Taxotere - side effects - permanent h...
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#51 Mar 25, 2009
Oh for heaven's sake, Shirley -- get over it. YES, I WAS TOLD. It wasn't pounded.

i think you were told too and forgot.

you want to keep getting poked at? Keep taking jabs at me.

PLEASE, Rita -- talk to your DOCTOR about the risk vs. benefit FOR YOU of ANY treatment you might be considering.

And it doesn't matter what you "think" about the 6.3% because there's absolutely nothing scientific about your survey, Rita.

If you would leave me out of your posts, I would leave you out of mine. But since you brought me in to it, when a person has a hard time dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, counseling may be in order. I urge people to get a second opinion before going into chemotherapy treatments.
shirley ledlie

Rennes, France

#52 Mar 25, 2009
So what does

And it doesn't matter what you "think" about the 6.3% because there's absolutely nothing scientific about your survey,

Actually its NOT MY survey - when will you learn to read my posts? the top Biotech company in sweden have given me those figures.
As i have said before i have not come across ANYONE apoart from YOU that has been told by their oncs that pemanent hair loss is a possibilty.
I certainly was NOT told about it. I was told that my hair would return.
But with everything Gail, i have to keep repeating myself to you because you do not read aynthing i post or it doesnt sink in!
So there we are..........
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#53 Mar 25, 2009
Here's the deal, Shirley. As soon as you get insulting, I stopped reading.

YOU question the 6.3%. You have your reasons. On the other hand, it would be a little hard for physicians to not spot baldness. I was told that my hair would "almost certainly" return. But see, there are two words. One is a qualifier.

As long as you continue to be insulting, I will continue to urge women who can't get past the side effects from treatment to seek some short-term counseling. It really can help.

Sebring, FL

#54 Mar 25, 2009
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#55 Mar 25, 2009
Sunflower, this is not her blog. She has a blog. I have not visited it.

This is a PUBLIC board.

Open your eyes and read the posts, Sunflower. Unless Shirley attacks me, what I have done is post here occasionally just to keep the topic high on the list. But she's so busy being angry that she's ignoring the FACT that the only difference between her hair and mine is a matter of degree.

As long as she jumps me, I'm going to jump her back. But she actually should grow up and realize that this is a PUBLIC board, and although Taxotere's side effects can be tough, it also saves lives.

I would rather have very thin hair (my situation) and be alive than have a full head of hair at my funeral. I really AM entitled to post here.

Sebring, FL

#56 Mar 25, 2009
Gail, I beg to differ. Shirley started this blog and if you go to the start of it, I don't think your name is on the first post!!!
shirley ledlie

Rennes, France

#57 Mar 26, 2009
Gail, i started THIS THREAD, i also dont have the blinded worship of Taxotere that you have. I have had many women contact me with the same baldness as me but now their cancer has returned.
You can worship Taxotere all you like but just bog off and start your own thread.
If you read back your posts you sound extremely ermmm lets just say aggitated and i sugest you try mediatation or yoga or something similar.
If you think you will have the last word on this you are wasting your time i can assure you of that.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#58 Mar 26, 2009
Shirley, you're the one who sounds agitated to me. My great sin is that I said something positive about Taxotere (that it saves lives) among all the negative things I said.

You can EASILY have the last word. All you have to do is post without once again attacking me for having the colossal nerve to not agree with you 150% on a public board.

Taxotere is a poison used in a controlled way. It poisons many body cells, not just cancerous ones. It is not a targeted treatment. It can often cause all body hair to fall out, although for some reason I kept my eyebrows -- and ONE eyelash in the center of each eyelid. My hair has remained extremely thin, especially on top, although I suspect the AI has contributed to that. It took a VERY long time for my hair to grow back and it still grows extremely slowly.

They did everything they could to avoid neuropathy (in my feet), but I still started developing it after the 11th treatment and refused the 12th one. It mangled my toenails and some of them seem permanently ruined, although my fingernails did grow back healthy.

I don't know why Shirley turns these things, that I've said before, into "I worship Taxotere." What I've said is that Taxotere may have saved my life. I had so many interventions that I don't know if one, or all of them, or none of them have contributed to the fact that I'm still cancer-free 2 1/2 years later.

The best advice I can give women is that yes, unless you get away with surgery alone, your hair will take a big hit. I know women who have had breast cancer and extensive treatment afterwards who have beautiful heads of hair, but I'm not one of them.

I simply will not sit by and see this person completely misrepresent what I have said.

I also will not discourage women from using Taxotere, but find out in depth from your doctor what the likely risk and benefits are for ANY treatment. When they talk about risk, make sure they tell you about non-life threatening risks -- hair loss, anemia, things they don't always take too seriously. Then make the best choice you can.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#60 Mar 26, 2009
Shirley, it's not "your thread." It's a PUBLIC bulletin board. You have a personal blog, so you know the difference. Have you EVER seen me at your bloc? NO, because that's your blog.

THIS is a public place. If you don't want comments from others, this isn't the way to accomplish that goal.

It isn't "your thread." It's A thread in a very public areaa.

