birth control and breast size

Rego Park, NY

#65 Apr 19, 2010
aviane will make your boobs grow. i, personally, saw results in 2 weeks. it was recommended to me by a friend whose boobs also grew. i definitely got headaches and broke out more than usual for the first month (which wasn't that big of a problem for me because i have clear skin to begin with), but i have yet to gain any weight, other than in my breasts.

Tucson, AZ

#66 May 6, 2010
my breast are actually quite large, i'm a 34 D, however im looking to make my breasts fuller. before having a baby i was an exotic dancer and had a great body (what do u think of that shit paul) and now im so depressed because i gained even more whieght after the baby and now ive lost 25 lbs. partly do to getting off birth control. but now i'm thinking anout getting back on it to regain fullness. Any ppl in this situation? what birth control do you use?

Conway, SC

#67 May 7, 2010
ummm i was really wondering if B/C made your breast grow maybe i should try it

Snellville, GA

#68 May 28, 2010
Carrie wrote:
I don't agree with Paul by any means, but Steph, if you're going to call someone an idiot, make sure you know the difference between your and you're. I just stopped orthotricyclen. While on it, though, my boobs got much bigger, from a full B to a small D. No pain involved! I also had very few side effects, not to mention better skin and no more cramps. Go for it, Becca. Much cheaper than a boob job. However, I'm a runner and hate having big boobs, so I'm
off the pill now, wondering if they will ever go back to normal. Does anyone know?

Bossier City, LA

#69 Jun 24, 2010
i am thinking of taking the birth control orthotricyclen-lo what are the worst side effects
Norma- Torrance CA

San Antonio, TX

#70 Jul 13, 2010
Seriously, I wanna know which birth control pills make the boobs bigger?





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niomie Ruffolo

Lafayette, CA

#71 Aug 1, 2010
so i read all the comments and now i'm a little scared to continue taking the pill. i took tri-(something) in may and it made me very ill. boobs somewhat got bigger but hardly. i went on the pill to get my cycle started and regular, made it worse then all hell! "/ so then i went off. then recently this thursday, july 29 i went onto a new birth control pill. low- ogestrel ! taking it for about 3 days. haha!:P and i woke up yesterday morning and my boobs were kinda bigger. which is pretty beast!(: but they hurt and are very tender but they were like that before i started the pill..sooooo.. and right before i got onto this pill i had some discharge and spotting of blood and as soon i took the pill it stopped. it was pretty cool. now im scared to see if it gives me pimples or acne cause not once in my life have a had acne and only ONCE got a pimple.): so i dont want it! anyone else take low-ogestrel?!

Canton, NC

#72 Aug 10, 2010
The pill is actually a medium of God's grace to me. I have endometriosis, my sister does too. She nearly died because of a blood cyst on her ovary, that ovary had to be removed in an emergency sugery. It was the size of a grapefruit. We both endured difficult long heavy regular periods. In the mid cycle - ovulation time I would be in intense pain. I could tell you which of my ovaries was ovulating. Endometreosis only gets worse with time, basically your hormones are out of balance, and the endometrium cells grow in areas other than the uterus. My aunt had 4 ft of her intestines removed because of this problem, even after a hystrectomy.

Canton, NC

#73 Aug 10, 2010
I will also add that I have two children who need me, healthy and not in pain so I'm able to serve them. Before the pill I felt like I was dying. Endometriosis cells are vascular - the blood is collecting places it should not - causing anemia as well as creating severe pain on my uterus when having relations with my husband. When the pill fixed me I looked at it as God blessing to me an answer to prayer. Endometriosis came as a result of the fall, but for me the pill is a means of God's grace, so I can serve God and family better. Goodness all this because I was researching side effects. Ihave to switch BC pill cause of cost. Orthotrilo over to tri sprintec. Takecare!
Nurse Jenna Johnson

Norfolk, VA

#74 Aug 11, 2010
BC pills have never increased my breast size. Actually HAVING a baby increased my breast size. The pill actually just makes me generally gain weight, feel bloated, and causes horrible mood swings, which my husband and kids pay for. Really birth control pills suck..the more I think about it

West Point, MS

#75 Sep 8, 2010
Wow... rude Paul. I'm on birth control for hormonal problems so I have NO reason to repent. And I'm here to see if I was the only one who was getting bigger boobs... Guess not. I feel better now haha

United States

#76 Sep 15, 2010
I think ill try orthotricyclen, but I'm curently on the Mirena my advice would be to not take it I've looked up reveiws for it and the complants are similar to the problems I'm having since I started it, acne (face and back) and more sweating and for the record NO breast growth, this pill has only made me uncomfortable in my own skin, my boyfriend doesn't think of me any less but this pill made me lose my sex drive I'm just so uncomfortable with what the mirror has to offer.

