copper iud

Los Gatos, CA

#565 Apr 20, 2011
tammy wrote:
I have been told that the IUD is a reliable, popular and safe form of birth control. All of your experiences sound horrendous but I cannot believe they are typical.
Once again, any POSITIVE experiences here?, I don`t need any more horror stories!!!.
It has been very reliable for almost 4 years. It is a copper IUD as I do not do hormone. I inserted after I had my 2nd child so there was no pain, it seats inside w/out any bother to me at all. I have no pain, no heavy bleeding, no other issues at all. One issues I have, after 4 years, I think it is effecting my immune system. If you read more about the way it works, you can make a proper decision. This is the best birth control out there, 97% of Asia uses it, very popular in Europe and Easter Europe. If you have problems with your immune system, allergic to copper than this birth control is not good, but otherwise it is perfect.

Los Gatos, CA

#566 Apr 20, 2011
crystal wrote:
<quoted text>
I've had my copper iud for about 8 years and I've had the same problem with bacterial vaginosis, it went away for a year or 2 then came back, closer and closer together. Now it doesn't go away for very long after i take antibiotics. It's really frustrating! I also think it has caused my acne to be more severe.
AS I discovered, this IUD lowers your immune system so you are more prone to viruses. I have the same issues after 4 years and I am taking it out.

Pacific Palisades, CA

#567 Apr 21, 2011
I had the uid put in about a month ago, the next day I started bleeding but i think it was my period then I started spotting and have been since. So far that is the only thing so im ganna see my doctor tomorrow to see if its normal.

Albrightsville, PA

#568 Apr 24, 2011
tammy wrote:
Ok,I give up. I am booked to have my iud fitted on the 6th September, I have to find out for myself. Replies appreciated but I think I have heard enough.
I've had the copper iud for 3 yrs now and have had no problems.. Just heavy period and cramps
southernsweethea rt

Fort Worth, TX

#569 Apr 29, 2011
I had a copper iud since 2007 and I have had no problems with it at all. Although, I have been having miscarriages. Im having it removed very soon because my husband and I are wanting another child. I recomend the iud. I feel it's the best kind of birth control out there...

Arlington Heights, IL

#570 May 3, 2011
I had the copper IUD put in 9 months ago and have slowly noticed more and more of the symptoms I'm reading about here and on other forums. Bloating, acne, fatigue, mood swings, light headedness, and heavier periods. I've even had some mild palpitations and anxiety in crowded places as well. I've never, never, had any of these issues prior to having the IUD with the exception of mild acne which I've struggled with since I was a teenager. But my skin has been way worse since getting the IUD. These symptoms are by far much worse around my period, then seemed to resolve for a few weeks in between, only to come back again, more severe each month. I actually was so tired and lightheaded that I had to call off work today and thankfully have an appointment tomorrow to have it removed.

I'm sure it works great for some people, but it's pretty obvious that my body is just not happy with it.

Albuquerque, NM

#571 May 3, 2011
tammy wrote:
Sleepless night last night, the cramps were really bad. I felt really unsettled and a bit tearful this morning as well, I think it is the thought of having this `thing` inside me.
Tried to find my threads today but with no luck, I am a bit worried as the doctor told me they will be quite long for a few week and then I can have them cut, if needed, at my 6 week check up. Anyone else have trouble finding their threads in the early stages
for tammy...
i've had the same trouble Not being able to find my strings twice and the first time my doctor sugguested IF i was comfortable with having my husband check...of course i made sure everything was washed..he had better luck and found them right away... the second time i did Need to rush in because both my husband and i could not find the strings and i had bad cramping that was getting so painful i had trouble Sitting up doctor said "it needed to be removed and it shifted" shifted? after that i wasnt to sure if i wanted it replaced...i think if your comfortable with having your partner helping you, it might save a visit to the doctors. sometimes the strings wrap around your cervix and its hard to find.. hope this helps you..=)

Portland, OR

#572 May 9, 2011
I tried the copper IUD and my first period with no warning I was driving and all of a sudden there was a flood down to my knees. I bled very heavy for a week and had terrible cramps. I had it taken out right away.
My daughter is on her way to get her Mirena out now after building symptoms for 9 months where she now has bad chest pains daily, fatigue, hungry, acne, nausea - apparently what they don't tell you is it builds up in your system and after awhile you feel pregnant. And the crap about the chemical staying "local" in your uterus is a lie! It's been tested positive in breast milk!
And if you think your problems are going to go away if you have a tubal, think again. I have had so many problems since I had mine 7 years ago. I feel like I've never bounced back from having my baby. I just found a very wise Chinese doctor and he told me it was my tubal ligation. I did a bunch of research yesterday in the forums and found many women who have the same symptoms! Basically it forces you into early perimenopause/menopause. And when you complain about your symptoms the doctor tells you it can't be that and wants to give you an antidepressant :P
Ugh! good luck. I think a spermicide and condom are the only decent thing to do, unfortunately.

