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#21 Nov 3, 2007
OK, well I thought all was well with the nuvaring, but now I am having more and more side effects. Such as sensitive gums, headaches [everyday all day] external and internal itching, burning [so horrible], discharge. Plus the nuvaring got too low, so I decided to take it out rinse it with cold water and reinsert it. It took about 6 tries before I got it back in the right spot...and now I'm bleeding. GREAT! I hope it will go away soon. I'm getting so frustrated with all BC!

Anybody else have any of those symptoms?

College Station, TX

#22 Dec 4, 2007
The ring was good in the fact that it regulated and made my period really light. However, it almost completely changed who I was. I had horrible mood swings, and almost no desire to have sex, and when I did want to have sex it hurt. I switched after three months.

Holly Springs, NC

#23 Dec 6, 2007
I've been on the nuva ring for about 9 months.
It took a really long time for it to work in a way that made the pain i have during my period nonexistent. Now the only complaint I have is the extra discharge. I thought this too would go away but it hasn't :(

Wichita, KS

#24 Dec 8, 2007
Hey! I stopped using the ring approx. two weeks ago and i started the day after i removed it... almost exactly! i honestly would recommend to anyone who has pain during sex and is on the nuva ring to stop using this form of birth control or go and get a "womanly" exam! I have heard that this BC can cause scar tissue and lessen the chance of having children. For some it works great and others not so much. I was really bitchy and felt horrible throughout using the ring. My boyfriend actually will not let me use birth control anymore because i get so mean! if anyone has any other questions feel free to email me at [email protected].. I wish you all luck with everything!:)
danni_girl wrote:
HELP!!! anyone out that has used the nuva ring....i need to know how long does it take after you remove the ring for your period to show up. i took it out yesterday at 9.30's now 4.30 pm the next day and spotting, no nothing. well not completely nothing, i've been having really bad heartburn and nausea for about the last 4 days. and the great thing is that i only get heartburn when i am preggers. i'm hoping it's just the hormones and what not...but i'm kinda freaking out. i don't want to run out and waste the money on pregnancy test....ACK!!

“LIFE - it's a work in progress”

Since: Oct 07


#25 Dec 9, 2007
i have no pain at all during it works well for me in that area. and it takes me about 3 days for aunt flo to appear. so far i like it...i shall just wait and see if i bonkers. i have noticed that i am more weepy now though, a sad song comes on and i am almost in tears...but so far that is only issue that i am dealing with this month. next month it might be something completely different.

Melbourne, Australia

#26 Dec 16, 2007
Just started Nuvaring 2 weeks ago, and so far have the following:

- Extra dry (?) with discharge - I say dry because its not slimy, its sort of like dry water - not slippery at all. At first I thought this was ok, but then trying to have sex with a dry vagina. Doesn't work real well.

- Stinging - it stings all the time but after sex it becomes so unbearable I can't even go to the toilet without a great deal of pain. Showering hurts. Its all just very sensitive and it sucks.

- Boyfriend can feel it and finds it offputting - also last night he was hurt by it.

I keep thinking maybe its given me thrush but from reading a few other posts I think its just totally made my vaginal environment really just bad. It has altered it with a hormone leaking foreign object! What more did I expect, honestly!

And I know better than to do things like this that sound great in theory but really, a plastic ring in my vagina with dirty hormones leaking directly into my vaginal tissue? I don't think so. I'm taking it out tonight.

Another disappointment regarding birth control. Though glad to say that so far haven't been a maniac, though completely disinterested in sex to the point where I couldn't even pretend to want it and get into it half way! I would directly say no to it, which I don't often do unless I'm compeltely exhuasted.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

Wouldn't recommend it really, I think I'd rather take a pill except - oestrogen contributes to breats cancer and ovarian cancer (oestrogen dependent cancers.). I hate birth control. But its funny, ladies - we live in the 'modern era' yet we are still going to end up preggers just because birth control sucks and being off it is so much nicer.
Go the condoms.

Love yiz xxx Keep trying.

West Covina, CA

#27 Dec 19, 2007
i just started the ring after giving birth to my daughter.... i do not want to have any more kids and i am not sure it is in there correctly.... it doesnt bother me ... but a friend told me is should be at least an inch and a half in there and i dont think mine is.... i need to know more... please!!!!!

Lawrenceville, GA

#28 Jan 16, 2008
I'm on the "ring" and I've gotten good periods but they seem to always be late. I've had no weight gain. My mood swings are bad, I'm always bitchy and or crying and that usually isn't me. To tell you the truth ladies, I'm scared to get any of the side effects. I know we all are, but "blood clots"..I don't know what to do. I've been on pills and they make me gain weight and feel funny. I went on the patch and that got recalled ( go figure ). I'm just at a dead end and I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

Chesterfield, MO

#29 Jan 21, 2008
absolutely horrible! became SEVERLY depressed and horrible panic attacks. could not even get out of bed some days b/c of the depression. personally, i think it is the worst thing ever!