United States

#77 Sep 15, 2010
Oh yeah and how's Yaz for those who've tried it?

Iowa City, IA

#78 Sep 28, 2010
I have been on Aviane/Alesse and i have notice that my breast are fuller than usual. They have been very sore but nice lol. I have only been on these pills for about a month in a half and i see results. I will point out that although i usually have good skin, it is even better now. Not to much weight gain or depression. I say go for it!

United States

#79 Oct 26, 2010
I understand how you feel on microgestin Fe 1/20 I went from a small B to a full D with no weight gain but it was very painful. I am also a runner. I went off of the pill six months ago to see if things would go back to normal, but they haven't yet. I even upped my mileage.
Anybody else have ideas?

Binghamton, NY

#80 Nov 15, 2010
@amy The birth control pill is a disgrace to man-kind. It shows how lazy and unprotective we have come. Don't use dieing kids in Africa as an excuse. Who's fault is it that the're are so many? You can't use them for pity if you yourself are not doing anything to help them out. Start learning some responsibility for your actions. Don't have sex if you're not ready for a kid.

ps. I am aware that unprotective is not a word.

Luxor, Egypt

#81 Nov 19, 2010
hey paul

you should remember that GOD is the one who enabled man to come up with birth control pills , so GOD created birth control pills and they're there for a reason and lindsay , yes GOD can make women unable to get pregnant by getting a womb cancer for example lindsay ,(sorry to say that) but GOD can do any thing HE wants so be careful when you speak of GOD .

well, about breast enlargement pills , there are many of them in the market and many of them are natural herbs , visit this site to see the list of the best natural enlargement pills but also search the ingredients and their side effects on google since not all herbs are free of side effects .

good luck

Barberton, OH

#82 Dec 9, 2010
James wrote:
@amy The birth control pill is a disgrace to man-kind. It shows how lazy and unprotective we have come. Don't use dieing kids in Africa as an excuse. Who's fault is it that the're are so many? You can't use them for pity if you yourself are not doing anything to help them out. Start learning some responsibility for your actions. Don't have sex if you're not ready for a kid.
ps. I am aware that unprotective is not a word.
I think she was trying to say that birth control can be a good thing: if more people had access to birth control in places like, say, Africa, then there wouldn't be so many children in need of limited food, water and medical supplies. Are you really going so far as to say that the crisis in Africa is her fault? And how do you know she's not doing anything to help them?

Moosic, PA

#83 Dec 30, 2010
as much as I'd hate to say it Paul does have a point, birth control is not biblical at really should only be used to regulate yourself which is why I'm on Tri-Sprintec. Just so people know, sex is how babies are made, so you're risking having a baby every time u have sex. So don't have it if you're not prepared for consequences just like everything else in the world don't do it. I always told myself that if I didn't wantto get pregnant I could just not have sex. And I was very easily able to control everything without birth control. god gave us a choice to have or not have sex as our birth control. And Nicole....chill out, you're embarrassing yourself by getting too upset over such a simple opinion. everyone is allowed to have one but jeez you sound like a PMSing 15 year old. But for the breast enlargement it's best to just go to your doctor and talk to them about options best for you, don't go by what people say here because they're not you. I think I've said all I need to say, good luck!

United States

#84 Jan 5, 2011
1. Why does every website with comments always have to take a turn down the religious route? This question was about the effects of birth control on breast size and it develops into who is morally wrong, the crisis in Africa, and what everyone believes about God. Leave the religious comments for the right time and the right place.
2. Uhmmm...if you're a man and commented on this site, why are you searching topics of this sort and leaving you're religious know it all comments on it? Unless you want to know if birth control increases YOUR breast size maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself...just saying.

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