topamax & weight loss
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Medford, OR

#315 Oct 10, 2012
I have been taking 100mg for 8 months and lost 25 lbs I just started taking 125mg a day.... I don't want to louse any more weight. nothing taste good. All I want is water and Tea. I have to make my self eat! it all just taste plane... But if I don't take the pills I feel Sick and I get a Headache that same day! I want off but im tired of living with Migraines! I'm only 5'3 and 119 lbs now...

United States

#316 Oct 10, 2012
I'm on my 9th day of Topamax and am pleasantly surprised. I was quite concerned about side effects so I did a lot of research on the drug, talked to two different pharmacists and read a lot of people's experiences online. I decided to give it a try. Soda now tastes like...well, who knows? It's awful. And some foods taste worse. On the other hand, Oreo's taste like nectar from the gods! Just bumped up to 50 mg from 25. Really no other side effects yet except extremely thirsty all the time, slightly decreased appetite and yucky taste in mouth. Will keep updating.

Traverse City, MI

#317 Oct 11, 2012
Nancy wrote:
I was prescribed Topamax for OCD yesterday. After reading some of your comments, I'm now afraid to take it!! Someone please help me change my mind...
See post below :)

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#318 Oct 12, 2012
A nurse friend of mine is taking this medication for weight loss...she has become a high strung, nervous wreck...meanwhile, I see very little weight loss. Also, she says she is awake until 3AM!

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#319 Oct 14, 2012
I have only been on topamax for 3 1/2 weeks. My psychiatrist put me on it in hopes that I can lose weight that I have gained from my antipsychotic medication and from quitting smoking. In this 3 1/2 weeks I have actually gained 4 pounds and my hair is changing which scares me after reading all of the posts from people who are having hair loss.
My hair has become thinner, drier and is very tangly. My hair is normally shiney and strong. It is no longer. I am stopping this medication today!!!!! My hair is not worth it!!!

United States

#320 Oct 14, 2012
What was the mg you were on?
kililina wrote:
I have been on topamax for 4 months I have lost 47lb. I am 5'6 and was 197. The tingling in my fingers has not stopped yet but I can deal with it. The migraines are less often. But food is the last thing I want all day.

Haslet, TX

#321 Oct 14, 2012
How long after starting Topamax did you start noticing weight loss? I've been on it since the 4th of Oct and nothing yet!

Yonkers, NY

#322 Oct 15, 2012
I've been on Topamax since 2005. The first few weeks were tough. Tingle in the fingers, dry mouth ...all the side effects were very apparent but the entire exercise is worth it if you want to lose the weight. I lost almost 50 pounds and I now take 50 mgs (100mg pill cut in half) with dinner along with metformin (an anti diabetic medication). I eat everything and maintain my weight but eat small portions before I am full. This works but go to a good doctor as I am for supervision.
Jenny WI USA

Milwaukee, WI

#323 Oct 16, 2012
Whilst weight loss does seem to be one of the many common side effects of Topamax, I've been reading a lot about it recently and anyone posting on forums is complaining that when they stop taking it, they regain all and more of the weight they lost in a very short period of time. I've been on 100mg dly for migraines for 2 years, with very good results and have only lost 10lbs, which I lost within the first couple of months of starting it. I would love to lose more but having read about everyone's uncontrollable weight gain after stopping Topamax I'm now quite pleased that's all I've lost. I'm so over the hair loss and cognitive issues that even though I haven't had a migraine since starting Topamax I'm seriously considering my options. I did months of research before starting it and took ages to make my decision given all the nasty side effects. My dose was titrated slowly and I dealt with all the usual issues to begin with but after 2 years I'm just really sick of not being me anymore and losing half of what used to be my lovely thick hair. Unfortunately from what I've read many people seem to get stuck in the Topamax cycle, where they stop it because they can no longer stand the side effects, but they regain so much weight that out of desperation they go back on it to lose the weight again and have to suffer through all the miserable side effects again and on it goes. I do not want to get stuck in that cycle...the thought of it terrifies me! Until I read about this recently the weight loss side effect was the silver lining in an otherwise very dark cloud of unwanted side effects associated with this potent medication.
Beth RN

