Ocella--generic for Yasmin

Holden, ME

#203 Feb 4, 2009
Hi I was on Yasmin and switched to Ocella. I have been so frustrated lately, I also was all messed up seeing prisms in my eyes. I couldn't focus. I also get period symptoms the week after my period: cleaning all the time, hungry but can't satisfy my hunger and also chest pains.

San Diego, CA

#204 Feb 4, 2009
I was taking Yasmin, solely to treat my moderate acne, it was fantastic my skin was gorgeous, it helped to regulate my period, I loved it. I switch to Ocella to save the $10 and I definitely experienced a difference. My skin stayed clear and gorgeous but I started feeling very tired, and sort of depressed in general. I know that te active ingredients are the same but I assure you there at least can be a difference, it was the only variable that changed for me. Needless to say I am switching back, good luck to you.

Jamaica, NY

#205 Feb 5, 2009
I have never tooken birthcontrol and i started to regulate my period and i NEVER had cramps before in my life but wen i took ocella i had unbareable cramps and back pains i having them again and this is the second month i am about to switch to something else

Sacramento, CA

#206 Feb 6, 2009
I have been on Ocella for over 6 months. The main side effects I have had are headaches when I am on my period (so the days when I am taking the white pills, I pretty much have a headache all 7 days) and bleeding between periods, although this one just started this month. It seemed to be helping clear up my skin at first, but I break out really bad a week before my period, not like before. Those huge tumor like ones under the skin. So gross. Other than that, I guess I cannot complain. I do plan on getting off this June though.

Hendersonville, TN

#207 Feb 7, 2009
My daughter was taking Yasmin for several years on a three month cycle like seasonal. Her ob.gyn said this was safe to do. she went off bc for several months and felt great/lost the puffiness in her face, no breakouts. three weeks ago she went back on bc and they gave her ocella...today she was crying and seems to be experiencing mood swings. she "feels fat" and has noticed weight gain just in three weeks.

she will most likely go back on yasmin

Philadelphia, PA

#208 Feb 8, 2009
I took Yasmin for a year and a half and Yaz for about 6 months. I then went off birth control for 4 or 5 months before being prescribed Yasmin again. To my surprise, when I went to pick it up, I got Ocella instead. It has now been three months since I started Ocella and I love it! I had really bad spotting when I was on Yasmin and Yaz and sometimes my period would last two weeks, but the only side effect I have had so far on Ocella is slightly tender breasts. I have asked my doctor and pharmacist about the difference between Yasmin and Ocella and there is NO DIFFERENCE. Everyone reacts to their pill differently, but sometimes I think people on these forums are hyper sensitive to any changes that occur once they start taking a new pill and Im not entirely convinced that what they are experiencing is related to the pill. For example, I love the posts that say their birth control turned them into a complete bitch. I'm more inclined to believe that they are just a bitch than to think that their b.c. caused it.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a positive review for this because I was kind of freaked out by all of the negative reviews out there for Ocella. Remember that people are more likely to complain on these forums than to report positive results, so Im sure there are plenty of people out there who have had successful results.

Alden, NY

#209 Feb 8, 2009
I switched to Ocella from Necon because the necon was giving me terrible moodiness and breast tenderness. The first day on ocella was great, I felt happier than I had in months and i didn't have pain anywhere. But after that first day shit hit the fan. I have had terrible, awful stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting, and constant menstrual-like cramps. I called my pharmacy and they said to have my doctor call in a prescription and write that I can only have the name brand or else they can't give me yasmin. I'm going to call tomorrow and start the real yasmin this week. I don't think they should be selling this shit.

Dundalk, MD

#210 Feb 8, 2009
I've been takin ocella for a about 5 or 6 months now, and i love it. With My other birth controls i was always spotting and moody, but with ocella my periods last only about 3 days and are moderatly light and i dont get cramps anymore :]
Cali Girl

United States

#211 Feb 11, 2009
I took Yasmin for six months... One day I went to pick up my Birth Control Pills, they were different, I talked with the pharmacy, and they assured me they had the same ingredients as Yasmin. I am a dancer, and can not afford to gain extra weight, so I was very concerned, but I did trust the pharmacy. After 3 months, of Non-stop eating, cravings were crazy... They would switch from Salty to Sweet, and I was never full. Bloaded, Breast Tenderness, Emotional, Depressed, Cried often, Crazy Wieght Gain... So, I stopped taking them, all together, I was sick of feeling like that... A few weeks later (3 weeks) I broke out in this rash on my forehead, chest, neck, and back... I have been to many doctors, dermatologists, accupunture, spa's... Not a single one can tell me what I have. I know it if from Ocella, I have NEVER had skin problem before. I am going crazy, and have decided to go back on the pill to see if that is what it is, however, I am going back on Yasmin, and I am more than willing to pay. I can not find anything of side effects after taking the pill, if anyone knows any, please let me know. I dont know what else to do. Thank you.

