Ocella--generic for Yasmin

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#223 Feb 18, 2009
I've been on Ocella for about 6 months or so. I haven't had any issues. In fact, I can't tell the difference between Ocella and Yasmin. My best friend is also on Ocella and hasn't had any side effects. I think it really all depends. If I would have had any of the side effects most of you had, I would go off of it myself. Fortunately, I haven't.

Saint Paul, MN

#224 Feb 19, 2009
I just started taking Ocella last night and today whole day i was not feeling well, i was sleepy whole time, feeling nausiated and cud not eat anything, i vomited just after having lunch, i was also not myself, was been shorttempered all the time..........feeling low, yelling on my 2 yr old son, i never took any con. pill before, i don't know what to do, my Gyn has prescribed Yasmin for me coz i wanted a pill wid least side effects but at pharmacy they just gave Ocella......

Albany, NY

#225 Feb 20, 2009
Sher wrote:
OMG. I cannot belive all that I am reading... This is my 4th month on Ocella. I had a horrible last week. Generally I am cranky and irritable, but I can safely say that it is at its worst now. I was on seasonqe befor, But I feel that I didnt give it a chance I had my Dr switch me about 2 1/2 mths later and he chose YAZ, but the pharmacy gave me Ocella. I have found that my periods are a bit longer.I have cramping wich I never had befor. More headaches. Matter of fact due to the horrible week I had, I just went out and bought some saint johns wort cuz I think I have an anxiety problem thier for also leading to slight depression... Could all this be due to the BC Ocella????
St. Johns wort can cause BC not to work. Do not take it without using a back up method.


#226 Feb 20, 2009
I started taking Ocella about 4 months ago. Right away I started gaining weight. I attributed the weight gain to starting a new job. However, I am convinced it is the ocella that is causing my weight gain. I have gained almost 20pounds in 4 months. I exercise 6 days a week and eat healthy, why would this be happening? I plan on discontinuing this pill.
Caitlin wrote:
I just started taking Ocella, the generic version of Yasmin. I've never taken any birth control pill before, so I don't have anything to compare to. Ocella is supposed to have the same active ingredients as Yasmin, but I've read that many women had no problems with Yasmin during the time they were on it, but switched to Ocella and began having really bad side affects. Has anyone taken Ocella, or even better taken Yasmin and then switched to the generic, that can share their experience? Any advice?

Phoenix, AZ

#227 Feb 21, 2009
I took yasmin for 2 years before being switched to ocella. It made me very sick I ended up switching to a different pill altogether.

Maryville, MO

#228 Feb 23, 2009
I have been on Ocella for 6 months and take it at the same time everyday. I have never missed a day and I have had my period on the same day for the past 6 months. Well, now my period is 2 days late and I am 98% sure I am not pregnant. Any suggestions?

Charleston, SC

#229 Feb 24, 2009
I have been on Yasmin for almost 5 years now, and have absolutely loved it. I switched to Yaz for 3 months last year, and it made me an emotional wreck to the point that my mom and fiance teamed up on me to call the gyno and change back. I swore after that experience that I would never switch off Yasmin again, but now my pharmacy decided for me, and I was switched to Ocella in December. A couple of weeks later, I had a fainting-like spell (have only fainted once before). I now randomly and frequently feel faint and light headed, and have constantly switched between having diarrhea and being constipated. My cramps, which are normally not too bad, have pushed me to the point of almost calling my doctor for pain killers (and I didn't even get my prescription filled for pain killers when I broke my hand a couple of years ago). I am tired, bloated, and can't get enough to eat. I am in the medical field, and I am very in touch with my body. This is not in my head, and this pill is not "identical" to Yasmin, as I was also assured by my pharmacist. I am switching back to Yasmin immediately.

Since so many of us women are having similar experiences, everyone please be careful before getting put on Ocella! It's definitely not identical to Yasmin!

Charleston, SC

#230 Feb 24, 2009
I have a question: Are they giving Ocella as the generic for both Yaz and Yasmin?

I just read some more posts that said their doctor prescribed Yaz and they got Ocella, and I am prescribed Yasmin and got Ocella. Which one is it the generic for if it is supposedly the same exact thing as Yasmin?

Philadelphia, PA

#231 Feb 24, 2009
I read a lot of horror stories about ALL types of brith control. Everyones body is different so some people experinece the side effects and others do not. I've been on Ocella for about 3 to 4 weeks now. I use to be on Lowestrin 24 but switched after a month (my insurance company did not cover it and it was very expensive) and they gave me Ocella. I have to say i have no problems with Ocella. I feel normal, but i do feel like a gain some weight, but thats a side effect with most brith controls. I hope this help =)

Kapolei, HI

#232 Feb 25, 2009
I have used birth control pills before mainly Alesse but I stopped using bcp over a year ago, then I decided to go back on birth control since I started to get pimples on my face. I went to the clinic and asked for Yaz or Yasmin, but they said my insurance will cover Ocella. So I've been ok Ocella for 3 weeks now. I feel moody (but I'm usually that way), I have not gained any weight, I do not feel sick (other than catching a cold), but my boobs feel more tender than usual.