Marathon, FL

#324 Oct 18, 2012
Holley wrote:
Hi, I have been on Topamax for 3 yrs. I am 26 yrs old college student. It has been the roughest drug I have ever been on. However at the same time I have lost over 100lbs. on this med. I used to be 220 standing @ 5'0. I now weigh 95; my ideal weight for my hieht. that is what keeps me taking the medication that and I need it for a mood stabilizer as well. Now the bad side of Topamax actually get pretty intense. I developed a skin condition I think that is referred to as Rehniods. Where in mild wheather your hands and feet lose blood circulation,turn white and go numb...then get very painfull.and I now may have permenant nerve damage. Other side effects include severe hairloss, memory loss and brain fog, cognitive incapalitites as well. My over all oppinion of this drug is that it's not worth the easy weightloss, while sacrificing your mind, pain, and hair. It's a horrible comprimise.
not from the topamx, is because your body/vessels couldn't handle the load. think of having a load of cushion between your body and your vessels, and then???? no cushion! your vessels were on their own not able to handle the pressure of no cushion! I'm just theorizing! But what is a theory?

Sumter, SC

#325 Oct 21, 2012
I started topamax 3 days ago and have not lost no weight first night i took 50mg and second night i started 100mg,i have not had no side effects, it does not make me sleep,im still eating maybe a little less,really i cant tell im takeing it,

Fort Payne, AL

#326 Oct 23, 2012
I wake up with migraines often so last friday i started to take topamax 2x daily did ok over the weekend no major side effects, yea i thought great..went to work monday still doing good no jitters or anything :) but then i sit behind a desk all day, i am a Zumba instructor as well and teach classes Mon, Tue & Thu night, so last night as i started my class i noticed that i was just a little off on my steps, by the 4th song i had to stop my class, it was like my brain was slower and my body even slower, i felt very bad :( should i only take it at night i have 50mg or not take it at all

United States

#327 Oct 24, 2012
I just started Topamax 3 days ago (25mg) and I haven't noticed any weight loss yet, but I really only have about 10 pounds of weight to lose. I used to have severe, daily migraines and I haven't had one since I started taking it!

United States

#328 Oct 26, 2012
ive been on and off topomax for severe migraines since i was 18... im almost 28 now .. the only times ive been off it have been when i was pregnant . its always been my life saver. i am on 200mg a day . i also take Zoloft, a prenatal vitamin ( no im not pregnant or nursing), and Biotin 5000mcg every day .

this last time ive been back on it has been about 17 months and i noticed weight loss at about 2 weeks - prolly from pop tasting gross!. im 5'5' and 17 moths ago wieghed 187.... i weigh 108 now. i was 100lbs. i lost all that weight in 7-8 months - ive just been trying to gain or maintain for the past 6 months. i was VERY active now i cant be which kinda sucks...
all of u worried about the hair loss.... yes it happens . its a side effect because - if u lose weight rapidly .... ur hair will loose its luster and thin out .. sometimes rapidly.. google it.... it scared me when it happened i know .....hence the prenatal vitamin AND exrta BIOTIN supplement i take to combat that. my hair is great now . its back to what it was shinier than ever. plus i got extensions for that in between time haha Ebay is great for that :)
i am experiencing the restlessness and the not being able to sleep or stay asleep ...idk i also think my Zoloft isnt working anymore and that could be true ive been on that for 4 yrs and sometimes SSRI's get less effective over time ...

alls i know is that Topomax may not be for everyone and it def is a serious drug one should NOT take lightly....i for one am thankful to its makers for giving me migraine free days where i can be a mom to my boyz instead of just a couch potato in pain :)

