topamax & weight loss

Johnson City, NY

#486 Apr 24, 2013
Alexis79 wrote:
Does anyone know what time of day is the best time (morning and night) to take topamax? I have to take 100 mg 2 times a day. Thanks!
morning works the best 4 me

Johannesburg, South Africa

#487 Apr 25, 2013
Erika wrote:
I have severe migraines and I was just put on 25 mg of topamax and I am supposed to up my dosage each week until 100 mg. I am 15 years old 5'7" and I weigh about 130 pounds, I'm very healthy for my age. I've suffered from severe migraines for about two years and have been to countless neurologists. I was just started on this Thursday and after reading some of these comments I am kind of concerned especially being as young as I am. I am in many different sports and straight A student and I am already having a hard time comprehending things and thinking quickly. Big problem for me. I also am a healthy weight for my age and height I really do not see it being very healthy to be losing weight like most of these comments are saying. I will be talking to my doctor about being put on something else. As a 15 year old i go through alot of stress and do many sports to take my mind off of things. The intensity of my migraines weigh me down more than I ever thought to be possible and I would love for this to be taken care of. Please, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
Apparently Topamax works wonders for migraines. It made my mind foggy too in the beginning - it goes away after a while. Go to a lower dose. I went from 25mgs to 50mgs morning and evening and then I took only 12,5mgs in the morning for a while just to get over the fogginess and I'm okay now. My doc said to "play around" with it and see what works best - if its better to take it all at night or whatever. Give it a try for a month or two before you give it up altogether! Good luck!

Greensburg, PA

#488 Apr 26, 2013
was just put on topamax 100mg.. was reading about ppl who hv lost hair well i just got over pancretites an lost most of my hair an over 70 lbs due to vomiting was on a feeding machine. Kinda scared to take this med but need it for bad bad migranes.. any help would be nice :-P

Omaha, NE

#489 Apr 28, 2013
Hubby was put on Topamax and pentermine to lose weight. He takes it for 4-5 days then stops for a couple then back on. Are there side effects to doing this? He is very easily agitated and snapping!

Norman, OK

#490 Apr 29, 2013
I've been on Topamax for over a year and a half now. I've lost over 60 lbs which for me was a total blessing! I had been over 200 lbs since I was in high school, one time reaching over 260 lbs during one of my pregnancies! I am now below 200, and it feels great! It made sweets taste gross, especially soda. I couldn't drink soda for a year, and now the only kind that tastes somewhat decent is root beer or diet Dr pepper. The rest still have a bitter taste to them. I have been taking 200mg everyday, 100 mg in the morning when i wake up, and 100 mg before bed. I too have hair loss. I used to have thick, beautiful hair, that is now not the same anymore. But since November of last year, I have been taking prenatal vitamins, and I am noticing a huge change in my hair. It's growing back thicker, and there is a lot less falling out. I take a vitamin everyday. And this was advice from my doctor. As for the memory loss, there have been DAYS that I have completely forgotten about, but until reading this, I had no idea it was due to this medication. I take pain meds due to chronic pain, and I honestly thought that was the cause of it. I take Topamax for depression/bipolar.

Kalamazoo, MI

#491 Apr 30, 2013
I just started topamax again today this is my second time taking topamax. I am a college student and am 25 years old. I take topamax for headaches and chonic pain issues it helped in the past and I hope it helps again. I also hope it helps with weight loss due to I can afford to lose weight I am 5'5 & 250lbs. Last time I was on topamax for a couple months on 25Mg twice a day and in that time I lost 25lbs I loved it and I didnt do anything. I never had any other side effects. I am scared after hearing about hair loss. Although I did not have any problems last time.
Thin and Thinner

Dundas, Canada

#492 May 1, 2013
Alesha wrote:
I am about to begin Topamax or severe migraine headaches, I read that hair loss is a side affect has anyone noticed a thinning or loss of hair?
I did lose weight on Topmax or Dope to the Max, I also lost quite a bit of hair. I noticed quite a change in thinking too. I am no longer on it, have gained all the weight back and now have a full head of hair again.

Bradenton, FL

#493 May 2, 2013
Hi - I am about to go on Topomax for five seriously herniated discs (was about to have surgery but, tried injections combined with these new meds) and I've been told it does, indeed, help one lose weight as a side effect (which is a great one in my opinion!)
However, you mentioned that it was the "Roughest Drug you've ever been on." In what sense? I would like to know what I'm getting into so if you have any advice regarding that, I'm always eager to find out as much as possible about anything I'm ingesting (I'm also the daughter of two retired doctors, but I just lost my dad and my mom won't know about this since it's such a new drug.)
Holley wrote:
Hi, I have been on Topamax for 3 yrs. I am 26 yrs old college student. It has been the roughest drug I have ever been on. However at the same time I have lost over 100lbs. on this med. I used to be 220 standing @ 5'0. I now weigh 95; my ideal weight for my hieht. that is what keeps me taking the medication that and I need it for a mood stabilizer as well. Now the bad side of Topamax actually get pretty intense. I developed a skin condition I think that is referred to as Rehniods. Where in mild wheather your hands and feet lose blood circulation,turn white and go numb...then get very painfull.and I now may have permenant nerve damage. Other side effects include severe hairloss, memory loss and brain fog, cognitive incapalitites as well. My over all oppinion of this drug is that it's not worth the easy weightloss, while sacrificing your mind, pain, and hair. It's a horrible comprimise. [email protected]
Not worth taking topamax

