HELP! weight gain after IUD removed.....

HELP! weight gain after IUD removed....and more...

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Superior, WI

#1 Feb 13, 2008
I had my IUD for about a year and everything went great. No periods/spotting or weight gain. I actually lost a ton a weight but that was with diet and excersize. I decided to have my IUD removed on Jan 31st because we decided to have baby # 2. It has been 2 weeks now and I have had gas/bloating, tired, acne, little spotting and the worst...WEIGHT GAIN! I took a HPT a few days ago and negative. I don't know what to do but it is freaking me out. I would call the doc but I figure she will just say give it more time. I want to know what is going on with my body. I excersize 2 hrs a day 7 days a week and eat very healthy. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


#2 May 12, 2011
I have only just had my IUD removed (3rd one) originally inserted due to extreme bleeding, now removed i have already noticed my stomach is swelling and bloating, and I feel heavier - whats going on, I eat very little as on my own, and work full time, just have tuna and avo for lunch....anyone out there having the same probs..........

Norwich, UK

#3 May 19, 2011
had my iud removed about 3 months ago. No period 1st time due, period 29th apr, and awaiting next. Ive been gaining weight at an alarming rate, well girth, havent weighed myself as no scales but bras too small, tummy sore and bloated, heavy, sore breasts. Shouldnt be pregnant, did test this morning in case and not. I exercise well, eat healthily and have no weight issues normally. Feel awful

London, UK

#4 Apr 8, 2012
I have had similar symptoms since having my coil removed. I had my coil for 5 years which was pretty tortuous as I had the most horrific periods every month that lasted 5 days, stopped for 2 then started again for another 4 days, they were extremely heavy and the pains I got (especially for the first 3 yrs) were unbareable! I had my coil removed 11 days ago now and I can feel the changes in my body constantly. I have felt dizzy, sick, tired, sad, cramping but most of all I feel very bloated. I can't even suck my stomach in. I was due my period 6 days ago but still nothing! I have done a HPT which came back negative. The movements in my upper and lower stomach, kidneys, and ovaries can be felt non stop. I kno it's not gas and not pregnancy so all I can blame it on is my coil removal. Is this normal?!?

Watford, UK

#5 Jun 25, 2012
ive had my coil out for a week now and have been bleeding and losing a few clots . my main concern is my stomach is bloating so much i look like im 8 months pregnant , i feel so tired and have no motivation . im not pregnant as my partner has had the snip . anyone having these problems ? if they carry on im going to ring the doctor ..

Garland, TX

#6 Aug 10, 2012
Its been 2 and a half months since I've had my IUD removed after 5 years and I have gained weight at an alarming weight also! Ive even started exercising, something I've never had to do before in my life! I am constantly bloated. My breast are the most tender they have ever been, even when I was pregnant. My period is very irregular and I have bled through tampons at a crazy rate when my period is on. I'm also very tired and very unmotivated! I loved it while it was in, but I think my body cannot adjust without the hormones!

Oakland, CA

#7 Oct 16, 2012
I had my mirena IUD removed 3 months ago after being on it for two years and since removal I've gained 8 lbs... I know it has to be correlated as my work out routine has remained the same as well as an overall healthy diet... I've been having dizzy spells as well and mood swings are terrible... I really don't know when I'll go back to normalcy but I hope soon.. Good luck





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Salt Lake City, UT

#8 Oct 18, 2012
I am so glad to have read these comments! I had my IUD removed on September 4 and have gained nearly 10 lbs. with no changes in the diet I had while it was in. I loved having the IUD in but we are ready for another baby, however I feel like I have gotten disappointing head start on the weight gain. Glad to see I'm not the only one!
Mrs P

Southampton, UK

#9 Dec 10, 2012
Hi Guys, I'm not sure if it is comforting or worrying to have read these comments!! I had my mirena out 6 weeks ago, I bled for about a week after quite heavily, and now no period for 5 weeks. I've taken 4 HPTs and all are neg, yet I feel dreadful :-(( bloated, weight gain ( I'm usually an 8 and never have to worry abt what I eat), tender tummy, feel sick and dizzy all the time, and my mood swings ate awful, from anger and snappiness to crying, I'm so up and down, I've no idea where my cycle is and I'm miserable :-((( I don't know what's happening to me or how long it will last but it's making me so depressed. We want another baby but I'm worried how I can do that when I'm not even having a period, plus the way I'm feeling right now I'm not sure it's a good idea...can anyone tell me when all this will end?? I'm angry that no-one warned me abt this when they removed the damn thing, never ever again will I have another mirena!! The nurse told me it would take 48 hours for it the be fully out of my system.... Yeah right!!! Any advice would be great! Thanks xx
Mrs O

Lincoln, NE

#10 Dec 18, 2012
Have had my IUD for 3 years, and had it removed Oct 23rd (8 weeks ago). Have felt like crap ever since. Very tired, no energy, and have gained 7 pounds. I have not changed my diet or exercise plan, yet, the pounds are coming on, and yes, I feel very bloated all the time. My husband has been snipped, so if pregnant....miracle baby:) Have a call in to my Dr to see what she recommends; hopefully something! Will comment when I hear back.

