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Hartman, AR

#1 Sep 28, 2007
Has anyone heard of taking Topamax for weight loss? I completed my treatments in May and am having trouble shedding a few "unwanted" pounds due to the chemo "throwing" me into menopause. My Oncologist suggested this med at 25mg at bedtime. Just wondering if anyone has had any results? Thanks.

Eugene, OR

#2 Oct 3, 2007
howlong did it take for anyone of you to see any weight loss after starting to take topamax i have been on it for migrains for 2 weeks and have not noticed anything i have actually started eating more it's like i cant stop.

Port Elgin, Canada

#3 Feb 10, 2008
I'm sorry, I didn't have just survive cancer but I just started Topamax 2 weeks ago for debilitating pain in my upper thigh caused by a pinched nerve root in my back. I am currently on 150 mg per night and moving up 50 mg a week to desired comfortness. This all started going down last September 2005 when my little brother was fighting spinal cancer, c-difficile, lung clots and brain bleed. Was easy to ignore pain but WOW it smarted after my sweet baby bro passed away November 14, 2007...Love you Cody. Anyway, the Topamax I found after about 10 days has suppressed my never ending appetite as I had gained 60 pounds in the last 2 years. This stuff just turns you off of food for some reason, seriously! My doctor told me one patient of his had lost 7 pounds in 2 days taking this stuff and I thought yeah right good for her, that won't be me , I'm too much of a bush hog for that. The last place it went on is coming of first(OH, AND IT MAKES YOU SLEEP SOUNDER TOO) good luck ladies, my prayer are with you!

Salinas, CA

#4 Jul 5, 2008
Hi, I have been on Topamax for 3 yrs. I am 26 yrs old college student. It has been the roughest drug I have ever been on. However at the same time I have lost over 100lbs. on this med. I used to be 220 standing @ 5'0. I now weigh 95; my ideal weight for my hieht. that is what keeps me taking the medication that and I need it for a mood stabilizer as well. Now the bad side of Topamax actually get pretty intense. I developed a skin condition I think that is referred to as Rehniods. Where in mild wheather your hands and feet lose blood circulation,turn white and go numb...then get very painfull.and I now may have permenant nerve damage. Other side effects include severe hairloss, memory loss and brain fog, cognitive incapalitites as well. My over all oppinion of this drug is that it's not worth the easy weightloss, while sacrificing your mind, pain, and hair. It's a horrible comprimise. [email protected]

Brewer, ME

#5 Aug 3, 2008
Used it for alcohol rehab and lost 65 pds in 6 months. :)

United States

#6 Aug 16, 2008
i've been on topamax for months for severe migraines-maybe it's becausse i'm on such a low dosage (25mg-twice a day), but I haven't lost any weight or noticed any difference in that area. The good news is I don't have the migraines anymore. :)
Jason P Boston

Wallingford, CT

#7 Sep 3, 2008
Ok I will send you a little jolt! I am on 50 mg once a day foe 10 weeks now, I have lost 44 pounds. Went to the doctors yesterday and he told me I was underweight and to put some weight on! This stuff shuts turns your food switch off! I am not joking. It is like an eating disorder in a pill, run as fast as you can. It is not healthy weight loss.

Lakeland, FL

#8 Sep 29, 2008
I am about to begin Topamax or severe migraine headaches, I read that hair loss is a side affect has anyone noticed a thinning or loss of hair?

Omaha, NE

#9 Sep 30, 2008
I have been on 75 mgs a day for 4 months now and have lost 20 lbs. I think it's because I can't drink soda anymore it tastes terrible!! and I consumed ALOT of it before starting Topamax. But now I'm wondering when the weight loss will stop?

