Sex Drive on the Copper IUD

Scottsdale, AZ

#102 Dec 17, 2007
sarah wrote:
I've had the paraguard for a year. It is terrible. My cramps have been so bad that I've thought I was going to pass out. Most of my periods are very heavy and last almost ten days. I have to get this thing removed. I was told it would get better after a few months, its only gotten worse.
I suggest caution with this, especially if you've never had children (like me).
I have never had kids either and I don't ever intend to. That is another reason why I chose the paraguard. See I am the complete opposite, I have had absolutly no cramps with mine, and my periods stayed the same as before I had it inserted.

Everyone must try it for themselves first, because everyones body takes things differently. You will never know unless you try.

Brooklyn, NY

#103 Dec 17, 2007
Hi Nichole....

I was just wondering if you are still happy with your IUD.... i have been thinking about getting one.... what is your opionion?

If anyone else has an advice email me at [email protected]
Nicole wrote:
I started this post before I got my copper IUD. I LOVE it! I got it fitted on Feb 2nd and since then have had regular periods that have been totally normal. My first period was pretty brutal though. I did bleed pretty heavy the first day and had some nasty cramping. Now I just started my third period and I feel great. No cramps and not heavy bleeding at all. During the month, I don't have spotting and I don't even know I have it.
I had such a bad time with bcps and am very happy with my decision. It's not for everyone and based on some stories, everyone reacts differently to it. I would say my experience is pretty ideal and I'm sure there are many more girls out there with the same experience. My advice is do your research but don't let all of the horrible stories scare you. Most people only post on blogs to complain and the happy people aren't researching it because they're happy with it. Just think about it.

Mystic, CT

#104 Dec 17, 2007
it took me 10 years of pills and one awful year on the nuva ring to decide to get this. I felt "deflated" almost instantly from the nuva ring & all it's water weight. It hurt to get it in, and it really hurt during my first period. I felt a little tummy bloated and tender for a while ( i got it in sept.) i just finished my second period and it wasn't nearly as bad as the first. Everything else seems A-Ok. If you're really tired of hormones i suggest it.

Phoenix, AZ

#105 Dec 20, 2007
I have had the copper iud for a little over five years. I chose it because I have one child and am quite certain I do not want any more and I had bad experiences with the pill. The IUD seemed like the perfect answer.

I have certainly been very happy with not giving a thought to birth control, but it really seemed to mess with my cycles from the beginning. My periods have gotten increasingly longer and closer together so I am bleeding for two weeks out of every month. PMS is pretty bad for about the week before, so I feel good maybe 1 week out of the month!

My fiance said to me several time to take it out, but I don't want to get pregnant ( and he won't get a vascectomy, of course!) I had been feeling really depressed lately, actually almost agorophobic and he mentioned again, "Maybe it's the IUD." So I googled copper iud and depression and came across this forum and I was amazed by all the adverse symptoms that many of you described. I remembered that I had gained 15 lbs right after it was put in and I had also experienced a depression.

I started thinking that maybe my body was absorbing the copper and that I might have a kind of heavy metal poisoning, so I googled copper toxicity and came across some very, very interesting research about copper imbalances. All the symptoms that I have been experiencing were all there as signs of a copper overload. I started taking zinc supplements to counteract the copper and I feel like a new woman about a week later!

I have an appointment on Monday (Xmas Eve) to get it taken out. It is my Xmas gift to myself.

Chicago, IL

#106 Dec 21, 2007
why is it that women dont want to have sex when that have kids. because my wife told me her body dont be wanting to do it what can i do.

Scottsdale, AZ

#107 Dec 21, 2007
david wrote:
why is it that women dont want to have sex when that have kids. because my wife told me her body dont be wanting to do it what can i do.
Your wife is being stupid. I can't personally say why women do that. it is selfish and down right mean. It makes me so angry they act that way. To be honest the only thing you can do is talk to her and let her know how you feel.

A relationship can't last unless their is sex involved. Both partners need to communicate with one another. I do feel sorry for you. But having a kid is no excuse, if she only wanted to have sex to have kids then that is selfish because she is denying your needs.