Kapaa, HI

#30 Jan 26, 2008
ive been on it for one month and there are no side effects ive noticed. i was taking yaz before and i hated it because i was depressed and always hungary.

Milan, TN

#31 Jan 30, 2008
I used the Nuva ring for a while and there are pros and cons. Pros first: For me it was VERY convenient because I tend to forget to take a pill the same time every day, also it effectively prevents pregnancy, I didn't get pregnant and...ahem..tested it's effectiveness often. Also we rarely felt it during sex. Cons: Inserting it and removing it was kind of weird, I had to have my husband do it, also it is possible to push it out during a bowel movement. Also on the rare occasions we felt it during sex, it was a negative experience, but the worse con for me was that it decreased my sex drive dramatically and lowered my ability to produce natural lubrication. Also it turned me into sort of a basket case at times. In the end I had to get off of it and switch to a conventional pill. I am still in search of the perfect pill *sigh* My doc also said she's only had about 3 women ever say they loved the nuva ring.

Charlotte, NC

#32 Feb 5, 2008
Hey, first month using the ring. Doc put it in last day of my period, was fine for a week, and then have had bleeding since then- less than period but more than spotting. Two weeks now, and no cramps, bloating, nothing, just brown bleeding- is this normal?? what the hell??

Redford, MI

#33 Apr 2, 2008
I was on it for about a year and a half. I didn't gain weight, my periods were light and regular, my cramps were a lot better, but I used to get massive headaches when I was on it.

Sioux Falls, SD

#34 Apr 18, 2008
I was only able to be on the NuvaRing for a month before I had to stop using it. I got very nauseous - so bad that any conversation would make me feel like throwing up. I really liked its convenience, though - I would've stayed on it if I hadn't had such severe nausea.

Oak Harbor, WA

#35 May 10, 2008
In theory, the Nuva Ring is great. In reality, for me, it was more of a hassle and there were side effects I was just not willing to live with so I gave up after three months of using it. I loved the fact that you only thought about changing it once a month however it increased the amount of vaginal discharge to an uncomfortable amount. This was the tipping point for me in deciding to stop using it. In addition, I completely lost my sex drive and was a bit more emotional on it than the pill. Some good things about it were that I didn't gain any weight or break out. My periods are light and short normally ,however, they were even lighter and shorter when using the ring. Overall it wasn't a bad choice I just could not live with the increased discharge and no sex drive.

Ames, IA

#36 May 23, 2008
I have been on the NuvaRing for about 4 or 5 months now and I LOVE IT. I really love it. I don't feel it, my boyfriend can feel it but says it does not affect the sex at all. I have no side effects, and it is super convenient. I had been on about 5 different oral contraceptives and the only one that worked was Ortho-Tricyclen, but after being on it for 2-3 years or so I started having breakthrough bleeding really bad and nothing was regular. Every oral BC after that did the same thing, and Nuva is the first one that actually works like it's supposed. I'm also very forgetful, but do have a calender to remember the date. I've forgotten and taken it out a day or two late and there was no negative side effects. Over-all, I love it and it's super convenient. And my periods are super light. I do still get cramps and I hate waiting to see whether it will be 3 or 4 days after I take the ring out to get my period, but other than that, I love it and would highly suggest it. My best friend started it 2 months ago and she loves it as well.

Ames, IA

#37 May 23, 2008
Oh! I forgot, it did not decrease my sex drive or "dry me up" at ALL!


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Westport, MA

#38 May 28, 2008
Yeah, I've been on the Nuva-ring for several years. I started with the patch, but I became severely allergic to the adhesive.

I don't remember to take pills... I've had a daily med for almost 20 years and I still forget to take it sometimes, so a BCP would NOT be right for me.

I have a tipped uterus and my OB-GYN can't place an IUD, so the ring is it for me... or condoms, which me and my fiance both hate.

The ring has been a godsend for me. As far as side effects, well, it's something that can happen with any birth control... blood clots, too.
It's all trial and error, I'm afraid.

Manor, TX

#39 Jun 13, 2008
I have been on Nuvaring for almost 3 weeks and have been cramping for two of them with no period. Is this normal??

I am hoping when I take it out for my week break that I will start and finally quit cramping:(

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Jul 11, 2008
I have had the Nuva for about a year now! i Like it i mean i never remebered to take the pill. thats why this was great for me. my bf and I have alot of sex.. sometimes 5 times a day or night, and so it comes out sometimes... and so last week i was showering and cleaning and realized shit!!! its gone.. i couldnt find it.. inside of course.. so i freaked out and put the next one in..hoping to save my life.. But the next day i was showering and i couldnt feel it again.. like omg this couldnt have happend 2 times!!!! but then as i went up futhur i realized how dumb i was that it was futhur up.. so now i put in 2 .. omg i freaked out... do you know what kind of effects that would have?? and i have been feeling depressed but it was only for like 1day 1/2 ...?? help

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