Mirena IUS Coil and Depression?

Mirena IUS Coil and Depression?

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Since: Apr 07


#1 Apr 22, 2007
I was just wondering if anyone has experienced depression while using the Mirena IUS. Is depression a side effect?

Ilion, NY

#2 Jun 22, 2007
Yes I have, I have only had mine for 8 weeks now, but have an appointment to remove it. I have also had period like cramping for 2 weeks (no period in sight) and absolutely no sex drive.

Since: Apr 07


#3 Jun 22, 2007
since posting i've been ok. Keep going Lindsey!


#4 Oct 13, 2007
Had Merina coil fitted two years ago for erratic heavy periods, and thankfully not had a period since. However, I suffer from depressive episodes, severe mood swings and migraines, which I am now beginning to suspect are side effects.Never thought to link these symptoms to the coil, but after reading various forums, I have decided to get it removed and see if my mood improves and also if the 2 stones in weight I put on disappears. Heres hoping!!

Katy, TX

#6 Oct 14, 2007
it is recommended that you already have children...it makes insertion easier. after having children your cervix isn't as tight as it is after it has pushed a baby out...lol. and yeah i had little to NO sex drive, and when i would have sex the cramps and the bleeding afterwards made it just so not worth it. i would bleed for about 2 days and cramp about the same amount...really bad cramps [bent over crying cramps] so i got to the point to where i didn't want to have sex. i had the full on set of the side effects. oily skin [when i never had that before] oily hair [never had that either] huge pimples in my hair line [never had those either] bad mood swings, depression. the only nice thing was that my period [when i wasn't spotting all the time] was so light and painless. i'm so happy to have had it removed!!


#7 Oct 16, 2007
Oh my god - I have just stumbled across this site and am so glad I am not the only one!! I have had the Mirena in since December 06 and am having it removed in 3 weeks, absolute evil mood swings, spots in my hair line, boils on my chin, put on a stone in weight...the list goes on. Im having the copper coil fitted but I am not sure this is the right thing to do!!!

Middleton, ID

#8 Oct 18, 2007
I've had it for 8 months now and when I would normally have my period I cramp for about two days and it goes away. The first few months were difficult with heavy cramping and bleeding but didn't have much of a choice. We can't have anymore children for a while due to health issues so this has been working for us.
I haven't noticed depression or mood swings. I don't have the pimples like I used to have but I have no sex drive. But hubby is in the military so that works out well! lol

United States

#9 Mar 26, 2008
I had mine fitted in March 07. I'm going to talk to my doctor about other options. I'm on prozac now! It's meant to be for PMDD but I didnt have this problem until the Merina. At first I thought maybe I had just changed since I just gave birth to my first child, but now, I'm thinking it's the Merina. I'm an absolute evil and dark person 2 weeks out of the month. That equals half of my life!

Ames, IA

#10 Jun 9, 2008
Okay, I'm glad I found this website. I have had the Mirena since February of '08...its June now and I'm 15 lbs heavier and my skin is oily, i'm depressed,tired,I crave carbs and sweets more than ever, and i feel gross. I'm calling today to get this thing removed, hopefully the doctor doesn't give me any problems. Crossing my fingers that this weight gain diminishes. Along with everything else!!! Thanks for your stories!!
Thankful To FInd This

Nelson, NH

#11 Jun 23, 2008
OMG - I have had a Mirena for 1 1/2 years now and am now such a terribly moody person and so depressed. On top of the fact that I've been bleeding on and off for over a month now and right now am experiencing major clots. At first, after I had my twins, I chalked my moods/weepiness to PPD, so I never said anything, but they are 2 now and these symptoms are just getting worse. I am never happy. I just called my OB to get my Mirena removed TOMORROW! I hope this makes all of these symptoms go away. Not to mention the weight gain of 25 lbs.... I feel so much better seeing that I am not losing my mind!! Thank you whoever started this discussion!!!!


#12 Jun 25, 2008
I had a mirena for nearly 5 years (after I stripped the first one of all its hormones in less than 2 years!). I had it removed last October (07) but unable to tolerate another one. Have not had a period since then, only very slight spotting in March and some last weekend. Has anyone else experienced this. I am only 44 (surely too young for the menopause). No chance of being pregnant so just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Have also experienced the weight gain, migraines etc. glad it couldn't be fitted again!

