Sex Drive on the Copper IUD

Marion, OH

#485 Feb 3, 2011
I'm about to have a copper IDU. I've never had kids and have never been pregnant, and I used nuva-ring about 1 1/2 years ago (to relieve acne). Shortly after starting nuva-ring, I formed a blood clot in my brain that left me in the hospital for a week. It's very rare for a healthy young woman (nonsmoker) to react in such a way, but I guess I was just unlucky. After a few months of blood thinners I was back to normal.

Now it's a year later and my boyfriend is one of those super-responsible/caring types who refuses to have sex with me for fear of pregnancy, so I talked my doctor about finding a new birth control method. He told me that a copper IUD would be best because it has no hormones, is very effective and lasts for 10 years!

So now I can look forward into my life and not have to worry about some accident or stupid night ruining it for me.

I'm just 16 years old.


#486 Feb 6, 2011
I've had my copper IUD for about a year now. I was 21 when I had it inserted and i've never had kids. It was actually recommended to me by the doctors after I was attacked and raped last year as it prevents pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex.(It was offered as a more effective precaution than the morning after pill.)

Having it inserted hurt alot, although i was bruised anyway so im not sure I can be the best judge. It didn't last long though maybe a few minutes for the whole process. I experienced a lot of cramping for the first couple of weeks and my periods for the first 4-5 months were very painful. Now however I barely notice its there. I had been on the pill before but came off after only a few months due to side effects. I can now safely say I love my copper IUD, I would recommend anyone to try it but give it 6 months to allow your body a real chance to adjust.

I have an older friend (28 - no children) with a Minera IUD and she hates it, she is considering an exchange to a copper one. Apparently she rarely gets periods and the doctors only advice was to take regular pregnancy tests. Hardly reassuring.

Also although this may not be relevant to people who aren't poor students like me but the amount i've saved on condoms with an IUD instead is ridiculous. I've been with the same guy for nearly 4 years (2 as best friends, 2 as a couple) and it must have saved us a small fortune this last year. If anything despite what happened to me and how I came to know about this type of contraception, I think the IUD has overall improved our sex life. Its a lot more spontaneous and relaxed as we never have to worry about condoms and if i get freaked out and want to stop sometimes or have a flashback we don't waste them, sounds silly but it makes things far more intimate and comfortable.

However I would not recommend an IUD to people looking for casual sex unless it is a secondary backup method to condoms as obviously it does not prevent STIs.

To any younger girls thinking of getting an IUD, I would also suggest you use condoms too with a new partner until you feel you trust him enough - maybe don't tell him at first - guys can get a bit nuts for sex if they know condoms aren't an issue anymore. And please both get checked for STIs first. Just remember if you sleep with someone without protection you're sleeping with anyone they've ever slept with and all their ex partners, ex partners, it can add up real easy, so just be careful and be safe.


#487 Feb 6, 2011
IUD wrote:
can someone please tell me if i can use KY jelly brand yours and mine with a copper IUD?
You can use pretty much anything you like it makes no difference at all. The IUD will work just the same.


#488 Feb 6, 2011
Christine wrote:
I am so nervous!!!
I want a copper IUD so badly but all these negitive reviews are really starting to scare me.
i am almost 21 and never had a child or abortion. my relationship with my boyfriend is getting pretty serious. we are talking about moving in together. I have been on BC for 6 years and I have lost my sex drive and have only climaxed once!
i just went off my bc a month ago and i can already tell a difference in sex dive. im actually enjoying it!!
but now i could get pregnant.
im afraid that my body is going to reject the IUD. or that i will become anemic.
i have a friend who just got a non hormonal IUD. about 3 months ago. but she had an abortion directly before and her uterus had been stretched a little making it less likely to fall out or cause major cramping and bleeding. she said her periods are heavier but they don't last more than 7 days.
I guess I just need to talk to my OB GYN about it. but im not home, im still at school.
im just wondering if anyone knows if the IUD is more likely to be rejected if i have not had a child. i dont care about the pain of inserting it. if it all works, its worth it.
The copper IUD itself won't affect your sex drive at all. The only trouble is the heavier periods some women face may make you feel less sexy and this make a difference. I was told by my doctor that all birth control pills etc needs about 3-6 months to settle so your body adjusts. Although the copper IUD isn't hormone based its still a change for your body and i would suggest you try it and stick it out for 6months like I did and see if everything goes back to normal, for a method that should last you 10yrs its worth giving it 6 months as a trial period.


#489 Feb 6, 2011
I should also add I just looked up what IUD i have as it didn't sound the same as some of the ones mentioned on here.
Mine is in fact a NOVA T380 and can be used for 5 years not 10. The copper part of the device is 380mm squared. I don't know if that is similar to the paragard IUD in the US. Also the device I have comes in different sizes so its made to measure your uterus, which is probably why I haven't had much cramping etc after initial insertion.


#490 Feb 6, 2011
I have the same one a Nova T 380 and I was offered a choice by the doctor as to what one I wanted.


In 2008, there are ten types of IUD available in Britain.
The Flexi-T 300. T shaped. Lasts five years.
The Flexi-T +380. Similar to the one above, but for slightly larger wombs. Lasts five years.
The GyneFix. Different from the rest, because it isn’t T-shaped, and just consists of six copper tubes on a polypropylene thread. Lasts five years.
Load 375. U-shaped. Lasts five years.
The Multiload Cu 375. Lasts five years.
The Nova-T 380. Copper and silver. Lasts five years.
The T-Safe Cu 380A. Yet another T shape. Manufacturers say it lasts 10 years.
TT380 Slimline. Currently intended to last 10 years.
UT 380 Short. For the shorter womb. Lasts five years.
UT 380 Standard. For the larger womb. Lasts five years.

