copper iud weight gain

Bayport, NY

#21 Sep 1, 2007
Thank You for the encouragement Tressie. I wonder why the weight gain that is only focused around the belly. I sometimes wonder if this is my bodys way of trying to reject the IUD. Any one have any ideas? I hope that doesnt make me sound crazy? I will have to do some reserch on PCOS. I am glad your feeling well Tressie.

Laguna Niguel, CA

#22 Sep 2, 2007
I think all of us have suffered from IUD's I had mine in for 2 years and slowly started gaining weight. I was up to what I weighed when I was pregnant. Just had it removed a week ago and I am waiting to see the weight come off/
Abby wrote:
I had a copper IUD for 7 years, and gained about 50 pounds in that period.
I had it removed about three months ago and lost 7 pounds in the first week. As of now, I've lost 35 pounds. I never even considered my weight could be due to the IUD, until it started coming off and I wondered why.
My breasts aren't always sore anymore and even my shoes are a little loose - most of my weight gain was around my belly, but I must have been swollen from head to toe. Does anyone else think this thing just tricks your body into acting like it's pregnant?

Greenville, SC

#23 Sep 5, 2007
I had posted on Aug.24th that I was having the copper IUD removed sept.17th at my physical appt. I have already had it taken out. I called and moved my appt.up to Aug.29th. Today it has been 1 week. I started my period the next day after having it removed. Much easier period, much shorter. I am excited to see if the weight comes off. I will let you all know.

Peoria, AZ

#24 Sep 6, 2007
Hi Everyone, I am 28 and just got Mirena about 7 weeks ago. I can normally do whatever I want and not gain weight... or take it off easily if I do gain, even so, I eat very healty 95% of the time, and I exersize most every day. Since having the Mirena, I have steadily gained a pound a week. It's like my muscle just turned to jelly! I am jiggly from my boobs to my thighs, and I too, look at least 4 months pregnant if I don't suck it in! BLEGH! I now have an appointment to get the Mirena removed tomorrow. As for the questions about why you would gain weight on the Paragard, I've read that both IUD's trick your body into thinking it's pregnant, so naturally you hold on to your fat stores to feed the "baby"!! Yes we know our bodies, and I don't think (most of the time) it has anything to do with caloric intake when we haven't made any changes and we were fine before! I would love to find a reversable non-hormonal BC!!

San Francisco, CA

#25 Sep 6, 2007
I agree with you. I had the copper IUD inserted about two weeks ago and I have lost about 20 lbs since choosing this method of birth control. I was on birth control pills before where I gained over 30 pounds. The copper IUD doesn't have an effect on my weight but if I got the mirena IUD inserted I am sure I would have gained more weight with that. It's like the birth control pill without taking the pill.
Nads wrote:
I've got the copper IUD (had it for almost a year - I'm 44 years old)and I chose it over the Mirena as I'd heard about the weight gain with the Mirena.
I think the copper IUD has helped me lose weight. I was half way through a weight loss program when I had the copper IUD inserted (hadn't been using anything before that). I kept losing weight really well, and the rate of loss didn't slow down even as I approached goal. I'm on about 800 more calories than my predicted maintenance calories are supposed to be.
If anything, I think the slightly heavier periods are causing me more weight loss. Also, I did get low iron but now I eat lots of meat.
I have no bloating or anything. About a month ago I went on the Yasmin pill for 2 weeks so I could delay my period and I did get a bloated lower stomach then and that was annoying.
How do you think a copper IUD is having hormonal type effects on your system? The Mirena I can understand, are you sure it wasn't one of those?

Southampton, UK

#26 Sep 7, 2007
Hi I am a healthcare professional that does work in family planning and although it is not documented that you gain weight using the copper IUD as opposed to the Mirena. I seem to have over the past 2 and a half years and have been unable to loose it even when prescribed slimming pills, attending the gym and having a food diary checked by a nutritionist for the last year every month. I have awful periods that require numerous pills to control them and now I have finally decided to have it removed. After two attempts by collegues to remove the iud they have failed as the stings have disappeared and now I am awaiting a D and C appointment and have it removed under GA. What a nightmare. When it finally is removed I'll let you know if I loose weight.

Peoria, AZ

#27 Sep 7, 2007
Hi again, so I went to my Mirena removal appmnt today, but decided that I would give it another month or so. I paid friggin'$469.00 for the stupid thing AFTER insurance, so I don't want to hastily waste that money by having the IUD removed too soon. If the weight continues to climb though, it will for sure come out. I really think that the reason I feel so jiggly is from water weight. I had my doc proscribe a diauretic to see if that helps, and if it does, that will be so great! FYI my symptoms since having the IUD are: extreme fatigue, joint pain, breast tenderness, decreased libedo, and the infamoous buddah belly, the good thing though, is that I think it has improved my migraines! Hmmm, water weight or migraines... I just don't know which I'd rather have. We'll see though, I am really paying close attention now.

