After effects of Mirena Removed

Oviedo, FL

#25 Jul 7, 2012
After doing research today about the Mirena, I decided that I was gonna have this IUD taken out asap!!!...Yep, I do mean asap....I went to Youtube and looked up some video's on how to take it out...although I did have the IUD before and had it for only 2 years then decided it was time to concive..I had an appointment to take it out and it went well..quick and pregnant about a month after I had my second child, I decided on the IUD again only this time it's been longer then 2 years it will be 4 years next month that I've had in...well I have gained over 30 lbs..felt lazy all the time and tired...always bloated and moody...depressed and sad...crying over everything...and legs,face and tummy are filled with water weight!!!....I am so sad...I never suspected the IUD....smh...the Lord lead me to do a lil research on it today...and after that research I was so hot/mad!!!!....all that exercise and healthy eating and still much of nothing lost!!!!....I woke my husband up and told him it was an emergency....and that he was gonna be a doctor today cause this thing is gonna come out by tonight!!!....after about a few mins (half hour or so)...I cropped my legs up he dug up in there finally finding the string and gently pulled it out as I took a deep breath...I kissed him and said thank you so much Dr..I am free and ready for the real me to come back...HAPPY AND ENERGIZED!!!..OH, AND ALOT SLIMMER!!!...LOL





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Oviedo, FL

#26 Jul 7, 2012
PS...It says I'm from Chicago but I'm really from Indianapolis IN:-)





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Arlington, TX

#27 Jul 7, 2012
My Mirena story is like yours. Had it removed went from an 8 to a zero in like 6 weeks...I have really really severe migraines.. started taking song quail n yam root supplement today hope it helps... is six weeks too soon to have flushed out yhr progesterin.?





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Greensburg, IN

#28 Jul 9, 2012
I have had Mirena for aproximately 3 yrs and love it! I don't really have periods any longer. I have very little, if any, spotting around that time of the month. Never really notice any ill side effects. Very happy. Will most likely have another put in when my 5 yrs is up.

Edmonton, Canada

#29 Jul 9, 2012
I had my mirena removed 12 days ago. The first one fell into my cervix and the second one was on it's way there. Over 1 1/2 years I gained 20 pounds and was always bloated. I developed achilles tendonitis.(tendonitis is a possible side effect). It felt great to have my body back, so to speak. While on mirena I had terrible mood swings, fatigue and perineal pain.
One day after removal the "crash" symptoms started. I was exhausted, nauseated 24/7, headache for 24/7 and was experiencing hot flashes. All of these were constant for a week. I was incapable of doing anything but sleeping or watching t.v. The first day I was feeling human again I got a tickle in my throat and by the end of the day it turned into a full blown cold!! I believe this was from all the stress on my body. I am sure this device works for some people quite well but I couldn't be happier to have it out!!!!





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Edmonton, Canada

#30 Jul 9, 2012
I also went into my period for another 8 days and counting 11 days and counting right after finishing one

Houston, TX

#31 Jul 11, 2012
Hi ladies,these post are really helpful. i just hit my iud removed after having it for 18 months. my concerns were weight gain, anxiety and fatigue. after reading all the posts i am scared, i don't wanna go thru all those bleeding and spotting effects when i first got it inserted. it bled for like 8 months when i first got it. i am little nervous and waiting to see how my body reacts.
can someone please tell me how long will it take to start losing weight after getting it removed?




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United States

#32 Jul 15, 2012
I had Mirena implanted last Monday and had to go back Friday to have it removed. It was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. I was so bloated and in so much pain. The morning after having it done I had such bad right hip pain and cramping. By Friday I could not walk standing straight because of the effects it was having on me. I could feel it in there. My Dr. did an ultrasound of it prior to removing it to make sure it was places properly, but my body just couldn't handle it. I am still experiencing some major bloating and now a heavy period that I hope does not last long. I know that there are people out there it works for but I am NOT one of them.

Gloucester, Canada

#33 Jul 16, 2012
Hey ladies !!
Well i just got my merina taken out july 13 and well i spotted for the first day then stopped and yesterday i started spotting again and this mornin i woke up to bad cramping and heavy bleeding :(
But me and my spous are gonna try for another bby :) so excited .
one n only

United States

#34 Jul 20, 2012
Hey guys got a question got my mirena out last month on the and my husband been having unprotected sex none stop trying to get pregnant.well today I get my period n its spotting how long does it take to get ments please thank you
Lucy Sydney


#35 Jul 23, 2012
Hi all. I had the Mirena for 3 months. I gained 9 pounds in this time even though i train every other day and watch what i eat, had acne, terrible headaches, anxiety and awful wasnt for me. Had it removed 10'days ago and already starting to feel better...I can't imagine what I would have felt like if I had left it in any longer....was v unhappy.

Kingsley, Australia

#36 Jul 24, 2012
Wow. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow to arrange to get my mirena out after 15 months and 15 kilos weight gain. The constant bloating, mood swings, cramps, bleeding, discharge, everything, it's just not worth it. I can't believe how fat these things can make you. Really looking forward to being able to bend over again and get my sex drive back. Oh, and to actually sleep all night again. Bliss. Why though do doctors say none of this is real? Isn't there enough evidence out there to prove beyond any doubt that these side effects are real, and very common? The attitude of doctors surprises me.