Milwaukee, WI

#329 Oct 26, 2012
Hair loss whilst on Topamax is not just as a result of rapid weight loss. Unfortunately it is a direct side effect of taking this drug. I understand hair loss can be associated with rapid weight loss but I have only lost 10lbs and have been on Topamax for nearly 2 years. I lost the weight in the first couple of months of taking it but my hair continues to fall out despite daily vitamins and biotin. I have lost half of my very thick hair, so thick and curly I used to complain about how difficult it was to manage. Now I am so thankful it is curly so that I at least look like I still have reasonable hair even though it is in terrible condition and is half what it used to be. I don't know how much longer I can tolerate the horrible side effects of this medication even though it works so well to control my migraines. Apart from the hair loss I'm fed up with being so stupid! The cognitive side effects wear you down over time.

United States

#330 Oct 26, 2012
I'm taking alesse birth control, will 25 mg of topamax interfere with it's effectiveness?

Memphis, TN

#331 Oct 27, 2012
Kelly wrote:
I'm sorry, I didn't have just survive cancer but I just started Topamax 2 weeks ago for debilitating pain in my upper thigh caused by a pinched nerve root in my back. I am currently on 150 mg per night and moving up 50 mg a week to desired comfortness. This all started going down last September 2005 when my little brother was fighting spinal cancer, c-difficile, lung clots and brain bleed. Was easy to ignore pain but WOW it smarted after my sweet baby bro passed away November 14, 2007...Love you Cody. Anyway, the Topamax I found after about 10 days has suppressed my never ending appetite as I had gained 60 pounds in the last 2 years. This stuff just turns you off of food for some reason, seriously! My doctor told me one patient of his had lost 7 pounds in 2 days taking this stuff and I thought yeah right good for her, that won't be me , I'm too much of a bush hog for that. The last place it went on is coming of first(OH, AND IT MAKES YOU SLEEP SOUNDER TOO) good luck ladies, my prayer are with you!
Kelly, Enjoyed reading your note here, neat person-a-ty! I've taken it a long time now but havn't lost weight cause I'm aslo on Duragesic and it makes me eat my sweets. But the first time I took Topamax the weight did jump off. The higher the dosage thats right for you that you can handle, the better.

New Franken, WI

#332 Oct 28, 2012
How hard is it to get doctors to give out for weight loss? Turning 45 in 2 days had complete hysterectomy last january and just keep gaining weight..depressing.

Manlius, NY

#333 Oct 28, 2012
Has anyone ever encountered bumps on their leg or legs for taking this??? I have been increased to 200 mg and since then I notice three lumps on the lower part of my leg. I thought I seen a side effect on a sight of blood clots?!?! Anyone know of this or heard of this happening??

Spokane, WA

#335 Oct 29, 2012
Nancy wrote:
I was prescribed Topamax for OCD yesterday. After reading some of your comments, I'm now afraid to take it!! Someone please help me change my mind...
I wouldn't try to change your mind... I only took this drug for about 3 weeks and it was absolutely horrible. Not only did I have over half of the weird and bothersome side effects, I also experienced some of the less common ones that are apparently quite urgent if you do get them. I have been a raging lunatic towards my fiance for no apparent reason and sobbing because I am so upset but then cant explain why I am so upset. All drugs effect people differently so it could work quite well for you with the issues I and many others have had, but i strongly recommend researching it very well before taking and discussing things with your doctor. Also keep a close eye on yourself and have some one else as well, I did look up a few side effects when I first started taking it like the numb and tingly hands but I hadn't read about all the other ones and was quite worried when i started experiencing all of these weird and scary things going on with me (chest pains that woke me from a dead sleep, hard time sleeping or staying asleep, numb and tingling in my hands feet and face, burning in my face, hands spasming, trouble breathing, severe emotional problems, feeling drained and tired constantly, very nauseous, weight loss, food either had no taste or tasted weird etc). Note also that I havn't taken it for a week now and I am still experiencing side effects. Good luck either way you go but i strongly encourage to take a second look at this drug and see if it is worth it to you.

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