Mount Pleasant, MI

#212 Feb 12, 2009
Sierra, you are not the only one with good Ocella experiences. I used to take Yasmin and decided to switch to something else last year. My body didn't like the new hormone combination and so I asked for Yasmin again. The prescription was filled with Ocella and I just finished the first month. I have experienced no more side effects than with Yasmin and my period started right on time.
I have pharmacists in my family and they agree that it is highly unlikely that the above described side effects have anything to do with Ocella being a generic. Especially when you consider that Ocella is made by the same manufacturer than Yasmin.

Glendora, CA

#213 Feb 12, 2009
I started Ocella on Monday after few years w/o BC. Before I used to take Yasmin and I felt very good with it.
I started Ocella at the first sign of my period, after that I have been spotting which I believe is normal but today I was bleeding a little more and also I have a bad taste in my mouth, like sour taste that I never had before.
Last night I woke up sweating and I am usually cold all night long.
Should I just ask the doctor to switch this package to Yasmin (since I have taken only three pills) or should I just finish this package and then get Yasmin?

Auburn, CA

#214 Feb 12, 2009
Ocella is horrible!!! I have been taking Yasmin for four years and had great results; controlled acne, lighter periods, less cramping. The pharmacy switched me to Ocella about three months ago. I have had migranes, gained 12 pounds in 9 days, severe bloating to the point of looking early stages of pregnancy, difficulty sleeping, night sweating, irritability and depression. I am frustrated that there wasn't any information offered with the switch. I also had to be admitted to the ER with strong chest pain and all lab tests came back normal. Scary and too high of a risk! I didn't make the connection that these changes had to do with the switch until last week. I called my doctor for an appt and stopped taking it altogether. Am now struggling to get back into my favorites that I wear to work!

Jamaica, NY

#215 Feb 13, 2009
i totally agree with those who say they have had a reaction from ocella. I was on yasmin for 6 years and never had a problem. The pharmacy started giving me the generic when it came out and i felt a difference in my body right away. I told the doctor and she prescribed me the original, the problem is that the pharmacy is almost constantly out of yasmin so i have been forced to start ocella again. Once i did i noticed the same moodiness, cramping, bloating, etc as i did the first time i tried it. I def am making sure i take yasmin from now on.

College Station, TX

#216 Feb 14, 2009
I have never been on birth control and have had a little bit of trouble with my face in the past but the last few months nothing but maybe one tiny little pimple a month that disappears overnight, once i started taking ocella ive been on it for exactly one week and three days and have more whiteheads that i have ever had in my entire life. i'm not taking the rest of the pills and i'm calling my doctor on monday to perscribe me yaz i don't care if it is $20 more i'd be spending that much on acne medicine anyway

Pacifica, CA

#217 Feb 16, 2009
I was on Ortho Cept for 2 months and stopped because it was causing acne and redness on my face so I asked for a "lighter" pill and was prescribed Ocella. The first few weeks on Ortho Cept I experienced moderate nausea, but it was nothing compared to the nausea I am experiencing on Ocella. I have only been taking it for 5 days, but have had quite a few side effects. The first night I took it, I woke up the next morning with a horrible headache which lasted all day (800 mg of ibuprofen only took the edge off). The next day was mostly irritability and increased anxiety plus really bad menstrual-like cramps. Days 3 and 4 were more of the same plus nausea. Today I have some of the worst nausea I've ever had. I literally feel like I'm on a boat in rough waters. I threw the rest of the pack away today. Luckily I will probably start trying to get pregnant soon, so I think I'll just stay off the pill.