Dover, PA

#13 Jul 16, 2008
I have had Mirena for 9 months, and I just visited my Dr. with concerns about my newly developed depression (more like PMS, really. I am very crabby for no good reason! life is fine. I am not.) After telling me 4 times in a row, "it is NOT the mirena," she suggested therapy, zoloft, and time away from my children. Even Mirena's own pamplet indicates depression as a possible side effect! I am angry with my providers, who have all pushed this drug like it is the crack of birth control. I have an appointment to have it removed in 2 weeks. I will then post after 6 weeks about how I feel (to make sure I don't have 'placibo-effect' improvements). It is not worth this! See you later, Mirena.
Mirena free

Lafayette, LA

#14 Jul 25, 2008
I am so glad to have found this site!! I too thought that I was losing my mind. I have had Mirena for 7 months but had it removed yesterday. I have NEVER experienced depression and considered this to be PPD. I figured the depression was comming from not sleeping at night, worn down from the kids, exhaustion. I was told see a psychologist, antidepressant, and also need time away from children. Maybe I need some time for myself but I first need the culprit of depression out of me! I traced all of my symptoms back to when I first got the Mirena. My face broke out horribly the 2nd month. The last few months my hair began to thin. Migraines frequently. I am very irritable and go from being very high to very low. Hopefully I return normal very soon!!!!!!!!!!

Littleton, WV

#15 Jul 29, 2008
I have been reading all the comments about Mirena here and I am glad to have found them. I have been having the same symptoms as everyone except i haven't had a monthly only spotting every once in a while. I have had the thing for about 9 months and i just made a appointment to have it removed tomorrow. I too hope that my doctor doesn't hassle me about getting it taking out. Thanks for all the information. I really do appreciate it.

Norwell, MA

#16 Aug 13, 2008
omg I am soooo glad that I found this site because now I know that I am not alone and not going crazy. I gave birth to my daughter on 11/23/07 and had the mirena put in in January 08 since I had this put in I have had severe cramping around the time that my period would be due. haven't really had an actual period just some spotting around that time, but the abdominal cramps are horrible. I have also been experiencing severe mood swings and have been so depressed that it is starting to interfere with my life. I have bipolar disorder so I was thinking that it was that combined with ppd but my psychiatrist has doubled my meds and tried other meds and nothing has been working. I called today and made an appointment to have this evil thing removed from my body. I can't wait!!!!


#17 Aug 19, 2008
Made an appointment today to look into getting my Mirena removed and thought I would do a quick search to see if others had experienced problems. Very helpful finding this site. I have had my Mirena in a year this month and have been having increasingly aggressive mood swings. The catalyst in getting me to make a Dr's appointment was swearing at my children. In the past I never swore in front of them let alone at them - I feel like I am possessed. Very disappointed as I was enjoying the absence of heavy periods (just spotting).


#18 Aug 20, 2008
She_moans wrote:
Oh my god - I have just stumbled across this site and am so glad I am not the only one!! I have had the Mirena in since December 06 and am having it removed in 3 weeks, absolute evil mood swings, spots in my hair line, boils on my chin, put on a stone in weight...the list goes on. Im having the copper coil fitted but I am not sure this is the right thing to do!!!
I had a copper coil for 2 years and it was great, absolutely no effects like this awful Mirena. I got the copper one because I didn't want to take hormones. Now I have ended up with a Mirena because I have problems with polyps due to my weight. I've had the Mirena for 4 weeks and my depression has been terrible. I cry for no reason at all and feel terrible. I have carried on losing weight, but that's because I'm so depressed I can't eat.

Rhodes, Australia

#19 Aug 21, 2008
Mirena ruins lives have a look for yourself at some of the horror stories here,
sunny CA

Manteca, CA

#20 Aug 31, 2008
I've had the mirena for only 3months at first I had a face rash that was itchy and has dryed out my face. this went away but last week I had it again. I've had mood swings then just today I feel so depressed. My husband say's he has noticed a differance as well and not myself. I've also have had a period the whole time with no break. My cramps are slightly better. But I can no longer do this if the mood swings and depresion. I'm calling my doctor on Tues to have it removed. I'm not like myself anymore. I really think it's the progesterone in the Mirena. My GYn doctor had given me 2wks after having the mirena inserted progesterone pill to help the with cramps and I broke out in rash on my face red like hot flashes and dryed out my face, My face also swelled so he told me to not take the progesterone pills anymore But I was researching and found out that progesterone is in the Mirena. I know now that all my symptoms are related to the Mirena. Has anyone else had these same kind of symptoms?

Rugby, UK

#21 Sep 2, 2008
i am so relieved to read that mood swings are a result of the mirena! me and my boyfriend were the best of friends before i had the coil fitted and now all i do is shout and everything winds me up, i have a major temper and feel down often, i have suffered with mad cramps to the point where i had to go to hospital with them. i dont get periods which is a bonus and but i do suffer with spots on my skin and shoulders which ive never had before

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