Does anyone like Mirena?
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#1 Oct 13, 2006
I just got the Mirena iud and everything I've come across about women who've used it is negative. It scares me & makes me wonder if there's anyone out there who hasn't had a bunch of bad side effects.

Mission, TX

#2 Feb 26, 2007
Well, I have had it for lil over 2 yrs and I have to say that there are positives and negatives to it. The good stuff first - slight to no bleeding while on period, so a panty liner or a light tampon is good. But the bad sides far out weigh the good...I have NO sex drive at all...and when I do, I have killer cramps and spotting and bleeding for about 2 days after the "fun" so it's to the point to where it's not worth it for poor husband is dying. I also notice that I get depressed when "Aunt Flo" is coming for a visit. I never had a problem with weight gain though, in fact I have been losing weight lately.

But every person is different, you might love it, or decide that the pros out weigh the cons...but I am getting my Mirena removed in a few weeks...

Tacoma, WA

#3 Mar 27, 2009
mirena sucks. IF you have any other choices, go with them. Like the Shot. I have had my mirena for about a full year and there's terrible cramps, bleeding /cramping after sex, and LOTS of women have been noticing mirena "falling out" or "missing" , i would have mine taken out if it wasn't "missing". yourself the migranes,extremely painful cramps, and NO sex drive,depression, CRAZY mood swings,... try something else. and when they insert Mirena it hurts like you wouldn't believe!*lol* i would never recommend Mirena to any woman.

Brunswick, GA

#4 Apr 10, 2009
I just had my mirena put in today my nurse told me shes had it for years and loves it but now i'm getting worried and scared my doctor strongly recommended it i trust him but now i'm scared

United States

#5 Jun 11, 2009
I have had no prob with it Except for minor period craps in the beganing but it been great with no hassale period every month although i do get a light period once in a while and do get normal cramping .im fixing to go back already to get it for another 5years!!
Chases mama

Phoenix, AZ

#6 Jun 15, 2009
I love mine! I have had about 2 months and the only downside is the spotting which I am hoping will go away soon. I have had no pains, numbness or any of the "horror" story type stuff I have been reading about. I would recomend it to any of my friends.
Everyone is different and I am sure there are good / bad stories to go with each of the other types of BC. Don't let it scare you :)

Portsmouth, VA

#7 Aug 13, 2009
I like having the mirena and I'm glad I got it. I too saw lots of negative stuff which caused me to have doubts about it. I know everyone is different but I've had mine for 3 months and no negative side effects here just 1 time of random spotting. Remember, everyones body is different and most people will only posts negative experiences and not the positive ones.

Warner Robins, GA

#8 Sep 16, 2009
well i am to go to have the merena put in in about 2 weeks i am scared also but i think its worth a try you can always have it taken out if u dont like it i think about it that way if im not saticfied ill just go and have it taken out plain and simple so try not to be scared i am lol

Morningside, Australia

#9 Nov 16, 2009
I have had almost every contraceptive know to woman. The depo shot i was allergic to and came out in a rash and lots of other horrible stuff. I Just had the Mirina taken out after having it in for one year. At first it was great and got rid of heavey periods (that was the aim) but when i got a partner and became sexually active on a regular basis i got infection after infection and bleeding and cramps after intercouse and have ended up with pelvic inflamatory be careful ladies and at first sign of infection get it taken out!

Montgomery, AL

#10 Dec 15, 2009
I think there are probably tons of women out there who have had absolutely no problems with the Mirena...and therefore have no need to post up a scary blog about their experience. I just got mine put in 4 days ago, and am nervous reading these posts. But, if you have a procedure, and everything goes as planned, and everything is great, you would have no reason to tell the world. Try to take the negative posts with a grain of salt. I will be sure to post up my Mirena experience, good or bad. All I can say now, after 4 days, is insertion was painful, like the worse period cramps I've ever had, but I did not pass out, cry, or throw up. My doc was awesome and gave me meds to open my cervix, and she gave me a local anesthtic too, which I think made a world of difference. So far, I have been cramping all day, which is uncomfortable. My doc prescribed Tylenol 3, so that helps. I was nervous about the pain of getting the Mirena put in, but it was bearable, and I am so happy to get off Depo. I've been on it for over 10 years. I'm curious to see if I will lose a little weight that I gained while on Depo (10 lbs over 10 years...) and I'm hoping the cramping stops soon. Just some back ground, I am 28 and never had children.

