand long period of time I have back problems an it do hard lose weight would this medicine help me

Fort Myers, FL

#541 Aug 3, 2013
I start to itch severly after every shower for about 10 minutes. Like ants are biting me. No redness, swelling or anything. Any solutions or idea's.

Fort Myers, FL

#542 Aug 3, 2013
I have severe itching after I shower. Like ants biting me. No redness, swelling or anything. Does anybody have any idea how to help this side effect.
joann new orleans

New Orleans, LA

#543 Aug 4, 2013
I've been on topa for thre weeks 25mg twice a day no weight lost. legs cramps, food and soda taste bad.I was put on it to lose weight diabetic.

Spring Hill, TN

#544 Aug 4, 2013
I have been taking Topamax for five months, I'm suppose to take 100 mg But i cut it to 50 mg. I've lost 15 pounds, No headaches and it helped me get off other drugs. When taking 100 I started experiencing itching, And yes that odd taste in your mouth and food doesn't taste very well. I'm happy with the weight loss and I'm happy with coming off all the drugs however I'm still itching, And have got welts as well so I think I'm allergic to it. I'm now having to come off of it but it still doesn't feel like it's been out of my system it's been about a week. My Appetite starting to come back but I can watch the eating which is a good thing, Or should I say I hope so. And still itching like crazy..

Torrance, CA

#545 Aug 7, 2013
just me wrote:
Has anyone heard of taking Topamax for weight loss? I completed my treatments in May and am having trouble shedding a few "unwanted" pounds due to the chemo "throwing" me into menopause. My Oncologist suggested this med at 25mg at bedtime. Just wondering if anyone has had any results? Thanks.
iv taking it in the past for pian I lost the lbs to

Torrance, CA

#546 Aug 7, 2013
I took tops max yrs ago for pain and to help me sleep I did loose weight to and my taste buds changed to soda started to taste like cigs. Which was nasty ,I was losing the weight at 25 mil grams 3 times a day

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