Dream Carousel wrote:
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Shame on you for not reading all of my comment.
After pointing out the arguments against and problems with harsh drug treatments i ended with saying it was a case of weighting up the risks for benefits. It depends on the individual, how at risk they are, for instance. How can anyone deny that there are times when certain drugs do as much harm as good. There have even been cases of preventive drugs causing other cancers, as well as life threatening side effects, hardly comparable to a broken leg. People sometimes die, not from cancer but from cancer treatment. Yes they are more life saving than not but people should still be aware! Any new drug treatment is potentially a very good thing but it doesn't make it automatically a safe miracle.
Oh NO.

SHAME ON YOU for coming in here looking for legal clients where you can make money off of their misery.

See, you can't get these medications without a doctor, and the doctors EXPLAIN the risks. They really do. You will go into court and get people to claim they weren't told, or it wasn't made clear enough, or whatever.

But meanwhile, my cancer that was HIGHLY likely to spread did not, and an osteoporosis drug may well be why I am living a joyful life instead of dead or slowly dying of cancer.

I did NOTHING WRONG except point out that you're coming in here trying to get richer.