It seems like most people are having a negative reaction when they switch from Yasmin to Ocella.

Denver, CO

#233 Feb 25, 2009
I cannot say enough bad things about Ocella. Yasmine worked great for me for years, I switched to Ocella just to save a few bucks, and BIG MISTAKE. First, I usually respond really well to medicine with little to no side effects, and I know I wasn't psyching myself out because I just realized all the symptoms I was having was probably the birth control (I hadn't researched it prior to my switch to Ocella). Since then, I had have diarrhea, dizziness, abnormal vaginal discharge (I have been STD tested... so its not that), cramps, breast tenderness, incredibly tired, hot flashes, etc. I almost went in to get tested for mono, until realizing that all of these problems began at the same time I started Ocella. Of course, people respond differently to different meds, but if you have a choice, staying on Yasmine is worth the extra money. I am beginning low dose Yaz on Sunday, and am excited to see the side effects go away... I will let you know how it goes.

Yonkers, NY

#234 Feb 26, 2009
I was on yasmin for years with no problems. Ihave been on Ocella for three months and have had major changes in appitite...alway hungry and always bloated. I have always been a tiny person, but since on Ocella I've gained 5 lbs and all the working out and eating right has not helped. Also I have noticed increase breast tenderness along with loss of energy and lack of motivation. I am going on Yasmin next week!

United States

#235 Feb 28, 2009
I started taking Yasmin a few years ago and I really felt good on it. I lost weight and everything. My doctor does not like gereics but forgot to note on my newest perscription to not give me generic. I was given Ocella. I gained weight, I have cramping, and my mood swings are horrible. I think I scare my husband. I scare myself! It can only be this pill. I am going back on Yasmin next week. God bless those who have no issues with Ocella.

Minneapolis, MN

#236 Feb 28, 2009
I had been on yasmin for about 6yrs, and never had any problems. My periods were very light(3days) with minimal to no cramping. I was switched to the generic several mos ago, and since then have had terrible cramps, even when I don't have my period, bloating, and nausea. Also, my cycle lasts about a wk, and I've had spotting between cycles. I have never had a problem with any generic meds before. I just switched back to yasmin. It will cost a little bit more, but to me it is worth the extra cost. Also, if you ever want to skip your period(ex.vacation), the generic does not work. I got my period 10 days into the pack. I think it has to be a lower dosage.

Traverse City, MI

#237 Feb 28, 2009
I just started taking Ocella about three days ago. I have felt kinda weird but i heard that is common the first pack or so of using the pills. I was wondering if weight gain is common with this pill? I am about 5'3 and 105 pounds and have problems gaining weight so I would welcome a few extra pounds. Also do breasts get larger? because I have a C and idk how I would handle having anything bigger.

Jackson Heights, NY

#238 Mar 2, 2009
Hello everyone. I was as surprised as everyone else on the switch from Yasmin to Ocella. I was a little upset that the pharmacy didn't even warn me. I just started taking it an noticed that it didn't give me nausea and dizziness as Yasmin did on the first day of taking it. So that's good. And i was surprised because i was ready to get sick, as usual, but didn't. So far i have not had any side effects, but then again, it's only my second day. Like someone else said, i guess it will depend on each person, so you won't know until you try it.

Dearborn Heights, MI

#239 Mar 2, 2009
Jackson wrote:
<quoted text>
My daughter was taking yasmin for about one year and was switched to ocella. Into her second month she was complaining of heart problems and extreme fatigue along with bloating, diarrhea and severe cramping. She went to the health center at her college and they did blood work and an EKG, everything came back normal. We then realized the only thing she had changed was her switch to ocella. After reading different side effects online, The doctor agreed to switch her back to yasmin
only no substitutes. The generic ocella was not a good match for my daughter.
I'm feeling the same way. I started Ocella recently and am still on my first pack, but since i started it i've felt unbelievably depressed. I can't stop eating and i can't stop crying. It's ridiculous! Is this happening to anyone else?

New York, NY

#240 Mar 2, 2009
I have been taking Ocella for about 4months, and before that i was taking Yasmin. Big big mistake for me. The side effects from Ocella in the first couple of months weren't so bad but now i cant wait until im done with this pack and switch back to yasmin!Ocella made me hungry, gain weight, and most of all axiety. I have always had a small build my whole life, and from Ocella im the biggest I have ever been before.

Onalaska, WA

#241 Mar 3, 2009
Wow, I have to say I am shocked by all of these comments. I started taking Ocella months ago, and I have not had any side effects. It seems to work just as well as Yasmin. I have not had any problems whatsoever.

Topeka, KS

#242 Mar 3, 2009
I just got Ocella today, its my first time ever being on Birth Control so its a little scary. i know alot of Birth controls come with side effects. but everyone does react different so ill see how it goes.

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