Eugene, OR

#28 Sep 7, 2007
I may have some answers for you.
I'm not a doctor, but I am a recent graduate of human physiology and so before I decided on the paragaurd, I did some research, including very long winded journal articles detailing studies and study reviews. Paraguard has worked well for me, and I have lost significant weight from not being on BC hormones, but I'm not at all surprised that many would gain weight on it. Keep in mind that although this is an educated answer, it is up to you to do further research and decide if this seems like it is right in your case. It is one possibility.

For many and maybe most women, the copper IUD creates a stress on the body. After all, it is for one, a foreign body in the uterus, it causes heavier bleeding for most women at least to some degree, which in turn causes the body to work harder to build and replace blood cells, in addition to inflammation.

All stressors, and I'm speaking in the physiological sense of a stressor which is somewhat different than the typical sense of the term, has the same reaction in the body, although the end results may be different. THis is the HPA axis or hypothalmic pituitary adrenal axis or HPA pathway.

The HPA axis is responsible for cortisol, a steroid hormone, production and release from the adrenal cortex. THis in turn causes immune suppression, muscle breakdown to provide amino acids for glucose synthesis in the liver as well as fat breakdown. However, excess cortisol, as may occur when the stressor is continuous, such as an IUD, causes excess fat stores particularly in the abdomen/trunk and face. Don't buy any of those cortisol control products from infomercials, they're bogus products.

So, although you got rid of the BC hormones influence on weight, you've replaced it with increased levels of other hormones, predominantly increased cortisol levels from having a continuous stressor influencing your bodies reaction.

SO your doc/NP may tell you that it is impossible for the copper IUD to be causing the weight gain, and they're partially right because there's nothing specifically about the copper IUD to cause it, but your bodies reaction to it can cause weight gain. Unless they've recently reviewed the HPA axis, it probably doesn't occur to them that it may be the case; they have to much to remember already.

This is one possibility, but I think that everyone deserves an answer and if I can help I try. Keep looking and researching until you know whats going on in your body. It's the most important thing you own.





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Chapel Hill, Australia

#29 Sep 8, 2007
Lisa, that's a great explanation.

I'm a health professional with some knowledge of physiology and that is one of the things that I've often wondered ie whether stress can cause people to put on weight like people who are taking steroids.

Also, some people on this forum are getting copper IUD's mixed up with Mirenas. Most people recognise that the Mirena puts on weight (though my doctor who recommended it to me didn't think it did - lucky I did my own snooping around).

Eugene, OR

#30 Sep 8, 2007

Many people that are taking therapeutic cortisol will have this sort of weight gain and in that case its called cushings syndrome. Anabolic steroid weight gain is typically, I believe, from excess testosterone conversion to estrogen leading to fat storage, which is a little bit of a vicious cycle as E is stored somewhat in adipose/fat tissue. I just wanted to make sure for people that when I say steroid, is means a fat soluble hormone which is based on cholesterol, not anabolic steroids, which are one kind of steroid.

Yes, I do think that people get mixed up with MIrena and Copper IUDs. I would suspect that weight gain from mirena is more likely caused from the albeit low does of hormones it contains versus the stress reaction I described above. It may be a good alternative for women on the copper, however, even if they did react poorly to BC hormones, as the low dose that is much more localized has "less" chance of causing the BC side affects, and they also help to reduce the heavy periods and inflammation by the Cu IUD which may be a major contributor to the stress factor.

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#31 Sep 10, 2007
Hey, yes i have had the Copper IUD for like...3 weeks and i feel soo bloated! and look bloated! I am assuming its just my body getting used to it. but I dunO!? I am going to wait for a bit....and see if this goes down, I have a doc apt in like 2 weeks so i will wait til then...
Naomi wrote:
I got a copper IUD inserted 3 weeks ago and I am freaked out. I have already gained a little spare tire where I have NEVER had weight before. I am bloated all the time now and look slightly pregnant!!!! I went online to see if anyone had had a similar experience and was surprised (and yet not), to see posts like the ones above and more. I am going to monitor my weight carefully for the next month. If this weight gain continues, the IUD is coming OUT. I'm 45 and have never been pregnant. I'd love to hear from someone who had their copper IUD out - did you lose the weight??? I don't want to have this poooochie tummy!!!!

Pune, India

#32 Sep 11, 2007
Last month only i had gone to doctor and inserted the copper T IUD but honestly saying please don't use copper IUD. Because of this only my weight gain has started. I checked with my dr. to ensure about the weight gain but she has refused. As per my doctor; while sexual intercourse you get relaxed, no fear about the pregnancy beacause of that you gain weight, nothing else.