Yarmouth, ME

#11 Dec 15, 2009
I had my second baby in October and had mirena put in 7 weeks later. I've only had it in for 2 weeks.. but I'm having it taken out tomorrow because I HATE IT! I was feeling so great before I had it put in (no sadness at all and really happy actually). Since I got the mirena put in, I have had so many awful side effects!
- non stop bleeding (like a period for 2 weeks.. that is not letting up)
- DEPRESSION (like crazy woman.. yelling at my kids and husband all the time.. crying all the time, etc)
-bloating! I actually looked better immediately after having a baby than I do now!! And I work out and I'm a thin person.. but I look like I'm pregnant again!
-boobs hurt
-hair loss, etc.
I'm not saying that all of these symptoms are from mirena.. but I know that these crazy mood swings, crying, etc. wasn't here before! Can't wait to get it out and feel normal again!

Charlottesville, VA

#12 Dec 16, 2009
I had the mirena put in a week ago and I made an appointment tomorrow to have it taken out. I have been experiencing terrible back pain the last 3 days, mood swings also, and I also feel like I am getting an infection. In one hour I went to the bathroom 4 times. I don't feel like my normal self and it has only been a week. I have 3 children and I don't want to take the pill anymore, I would rather take my chances. I am trying to talk my hubby into getting a vasectomy. Good luck with that. I was hoping to hear some good news about this IUD, but it seems as it is mostly bad.

United States

#13 Jan 9, 2010
I had the Mirena put in four days ago, just had sex for the first time, and now have not stopped bleeding since then. Not spotting either, bleeding. I wish I would have done my research before hand. We just had our first son in June and I thought this would be good to be able to control when the next one came.

United States

#14 Jan 9, 2010
Sorry 2 hear so many negavtives. I have had my Miranda for 4 yrs now I absolutely LOVE it!!! I've been online researching for info because I have just the 4yr iud and not the 10yr copper 1 :( when I first got it inserted I bleed non stop for weeks, it was terrible but I have never been a heavy bleeder or a cramper but the day in and out of bleeding was insane but paid off because after 7 months in I had no more periods. I had experienced spoting here and there but nothing I could calculate or predict basicly I only knew I was spoting when I was in the bathroom and wiped. Now in the last two months however for the first time I have gained 13lbs and have been wearing liners or tampons as I spot daily and I'm wondering if this is due to weight gain lack of sex in 3 months stress from getting rid of live in boyfriend or all of the above nonetheless, on the topic at hand I love my Miranda and ready 2 remove and replace 4 my 10yr 1 now

United States

#15 Feb 17, 2010
I got my Mirena 5 years ago, aside from the cramping when it was inserted I have had no problems. I have had no periods for 5 years, and have noticed no changes in sex drive or weight that I can contribute to the Mirena. But now that it is time to take it out I have been having recurring BV and unexplained hives/rash on my arms. Has anybody else has theses symptoms when it is time for the Mirena to come out??

Wilson, NC

#16 Feb 19, 2010
yes, some of you might be right about no one posting the Good Part of Mirena IUD.
The 1st year and a half I seemed to be good with the IUD.... then it went downhill.( Again, everyone is different and it changes us all at different times)

Review the Mirena Forum at lots of good info and discussion.
I've had my Mirena IUD out for 9 days now and I do "emotionally" feel better. I have not had a period in 15 years since I was on the DepoShot before the IUD. since removal I have only spotted for 2 days up to this point. And I've had sex at least twice and everything seemed fine.
I had the IUD input June'06 and all seemed fine. I didn't notice the side effects... Like when my boobs hurt for 2 weeks (so I thought I was pregant )-- even though my current husband had a vasectomy years ago. Or all the Joint pains in my back and hips. And being SO SO emotional...I could Cry at Anything!!

I will definently do more research about stuff before I have anything done again!!

Niddrie, Australia

#17 Mar 3, 2010
I am getting it inserted in 6 weeks at the same time as I have my 4th operation for endometriosis, and all I can say is most of you have freaked me out and now I'm having massive doubts.

Wilson, NC

#18 Mar 4, 2010
Well it has been 21 days since I've had mine removed! I've only spotted 2 of those days.

I can not tell you how relieved I have been. And how much better I feel!! I am not as emotional!
I've had more sex the last 21 days than I've had the last 3 months!!!
No more pain during sex or afterwards.
I had been feeling really bad after sex lately -- it would hurt during sex; then I always felt like I had a UTI (so I had been taking Cranberry Tablets to help with that )

I am hoping that I am one of the Exceptions and won't have the "Crash" that I've read that many have had after removal!

Macon, GA

#19 Mar 22, 2010
I have had my mirena iud in for 9 months now and i love it. I have had no problem with it. Like all the others just some light bleeding when i am menstrating but that is it. I have also heard the bad stories and it gave me doubts but if anything ever does happen all i have to do is go to the doctor.

Austin, TX

#20 Mar 23, 2010
I have had Mirena for a year now. I used to have severe bleeding and cramps during my cycle. I had cramps at first and it took a few months to get settled, but now I haven't had a period or cramps in almost a year now! I love problems!

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