Ocella--generic for Yasmin

Lincolnshire, IL

#243 Mar 4, 2009
I took Ocella for 3 weeks after being on Yasmin for years and ortho before that. I had no issues with either. After 3 weeks of Ocella, I had terrible headaches, a dull constant headache and now I stopped taking it but I have these aches in my legs. Its making me nervous its blood clots but i have them in both legs, in the side of my calves, mid back of my thighs and behind my knees. Its a dull weird feeling and not a sharp pain. I don't have swelling in the legs or paleness or heat or redness but I am soooooo sorry that I switched from Yasmin. Ocella is aweful. Right now I am not taking any birth control pills until I feel back to myself. Ocella is not the same as Yasmin!!!

Scottsdale, AZ

#244 Mar 6, 2009
Ocella is bad. I was on Yasmin for ovarian cysts (benign)and then I rec'd Ocella. My skin was fine with Yasmin, and now I have huge breakouts on my chest and back. I'm trying to control my face too. I get migraines with Ocella also. I've had one for a whole week. Does anyone experience dizziness with Ocella...or does is compound with the migraines? I'm stopping it soon.

Scottsdale, AZ

#245 Mar 6, 2009
Sorry...I live in grayslake, Il....not AZ.

Scottsdale, AZ

#246 Mar 6, 2009
Mary wrote:
I have been on Ocella for 6 months and take it at the same time everyday. I have never missed a day and I have had my period on the same day for the past 6 months. Well, now my period is 2 days late and I am 98% sure I am not pregnant. Any suggestions?
could be Amenorrhoea maybe. I missed my period for 2 weeks 4 months ago...I think I was on Yasmin. I think Yasmina and Ocella can cause amenorrhera. who knows...

Scottsdale, AZ

#247 Mar 6, 2009
Holly wrote:
I started taking Ocella about 4 months ago. Right away I started gaining weight. I attributed the weight gain to starting a new job. However, I am convinced it is the ocella that is causing my weight gain. I have gained almost 20pounds in 4 months. I exercise 6 days a week and eat healthy, why would this be happening? I plan on discontinuing this pill.
<quoted text>
Bad migraines w/ Ocella. Bad cramps... not that bad with Yasmin. Huge breakouts. Yuck! I'm going to stop too.

Spencerville, OK

#248 Mar 6, 2009
I was on Yaz almost a couple years ago and then switched to Yasmine and then got put on ocella. I have gained almost 10 lbs since all the switching around. I am now being put back on Yaz. Will i lose some weight switching back to a lose dose birth control or will i even notice a difference?

Georgetown, TX

#249 Mar 8, 2009
I too recently noticed they switched me to Ocella when I went back on Yasmin after not taking it for a while. I've given it a few months and it's horrible. I've had unexplained weight loss ( not that I'm complaining), acne is back- worse than when I wasn't on the pill or what I had when iw as on yasmin, my periods are just as heavy as they normally are and I still have cramps. I gave it time, but I'm going back and paying for the real stuff!

Chandler, AZ

#250 Mar 10, 2009
Hello everyone,
First off all - OMG. I don't know why it took me so long to put 2+2 together. I was switched from Yasmin to Ocella back in Sep 08. By the end of Oct 08 I went to the Dr. complaining of fatigue, modines, weight gain (so far 20 pounds in 5 months) and in general not feeling well and my ususal self. She was asking me all these questions and was leaning towards something wrong with my thyroid. She did a complete blood work and it all came back normal. We talked about getting me off of BCP, but I did not want risk getting pregnant and told her I needed time to look up my other options. We left it there. I went on line Saturday to order my refill for Ocella and out of curiosity Googled Ocella and found all the forums outhere. I can not believe all hese women with all these side effects ?!?! Although I did not have them all (do not have the cramping as bad and have not been nosiated a hole lot), after I dear like 200 posts I reilized that it is the pill that is making me ill. I e-mailed my Dr for a new (Yasmin Prescription) and also to get her opinion on it. I am frostrated that it was changed without her or my consent. I get them in the mail and when I was switched it was aready too late to send back and wait for another one - it is not like we can take the BCP wheneber we like or decide to. I am wondering if after all these complaints from SO MANY women the issue is going to be looked it and the drug either pulled off of the shelfs of modified?!? I also wonder if there is any female lawyers whose life has this reuined and if the ywill be taking actions. I will definelty be part of it if I was givven an oportunity as I have been miserable for the last 6 months due to the Ocella pill. I have stopped taking the Ocella this week and waiting to get back on Yasmin with which I did not have any major issues for over a year. I just hope it is not going to take me months to get back to my normal self. And to those of you who say "It is in our heads" - SHAME on you all - if it worked for you - OK - but do not DARE telling the hundreds women out there suffering. To all women considering trying it - DO NOT!!! It is not worth it playing iwht your health like that - TRUST ME -if I had been smarter and looked it up hwen I got switched - my health would have not been at risk as it is now. Or at least have a good long talk with a Dr you trust (I would not trust anyone at the Pharmacy). Good luck to all.

Alexandria, VA

#251 Mar 11, 2009
I was taking Yasmin for about a year and decided to switch to Ocella because it is $20 cheaper a month. It's been about six months now and I haven't experienced any side-effects. My skin is not as clear as it was when I was taking Yasmin, but it's a small price to pay to save some extra cash.

Memphis, TN

#252 Mar 11, 2009
i have been taken ocella for 2 months know and i have had no side affects and i use to have really bad back aches but ever since i started ocella i haven't had any it also helped me lose alot of weight it curbed my appetite and i was very happy about that but i can amit that i have been a little depressed where i would cry out of no where but thats about it.