If you want me to stop saying these things, stop harassing me for using a PUBLIC board.

But since you won't leave me in peace, I will point out that most people have had other treatments that can affect their hair in addition to Taxotere. My hair fell out before I ever got to Taxotere. Radiation can make your hair thin or fall out. AI's can certainly thin your hair, and a significant number of women have bald patches much like what some men experience just because of menopause.

If you don't want me to say these things, stop harassing me for using a PUBLIC bulletin board.
shirley ledlie

Rennes, France

#61 Mar 26, 2009
Its a breast cancer forum- yes Gail a FORUM, so each time someone starts a new topic its called a thread , yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
This is my thread, which is on a forum.
Do you know how crazy you sound to everyone.
Stop stalking me.
Rose Red

Sebring, FL

#62 Mar 26, 2009
Shirley, I just started reading these forums and I think maybe the chemo damaged Ms.Perry's brain.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#63 Mar 26, 2009
Shirley, I'm not stalking you, and your saying that really DOES sound crazy. I am truly sorry you have had the hair loss you have had. I wish I hadn't had hair loss also, but Taxotere didn't come from the devil and does save lives.

As long as you keep trying to control me, I'll keep responding. You MUST know this by now, so you must want to have an argument with a total stranger. Stop attacking me I won't respond.

Taxotere is a toxic chemotherapy agent. It's not a targeted treatment like Herceptin (although even that can have negative effects on other parts of the body and its use also has to be carefully considered by the patient).

I had to stop Taxotere before finishing it because of side effects. I also had nearly intolerable side effects from AI's and had to stop Herceptin for a while because my heart output dropped. My first round of chemotherapy dropped my hemoglobin by 60% Although you have stated otherwise, I have never called any of these treatments "wonderful" -- including Taxotere.

I am very sorry you weren't told the whole story on Taxotere. It isn't right. It shouldn't have been that way. If you had been told that a minority of women lost significant amounts of hair permanently, would you have made a different choice?
shirley ledlie

Rennes, France

#64 Mar 26, 2009
So if you are not stalking me why does everyone else on here think you are nuts?
Just do everyone a favour and go away.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#65 Mar 26, 2009
Shirley, when you stop harassming me I will stop posting the FACT that although Taxotere has side effects, it saves lives.

It's your choice, Shirley. in my opinion you are stalking me. You've made all sorts of accusations against me that constitute slander, in fact.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#67 Mar 27, 2009
Shirley, it's not "your thread." It's Topix's thread. People responding to you in one public board is not stalking. Anyone who believes that should read up on paranoia.

Taxotere can have serious side effects. It can also save lives. Leave me in peace, Shirley, and I'll leave you in peace.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#69 Mar 28, 2009
TOPIX are the people that put up this message board we are both posting on, Shirley.

Here's a link to where you just posted so you can see it for yourself.

But if you really didn't know you're posting on a public forum at least that would explain your apparent delusion that this was in some way "yours."

Stop attacking me and I won't be posting to you. Right now, the way you're acting, it would be like your walking up to me on a public street and punching me because I was on "your" sidewalk because you stepped on it first.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#70 Mar 28, 2009
That didn't work. that link really did tak you to your blog (not somewhere I've been, btw)...

Here's to TOPIX:

The Taxotere thread you started is listed there.
shirley ledlie

Treillières, France

#71 Mar 28, 2009
Of course i know who Topix are i was being sarcastic because you said it wasnt 'my' thread! Well, of course its mine - i started it, nobody else did. i started it to warn people and asked people to contact me privatly - like everyone has apart from you! this mad woman who just keeps stalking me.
Its a shame you have nothing better to do than make a complete arse of yourself
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#72 Mar 28, 2009
Ohh Shirley i think you didn't know, and now you don't have the good grace to respond.

It's NOT yours. It's a PUBLIC discussion area. If it was yours, you would be able to block me. You probably could block me from your personal blog, not that I have any interest in it.

Stalking, Shirley, is following someone from place to place to harass them. Since you're only going after me here, technically you are not stalking me. What you're doing is harassment.

Taxotere can cause hair loss. Only rarely (if ever) is it complete. I saw your photograph. You aren't completely bald. You have extremely thin hair, but it's not that long. How long has it been since you stopped the Taxotere? My hair, by the way, is every bit as thin as that on top of my head.

I think it's awful that you weren't told the whole story. That didn't happen to me with Taxotere but it did happen to me with the AI's.

I have actually been quite sympathetic and supportive your situation. I just haven't said ONLY what you wanted said.

It's a public board, and it's not your personal thread BECAUSE it's a public board.

I am asking you to stop harassing me.

Sebring, FL

#73 Mar 28, 2009
Gail, What is wrong with you? This is a public forum and Shirley did start this thread about her problem. So there's another thread concerning Taxotere and hair loss.If I were Shirley, I would not post another word on this matter, because you are so driven, that you would continue until you couldn't think of another word to say!!!Do you have nothing better to do, than to bully this woman with your words? She should know to not reply to you, because you want stop.

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