Chandler, AZ

#10 Sep 30, 2008
I have just started Topamax... I was on tergertol before... I had gained about 12 pounds in a month on the stuff. I have had a few seizures and they are not sure why but said they have to medicate... I was reading these posts and noticed that "yes my pop tasted like crap" ... I can afford to drop some weight but I am not sure this is the right way but don't want to go back on the tegertol....
amanpreet Kaur

Ajax, Canada

#11 Oct 3, 2008
MAC wrote:
Used it for alcohol rehab and lost 65 pds in 6 months.:)
what dosage were you using?
it works

Salem, MO

#12 Oct 27, 2008
amanpreet Kaur wrote:
<quoted text> what dosage were you using?
I take topamax for alcohol abuse, it DOES WORK/ there is a book called my way out, get it and read it. I stopped drinking, and lost 20 lbs. in 2 months. I was at 200mg a day

Since: Nov 08

Georgetown, IN

#13 Nov 2, 2008
I started 25mg per day 1 week ago and I've lost 8 lbs already. I agree with the post above that this may not be "healthy" weight loss, but bieng overweight isn't healthy either. If this gets me to a healthy weight, then so be it. So far so good!!

Buffalo, NY

#14 Nov 6, 2008
I just started on Topamax 2 weeks ago. The first week on 25 mg 1 x daily and now 25 mg 2 x daily for migraine use. I've lost 12 pounds in that time. But the first week, I didn't want to eat anything because it all tasted like campfire ash to me, seriously everything I put in my mouth. After that it's been okay. But like others have said, it just turns everything off. I don't have cravings, I don't feel hunger, I have to remind myself to eat or I can go the whole day without just because I don't realize that I'm hungry anymore. so that's kind of scary. Plus with the other side effect, I wouldn't take it just for weight loss. I'm hoping to get off this stuff soon.

Gurnee, IL

#15 Nov 9, 2008
I have taken Topamax on and off for the past 6 years. I lost about 30 pounds on it the first time I went onto it, but in any time I have been off of it and go back on, I do not lose any weight. All I could eat for three months was Cheerios. I am currently off it as it is no longer helping my migraines at my current dosage (100mg) and I refuse to increase it. When we went up to 125, I would fall asleep while driving. I have had a lot mental fog, forgetting things in the middle of sentences, etc, due to this drug. My doctor recommended taking Co-Q 10 & ginko to help with the fogginess and forgetfulness.

Grants Pass, OR

#16 Nov 9, 2008
i am just about to start on topamax 25mgs ,does anyone know why it is taken before bed? also is it taken 12 hours apart as 1 at bed time then another in the morning.. is it taken on empty stomach ,, i have suffered from migranes for years, while in costa rica the man at pharmacy told me to try topamax ,, and told me it would also help me loose weight, the problem is i lost the directions for taking the meds. i think it was 25mg at bed time for 1 week ,then ad 25 next week, for 1 month then up to 50mgs bed time /50 in the am, does this sound right to you? i am reading several people complain about not sleeping , why is that?? usually anti migrane meds have a calming effect. i am super sensitive to drugs,, after reading about the side effects i am wondering if i should start with 10mg,, what other side effects does anyone know about?


Lancaster, PA

#17 Nov 10, 2008
Hi, I just started taking Topamax on Friday, this is Monday, so that would be 3 doses. I notice that I am not hungry and all I want to drink is water. I am prescribed to take 25 mg at bedtime for one week, then 50 mg at bedtime for one week, and then 75 mg at bedtime. I believe that I will stay on the 75 mg for migranes. I get migranes very badly a few times a week. I had a headache that I know would have been a migrane yesterday, but I took 1 Aleve and it went away, that has NEVER happened for me. I have not seen any weight loss, but I am hoping I do. I have a sedintary job, so it may take a little while for me to notice anything. All I know is that if this helps me to not have the migranes, I will be very happy!

Gurnee, IL

#18 Nov 11, 2008
In my experience, it was taken before bed due to it causing drowsiness as a side effect. You should have instructions from your doctor and pharmacist on how to take it. It is very possible that if you got this drug from someone outside the country, that you do not even have Topamax. There are websites where you can enter the info that is on the pill and it will identify it for you. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor if you haven't, because this is a strong drug. It can cause numbness, tingling in weird places (my heel & the tip of my nose would fall asleep) as well as cognitive side effects. That being said, it still works very effectively to prevent the migraines, for the most part.

Savannah, TN

#19 Nov 14, 2008
You lost that much weight in 10 weeks?

Savannah, TN

#20 Nov 14, 2008
Are you saying you lost that much weight in 10 weeks?

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