Montrose, UK

#11 Dec 28, 2012
All these comments sound very familiar, this is exactly what I have been like since my mirena was removed at the end of October & feels like there's gonna be no let up yet!! I really want to have my second child & am feeling very frustrated by all this. Some answers would be great. If anyone has spoke to there Dr about these symptoms I would love to know what they said!!!

New Providence, NJ

#12 Dec 28, 2012
If you are having weight gain, make sure that you have taken personal responsibility and have changed your eating habits, and that you exercise. Even if you are, the doctor is still going to challenge you. If you are doing nothing, the doctor may not take you seriously, and will just tell you to go exercise. In my opinion, this is just going to waste your time, because the exercise isn't going to help. You certainly should be, and it will keep you healthy, but it won't help you lose weight on the Mirena. You may also refer at for more information.

United States

#13 Feb 18, 2013
I'm with you ladies!!! I had mine removed in Dec 2012 two weeks after i had my period and then after the removal spotting for the weekend my period went crazy two weeks later. In Jan I could tell my pants are getting tighter and looked prego but the test was neg. Now here it is Feb and I wish I could unzip my pants at work right now. i know i have gained 8lbs. but good grief i have always been blessed to be skinny. I am around my 128 which is normal for my height and age but i feel so fat with my belly way out!!!

This is Totally Not Cool :|

Charlotte, NC

#14 Feb 25, 2013
Well, ladies, it doesn't get better. I'm 55, had my Mirena removed last February because I'm now in full-blown menopause. I weighed 108 lbs this time last year. I now weight 115. I have changed right and exercise. I have always been very thin but now am very thick through my midsection. I can't seem to get my waist back. So I give up...apparently this is the size I'm going to be. Bought bigger jeans and accepted it!

Birmingham, AL

#15 Mar 18, 2013
Hello ALL,

It's been 8 months since I've had it removed... YES good lord..I had the weight gain and steady weight issue.. I thought I was going crazy... trying to loose weight..
Since I've had it out I lost about 10lbs... but after having intercourse after the 8 months.. I was bleeding and my aunt flo's been normal these past 8 months just would like to know if anyone has experienced this...

Brooklyn, NY

#16 Apr 1, 2013
Sometimes the side effects associated with Mirena IUD appears after it has been removed, so you should ask your doctor about options for treatment that might alleviate the symptoms of your discomfort. Since at present most recommended actions for curing your symptoms is to stop taking Mirena, you might have to try something else. See for additional information.

Oakville, Canada

#17 Jul 7, 2013
I had my IUD for five years and three weeks ago my Mirena IUD was removed. I'm a thin person who has never had issues with weight gain and have always had a flat stomach. I now have a stomach. I'm much thicker around my waist. I've never been through this in my life. I hope my body goes back to normal with time.
Thank you for sharing ladies. I thought I was going crazy.

Grove City, OH

#18 Jul 20, 2013
It is comforting to know that other women are experiencing this.
I had mine removed about four months ago and have clothes that barely fit even with the seemingly measly 5 pounds I gained. May not sound like much but it's noticeable. Thought I was pregnant the first two months after removal because of unusually long cycles. Long stretches of my cycle include extreme breast sensitivity and bloating. Moodiness has been manageable with a supportive partner.
While I had Mirena, if I had any of these systems, it was minor compared to now. I eat well and workout more often and harder now than when I had it.
Am going to make sure I take my daily vitamins, keep exercising, eating well and hope the chemicals are out of me soon.:(

Danbury, CT

#19 Jul 29, 2013
I had the mirena for 6 months, since i had put in and then had it removed I have gained 25 pounds... I am heavier than I was at 9 months pregnant with my daughter...
My face looks different, I look pregnant... I hate the Mirena and what it has done to me !

North Fort Myers, FL

#20 Oct 6, 2013
I had my mirena for 5 years and it was taken out July 15. I just started noticing weight gain this last month. One day Im up almost 5 pounds and the next down 4. My belly is sticking out and my breast are pretty much sore 3 weeks out of the month. I thought the weight was water because I feel so bloated all the time. Like the rest of you, I am frustrated by this process. I am going to do some research into finding a way to alleviate this problem! Im 43 and freaking out about menopause and how hard it is to get the weight off after it starts. Juice cleanse is top of my list and then workout like hell. Plus go to yoga regularly so I don't kill anyone from my mood swings!

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