Denver, CO

#37 Jul 25, 2012
I do not recommand anyone to get the mirena i had it a year & a half gained 40pounds feeling lazy ate everything never knew the side effect was weight gain i had it removed today i didnt know my dr. removed it , it wasnt painful at all.. Im so happy to have it removed now waiting to go back to the old me!!! Good luck ladies

Beaverton, OR

#38 Jul 27, 2012
I am going through the same, I had mine for about 6.5 years (replaced once) I am having really really slow weight loss post 8 months removal. I had it removed because I had a couple of terrible ovarian cysts, which my OB said wasn't related... but when I read on Merina site it said it can cause them... He is a great dr. but they are just really told the info the sales reps tell them... and they focus on the life and death of birthing and mama's. I don't discredit him at all. I wanted to know if you noticed any weight loss yet though. I have lots of cellulite too, I work out and run 3 miles 2-3 times a week and am fairly active besides this. I gained 27 lbs before I got it out, and have lost only about 7lbs. Post 10 months (got mine removed in October).
Hazel wrote:
I had Mirena put in almost five years ago. I get it taken out this October. After reading all your posts..I CANT WAIT. I also gained 20-30 pounds since having it...experienced moodiness, including deppression the first two years...and my sex drive went to 0...all these things I never had before. I hope I lose the weight...become less moody...and get my sex drive back, my husband will be delighted. I feel doctors will tell you anything to get paid. There has been so many problems with birth controls...and believe Mirena will eventually be recalled. Anything that messes up your NORMAL body functions cannot be good. I am done with female forms of birth controls; I'm tired of being a test subject. My husband will get a vasectomy or wear a condom the rest of our lives :) Thanks to all you women who have put the truth out about this product. We now know more than the DOCTORS.

Beaverton, OR

#39 Jul 27, 2012
Hiba wrote:
Hi ladies,these post are really helpful. i just hit my iud removed after having it for 18 months. my concerns were weight gain, anxiety and fatigue. after reading all the posts i am scared, i don't wanna go thru all those bleeding and spotting effects when i first got it inserted. it bled for like 8 months when i first got it. i am little nervous and waiting to see how my body reacts.
can someone please tell me how long will it take to start losing weight after getting it removed?
Every week I weight myself, I have lost about 7 lbs on average. Some days are better than others. I go from 125 to 120, I used to be 105 before I got Merina. My highest was 132 with it in. I bounced between 127 and 132 the first 3 months, then It was between 126 and 130 and it has constantly dropped about 1 lb every month. I was hoping it would be faster, but I did have it for 6.5 years. I have noticed sugar cravings is WAY better. I am still frustrated the weight is not coming off faster tho. Hang in there. Trust me, I had way more side effects than weight gain post removal, I thought I was having a mid life crisis. Nope, just merina.:) I guess I am prepared for menopause.(30 yr old, merina inserted 23.5 yrs old).

Washington, DC

#40 Jul 27, 2012
Hi everybody! I had mine removed yesterday after 6 yrs. My wonderful husband had a vasectomy. I never had any side effects besides no periods :). Removal was not bad at all, just a little pinch or cramp. It might not be for everyone but I think for the majority it is great!

United States

#41 Jul 27, 2012
I have had my mirena for 5 yrs.(AND I LOVED EVERY MOMENT).EXC.When I first got it I was on my period for almost 3weeks.After I had NO WEIGHT GAIN,CRAMPS,MOOD SWING everything was normal lighter periods,on time every month.I really enjoyed my experience with the mirena.I recent got married my husband & I are planning to have another child in a few yrs.On 12th of this month I had the mirena removed,I begin my cycle a day after,with only mild cramping,heavy bleeding,(Is anyone else going through this? & how long will my cycle stay on)

Indian Lake, NY

#42 Aug 13, 2012
I just had my mine taken out a few hours ago after having it for a little over three months. I felt extremely bloated all the time, I became wieght obsessed, whereas i am a petite girl. I was moody and had trouble sleeping. I already feel less bloated, My belly is not hard anymore. I wish it had worked out for me but I also know the three other people I knew who had it, also promptly had it removed, makes me wonder.


#43 Aug 22, 2012
I had Mirena for roughly 10 months. I gained about 10lbs on it. During the time I had it I really enjoyed it, I didn't feel any horrible side effects or anything. Rarely if ever got my period and wasn't crampy at all. I got Otw taken out because much husband and I decided to start trying for another kid. We already have 1 and I have another from another relationship. My first I got pregnant with while on the pill, and my second I stopped the patch and 2 weeks later I was pregnant. With mirena your supposed to be able to take it out and start right away. We've been trying noe for a little over 2 months and nothing. I feel horrible. I'm so moody, crampy, I have insomnia, I'm nauseous (my son came to me with a cookie and I felt like running to the bathroom instantly) my boobs are constantly sore, I feel pressure in my lower abdomen...I have no idea ways going on...both months I had these symptoms and both months thought i was pregant....tests all were negative. From what I'm reading most women try for 6+ months before getting pregnant, I'm so frustrated, and feel misled to believe something that wasn't true...sorry for the rant :(

Austin, TX

#44 Aug 26, 2012
I had the Mirena removed 10 days ago after nearly 5 years. After reading many posts and the side effects most were experiencing, I decided not to have it replaced. I spotted for two days, little cramping but by the third day after removal, had the Mirena crash. I felt really blah and nauseous for about two days. I did start a BC pill following the removal of the mirena and I am considering the Nuva ring instead. I went from a size 2 to a 8 over the course of the 5 years. Ive always been cousious of my weight and would consewider myself active and healthy. I have lost 4 lbs so far and I am hoping I will continue to drop weight. Is anyone else taking an alternate BC and has this effected any weight gain? I would love to get my weight down again and am not sure if there is weight gain with taking a BC pill or Nuva ring. Please comment.

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