Queensbury, NY

#573 May 19, 2011
Hello all, I find these comments very comforting. I had my copper iud put in 4 months ago and have noticed a change in me ever since I had it put in. I had my son 9 months ago and we have a 4 year old daughter so we are not sure if we are going to have any more children or not. I cannot have any hormonal birth control as I have MAJOR problems emotionally when I take it and I am allergic to latex so write condoms off the list. Anyway I thought paragaurd was the answer. Now I am having hot flashes, heart palpitations, major fatigue, anxiety attacks, depressed, don't really want to eat and a slew more. The only new thing is this iud, so I think the sucker has to come out. It really sucks because I paid $800 out of pocket for the thing. But it is not worth my sanity. It probably does work well for a lot of people but I am not one of them. I never even considered the fact that I could become copper toxic. I have sooo many symptoms it's scary. Good luck all. I hope it works for you. Every woman's body reacts differently. Just be informed.

New Albany, OH

#574 May 21, 2011
hello. i had trouble on hormones and can not take the pill,also near 40 so i did not want to be on it over 40 .. i have had my paraguard non hormonla iud for a month and i t only hurt for a few seconds to insert and i have had some light spotting that does not bother me compared to the emotional rollercoaster and weight gain oon the pill so far so good i would recommend the iud the only down side so far is oral sex feels off limits for now due to the dark dailt light discharge.. if that is a priorty i would look into how long this discharge will go on hope this helps

Simi Valley, CA

#575 May 22, 2011
ive had the iud for a year before i took it out to have another child, but the only thing i can say is i loved having the iud, i stared with the copper one, but i got to many PID with it to so my pcp changed it the merina the palstic iud and was fine with it so all those horrible stories... Well all i can say it that it was a ways of rejction from their bodies. Its not a type of BC that their body was execpting.

Boiling Springs, SC

#576 Jun 1, 2011
Has anyone got pregnant with the copper iud.. I had my daughter in July 10 had the iud in October 10. N after gaining 50. Now I think I may b pregnant. I have been throwing up sick to my stomach and dizziness. Sleepy all the time but can't sleep

Burlington, Canada

#577 Jun 3, 2011
Is there really matters to have. Copper t with / out harmone. I had regular copper t since 2007
Betty Boop

Conshohocken, PA

#578 Jun 5, 2011
Just wondering why the IUD is so expensive to get? I didn't get mine in the US, so didn't have this issue. I called my doctor to have it removed, and they are checking my insurance to see what the charge is going to be, because they are not sure the insurance will cover it.


#579 Jun 17, 2011
stacey wrote:
I've had my iud since the end of August and i've been getting more frequent migraines ever since. I started getting migraines when i was 16 and they came at no particular times. since i've had my second baby i now get a migraine once a month with my period and i'm 34. now i've gotten four migraines since inserting my copper iud. i thought the copper iud didn't have any hormone and i'm wondering why i'm getting more migraines. has this happen to anyone else?
Tomorrow I'm having the IUD removed to see if the headaches go away.

Morrison, TN

#580 Jun 20, 2011
Got my iud out today. Hoping I loss the 42 lbs I gained.

Tampa, FL

#581 Jul 4, 2011
Aimee wrote:
<quoted text>I had a copper IUD inserted 2 months ago..all the things you hear that are so awful about these are soooo untrue. They are usually from people that hav'nt had one also. It didnt hurt hardly at all. It took like a minute to put in. It felt like menstral cramps..big deal. N E who best method I've ever had.
You only had it two months...just wait girl. I had mine 4 years...first year. wonderful. awesome. no complaints. miracle. I sang all its praises. the last 3 years on that thing, a total nightmare. the worst of it though was the incurable, painful, cystic acne. NOTHING would cure it. where as I had pretty much flawless skin before. a wasteland of acne scars now. I usually heal well from the scaring. but still. To top that off, I had raging anxiety and depression issues on the copper iud, it was kind of like roid rage. My androgen levels were through the roof. So, instead of paying $200 for a doc to remove it I yanked it out myself. The corrosion on that thing after only 4 years of use was...totally gross, to say the least. I cant imagine that thing being in my body for another 6.

Go through and really read these complaints from women, here and on other sites, who've actually had this thing for a few will find mostly consistent complaints from women who never had side effects this bad before. Most of us started off saying the same thing you did.

Lexington, SC

#582 Jul 12, 2011
Had the copper iud out in June. I have lost 15lbs. No more acne
I feel 100×better. I can go to Walmart in not have a heart attack. I will never get another one..

Los Angeles, CA

#583 Jul 17, 2011
Ive had a copper iud for about a year and since then ive been having a broblem with nausea bad. My doctor has ran so many tests and everything is good. Ive realized that it started when I got my iud. Has anyone had problem with upset stomach after getting iud.

Toronto, Canada

#584 Jul 20, 2011
i posted on here a couple of months back asking where i could get a doctor who knew how to do the insertion. i quit taking the pill 7 months ago ,i lost 20lbs when i got off the pill and i'm kinda happy i didn't read all the bad comments on here about the copper iud i got mine put in a while ago and i didn't really feel anything still don't in fact i got something called a flexy-t300 cost me $70 and it took this absolutely awesome doctor 5 minutes to do all my tests and insert the iud i felt a cramp for 3 seconds and then it was in . i even walked home from the doctors office and i'm gunna be baby free without pills for the next 5 years Woot!

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