Sellersville, PA

#494 May 4, 2013
I have been taking topamax for 10 months now for migraines due to a concusion. I have lost 20 lbs. I'm 5' 7" and weigh 116 lbs. hands get tingly all the time, feet and face get tingly all the time. The side effects are not worth taking the drug. I am also a firm believer in if you want to lose weight you should do it the right way and eat healthy and work out. I workout 2 times a day, and eat healthy. And also juggle having a family and a job. Hard work but if you put your mind to it anyone can do it. Before my injury and medication years ago I weighed 180 lbs I changed how I ate and worked out to get down to 137 then I got injured and put on topamax. I still workout though. Trust me people ......DON'T USE TOPAMAX! Find another med. side effects suck.

Since: Apr 12

Oak Hill, WV

#495 May 4, 2013
I have tried to read most of all these posts.. My 15 year old son was prescribed topamax for migraines, nose bleeds, and neurological shocks, and started taking it Last night after dinner then this morning he started getting a headache then came the nausea then blood pressure has been all over the map today in between sleeping all day he tried eating some pancakes this morning and threw them up then this evening tried eating some baked chicken and rice didn't even get thru it before he was throwing that up to... has anyone else had any of these side effects,, and how long should they last? when should I worry?.. he is taking 25 mg 1x a day.. could really use some advise

Fairfield, CA

#496 May 5, 2013
I took it back in 2007 and I lost over 150 lbs went from 370 to 200lbs. Only side effect was some hair shedding at first. Went off in 2011. I am now 258 so I just went back on it. 200 is my ideal weight at 6'2". Wish me luck.

Farmington, MI

#497 May 9, 2013
After many yrs. taking several different meds at varying dosages, I have recently been prescribed this topamax for bipolar disorder&was told about the benefit of potential weight loss. My dr. is doing it right w gradual increase. But typical of my condition, I don't stay on my meds as I should. For the past mo. I've taken them 1-2days at a time then not at all for 5-6days, then again for 1-2days, etc. cuz of the "hangover" they give me. I have 3 small kids (4yo w Autism, 3yo&3mos) w a husband that works 3rd shift & canNOT be out of it. Can anyone give me an "average" time period, maybe even dosage, they believe this effect wears off? I'm glad to hear of the benefits w migraines, pain disorders, etc. cuz I suffer from those ailments also. I just have to be 100% for my kids&am afraid I won't be if under the influence of this med.

Karachi, Pakistan

#498 May 14, 2013
hi i just started topamax 1 at bedtime and i badly want to loss weight and migrane plz pary for me

Haslet, TX

#499 May 16, 2013
Is topamax effective for weight loss while taking lithium for bi polar

Johannesburg, South Africa

#500 May 16, 2013
Is anyone experiencing memory issues / foggy mind / confusion? Does it feel like you've gone a little dumb / less intelligent?

Sterling, MA

#501 May 20, 2013
Biotin, vitamin H helps prevent hair loss
Potassium and calcium supplements stops tingling feet, hands and face
Drink lots and lots of water is a must
Eat yogurt, increase protein intake; Topamax puts you into ketosis, like Atkins diet.
OJ is also beneficial
Side effects can reoccur with dosage increase, but not all.

Fenton, MI

#502 May 22, 2013
I was on topamax not to sure the dosage when i was 15 whichwas 7 years ago i list 25- 30 pounds in a month i went from 150 tp 118 in the end. For the past year and a half ive been having mini seizures and my former neurologist said it was nothing. I now see another one he put me back on topamax ive lost 13 pounds and just started my third week yesterday. It has truly been a struggle for me to loose weight because i have been so sick lately so im feeling good about myself right now :)

Since: May 13

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#503 May 28, 2013
Hello Everyone!!

After experiencing debilitating migraine headaches for over 2 weeks on a daily basis my physician put me on Topamax(25mg for the 1st week than 50mg thereafter). Tonight is my first night taking it. I will be taking them right before bed due to the side effects of sleepiness and dizziness. I was also told this increases your metabolism and suppresses your appetite leading to weight loss (I really don't mind shedding a couple of lbs). How has it been for those of you who are currently on this medication? Appreciate any feedback..:)

Dallas, TX

#504 May 28, 2013
i just started topamax 5 days ago for migraines. 25mg daily X 1 wk then 50mg daily, etc... I feel horrible. I have no energy, dizzy at times, feel like I am going to pass out. No changes in appetite. Soda's taste horrible. If this will help my Migraines, I am willing to give it a chance. I am just wondering if I will begin to feel "normal" anytime soon. Do the side effects get better, or go away.
Libre 71

Clonmel, Ireland

#505 May 30, 2013
Alesha wrote:
I am about to begin Topamax or severe migraine headaches, I read that hair loss is a side affect has anyone noticed a thinning or loss of hair?
i hav only been on topamax 25mg for 2 wks and already notice my hair getting thinner but on the plus side my migraines have lessened....but terrible dizziness+nausea

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