Not as a man you need to have sex, but as a human. We are all sexual creatures. If she just had the kid give her like 3 months to let her body get back to normal. But if she doesn't want to after that then you really have a problem.

I can't imagine doing that to my husband. It would literally make my skin crawl knowing that I am hurting him like that. She better consider herself lucky... it took me five years to figure out why I was having pain during sex and I still put out for my husband. Even though it hurt I knew how crucial it was to our relationship.

I would talk to her, find out what the problem is. And she better fix it!!!

Danville, CA

#108 Dec 26, 2007
God, I started looking this stuff up because I haven't wanted sex in a year and my boyfriend of 4 years and I are talking about breaking up.
I don't know if it's the IUD, because EVERYTHING else in the relationship is so great.
I've had some cramping here and there, some bleeding when I made myself try to enjoy sex. But the low sex drive is hurting now. I'm 23, and since around my 22nd birthday (around when I got it) I just haven't wanted sex AT ALL. I guess it must be the IUD. Now the cost is high.
I got it from planned parenthood and they'll be mad for having to take it out. Plus they'll probably put me on a list to never get one again because it wastes their money.
I was so happy with everything else about the IUD, everything else is great, but I guess you can't know what side effects you might have.

Danville, CA

#109 Dec 26, 2007
And Vesta, just because you're willing to submit like that doesn't mean all women should. In fact I'm sure there are quite a few doctors that would call what you chose to do mentally and physically unhealthy. But if you want sex that bad, go for it, it is YOUR CHOICE. NOT ANYONE ELSE'S.
I'm glad women have the freedom to say no now. I'm glad women don't have to screw men to keep them because their lives and identities depend on it.
It hurts to not want sex because you know there's that distance, and if you love someone you might be able to work it out. It's better than saying the other is "stupid" and lucky you haven't left them.
Yes, sex is important, but there are much more important things between two people.
If a woman has children her hormones are totally crazy, and sometimes it takes time to get back in balance. THIS IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE. TRY READING BEFORE GIVING ADVICE. I can't imagine how ignorant you have to be to say she's just acting stupid and had better wise up.

Scottsdale, AZ

#110 Dec 27, 2007
She is acting stupid for not giving him a reason. I totally understand when women have kids they get all crazy. But she needs ti give him a reason. I feel the it is the up most selfishness in a relationship when one person is happy and the other is suffering.

I am sorry but in this case I will more than likley take the mans side. I am childfree I don't really think that women are that sensetive (mentally) after they give birth. For some reason it seeems that the women of modern day have gotten soft and irritating.

But that is for a different discussion.

MONICA - don't worry about wasting someones money. You were never able to see what side effects you would get. You have to do what ever makes you happy, and what ever is best for your body. It took me five years to find out what my problem was.

Los Angeles, CA

#111 Dec 29, 2007
ive had the copper iud for 3 weeks now, everything seems fine. bad cramps the first week and here and there more cramps. it does sort of feel like im on my period even though i havent had it yet. hungrier, bloated and mood swings. im already prone to mood swings so..

West Palm Beach, FL

#112 Jan 5, 2008
I just recently got the paraguard copper IUD and love it so far. I've never had kids so insertion was pretty bad for me. The actual insertion was fine, just a little pressure, but I passed out when I tried to stand up after the procedure and had HORRIBLE cramping for the first day. Now things seem fine- little cramping and absolutely no spotting. I think if you're going to get an IUD, you may as well get the copper one- why go through the procedure and still have hormonal side-effects? I think all the scary stories about the copper IUD might be from people who are allergic to copper. If you're not sure, take a multivitamin with copper for a few months and see if you get a bad reaction before making your choice.

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#113 Jan 6, 2008
Ive had my paraguard now for 6 months, I'm 30 years old, and have no kids. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but it was by far one of the greatest decisions I ever made. It has in no way effected my sex life in a negative way, in fact, it has only made it better.