I agree with Tressie's comment about facial growth and Weight gain especially around my belly.

Fairbanks, AK

#33 Sep 11, 2007
I tried out the Nuva Ring for about a week and as the week progressed my emotions went absolutley crazy. I mean I was so sad sometimes that I would lay on the kitchen floor and cry. I get emotional during my period....but this was just wrong. Anyway, now I've been switched to Ortho-Tricyclen-Lo and haven't started it yet. I came here to read up on what everyone thought and I think I'm scared to start it. My husband is in Iraq (going on 1 year now) and I SURELY CANNOT gain weight right now, he'll be home soon. So I thought about the copper IUD because it's non-hormonal....but looks like everyone is gaining weight on that too. What should I do? Maybe just keep pullin' and prayin'????

South Africa

#34 Sep 12, 2007
I have had the copper T inserted (hormone free) and i have definatly put on weight over the last few months. I have also had a low sex drive. At first i thought this may be due to the spot bleeding and weight thing - but now im begining to think that my IUD may be to blame - is there anyone else out there with the low sex drive issue?

Eugene, OR

#35 Sep 12, 2007

I had that reaction on orthotri. I would cry at anything, I mean anything, and I am not an easy crier. NuvaRIng was much better for me but I was getting recurrent yeast infections.
I posted on this site because I understood what was happening with people with weight gain in response to IUD and wanted to give them answers, but I personally quite like it so far. I've actually lost weight since I went on it, which is also common.
HOw does your body normally react to stress? DO you gain weight? If so, probably not the best choice. If you gain weight on BC hormones, like I did, it might be a good one.
One side affect that I have had, is that I have recently become anemic form iron loss from heavy menstrual cycles. I could have prevented this most likely if I had been thinking and taking iron tabs . But a note on iron tablets, if your not taking them right, they don't do much good.

Humble, TX

#36 Sep 13, 2007
Hi everyone...Well after reading all of this what can I say. I have tried medifast, I mean the brazillian diet, you name it I have tried it. I got a paragard IUD about a year ago and I mean wow I have NEVER in my life been as big as I am now. I have been chunky you know weight going up and down but NEVER like this. It makes me feel so bad I got this thing which im sure like most of you was about $450 or something like that when I was with my ex boyfriend and yes it did the job before but now we are not together and its like why have it if not for the expense? I have considered MANY times to take it off, I used to lose weight quickly now its as though it takes forever to even lose 5 lbs. If this is the reason I will have it taken out I mean I know its copper and all but wow never have I been like this and my self esteem has gone very low. Anymore suggestions? I mean I love reading this it has helped me alot knowing im not the only one going through this....I do exercise, and I do NOT eat or intake alot of calories a day I mean common??? PLEASE HELP!

Grand Blanc, MI

#37 Sep 14, 2007
Wow Lisa! Thank you for explaining all of that. It really makes sense! I have had my copper IUD out for about one month and although I can tell a huge difference in the way my body looks, I am still hanging onto the extra 5 to 7 lbs I gained. It was as if I had an extra layer of water weight all over my body and that has come off. I will keep everyone updated on the weight. I'm wondering if it will just take my body some time to realize that the iud,(or "stressor" as Lisa put it above,) is out.


#38 Sep 16, 2007
Hi All. I had my copper IUD removed 6months ago. I had it in for a year, and gained 10 pounds. I had 3 kids, and this made me gain more permanent weight than that did. I am certain it is from the IUD, and it is all in the stomach area. I got extremely bloated immediately after getting it inserted. Since I had it removed, some of the bloating has stopped, but not completely. I feel certain it is tied to this copper IUD. I have yet to resume my normal weight. I just wanted to confirm what you are all stating, with my own experience. I really wish someone would investigate this, and find out why this happens. Good luck. Sue
Mandy aus


#39 Sep 17, 2007
Hi im 25 years old and i have had the copper iud for 6 months now after reading some of the posts it all seems to make sense now. i have put on 10lb especailly around my stomach, im more depressed than ever does anyone else have that problem and the iud it rubs on my cervix 24/7. my period has gone from 3days to 2 weeks. i have made an appiontment to have it taken out im sure my dr wont like it but im sure she will get over it. unforantly i cant use any type of birth control as i have high blood pressure which dont mix well with the pill

Chapel Hill, Australia

#40 Sep 17, 2007
Lisa, like you said, how do people normally react to stress?

Funnily enough, for some people, stress actually rips weight off them. I know that is the case for me, although chronic low grade stress does make me eat more. Maybe that's why some people gain and some lose with the copper iud (according to your theory with the stress hormones).

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