Some women are still ‘wearing’ brands that are not on the above list, because they’re no longer manufactured, notably the Gyne-T 380.

Mountain View, CA

#491 Feb 16, 2011
The Copper IUD a.k.a Para Gard is horrible. I got it in November 2010 and at first I had HORRIBLE cramps. I had to stay home on the couch all day during my periods they were so bad. Since then I have noticed a DRAMATIC decrease in sex drive due to the fact that every time I have sex I feel a pee sensation or it feels as if I have cuts inside my vagina/uterus. I did a little research on the side effects of having too much copper in your body. One of the main side effects that worried me was that you can get cancer in your cervix. Another one is that copper contributes to Alzheimer's disease. I have also noticed a dramatic weight gain and lots of bloating in my abdomen. I definitely do not recommend this IUD it is not entirely non-hormonal either because it does cause a small increase in estrogen in your body. Not entirely sure how this works but it has something to do with the fact that your body is not used to having a "thing" inside your uterus and may be tricked into thinking it is a fetus. Personally I feel that if you do not want to take hormonal birth control just stick with condoms and be extra cautious. That's your best bet on not having ANY side effects.

Tempe, AZ

#492 Feb 17, 2011
I've had the paragard in for 5 months now and these cramps are KILLING ME!!! I used to have cramps before I got it put in but these are RIDICULOUS!!! And I have absolutely no sex drive, is that normal?? I thought it was supposed to increase your sex drive? That is not the case with me. Anyone else experiencing this?

United States

#493 Feb 18, 2011
I had my copper IUD placed in November 2010. IT IS HORRIBLE!!!! I am experiencing ALOT of cramps when I get my period, which I never had before (EVER). My regular flow before was 2 to 3 days of very light bleeding and now it's like I always have my period!!! Very heavy bleeding and really bad cramps!!! Every time I have sex I bleed! Between periods I bleed! And am also experiencing really bad anxiety and panic attacks! And am really depressed! There is'nt one day that goes by that I don't cry and am super anxious all the time! Before the IUD I was super happy and cheerful all the time now I am just miserable!! Made an appointment with my gyn to have it removed on Monday!!!
not crabby

Catlett, VA

#494 Feb 22, 2011
I did a lot of research on the paraguard IUD. I had mine put in yesterday...and cramped some from it. Not as bad as I expected. Feel fine today, went to work.
not crabby

Catlett, VA

#495 Feb 22, 2011
if you want to LEARN about IUD's, go to a medical web page, not a gossip column.

United States

#496 Mar 7, 2011
ive had the copper iud for about a little over a month. recently after sex i have i believe im on my period but the blood is brown and had a odor. could this be a problem or is it normal??

Dallas, TX

#497 Mar 15, 2011
I had the copper iud for 8 months and concieved my daughter on it.

Rickreall, OR

#498 Mar 16, 2011
I had my paraguard put in a month ago, and started my first period recently. Whereas I used to have a 3-4 day period, right now I'm on day 7 with no signs of slowing. And it is HEAVY. I've heard that this is normal so I'm going to give it a few months, but if it stays like this I might have it taken out. Problem is, IUD is the only form of birth control that would really work for me. I'm severely bipolar so I have to stay away from things with hormones.

New York, NY

#499 Mar 17, 2011
i don get why people have so much complains about the copper iud..ive had it for 4 months already..n i love it n i thnk the heave bleedin is also worth it during my periods..its bettr then any othr birth controls out der!

Scottsdale, AZ

#500 Mar 17, 2011
Yes, mine returned fully to normal after 6 mos to a year. It takes some time but it will happen

Manchester, UK

#501 Mar 18, 2011
i have extremely bad mood swings and i mean BAD i dont know how anybody can be around me when im like this, and its all been since i have had the coil fitted, any body know why??

Jamaica, NY

#502 Mar 28, 2011
Have the copper paraguard- first pd was awful- I'm getting cramping bad and my husband is being poked with the strings... Anyone know a better way-3 kids in 4 years! Need something

United States

#503 Apr 3, 2011
I've had the copper iud for almost 6 years. The first 4 years were great. But, the last 2 years have been horrible! Every month I alternate BV and/or yeast infection that last at least a week or two. I've done everything to battle them as I have not yet decided if I want another child (I'll be 35 in July). But, I've HAD it w/ these issues and I'm going to have it removed this month. I'm thinking of getting a diaphram. If it's God's plan for me to have another child then it will happen. I have friends with iud's that have had them for years and have had no problems. I wish that were the case for me but it's not anymore. I'm tired of these recurring infections and so is my poor husband.

Port Saint Joe, FL

#504 Apr 3, 2011
I feel the need to post just to balance out some of the negativity and allay some of the fears readers may feel about getting an IUD. I recently had a ParaGard IUD implanted and here is what I've discovered so far: the insertion was painful, sure, but only for about one minute. After that, I popped a few ibuprofen and went strait to the gym for a workout, and I had no problems at all. Over the past week, I have experienced some bleeding and cramping, but it's not bad. Also, according to what I heard from my OB/GYN (and what I have experienced thus far aligns with his assessment), since there are no hormones, ParaGard IUDs should not affect your mood, weight, sex drive, etc. The only way I think one could be moody with the copper IUD is if you tend to get moody when you have a bit of cramping. My advice thus far is this: keep some tampons and ibuprofen handy, pop a pill or two when you feel cramping, and wait it out. Supposedly it will take your body 3-6 months to adjust, but from what I've heard outside gossip columns, it's worth it. You save money in the long run and also if you have a partner who you trust, you have greater spontaneity and freedom.

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