Phoenix, AZ

#114 Jan 10, 2008
I just wanted to report back that since I had the IUD removed on Dec 24th that I feel great! The removal was a breeze and the NP said that the way the IUD was sitting in my cervix that it was almost expelled. That might account for the almost constant feeling of cramping.

The other symptoms that I was feeling that are now gone...bloating, mood swings, lumpy breasts, fatigue, never really wanting to have sex, and many others, all I can say is that although for many years I thought the IUD was wonderful, I now realize that it was causing a very, very negative response in my body that I never suspected was the root cause.

If anyone else is curious that the IUD might be a problem for them, do some research on copper/zinc imbalance, inflammatory response in the body (the IUD works by causing an inflammatory response in the uterus) and estrogen dominance.

Scottsdale, AZ

#115 Jan 10, 2008
What do you mean by estrogen dominance?

Phoenix, AZ

#116 Jan 10, 2008
Vesta, the conclusions that I came to were that the IUD was causing both a copper toxicity ( someone else in this forum also has also posted some wisdom about this) and an inflammatory response in my body. So, although the copper IUD does not contain hormones itself, it is contributing to a hormonal imbalance in my system.

Take some time to do some Google research on the phrases I mentioned above. I started with learning about the copper/zinc imbalance and started taking zinc supplements before I had the IUD removed and felt quite a bit better. Then I found info about the copper/zinc imbalance being a part of something called estrogen dominance and so I investigated that and it seemed like I finally had the answers to how I had been feeling mentally and physically for quite a while.

Along with removing the IUD, I have begun using a natural progesterone cream to help balance out my hormones.

San Francisco, CA

#117 Jan 19, 2008
I would strongly discourage anyone from getting the IUD. I had it for 5 years, and it was the worst 5 years of my life. I got it about 6 months after having my 4th child and shortly after that was having problems sleeping, irritability, anxiety... to make a long story short, the Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I had every test done under the sun and was fine. I was first diagnosed with depression, then ADD then OCD and finally Bipolar disorder. I was suicidal and a complete zombie most of the time. By the grace of God I was compelled to have it taken out and within days felt like a new person. I stopped taking all the meds and have been feeling like my old self ever since. If anyone would like more info I can be contacted at [email protected]

Menlo Park, CA

#118 Jan 22, 2008
Will the insertion of copeer IUD result in thyroid problem , as one of the side effect? If anybody knows any info regarding this can you please share?

Phoenix, AZ

#119 Jan 22, 2008
Andrea wrote:
Will the insertion of copeer IUD result in thyroid problem , as one of the side effect? If anybody knows any info regarding this can you please share?
I am certainly not an endocrinologist, I only know my own body and the information I have found that leads me to believe that the copper iud is a major contributing factor to hormonal imbalances that cause the myriad of symptoms that I have experienced.

You may want to try finding information on estrogen dominance and how that relates to thyroid problems.

Salt Lake City, UT

#120 Jan 22, 2008
I thought I was crazy until I came across this forum. I've had my paragard for about a year after the birth of my son. I breastfed so I only recently got my period back. The first one was very heavy and painful but after that they pretty much returned to normal. The problem is I have absolutely no sex drive at all. And my mood swings are awful, two weeks out of the month I'm extremely emotional. I've been thinking that the the iud might be the cause of it but after reading all of the responses I'm even more convinced it's the iud. I'm making an appointment tomorrow to have it removed.

San Leandro, CA

#121 Jan 25, 2008
I got my Mirena IUD removed, I am a lot better sex-drive wise. I decided to go hormone-free for at least a month to sort things out, I use condoms. Initially the cervical pain during intercourse was still there a week or so after removal, it's getting a little better. I'm having my first period in nearly a year, but the cramps are debilitating. I'm taking a break from work to go home and take painkillers because I can hardly stand. I hope this isn't permanent because it was never like this before the IUD.
It really sucks, because I LOVE the idea of what the IUD can do, and I love the commitment involved. I wish it could have worked out, but I don't think I'll even be trying the copper IUD. I'm going to use condoms/the nuva ring until the skin implant gets funded by the state.
This forum was extremely helpful in helping me realize my problems weren't totally isolated. Thanks and good luck to you all.

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