Enterprise, AL

#218 Feb 17, 2009
I am so relieved so many other people are having these symptoms on Ocella, because this means I am not going crazy! So many changes in my body have been going on the past few months, and I never even considered that Ocella could be causing them. I was on the generic for Ortho Tri-Cyclen for about a year, but I was then diagnosed with PCOS and my gyno prescribed Yazmin instead. The pharmacy gave me Ocella, though, and since it was the generic for Yazmin I figured it was basically the same thing. Well, I've been on it for 5 months now. My gyno made me come in for an appointment at the 3 month point, and I told her everything was fine, b/c I thought it was. I felt normal, appetite was normal, no weight gain, no exhaustion, nothing. I assumed after 3 months of no symptoms that meant the BC would work for me and I didn't have to worry about it anymore.

Over the last couple of months, I've started getting little symptoms that I've never had before. I am constantly bloated- I can no longer wear any of my rings, and my face looks horribly fat. I often get headaches during the day that Tylenol does not cure- not migraines, but its like a dull ache that won't stop. I have never been one to get headaches. I attributed them to not getting enough sleep, but sometimes I get them when I've had plenty of sleep. My appetite has increased- I find myself getting hungry a couple hours after dinner- so hungry I want to eat another meal. I have also gained 8 lbs. in the past couple months, despite eating very healthy meals. I do not feel like exercising or going out- I just want to sleep a lot and lay around the house. I am so glad to get home from work- I just collapse on the couch and often fall asleep immediately. The skin at the corners of my mouth is dry and peeling, and as been for a month. Worst of all, I have become very depressed over the past month for no apparent reason. I cry and don't know why, I feel like my life is a waste, and I get very angry at family members and my boyfriend over little things, sometimes over nothing at all. I have never been this way- I was always pretty mild-tempered. Tonight as I was sitting on the couch, angry at the world, it dawned on me that maybe my BC was causing my problems. I googled "ocella side effects" and found this site, among lots of others. We can't all be crazy! I am calling my doctor tomorrow and asking her to call the pharmacy & get my prescription changed to the real Yazmin- not generic. I don't know how I'm going to afford it, but I will find a way. Now that I've read all of these comments I am REALLY angry, but at least I have a reason to be angry now.

Hagerstown, IN

#219 Feb 17, 2009
Ocella has side effects and I don't recommend taking it... I switched and was a completely different person. I pay extra for Yasmin and feel that it is well worth it.
Caitlin wrote:
I just started taking Ocella, the generic version of Yasmin. I've never taken any birth control pill before, so I don't have anything to compare to. Ocella is supposed to have the same active ingredients as Yasmin, but I've read that many women had no problems with Yasmin during the time they were on it, but switched to Ocella and began having really bad side affects. Has anyone taken Ocella, or even better taken Yasmin and then switched to the generic, that can share their experience? Any advice?

Atlanta, GA

#220 Feb 17, 2009
i have been on ocella for about 5 months now. I was told to give a birth control at least 3 months before dismissing it from not working or causing side effects because thats how long it takes for your body to get "used" to a pill.

Needless to say, i have had crazy emotional outrages while being on ocella. I have been lethargic, soo tired, physically and mentally exhausted and don't feel like myself at all... Not to mention I've been experiencingweird body aches, hot flashes (and I'm only 28), headaches and strange intestinal issues (diarrhea, cramping, bloat, gas,etc).

i was on Yasmin for 6 years before going on Ocella. One day (like most of you here) when I picked up my prescription for Yasmin, my pharmicist handed me Ocella instead, telling me it was the generic for Yasmin
I've tried several other b/c pills before and none work like Yasmin. I actually feel BETTER when I'm on Yasmin. I miss Yasmin and am planning on switching back after I'm done with this last one of Ocella.

Victorville, CA

#221 Feb 17, 2009
I've been having the same issue. Only when i'm wearing my contacts thought. I'm sure what is causing it.
Kay wrote:
Has anyone on Ocella noticed any changes in vision? I have never taken birth control before, but after taking Ocella fro almost a month, my eyesight has gotten blurrier. Im not sure if I need new birth control or a new eye prescription.

Philadelphia, PA

#222 Feb 18, 2009
I had been taking Yasmin for several years and it worked great, no side effects, no problems. I swtiched to the generic and assumed it would be exactly the same, and it is NOT! I took it for 3 months, and every month after I had my period and started taking the active pills again, I would get spotting for a couple of days. This never happened with any other pills that I've taken, and definitely not with Yasmin, which makes me think it might not be as effective. My dirty insurance company won't pay for *any* of the brand name if there is a generic available, which I think is criminal. Oh well - I'd rather pony up $76/mo for the brand name than get pregnant and pay the thousands of dollars for a baby!

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