Wethersfield, CT

#253 Mar 12, 2009
I took 3 orcella pills in one day becausei had forgotten to take them which i had done just fine many times before with yasmin, unforuntaly for me this time my brests are swollen and tender i have cramping in my lower stomach im exhausted and im eating like a truck driver lol im wondering am i pregnant? is it these damn orcella pills that already make me crazy and emotional and has anyone mad ethe same stupid mistake as taking bc 3 times in one day before and hwo long did your symptoms last i did this friday and it is now thursday

Indianapolis, IN

#254 Mar 13, 2009
Hi everyone, I started taking ocella a few months ago and every month when I start taking the pill again after my period I get very very sick!!! I feel nausea, light headed, and now that I've been reading I have been depressed also....is there anyway that I could get my insurance to cover more for the yazmin if I tell them the circumstances???

Boston, MA

#255 Mar 15, 2009
Last summer, my pharmacist switched me from Yasmin to Ocella without asking my doctor or I first. I figured that I would try it because of the reduced price. I did not notice any side effects until a few weeks ago when I started experiencing heart palpitations. It felt as if my heart would beat twice in a row, more quickly than usual. I didn't worry about it at first, but over time they became more frequent, so I began to research them online. I came across a forum that discussed ocella and blood clots, and in addition to heart palpitations, many other women listed side effects that I also experienced, but would never have attributed to the pills. I have experienced fluttering in my chest, trouble catching my breath, tingling in my legs, dull headaches and moodswings. I called my gyno 3 or 4 days ago and she told me to stop taking the pills immediately. I also began to take an 81 mg aspirin to thin the blood. I don't feel completely back to normal yet, but the side effects are less noticeable each day.

Mount Prospect, IL

#256 Mar 15, 2009
well, i have never been on birth control before and figured it would be good to go on Ocella just for the basic fact of being sexually active and also because i figured it would help with the mild breakouts i had from time to time-- im now in my 3rd week of taking it and I have to say that so far it has had negative effects on my body. sigh.

Slightly blurred vision--which i think has decreased already
extremely tender breasts--increase in size--which i don't see a problem in that--the tenderness is starting to go away just so you all know..
I have had slight headaches
more anxiety than usual
I have been feeling down about everything which is unlike me--i feel out of the loop with everything and I feel like hiding from the world--I don't even want to go to work tomorrow.
I also have had a massive breakout--that could be the reason why I don't want to go out.
Mild rashes
dry skin
I have had numbness in my right hand only once so far--it actually scared me and made me think i should stop, but i thought maybe to continue for at least one more month to see if everything subsides.
I have also felt more tired than usual.
Increase in appetite-but not too much of a problem for me.

I will let you know in another month if most of these side effects subside--although i am a firm believer that such drugs that are supposed to help your body should not cause so many problems first starting--it should be an ease to start any bc.

District Heights, MD

#257 Mar 16, 2009
I've been on Yasmin for 7 years with no problems. I switched to Ocella in September 08 and almost immediately had a reaction (break-out, angry outbursts followed by tears). I dropped it and switched back to Yasmin - but after 3 months and $240 out of pocket I decided to give Ocella another go. Now, 4 months later, I've been getting horrible panic attacks, angry outbursts again, crying fits, and severe depression. I blamed it on other stresses in my life (I had just gotten engaged) but after I started avoiding social situations and feeling crippled by inexplicable anger, I saw my doctor. I was tested for thyroid irregularities but the first thing the doctor said was that Ocella can cause this reaction.

Apparently generics only have to be in sync with the brand name by 80%. The 20% variable - and it can vary by each pill - can cause a huge shift in side effects when you're dealing with hormones.

The doctor switched me to Yaz which has a lower estrogen dose (0.02 mg vs. 0.03), so hopefully this will settle the demons in my head. In the meantime I have to restore the damage I've done to my mental health and relationships.
taylor denea

Riverton, NJ

#258 Mar 17, 2009
hi guys, i ve been reading the comments and they are really helping answering some of my questions. i havent started it yet. i am this sunday when i get my period this weeek. does it work just like every other birth control... protect against pregnancy just as good as any other birth control?
taylor denea

Riverton, NJ

#259 Mar 17, 2009
hi guys. your comments are really answering some of my questions, well i havent started the birth control yet. its the generic version of yasmin. i start it this sunday when i get my period. does it work just as well as yasmin.. like preventing pregnacy as good as anyother birth control?

Irvine, CA

#260 Mar 17, 2009
I just started birth control and was given Ocella in place of Yasmin - I woke up at 430 in the morning with horrible stomach pain, and vomited 5 times between then and 8:30, its 3:30 and Im still hurting, but thankfully I stopped vomitting. I was thinking since I was new to the pill that was probably the source of my bad reaction however after reading A LOT of comments about ocella - all negative, I dont know if I will continue taking it

Chandler, AZ

#261 Mar 18, 2009
Not sure what you are asking about - the Ocella or the Yasmin? But they both work well as birth contol as long as you take them as you are supposed to. But if you read my post frm lat week - the really long one - you will know why I would NOT suggest going to Ocella. I would try any other generic (if money is an issue), but make sure you do some research and cover any concernes you have with your Dr. Trust me - this thing has turned my life around in a very bad way for months.

Chandler, AZ

#262 Mar 18, 2009
Sorry the Previous post was a reply to taylor denea.

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